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The trend continues....

Friday, October 21, 2011

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I'm continuing to lose weight, a couple of ounces every day. Yesterday I was at my maximum calories, and was really hungry.... so I had a grapefruit. I peel them like an orange and eat just the pulp. They're delicious! This morning I was up .2 of a pound... not a big deal.

Do you think it's the cool weather that's finally settled in? I do. I seem to have so much more energy; this weather is invigorating.

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to stay off the Sweet Adeline website; International competition is going on right now. After you've been to a few of those, just "tuning in" to the Webcast puts you in the great atmosphere of excitement that is always there. There's the buzz about up and coming quartets, the hair-raising performances, and what's selling at the Harmony Bazaar. [lots of walking, too!] Sigh.... it's only about 5 hours away.... so wish I could be there.

Las Vegas, 2006: Meeting up with an old friend and my first Gold Medal!

End of our performance in Nashville, 2009 - another Gold Medal!!!!

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DFROMTX 10/27/2011 8:24AM

    Great that you have such a talent (singing)! I love pink grapefruit, but have not eaten any in years. (Medication I have to take prevents me from eating grapefruit).

Have a great Spark day!!

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SILLYHP1953 10/23/2011 7:55PM

    Those are some happy pictures! I'm sure you are wishing you could be there again. Do you sing around the house? That is such a wonderful talent and gift.

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BECCASINGSLEAD 10/22/2011 9:32AM

    I enjoy pink grapefruit, too! I peel them like you do because I think it's less mess than trying to eat the thing with a spoon. LOL

I spent my afternoon watching the webcast yesterday but I'll end up missing the majority of the chorus finals because we'll be at a church gathering tonight. I had forgotten about it in my excitement at watching the competition. Ah, well!

I hope you have a great weekend.

Be blessed!

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HERBKAT 10/22/2011 1:10AM

    Good for you! Every ounce counts! I love grapefruit, too, at least the pink kind. It's one of my favorite refreshing snacks.

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One pound at a time

Monday, October 17, 2011

I lost a pound this past week. The glory of that is that it reverses the trend I've had lately. Yay! For me, it's all about exercise. I still haven't forced myself out to walk lately, but Curves and Leslie Sansone are my friends.

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BECCASINGSLEAD 10/17/2011 5:59PM

    Way to GO!!! My weight is finally trending downward. I stopped gaining back during June but I didn't start losing until August. I've been losing about a half-pound a week which is waaaaaay better than gaining the same amount!!!

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SILLYHP1953 10/17/2011 1:36PM

    Those are good friends to have. I have been on a streak (short streak so far) of doing at least 10 minutes of Just Dance 3 on my Nintendo Wii every morning before work. It makes me feel like I've done something constructive and starts my day off well and seems to help me stay on track. Good job on that lost pound!

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HERBKAT 10/17/2011 1:19PM

    Good job! It's nice to have supportive "friends," isn't it?

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MEMEME75 10/17/2011 10:05AM

    Slow and steady wins the race!

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Audio Book recommendation

Friday, October 14, 2011

I love to read and sew at the same time. I do this, of course, with Audio books. This last one calls for a recommendation to all Spark People; it actually may have come from someone else here recommending it to me.

The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite. (David Kessler)

The basic idea in it, written by a former commissioner of the FDA, is that food companies and restaurants value their bottom line more than they do the health of the consumer. The author goes into much detail to tell us why we seem to want to eat all the time, and why we seem to be unable to control our appetites.

This book gave me tools for coping with food cravings, and will help break the conditioning I've given myself in situations that normally call for a specific food. (Example: after a chorus rehearsal, I want to have bag of popcorn and sometimes do!)

Listening to instead of reading this book meant that I heard every word, instead of skimming over the boring explanations to get to the bottom line, my habit in many non fiction books. Most importantly, it armed me to more easily resist the tempting, but addictive, foods presented in grocery stores and restaurants.


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SILLYHP1953 10/14/2011 9:00AM

    I finally started sewing again and have made 2-3 mistakes, not sure what would happen if I was multi-tasking by listening to a book at the same time!! I've made princess dresses for two granddaughters, a cloak for the older one, and am working on my Renaissance dress (that's where I've made the mistakes). We're going to go to the Maryland Renaissance Faire next weekend if I manage to get my dress finished, and if it fits!! I am going to get that book, though, just might not be listening while I'm sewing!!

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Cleaning the pantry

Saturday, September 17, 2011

After reading something about the nature of processed foods to assist us in GAINING weight, I decided to check our own pantry. Bear in mind, I don't cook that much since our kids left home. When I cook completely healthily all the time, my husband tends to eat out at Furr's, hamburger places, and other not-so-good foods. However, HE does not have a weight problem -- *I* do.

What that means is that I have a lot of stuff crowding the pantry that we've stored for a while. Why waste the space?

So, here's what I consider the first purging. Looking at the pictures now of what I put back, I'm due for another purging. But here's the first group of foods discarded, based on the criteria of "processed foods":

And here's the ones we kept:

As I'm looking at it again, I see some questionable items... like the barbecue sauce in front. There are also some peach preserves, but these were made with the same ingredients as if homemade. If we haven't used them by the next "purge" they'll probably go.

I have a friend who literally cleans her pantry out once a month. That's way over the top neatnik for me, but maybe some of you do, too! It certainly keeps you aware of what you have, so you don't buy another bag of wheat bran when you already have some, like I recently did. It did feel really good to free up pantry space by discarding those foods. The hot chocolate mix in front, though "light," had been in there for at least 8 years.


At first I was kinda glad the "keep" pile was bigger, thinking it meant I had fewer processed foods; now I'm thinking I just kept too much, because after all "it cost money!" Hmmmmm.... waste of money? Or waist growth on me?

Here's for awareness in eating!


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KICKINGIT@56 9/21/2011 2:55PM

    That is a really smart idea to clean out the unhealthy items so you won't be tempted to eat it in a weak moment. It's hard to get rid of products that you paid good money for, so I try to derail the problem at the source - the supermarket. They are very crafty about getting you to buy all that processed stuff with coupons and buy-1-get-1 deals.

Now I just keep a small pile of staples in my hurricane survival box, and buy mostly fresh, "raw" produce.

It's a good idea to give the fridge the same treatment from time to time.

I wish there would be more coupons for fruits and veggies.

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SEAWITCHBLUE 9/19/2011 6:05AM

    Best way to purge is to move house! Especially if its a move to a smaller house!
But stuff still creeps into the cupboards.
Good idea to take it all out and photograph it for future reference!

OUT..... emoticon

KEEP... emoticon

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SILLYHP1953 9/18/2011 6:19PM

    Awareness...that's a big one! I'm impressed and inspired, I need to do some purging, too.

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    I so need to do that! Not so much to get rid of processed foods because we made that transition quite a while ago. For me, I tend to get things and my kids put them in the pantry and I forget they are there and sadly I have occasionally had food ruin because it got lost in the recesses of the pantry. :( So, my purge is to get rid of stuff gone bad...though not wasted because it will be fed to our chickens!

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PLAYFULLKITTY 9/18/2011 7:08AM

    I'm due for a pantry purge...thanks for the motivation to do it :)

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SWEETSOUNDS11 9/17/2011 8:59PM

    A pantry purge is always a good idea! I find tossing foodstuffs out challenging because I experience pangs of guilt for throwing away $$. Then I really think about all the extra $$ I spend on dining out ect. and I realize how many times I don't give a second thought to wasting money when it comes to bad habits. Cheers to your good habit of cleaning out the pantry.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My biggest struggle right now. I seem to have this rebellious nature that does NOT like routine!

I'll do a "good thing" consistently for several days, then consciously decide I don't want to do that on THIS day. Causes me all kinds of grief. Any suggestions?


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MARISERV 8/5/2011 4:12AM

    I am the same way. I am a morning person. If it's not done by 10am it probably won't be. But there is only so much you can do before it''s time to go to work. Maybe we can work together for a solution. I am going to start a new topic on the Senior's team page.....hope you will join me.

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BECCASINGSLEAD 7/27/2011 10:18PM

    That's me and tracking my food!!! If I had an answer for it, I would definitely would be following my own advice.

Good luck!

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DONNARAEJ 7/27/2011 4:39PM

    I wish I had a solution to this "challenge" because I have the same experience. I have been visiting my aunt for about 3 weeks, and have been experiencing her routines. Get up around 8:30am, feed the dog, take meds, eat breakfast, read the paper, take shower, get dressed, and so on. I get up when I wake up, usually take meds right away, wander around half asleep, get on computer, think of things I might do later, and later realize it's 3pm and I am in my nightgown and haven't eaten a bite. Just observing her has made me realize how a routine works. You actually have to do the things you want to get done. I know that sounds idiotic, but it's something I do no grasp on some fundamental level. I have a flylady-like iPhone app called Home Routines and it is helping me with lists and alarms that remind me what I need to be doing. Some days I follow it better than other days.

One thing that I keep hearing is to develop one habit at a time. When you have one firmly in place, add another. Don't try to eat the elephant in one bite! I have been successful with that technique on one thing -- drinking water. I am now in the habit of drinking water and I don't even have to think about it. One thing that helped was finding a dedicated water container that I keep near me. I now feel odd if it's not around somewhere close. Maybe one thing to think about is making sure that you have the right tools for the job. My iPhone and my water bottle are big helpers for me. I wonder what tool I need to make the bed, LOL. Seriously, I guess if I thought of it as part of a "daily movement routine" (exercise) I might get it done.

Well, I have rambled on and on! If I find a magic bullet I will let you know!


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SILLYHP1953 7/27/2011 1:45PM

    Isn't that something? I do the same thing. Somehow, someway, I've managed to meditate for almost a year now, and have only missed maybe a total of two weeks. I managed to go for months without missing a day. It had to become a part of my morning routine like brushing my teeth. Now...why was I able to start doing that consistently? I finally learned how, for one thing, and it was something I really, really, really, really, really wanted to do. I also picked a certain time (5:30 am) to do it, and I made a special place. 5:30 am was not a time I normally got up so when the alarm went off I knew what it was time to do. And after saying all this, I got back in bed this morning after turning off the alarm clock!! I will meditate as soon as I get home from work. Ideally, I would do that every day, too, even if I did meditate in the morning. That is the ONLY thing I do consistently (I'm not counting tooth brushing, showers, etc). No, that's not true, I do eat breakfast consistently and it is usually the same thing, banana, spoonful of natural peanutbutter, skim milk, and green tea. I do not get to work at the same time, have dinner at the same time, exercise daily, journal, draw, or anything else consistently.

After reading back over this, I realized the two things I do consistently happen in the early morning. Maybe that's where I need to work on adding the other things I want to do consistently. If I just didn't have to go to work in the morning!!!

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