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Three accomplishments

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

I've been sick for 10 days now. No fever; it's not the flu, just a terribly wracking painful cough that is keeping me from sleeping at night. Ever since I reached the coughing stage of this cold, I've been forced to get up at some time during the night, wrap myself in a nice warm fleece bathrobe, and sleep the rest of the night in my comfy "reading" chair.

Because of this, I've only exercised a few times, not knowing if I'm hurting myself or not.

My coaching sessions, which are mainly automated computer responses, tell me "you're having a challenge with exercise right now," going on to say [my words...] "get over your bad self." There's no category in the coaching sessions for "You're sick.... you need to get your rest."

Consequently, I've been a little frustrated, because last month I met my goal of 1050 minutes of exercise, and some of it was chest heaving, sweating hard stuff.

This morning's coaching request was "List three accomplishments." Here they are:

1. Got the gold medal in my Senior Slimming teams monthly weight loss challenge. I didn't lose much, but I guess I did better than the other entries.

2. Have exercised at least every other day since I was sick, mostly with Leslie Sansone's Walking away the pounds, or in a simple yoga routine. (The weather here has been cold and rainy, so not conducive to taking sick body outdoors)

3. Eaten extremely well: all health-giving food and food appropriate for getting well. Except for the cough drops, nothing artificial or processed.

This is my own "atta girl" for myself. Today's the first day of feeling almost human, so I'm confident I'll get back on the exercise trail as soon as I can.


P.S. In case you think it was the exercise that made me sick... with me, getting sick is almost always a result of no enough rest, and that's the causation this time as well. First illness in about 2 years, so I'm not beating myself up too much. It's just a reminder of how important it is for me to get enough sleep.

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WEEDERGOOSE 11/7/2013 12:24PM

    Sure sorry to hear about your illness. Have you checked in with your health care provider? Sounds to me like bronchitis and/or pneumonia need to be ruled out. Sometimes the "common cold" morphs into something more serious. Hope you feel better soon!

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8HABIT 11/5/2013 2:05PM

    I love the way that you took a hard look and found the three accomplishments! And they are worthy ones!

I think my DH and I caught the same thing you have the day we left Texas. It was damp and windy- perfect to get immune systems down.

I am slowly recovering and adding more and more exercises. Being so tired has been the great challenge.

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GYMCHICK30 11/5/2013 1:07PM

    Great better I think that it is going around.

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SEWINGMAMACDS 11/5/2013 12:48PM

    Feel better soon!

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GRANPATTIE 11/5/2013 11:09AM

    I'm so sorry you've been feeling so bad for 10 days. I've been there before and know how miserable it is. It's encouraging though that you feel some better today. The exercise will come back when you have the energy to do it. I'm amazed you've had enough "oomph" to do it every other day!

I hope you'll be feeling ship-shape soon.


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Monday, October 21, 2013

I got this picture from my daughter today, taken when she and her daughter are saying goodbye. My granddaughter is leaving to go back to college. As I looked at the vibrant health they both have (including the photo-bombing Dad!), I reflected how very important healthy eating is. My daughter is a terrific cook, and has cooked delicious meals starting with this same first child. They eat three meals every day, and very few snacks. My daughter takes cooking very seriously. She's well organized, makes a menu plan, and does her grocery shopping with list and coupons in hand. Her husband is a preacher so they have little extra money, but her food budget comes before clothes for herself. [She also homeschools five children - she really is Super Mom, though she'd disagree with that]

I say all this because she cooks relatively high calorie meals and her kids eat a LOT! I used to think they'd grow up with a weight problem, but none of them seem headed that way. My conclusion is that they eat highly satisfying, complex meals that prevent them from eating a lot of junk. I should say here that they also, as a family, take Tae Kwan Do, and her husband HAS lost weight since they started doing that. He and Alyson also run 3 or 4 times a week.

I must say, my own daughter is setting the standard for health for me, as I look at her glowing-with-health children. They all have great complexions, strong bodies, no food hangups, and a good attitude. It seems to me that's what Spark People is all about. I'm going to post this picture on my refrigerator as a reminder to myself about my own goals, and how I felt when I saw this picture. (Besides the heart swelling with love!)


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8HABIT 10/22/2013 2:05PM

    It is wonderful when our children turn out that well. What a lovely family! It sounds like they have their priorities straight.

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CT-FL-SNOWBIRD 10/21/2013 8:58PM

    You do, indeed, have a beautiful, healthy DD and GD. But, I must say, you look pretty darn good yourself. I think you are their role model.

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BUSYGRANNY5 10/21/2013 7:46PM

    Awesome blog!!! It's all about perspective!!!

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Today's challenge: Changes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We're to concentrate today on the changes in our life due to Spark People. This was actually on my mind last night, as I used my abs only to sit up in bed. I used to brace myself with my arms to sit straight up like I did. (Which I think started with the birth of our last child by Caesarean section.)

Except in my early motherhood years, I've eaten a pretty healthy diet as far as getting nutrition is concerned. A subscription of "Organic Gardening" in the 60s made me aware of additives in food. Besides that, our early years in southern and middle California guaranteed that fruit was readily available, and we've always eaten a lot of it. Candy, with the exception of dark chocolate, has not been a challenge to me. Rich desserts HAVE been, and most of them came from our very own kitchen.

However, I had done no strength training till I joined Spark People. I'd had periods of running every day, and when George Bush Sr. was president I won the President's Fitness Award (in connection with Arnold Schwarzenegger) based on a walking program. The longest was a 15 mile walk. That year I came within 14 miles of walking a 1000 miles, when I got sick in December.

Now, with even the little strength training I've done, I can feel my abs engaged when I bend over, when I lift things, and in my morning yoga. Several months into SP, it was clear I had more energy. At 70, I expect to continue to feel stiff in the morning and have occasional arthritis flare-ups. My feet hurt with arthritic pain after a long walk, but my muscles and body feel so much better it's not enough to stop me walking.

My favorite exercises are the short 6 to 10 minute videos that Nicole does. When I'm feeling really ambitious (and I wish this was more often), I'll do the daily exercises that show up in my e-mail. I'm continuing to get stronger, and that's a wonderful thing.

Thanks, Spark People!

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8HABIT 10/15/2013 5:21PM

    You are so inspiring! You certainly give me a challenge to use your example in my daily life.
Thanks so much for blogging this!

- Ellen

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TRUCKERSMRS 10/15/2013 1:13PM

    It just goes to show how well you have been doing, even if you don't always think so.
I am in awe of your 1000 miles in a year. Something I would like to attempt. Diary note for 2014!!

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NICOLED40 10/15/2013 12:54PM

    Fantastic! I think you're probably in better shape at 70 than I am at 39! LOL!

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Our new house (I hope!!!)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

This shot was elongated... realtors do it to make the house look bigger, I think. It's not as big as it looks here.

We've since found out the house has too high a level of radon, so we have to decide if we want to get a mitigation system. I fell in love with the landscaping.

Native stone walkway.... gorgeous!

The owner has a gift for beauty. This pot was hanging on the upper deck. Beautiful ferns, plant and flowers everywhere. A gardener's delight!

Just thought you might enjoy seeing it...


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GRANPATTIE 11/5/2013 11:12AM

    Well, I'm a little behind here. What's the status of this? It's a nice looking house and I agree about the landscaping. It's gorgeous.


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8HABIT 10/12/2013 6:38PM

    I hope everything goes well for you with the house. The gardens are beautiful!

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CT-FL-SNOWBIRD 10/12/2013 8:35AM

    Thank you for the pictures It does look like a gardener's delight. Who will be the gardener, you or your DH? (smile) I hope you are able to negotiate the cost of cleaning up the radon, into the price of the house! From what you said, it sounds like radon with probably in every house you look at. Good luck and please keep us posted!

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PATTYKLAVER 10/12/2013 6:33AM

    It's beautiful. Hope it works out for you.

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COLLEENROSTE 10/12/2013 6:27AM

    looks beautiful-- but don't sacrifice your health for outward appearances. Negotiate the cost of the mitigation system into the price

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TRUCKERSMRS 10/12/2013 2:48AM

    OMG that is gorgeous. I can see why you love it.
We have radon here but I don't think the levels are as high as in the US. Can you negotiate the price down a bit to allow for the mitigation system to be fitted?
Have a lovely weekend.

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TEEPHOTO 10/12/2013 1:54AM

    Wow, very nice. I'm feeling like it is yours.

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SUSANBEAMON 10/12/2013 1:16AM

  nice outsides.

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STITCHINGNAN 10/12/2013 1:05AM

    Fingers crossed for you, it looks beautiful ,

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ALICIA214 10/12/2013 12:40AM


It is beautiful...I hope you get it......... emoticon

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Today's challenge: Vegetables

Friday, October 11, 2013

I'm blogging about this one, because my emphasis is usually on the FRUIT part of fruits and vegetables. We eat a lot of fruit, but they are more calorie dense than vegetables. I remember when I married my husband, I was appalled when his mother cooked vegetable-only meals, and now I'm trying to do that myself! [Her vegetables were cooked in... I'm not kidding... about a half an inch lake of lard or vegetable oil. She later repented!] My own mother used to serve a delicious dish of "wilted lettuce." This was garden fresh home-grown lettuce with a hot dressing of bacon fat and mayonnaise. It's no wonder I have such bad habits of wanting fat on everything! The interesting thing is there were no fat kids in my high school, and very few fat adults. People worked much harder then, and there was no snacking! Just three very good meals each day. We had dessert (other than canned fruit sometimes) only on special occasions, and then it was from-scratch pies and cakes.

I'll come back later with a veggie report....

Later..... I did have 2 cups of delicious spinach, but the rest was in fruit. DH bought some fresh peaches today so I just snacked on that. I also had a big juicy homegrown tomato with my eggs at breakfast, so.... 3 servings of vegetables, 2 of fruit. That's pretty typical, so I didn't really change any habits today. Thank goodness vegs. are so low in calories because that's how I "catch up" in food groups if I haven't eaten enough.

I have a salad green growing wild outside the driveway entrance, which has little yellow flowers that are quite delicious, with a slight peppery taste. I munch on both whenever I get out of the car. Our neighbors asked me what that pretty hedge was... LOL! They thought it was really funny when it turned out to be a salad green! After it bolts, the leaves are so thin and small I'm too lazy to try to cut enough of it, but it reseeds readily so I can keep it going all the time just for munching on.


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8HABIT 10/12/2013 6:40PM

    We are always looking to add more vegetables to our meals. It is so easy to not eat enough of them.

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TRUCKERSMRS 10/12/2013 2:53AM

    I also eat a lot more fruit than veg. However, I am making an effort. When DH is away during the week I now often do a bit of pasta with a fresh tomato based sauce and pack it with celery, mushrooms, onions and any other veg I might have that will go with it.

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