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New Month!

Monday, April 04, 2011

Yeah for April!!! So glad it is here because that is a sign that spring is here and winter is over - at least for most folks. Colorado weather can not make up its mind what to do recently. SATURDAY IT WAS 82 DEGREES yesterday it snowed:-) I am feeling better, stronger and motivated today so writing about it so I can check in and remind myself:-) Well better go get my laundry done - take care everyone and have a blessed day! emoticon

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    Our weather this year is wacky too. It goes from winter to summer here and back. Where is Spring? LOL.

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    So glad to see you are back to feeling motivated and on the mend. You have had a very tough time. Take care. God Bless. emoticon

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Some days are extra hard!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I sometimes feel that the harder I try to make positive changes in my life, the more challenges I am faced with. I started out on my journey this year with renewed optimism. I have had two difficult years recovering from a MVA and was sick all through the Holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas). When New Years came around I thought things would change with the new year. Well think again! Family drama, more illness, stress and I went off on another junk food 'vacation'. Just started back to the gym in February and was doing great again. Hubby got sick with the flu bug, I turned my ankle injuring a tendon or some such thing so was told to stay away from the gym for 2 weeks. Ok tolerated that cause I was taking care of hubby. Ankle healed nicely and I started back to the gym last tuesday and had a terrible time because I felt no energy. Got up sick wednesday morning and everything went down hill from there. Now I'm being treated for bronchitis, sinus infection and fever. Today had to be put on steroids for my breathing (I was wheezing so much and coughing so much could not breathe). OK got that into my system and was just starting to feel like I would get better. So now what was my thought this morning.

Well I got an answer and the rug pulled out from under me. I received a message telling me my beloved Aunt Elvie had passed away. My heart was stabbed with a pain that cut to my soul. It is not like we didn't expect this but are we ever ready to lose someone so dear to us? She has been ill and 'at death's door' many times over the last several months. But we always have hope because this beautiful woman told us to always have hope and to trust in the Lord.

This beautiful lady helped raise me and 4 siblings - plus a multitude of other lucky kids. She never had children of her own but was the best representation of motherhood I have ever known. Her warm loving face always shone when she was holding a baby at her bosom. She was the original rocker - not a punk rocker - the kind of rocker that kissed boo-boos, crooned lull-a-byes to fretting babes and soothed broken hearts with her kind words, gentle hugs and words of praise. She always had a stash of her world famous molasses cookies on hand to sweeten the talk. Oh how we loved her cookies! My brother says he could see her slathering peanut butter on her cookies, for him and his twin brother, as they ran across the little path between our houses to visit her. Now there was one of her favorite and most treasured gifts. To help raise and love two little twin boys. I can remember seeing her sitting in her rocker with a twin on each arm rocking away and humming to them. God surely knows who to send his best angels to because he sent her to us. My dad was a hard worker and my mother was overwhelmed with 5 babies to care for. Auntie was there for them any time they needed her and we just loved having her 'help' them out because it meant being wrapped in loving arms and snuggled against a soft bosom that always smelled of Tabu,(her favorite perfume) and Coty's face powder. Just writing of these memories I can smell her sweetness.

I/we have so many wonderful memories of her. Picking field strawberries in the heat of the summer (I was not always a willing picker - I hated the heat but loved being with her and helping make the delicious jam that the berries made possible), climbing over rock piles to pick fat, juicy raspberries (sometimes running into a snake or two), helping wash and jar cucumbers to make pickles for the winter, riding through country roads in Maine in the fall 'leaf-peeping", saving the biggest and brightest leaves to press between sheets of wax paper to be tenderly laid in a treasure book, riding on the old Ford Tractor in the fall, harvesting potatoes and baking the most delicious goodies you can imagine; these are just a few. I know I will always hold them tightly in my heart but it will take a while to ease this pain in my heart because I miss her more than words can say and her passing has left a hole there that will need to be tended. She was a blessing to this world for 96 years, 96 love-filled, hard-worked unforgettable years. God grant her peace and happiness in her new home. We were not ready to let her go but she deserves to be with you.

All my woes now seem insignificant because I have life and there is much more living to do. So after I bid her farewell, one last time, I will return to my unfinished business and I will give my life my full attention in honor of the woman who taught me to love and honor this life. I will live it humbly, respectfully, in awe and admiration of the one she lived her life for, our Lord.

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LADYAUTUMN 3/28/2011 3:15PM

    Thank you all for the loving messages. We made the trip without incident - although going from Colorado weather to Maine was a shocker:-) I am glad we went because seeing my dear auntie at peace made me realize that she has finished her job here and she deserves her eternal rest. She looked so peaceful and she was dressed in a pretty pink outfit. I met lots of cousins and friends that I had not seen in years but time was short and we left the area Sunday am for our trip back. Very glad to be home - sad to lose someone who was such an important part of our lives.

I have decided that I am going to focus on bringing more peace and happiness into our lives and deleting those people who cause us stress or unhappiness - you know the one who such you dry of energy - well they can be deleted:-)

Good to be back and hope to be seeing you all more often.

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MRSDAVIS09 3/26/2011 3:25PM

    I am so sad to hear of your setbacks, but I know the Lord has a reason for everything. Trust in Him and he will carry you through to the other side of this rough time. You will make it and get to your goals. If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know. . .if you need to talk or anything, I'm a good listener!

God Bless!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Every year I always hope for a better year but it doesn't happen for me either so I know how you feel. You have had a very challenging time recently. I feel so bad about your Aunt. She sounded like such a treasure and I can feel your loss. You gave a wonderful loving tribute to her and I'm sure she is smiling down on you. I hope you and your husband are in good health soon and that memories of your aunt comfort you. emoticon

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    This is a lovely, heartfelt blog about your loved one. I wish you peace and happy memories. I'm not very good with words but I lost Mum in September (theoretically 3 years ago when she had her stroke). It has been a very hard 3 years grieving her loss. I miss her terribly. I'll never get over it but I have my beautiful daughter and husband and dad to give me strength.
I hope you have a supportive family too.

Take care and remember all the happy times. emoticon emoticon

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ARLENE_MOVES 3/16/2011 11:23PM

    A beautiful blog -- thank you so much for sharing memories of your aunt. Please take care of yourself and get well. Spring is here and hopefully you and your dh will get better -- fast. emoticon

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March 9

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Today is Ash Wednesday. Traditionally my family (RC born and raised) give up something for Lent. However, since I have already deleted many sweets etc from my meal plan) I am taking on a task for lent. Each day I will donate a food item to the local food pantry or to our church. I am also starting a daily prayer for peace. This way I can help others less fortunate and also feed my soul. Here we go......

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    This is a fantastic idea. What a great way to help others. Love it!!

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Sat Feb 12

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today is my brother's 52 birthday. I invited him to dinner with us and planning to make it a healthy meal. I found a recipe on here for stuffed sole and plan to make that along with some side veggies and maybe brown rice on the side. My brother has had 5 stints placed in his coronary arteries and has repeated bouts with kidney stones so he is trying very hard to eat healthier. Our usual fare would have been steaks on the barbecue with salads, etc. Neither of us needs the extra fat and so I am helping us both by re-thinking our meals. His favorite cake is german chocolate so not sure what dessert will be but thinking a reduced calorie mousse or something with fresh berries. Gotta start sometime when getting healthy.

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    Your brother is a lucky guy. Everyone should have a sister like you!! The menu sounds yummy!

Happy Birthday to your brother.

Today was the birthday of my deceased fiancee.

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Ground Hog Day!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Here it is February 2nd already. It is frigid cold outside today (-14) so me and the doggies have not started our walking routine yet. They go out to pee really quick and right back in. Their activities have been racing wildly around the house chasing each other the past few days. As for me trudging up my 18 stair flight is the most exercise I have got this week. I am in a funk because I can not go out to the rec center. But things are supposed to warm up tomorrow and I will be returning to my water aerobics class. Today I am setting up my new Wii Fit and going to do yoga on it to start. Nothing strenuous because I am not in very good shape right now. After so many months of being in pain from a MVA I need to take things very easy. My Dr recommended the water aerobics and that is what I will stay with until it gets too easy - so far this is not a problem.

I just completed 5 days of the Fast Forward Program from the Cinch Diet. It was good in that I lost 6.5 pounds, 1 3/4 inches off my waist and 3/4 inches off my hips. Best of all I feel really good. No food cravings until day 4 and I wanted more variety mostly veggies. We went shopping to get yogurt and spinach and I found myself drooling over the red, yellow and orange peppers. Yesterday I progressed to the core diet and when I documented my foods found I had gone over my calorie count on this site but I ate all the foods recommended so not feeling bad about that. This way of eating is not a diet - it is a different way of eating that is healthy and provides the nutrients a body needs. I think I can stay with this because all the foods I really like are 'legal'. I have not been hungry at all - not ever and this is a big plus for me. I did get bored with the limited choices on the first 5 days so this program is not for everyone and it is not a deal breaker if you decide to not do the Fast Forward part of the plan. All the meals are designed to get you into a mind set to eat healthy and eat from 5 food groups at each meal, Protein, fat (vegetable), grains, produce (fruit or veggies) and spices. It's really quite easy. These 5 things are described as parts of a healthy puzzle. All you have to remember is to eat from the 5 groups at each meal.

I'm going to give it my best shot for the next month and will log my results at the end of February. It's different but I feel so good eating this way I think it will be a 'Cinch' to stay on the program and learn to eat helthy and after all - this is what I want most to do this year - BE HEALTHY!!!

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LADYAUTUMN 2/3/2011 12:47PM

    Finally got back in my class today - yoga 7:45-8:45 and then water aerobics at 9:00. I only do 1/2 hr in water because the second 1/2 is in deep water and I am a chicken:-) Wish you were here we could go to aerobics together. I had a nice soak in the hot tub after all the working out and it felt divine! Off to the Rocky Mountain Sewing Expo nest - can't wait to get there. I'm taking a class in window dressing and have a huge house that needs some nice coverings.

As for the Cinch diet - I am doing great - not hungry, feeling more energy and no joint aches!!! I'm sold on it so far.

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    I don't blame the dogs. I go outside and want to come right back in too. And I'm not even peeing out there. LOL.

I would love to do water aerobics and have a wii too.

Good luck with the Cinch Diet!

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