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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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-BLESSINGS- 4/8/2014 9:22AM

    emoticon emoticon

Wishing you a TRYumphant Tuesday
BLESSings ALLways ~Deby

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MARCH goals and 8 weeks till Half Marathon

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I realized yesterday that there is now 8 weeks left till the half Marathon Prairie Fire I want to do. It is a 2 part series in the city where I work,with the other being in October. I was going to make the one in May my first and then do the October and compare the times, improvement, lessons learned. I haven't gotten as many long runs in as I'ld hoped and with the possibility of only like 7 more, alittle worried. I can do 9 miles, but my ankles were hurting as the end, not sure I could continue. I haven't paid for it yet though, maybe I should and then I would get really serious about my training. I had a $25 rewards from Dicks sporting and bought my geeky nathans hydration pack. It is black and pink with two bottles/holders and nifty fanny pack for my ipod,gels, id,key,etc. I've been wanting something cuz I hate carring a big bottle with me and the only thing I don't mind carring with me when I'm running is a small 8z soda bottle I fill with water. I have to ration it and of course run out. This is perfect as long as it works for me. Hoping to get a long run in tomorrow and try it out! Aiming for 8.5 miles.

I still haven't gotten back to my presurgery goal weight and hovering around 140-142 since. I saw 138 a couple weeks ago and then kids got sick and I got sick. Back to it today and determined to do it this month. I am barely 5'4" and pretty small framed. Coming from upwards of 200, I am not overweight but need to tone up alot and lose alittle more. Battleing with myself over the soda issue. I know I need to give them up for many reasons, to lose some of stomach being a top reason but I can't kick it. I did buy a papapya green tea from QT this am instead of a large diet soda so its a small start. My snacks for work are a cut up apple, a salad with tomato, shredded cheese and lite french and a lite yoplait. I'm only here till 1pm.
SO Goals for March
1. run 4 days a week
2. strengh train 2x week
3. do not miss my long runs
4. do at least one 10 mile
5. Get down to 135lb again
6. Eat clean, more fruits and veggies

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    emoticon Goals !

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MILLERGIRL719 3/2/2013 10:16AM

    Awesome goals! You can do it!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Training says today should be hill repeats on threadmill. so put on my watch and started my netflix and took off. My hills were at an incline of mostly 8.0 and 8.5, not sure if I should be higher but definetly feeling it now and thinking going to be sorer tomorrow. I was running at 5.8speed up the hill for 35 secs and then continue running for the rest of the six min I plugged into my watch. Occasionally I did an extra hill interval in the 6 min and boy did I need that walk break. I was breathing so hard and sweating ,wow my shirt was drenched at the end of the 4 miles. I don't know how many hill repeats I did and I think I was susposed to do at least 8. I need to pull that article out of the magazinge and tape it next to my threadmill, Maybe even make talleys on my hills to keep track. I do remeber susposded to do 3 weeks of hill repeats and then back to speed work for 3 weeks on tuesday.
Had to miss my strength class last night(sick kid) but can make it up on wednesday at rec center. Then thurday is a 3-4 mile easy run(can't remeber If I'm susposed to do strong finishes this week or not) OK OK GOTTA PULL that article!


lONG run using a modified Galloway plan

Monday, January 28, 2013

Recently another sparker mentioned using the galloway training plan for their half marthon so I've been doing alittle research into. Don't think I read as closly as I should've but it still worked for me. I put in 9 min into the timer mode of my watch along with total time as well and hit the road yesterday. I started with 2 min walk to the first stop sign and then hit my button and ran for 9 mins than got 1 min walk. Did this rotation the whole 1 hr.23min I was out there. Occasioally I think my walk break were r 2 min but still think I did well. Each 9 mins I was able to run the whole time, becasue I wasn't focased on running as long as I could before I took a break. I knew when that timer beeped at me , i could get a drink and walk to catch my breath. My goal was 8 miles and did that with alittle over I think cuz of a train I had to run around a small block cuz it wasn't my time for a break yet- lol. Reading today I was only susposed to run 4 min and than walk but really think I can run longer as this run proved. Should I lower it aliltte next long run to make it to 9 miles? Probably. Gel at mile 5 helped as well as fatigue was settting in alittle.
Tonight is stengh class, tuesday is hill repeats on threadmill for 4 miles, wed is stengh, thurs is 3 mile easy run in am and zumba class in the pm and friday I think will be my rest day!!! then start all over on saturday

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1MILLDOLLARBABY 1/29/2013 8:11PM

    Wow you sound impressive with that training girl!! I'm starting out just training for a 5k but would like to work up from there, I really have rediscovered my love of running, it's so great for stress! I can't wait until I can say I ran 8 miles LOL no really! that 3 miles is my hard run at the moment. But thanks for posting this, it has inspired me to keep pushing on! emoticon

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Kicking myself for skipping my long run!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yesterday was susposed to be my long run and I was in this weird funk all day,not wanting to shower or go anywhere. Don't know what it was. I thought about my run but couldn't find my ipod case or my husbands and let that be my excuse for not going. UGH- I should've gone out naked and maybe that would've kicked my butt and changed my mood. but nope I talked myself out of it and man do I wish I hadn't. I keep reading all these half marthon stories and want it so bad to share my story. There is one in May nearby and if I don't get in those long runs I won't be able to do it. Tomorrow is hill repeats on the threadmill, NO EXCUSES!!!!!

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    Just do a really strong workout today and you will feel better.

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