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Achieve Your Dreams

Friday, June 18, 2010

Achieve Your Dreams

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.

A person of words and not deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

It's better to be trusted than liked, Underpromise - Overperform.
The key to happiness and success is to have a dream.
All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.
You always pass failure on the way to success.

You have to wake up in order for your dreams to come true.
Don't let lack of praise nip you in the bud.
The surest way to go broke is to sit around and wait for a break.
The only thing worse than an alarm going off is the one that doesn't.

An ego trip won't get you anywhere.
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.
If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain.
Count your age by friends, Count your life by smiles.

A natural tendency is to want to be understood rather than understand.
Don't prepare for rainy days without enjoying today's sunshine.
Keep your heart a little softer than your head.
Don't think there are no crocodiles just because the water is calm.

Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
Growing old is when fun is a lot more work.
Never insult a crocodile until you've crossed the river.
If you don't lie down no one can walk on you.

If you think things improve with age attend a class reunion.
A good scare is sometimes worth more to a man than good advice.
Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.
We have two ears and one mouth, Think twice, speak once!

Experience is the best teacher because it's always on the job.
You're never fully dressed until you wear a smile.
It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.
The greatest mistake you can make is to be afraid of making one.

Happiness is the journey not the destination.
People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.
Does your employer consider you profit or overhead?
Look at life through the windshield not the rear view mirror.

To succeed do the best you can, where you are, with what you have.
Don't let your voice mail be "voice jail" to your callers.
A man without humor is like a car without shock absorbers.
Wisdom is what's left over after we smarten up.

Many people quit looking for work when they finally get a job.
About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
Don't wait for your ship to come in swim out to it.
Every job is a self portrait of those who did it.

Talk less - Say more.
Love at first sight saves a lot of time.
Autograph your work with quality.
You can only control two things your attitude and your activity.

Remember, there's nothing more constant than change.
If you tell the truth sooner or later somebody's going to find out.
Experience is the one thing you can't get on easy payments.
Remember change and change for the better are two different things. be on the level and you won't go downhill.

All play and no work, does not work.
A goal is a dream with a deadline.
A liar needs a good memory.
Dream of worthy accomplishments and stay awake to achieve them.

The only place success comes before work is the dictionary.
You can be happy without needing others to agree with you.
You are not late until you get there.
Glory comes from daring to begin.

Have a back bone not a wish bone.
Give your troubles to God, He will be up all night anyway.
The greater part of progress is the desire to progress.
Happiness is the place between too little and too much.

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Destiny is not a matter of chance it's a matter of choice.
Your children need your presence more than your presents.
Each of us has two ends a sitting end and a thinking end, Success depends on which we use.

Many spend half the time wishing for things they could have if they didn't spend half the time wishing.
For every person who climbs the ladder of success there are a dozen waiting for the elevator.
Happiness is a choice not a response.
God works with you, not for you.

If your dreams turn to dust vacuum.
Do it now, you become successful the very moment you start.
People may doubt what you say but they will believe what you do.
Success -Don't do what you like, Like what you do.

by Unknown

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HOSTALADY 6/22/2010 7:30PM

    Thank you for sharing ~ I so enjoy your blogs. They are up lifting and make me think ~ and I like that!
Blessing to you!

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SWIM_2_SLIM 6/19/2010 11:56PM

    Wow, I never checked out your blogs before. Boy am I missing out!!!

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    I always look forward to reading your blogs. Very nice quotes! Hope you have a great weekend.


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SAMODER 6/19/2010 12:03AM

    You always share such thought provoking blogs. Thank you, Lita

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MS5835 6/18/2010 10:15PM

    So true.........thanks for sharing

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DEBNICU 6/18/2010 3:39PM

    Thank you so much for sharing.

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WILLOW49 6/18/2010 2:55PM

    So very true! Thanks for sharing with us :) You always find the greatest things to share!

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DRASADAF 6/18/2010 1:11PM

    true and so nice...awesome........

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DRASADAF 6/18/2010 1:07PM

    true and so nice...awesome........

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Friday, June 11, 2010

... and TODAY

The journey's our goal, our path is the point ...

There are two days in every week we should never worry about,
two days that should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One is yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, its aches and pains, its faults and blunders.
Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control.

All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday.
We cannot undo a single act we performed, nor erase a single word we've said. Yesterday is gone.

The other day we should not worry about is tomorrow, with its impossible adversaries,
its burden, its hopeful promise and unknown performance.
Tomorrow is beyond our control.

Tomorrow's sun will rise either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds ...
but it will rise ... and until it does.
We have no stake in tomorrow, for it is as yet unborn.

This leaves only one day: TODAY!
Anyone can fight the battles of just one day.
It is only when we add the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow that we break down.

It is not the experience of today that drives people mad.

It is the remorse of bitterness for something that happened
yesterday, and the dread of what tomorrow may bring.

Make TODAY the best day it can be,
and live one day at a time!

~ Author Unknown ~

my journey continues as i plod along everyday thanks to all my sparkfriends.........
blessings and hugs................lita

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Some wise words. Thank you for sharing them!

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DRASADAF 6/13/2010 10:04AM

    your poems are so beautiful...

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MOMFAN 6/12/2010 12:00AM

    Keeping the focus today!

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MS5835 6/11/2010 10:06PM

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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    Thank you for sharing a very good poem. I always look forward to reading your blogs. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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SAMODER 6/11/2010 6:03PM

    That is a great poem. We should reflect on our actions, but lay aside the guilt. You amways find such thought provoking things to put on your blog. Thank you, Lita

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 6/11/2010 4:43PM

    you have such great wisdom my friend..thank you!!

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Sunday, June 06, 2010


Do not undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.
It is because we are different that each of us is special.

Do not set your goals by what other people deem important.
Only you know what is best for you.

Do not take for granted the things closest to your heart.
Cling to them as you would your life,
for without them, life is meaningless.

Do not let your life slip through your fingers
by living in the past nor for the future.
By living your life one day at a time,
you live all the days of your life.

Do not give up when you still have something to give.
Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.
It is a fragile thread that binds us to each other.

Do not be afraid to encounter risks.
It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

Do not shut love out of your life
by saying it is impossible to find.

The quickest way to receive love is to give love;
The fastest way to lose love
is to hold it too tightly.

Do not dismiss your dreams.
To be without dreams is to be without hope;
To be without hope is to be without purpose.

Do not run through life so fast that you forget
not only where you have been,
but also where you are going.

Life is not a race, but a journey
to be savored each step

~ By Nancye Sims ~

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TINCEY2001 7/2/2010 8:06PM

    A good, postive read.

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JODIANN421 6/14/2010 10:08PM


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NIGHTSKYSTAR 6/9/2010 9:54AM

    i sound like a broken record but...you post the BEST stuff!!

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WILLOW49 6/8/2010 7:15PM

    Great poem :) emoticon

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    Love this poem. Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to make a copy of it. Hope you have a great week.

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SAMODER 6/6/2010 8:30PM

    I especially like the last 2 stanzas. We get so wrapped up in life that we forget to live it...

Thanks for sharing, Lita

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MOM2PACO 6/6/2010 7:19PM

    Love it! Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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AQUAGIRL08 6/6/2010 12:20PM

    Thanks Lita! That was exactly what I needed to read today to start my week. How do you do that? You seem to read my mind and your blogs are right on target. Thanks for sharing!

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    Good thoughts to begin the week -- thank you!


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KELPIE57 6/6/2010 5:01AM

    A timely reminder for me. Thank you emoticon emoticon

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MOMFAN 6/6/2010 2:33AM

    Reminds me of the verse in the Bible about comparing ourselves and not being wise when we do that! Have a blessed Sunday!

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DRASADAF 6/6/2010 1:56AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonReally nice one...

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ERIECANALGAL 6/6/2010 12:26AM

    emoticonSo true!

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Friday, May 28, 2010


There's nothing to fear you're as good as the best,
As strong as the mightiest, too;
You CAN win in every battle or test
For there's no one just like you.

There's only one you in the world today
'Cause nobody else, you see,
Can do your work in as fine a way:
You're the ONLY one there'll be!

So face the world, and all life is yours
To conquer and love and live,
And you'll find the happiness that endures
In just the measure you give.

There's nothing too good for you to possess,
Nor heights where you cannot go:
Your power is more than belief or guess
It is something you have to KNOW.

There is nothing to fear
you can and you will,
For you ARE the invincible you,
Set your foot upon the highest hill
There's NOTHING you cannot do.

~ Author Unknown

well life continues ever so slowly as i continue day to day plodding along..........
am having my annual tests done and still awaiting my mri's to both knees at the end of this month i have had this appointment for 18 months now talk about the long wait in our health care where i live!!! pain continues off and on .............
some days better than others and the tenonitis continues even with extra hand clicnic physio appointments...............so one day at a time and the saga continues..............
thanks so much to everyone here for all your help and suppoort it is what keeps me going everyday and keeps me coming back and sparking along too.............
have a wonderful memorial weekend ................
blessings and hugs to all...................lita

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

IMOGENE12 5/31/2010 9:40AM

    Lita ,

Thanks for the poem , it is beautiful. Praying for you to be healed . God Bless You ! Keep us posted. emoticon

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MS5835 5/30/2010 9:06PM

What a wonderful poem. I hope all goes well with your Dr. appointments and that you may find some relief for your pain. I know it's so hard to stay positive...... but we must. You are such an inspiration to me.

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AQUAGIRL08 5/30/2010 1:30PM

What a lovely poem! You always find the best stuff to share with all of us. You are a treasure and we are lucky to have you! Hopefully there will be some light at the end of the tunnel for you. I hope your hands and knees feel better at least for the weekend.

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    Lita I love this poem. Thank you for sharing. Hope everything goes okay at the Dr. I am wishing you a Happy and Safe Memorial Weekend too.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Your spirit buoys all of us. I'm looking forward to a good report.


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SAMODER 5/29/2010 11:12PM


You are such a wonderful emoticon Anything you get from us, you return three-fold.


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WILLOW49 5/29/2010 11:06AM

    One day at a time, and you'll get there. Take gentle care of yourself, and enjoy your weekend!

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HOSTALADY 5/29/2010 8:49AM

    You are a special lady that has entered my life and I pray for you. Wishing the pain could go away. You are doing so well on your journey because you give it over 100% each and everyday. I enjoyed the poem and thank you for sharing.
Bless you.

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 5/29/2010 8:41AM

    Prayers coming Lita for healing and less pain.

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JERSEYGIRL1950 5/29/2010 4:55AM

    May healing come your way I had no know idea as I'm wrapped up in my own journey,,pray for relief of a beautiful spirit who supports continues to be a blessing in many dark hours in my life. emoticon

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MOMFAN 5/29/2010 3:40AM

    Thanks again for always spreading love and encouragement!

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DRASADAF 5/29/2010 1:22AM

    Dont worry LITA..this pain too shall pass...Goodluck..i will remember you in my prayers dear friend...

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    Glad you're still plugging along and looking for the joy through everything!


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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Friendships are priceless, time is invaluable,
health is wealth, and love is a treasure, so ...

Create a nest egg of beautiful memories that you can
dip into from time to time to ease any sorrows.

Have the kind of remembrances that raise you up with
their worth and keep you there with their wonder.

Always have a secret supply of hopes on hand
to help you plan your tomorrows.

Remember that when you invest in your dreams,
it is impossible to overpay.

Give away smiles and watch them
come back to you a hundred times over.

Stuff your pockets with kindness and optimism;
there is nothing more precious in the world.

I'm sharing this advice with you today because
YOU are such a valued part of my life.

~ Author Unknown ~

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RORYLYONS 5/28/2010 12:12AM

    How beautifully said.. emoticonTruly speaks to your soul.. emoticon emoticon

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SAMODER 5/22/2010 11:04PM

    Inspirational as always....

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOMFAN 5/22/2010 9:58PM

    I can see your beautiful smile and it touches my soul! Just wish I would have been able to see it in person!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MS5835 5/22/2010 8:54PM

    Thank you for sharing, it's beautiful

Report Inappropriate Comment
DRASADAF 5/22/2010 4:11PM

    so beautiful....

Report Inappropriate Comment
AQUAGIRL08 5/22/2010 9:58AM

    What a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MOM2PACO 5/22/2010 9:41AM

    I love this ~ thank you so much for sharing! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
NIGHTSKYSTAR 5/22/2010 9:24AM

    This is wonderful Lita thank you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
GOLDFISHLIZ 5/22/2010 6:22AM

    Lovely! Lots of thoughts to cherish
emoticon emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
GLAMNGLOWDIVA 5/22/2010 2:11AM

    That was wonderful. Thanks for posting that!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Lita this is very nice. I always look forward to reading your blogs. YOU are a very special person in my life too. Thank you for sharing.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GAIL1000 5/22/2010 1:41AM

    emoticon Well said!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Thank you, Lita, and have a lovely weekend!


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WILLOW49 5/22/2010 1:00AM

    Love this blog :) Thanks!

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