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Life changing moments

Friday, February 18, 2011

Have you ever had a momentous life changing moment? As a full time college student and a full time employee i have experienced the inability to eat as healthy as i would like in order to gain a health weight. I am currently taking a class on personal health and in the lab portion of that class we watched the movie Food Inc. This movie is extremely well made and is a documentary that i recommend that everyone that wants to eat healthy should watch. It was amazing the knowledge that is imparted by the makers of this movie.
Armed with the new-found knowledge imparted by this movie i did an extensive research of all the grocery stores in my area that offer wholesome foods that are organic and healthy. the only one that offers a large variety of foods in these categories is Whole Foods in the next city over. This was disappointing as my husband and i try to keep to a budget on gas and food, and Whole Foods is higher in price than other grocery stores. I discussed this with my husband and explained the circumstances for why i wanted to do this change, i then had him watch the movie also so he could see my reticence over going to our local stores. As a vegetarian my husband was not moved by the meat portion of the movie but was disgusted enough to understand my motivations for the budgetary changes we need to make in order to eat healthy.
I am so excited to have this life change and I hope that everyone can have the chance to see this movie and make the same healthy habit changes!


what have i done?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i just had a very bad morning. it is as if i couldnt stop myself from eating. i watched myself eat 2 slices of pizza, leftover potroast, a homemade honeybun,and all for breatfast. i need to exercise more control. much more control. well i am not giving up the day just because of what i ate. i will do my best to eat healthy and still stay within my calories for the day.


week 2

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i am feeling much better about myself this week. i lost 5 lbs and feel really good. but as my friends tell me. there is no doubt that anyone would loose weight in this freezing cold weather. i run as fast as i can to and from my car so i can get away from the cold. that helps alot. i wish i could find out if there is a way to track how many calories you burn on a paper route?


first day back

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i wish it werent so hard to get away from food. i try to think of other things i could do and find myself at a loss. i do sitting crunches in the car, and i exaggerate my movements when i have to run to a persons porch when i deliver a paper. but i have just lost all motivation to do anything.