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Wow how time flies

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I can't believe that I pretty much stopped paying attention to myself at the beginning of October.

Fortunately I forgive me and today is the first day of the rest of my life to do with it as I choose and I'm chosing to recommitt to several things, large and small, that are important to me.

I'm sitting at 145 right now. I've spent the day refocusing and posting on SP. I've written in my journal, printed out a Jan 08 calendar to put stickers on when I have a good day. I've got 15 paperclips hanging from my wall that represent the pounds I will release this year.

I will not let the scale scare me. I will weigh in on the first of every month.

I am committed to not smoking, reducing my alcohol intake, controling my portions, exercising and participating in SP. I noticed that when I took care of me, I took care of all my other responsibilities much better.

Love to me, K

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HEATHHILL 1/2/2008 4:30AM

    Welcome to Horse Lover's Unite and welcome back to taking care of yourself. I can completely relate to having everything go better when you take care of yourself. That period from Oct through Dec is so hard with so much going on. Now is the time for renewal!

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Small Success!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Today I measured weight and waist and discovered that although I've only lost 5 pounds I've lost about 4 inches! What a wonderful motivation for me to start out this week with my new goals I've just set!!!

My reward is to purchase a $65 mini fridge for my workout room so water is always on hand!




Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well, I started working toward my wanted lifestyle changes on Sept 3, 07. Today being Sept 23, 07, I can guarantee you that at no other time in my life have I still been actively working toward the same goal after 20 days. I've had many setbacks, I've been self defeating, but for some reason I keep coming back to remind myself that I am taking responsibility for my life and my happiness and that I am committed to my goals. I can only attribute this consistency change to SP. Since I haven't really lost any weight, the only thing that I can commend myself for is the fact that I haven't lost sight of my original goals.

I enjoy the SP exercise of the day! I only do 1 set of 15 reps in addition to my AbLounge situps but I look forward to something different every day... just one very small change. I'm still not motivated to pick up my weights because I build muscle very very quickly and I will bulk up one or two sizes before any of the fat weight comes off which is very depressing and will send me straight to the ice cream!

It is becoming apparent that my largest obstacle is beer. It's been a slow process, not drinking Mon-Thur and only having 3 beers Fri Sat and Sun, but I will keep working toward that goal.

It looks like I currently have two goals: exercise daily, whether it's 30 minutes on the stair machine or just my situps and daily exercise AND control my beer intake. I'll work on smoking next! Portion control was easy for me. I just look at the meal and tell myself I can ALWAYS come back for more so I just put small portions on my plate and low and behold I've not gone back for seconds since Sept 3! I have a fudgecicle for desert, and every now and then I have a bowl of ice cream.

I guess overall I'm doing better than I thought but when I have a bad beer day it's usually an excessively bad calorie day and it can really depress me.

So thank you for SP for giving me the space to stay focused and motived and REmotivate and REfocus as needed!


The last 3 days

Friday, September 21, 2007

Well, Wednesday was a great day! I didn't make time to work out till 9pm so I only did 18 min on the stair machine and I didn't get my 2 sets of crunches in on the AbLounge but I did NOT have any wine even though my husband poured me a glass (well 1 sip and I really mean I just let the wine hit my lips...). A good day. Thursday wasn't so happy since I got up at 3am and couldn't go back to bed. I had a totally mental day in the office, was super frustrated and ended up drinking 1 beer and 4 glasses of wine! I didn't eat breakfast on Thursday either which is usually the tell tale sign that the day has major fall of track potential. Today, however started at 445 (much better!) and I've already eaten breakfast, done my AbLounge sets AND I've done the SP Exercise of the day! Today (although it IS Friday) has major success potential!! I'm beginning to see my patterns... breakfast is a MUST and my exercises need to be done early in the morning. Those two things seem to really help keep me remembering that I OWN my life and that I make decisions to be COMMITTED to my goals. I love me... :)



Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Last week was fairly yucky for me regarding my lifestyle changes.

I'm spreading myself so thin. I work from home so it's very easy for me to become overindulged in only one thing a day. What I mean is I will work from 7a till 10p on work one day with just a few hours out of the office to feed the horses and my husband. Other days, I spend my entire day outside working in the yard. I didn't let myself obsess on SP at all last week:( I'm lacking balance. I'm not taking my committments seriously.

The only thing I have been doing is actually listening to my favorite motivational tapes/cd's. One of my favorites is called the Ownership Spirit by Steven Chandler. He really makes me think. The comment I heard yesterday was about committment and in a nutshell it goes something like this:

A person who takes ownership of their life views committment as a decision but a person who is a victim of their life views committment as a feeling.

I realized that I've been trying to commit but I fall off my committments whenever I don't FEEL like it... I am being a VICTIM of my own life instead of OWNING IT!

So I am keeping this thought at the forefront of my mind and remembering that my committments are DECISIONS that I've made. I am strong and dedicated and I will MAKE decisions instead of blowing them off because I don't feel like being committed.

And so far so good... I'm actually eating breakfast today which is a HUGE help for me and is one of the most difficult lifestyle changes I intend on making.


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