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On the Edge

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I make it no secret that a four year plateau has taken me to the edge of insanity. I've slipped in and out of depression, cried, been angry and bitter BUT I've never given up. Sidestepping the negative side of the plateau I've learned how to manage a weight loss of 75ish pounds for four years. I've learned the value in food, the value in myself, the value in working out and most important the value in my mental health around food and personal acceptance. Plateau's while frustrating can lend themselves to some valuable life lessons and personal growth.

I'm on the edge ... of the plateau, again. I posted a 9 pounds loss which puts me back to the tipping point. If I dip into the 220's I'll have broken the plateau. I can again taste the victory that's just a mere 6 pounds away. Everyday is a victory in my world and every work out is cherished. I will say this, everything will brighten into techno color when I break the plateau and mark my words - IT WILL HAPPEN.

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TSEWARD 4/26/2012 8:19AM

    I love your positive attitude, it is contagious! You are an inspiration... emoticon

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ABB698 4/17/2012 11:37PM

    yes KT, your persistence is bound to pay off, because you are amazing! emoticon

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 4/17/2012 6:49PM

    YOU have an amazing attitude about a 4 year plateau. You're gonna get thru it, I know it!

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WOUBBIE 4/17/2012 6:09PM

    Yes, indeed! Beyond that plateau is an even lovelier landscape!

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JENJESS48 4/17/2012 2:53PM

    What a great attitude, KT! You can totally do it!

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Having Faith In Myself

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I was moved to tears today when I read one of my e-mails. In part it said this:
The SparkPeople Community thinks you are a motivation to others!
SparkPeople Members can vote for SparkPages that are motivational, based on Community involvement, personal accomplishments and more. You have received enough votes to become a "SparkPeople Motivator."

My wellness journey is well documented here and I feel blessed that so many feel I'm a motivator. Sometimes I feel alone & scared on this journey but now I realize all I have to do is reach out & say hello I might need you today.

“If you have faith in yourself, you will accept changes easily. You won’t be afraid of who you might become.”

Thank you for allowing me to have faith in myself. Thank you for being there in the front row watching, listening and lending a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend as my life unfolds and I reinvent myself.

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TRENTDREAMER 4/16/2012 5:57PM

    Congrats and welcome to the club!

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ENDUROVET 4/13/2012 1:04PM

    You are a motivator! also invaluable as a sanity checker; as always I appreciate your supportive comments on my blog...

emoticon emoticon

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KOSHKALET 4/13/2012 2:58AM

    So thrilled to go on this journey and to have you there, giving yourself, challenging yourself and believing in yourself to the benefit of all of us!

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MANLEYSANDY 4/12/2012 2:02PM

    Awesome! You motivate me!!!

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JENJESS48 4/12/2012 9:20AM

    Congratulations, babe! Very much deserved!

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FITNESSMONSTER8 4/12/2012 9:19AM

    Congratulations!!! emoticon

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WOUBBIE 4/11/2012 9:21PM

    How awesome! Congratulations!

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 4/11/2012 9:09PM

    You are so NOT alone! You ARE a SP motivator because you're a real person working your butt of to make this work. You're awesome KT! *HUGS*

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ANTOSZEWSKIA 4/11/2012 8:51PM


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SUZICANDO 4/11/2012 8:16PM

    emoticon emoticon

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'Lightning in a bottle'

Friday, March 30, 2012

I've hit my breaking point with this plateau of mine. I've done my time, I've paid for my past sins and it's time to get out. If I have to dig my way out with a toothpick, I will and I'm gonna make it!!

I went to a workshop last night at a new Chiropractors office to learn more about their wellness program and support system. Today, I'm contacting Doc to let him know that I want to try a new program, with New Doc. *GASP* I am also contacting Doc to have him review the new program and lend his thoughts. I'm very interested to see what he has to say. Honestly, unless he tells me it will 1) kill me or 2) cause great bodily harm I will move forward. In fact, I have a consultation already set up for April 14th.

Working out, on average, 10 hours a week and eating, on average, 1,500 calories a day and seeing little improvement in my physical body is a mind tweak. I don't want a fad diet or a crash diet, I want something that is healthy and nutritious and has support. I told the Mr early this morning, "I can't be this fat for much longer. I'm done."

I've got to keep trying. Keep searching. I will find my Lightning in a bottle . . .

"The universe has a plan. Be still, listen and then embrace it."

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MANLEYSANDY 4/3/2012 1:47PM

    That gret attitude of yours will keep your lighting going! You are right, there is a plan!!! emoticon

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ABB698 4/1/2012 3:08PM

    Just keep at it, KT. You will eventually find your lightning, trying to find it is WAY better than giving up, you'll never find it that way! You rock!

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KOSHKALET 4/1/2012 12:47PM

    Yes, you *Will* make it. I just saw your fitness minutes award and was like *Whoa!* that's some incredible working out!!!

Your tenacity is nothing less than awe-inspiring.

Dan of Dan's produce did a meal plan through a Chiro and had great results.

We're all cheerin' for ya!!! emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 3/31/2012 8:35AM

    Best of fortune to you on it.

Plateaus are extremely frustrating.

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WOW me with your go-to portable lunches!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

May 1st and beyond I'll be commuting and won't be able to return home for lunch to cook me something fancy and healthy - I've had it good for 12+ years. In preparation for this life changing event I'm planning to buy a fabulous lunch bag with containers to carry all my yummy lunches and snacks. Here's where I ask for your help . . . I need great lunch ideas. I'll have a microwave and a small frig to help me out. I'd like to put together five or more complete lunch ideas so I'll never be caught without options or be forced to eat out.

So, WOW me with your go-to portable lunches!! All ideas are welcome, I'll modify for my food restrictions.

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SGRAY478 5/14/2012 8:30PM

    One of my favorite lunches is a luna bar, a light yogurt, an apple and some crackers with a laughing cow light swiss cheese.

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ABB698 3/29/2012 9:41PM

    add some shredded chicken to hummus, and dip with veggie sticks and pretzel crisps-my fave go to lunch meal!

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ADZY86 3/29/2012 5:41PM

    i tend to cook something up on Sundays and then divide them into 6 pieces, to have for the 5 work days for lunch, and then Saturday afternoon before I've had a chance to go grocery shopping. My latest thing is 'Crustlses quiche' which is amazing and you can change it up every week with your own fillings...I've done ham and cheese, brocolli and ham, and minced beef and mushroom. Check out the Spark recipes area for them...

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ENDUROVET 3/29/2012 3:33PM

    Well I haven't had a chance to blog about what I'm going to try most days as my "go-to" lunch routine...
I'm going to try a variation of the Budwig anti-cancer diet protocol, which involves eating 6 oz of nonfat cottage cheese w/flaxseed oil. Yesterday I scarfed this down w/a handful of blueberries shortly before my workout & it went pretty well - it didn't weigh too heavily on my stomach, but kept me satisfied till the end of my workday.
I also have a box of my "seaweed" bars, Raw Revolution Spirulina bars, in my desk for snacking & supplementation. They're kind of an acquired taste, but I think they're pretty good now! (I commonly eat one for breakfast before I ride; it doesn't do for me to eat very much)

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WOUBBIE 3/29/2012 2:32PM

    Oh! And I forgot to mention that I'm usually doing this on Saturday around lunchtime and the skin is my Saturday lunch. (Most people think OOHHHHH SO MUCH FAT!!! but it's actually high in protein and... well... yummy!)

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WOUBBIE 3/29/2012 2:14PM

    I do what's called "rubber chicken" on the weekends. I usually buy a full chicken roasted, but sometimes I roast one from fresh or frozen.

Divvy it up based on what you prefer different ways. I don't like the breasts much, so I cube it all and use it for regular chicken salad or buffalo chicken salad. I keep the thighs and drumsticks as is and just reheat them. I generally just use seasoned salt, and put them in baggies to grab quickly in the morning. If you prefer you can reverse that.

The rest of themeat goes into the soup pot with the bones. I use Better Than Boullion for seasoning, and then add some medium carb veggies, including a bit of julienned carrots.

I also do a dozen or more boiled eggs every weekend. My go-to breakfast is egg salad and that takes 10 eggs for 5 mornings' worth, and the others are for quick grabs or for the kids to gnaw on.

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A Hot Chick in Vegas! My trip in photos . . .

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Mr and I went to Vegas - check another item off his bucket list!

I felt fabulous going, during and after the trip. I no longer felt like the fat chick standing to the side trying to fit in. I dressed sexy, I felt sexy and I lived in the moment. I ate, drank, went to the hot tub, road ATV's in The Valley of Fire, I rocked it at the Blue Martini, I giggled as we walked across the boarder of NV & AZ at the Hoover Dam, I walked until my feet were numb and I got a tattoo at Hart & Huntington from Dizzle!

Feeling Amazing!

Hoover Dam . . .

All the pools at the Hard Rock were like ice so we stuck with the hot tubs. I had a moment of panic when six, VERY fit, VERY muscular guys joined our hot tub. There was NO WHERE to hide. What did do, smiled and said hello.
To me, there's nothing sexier than a confident woman! Ya, that was me . . .

Yup, I enjoyed a drink or two, HA!

The Valley of Fire. We had a perfect day to ride.

It's all fun and games until someone flips their ATV. The rider likely broker her collar bone & had other trauma. She, and her family, were dropped off at the ER on our way back into town.

The newest tattoo. A tribute to my Lil' Sara who passed on 12-7-11

Nobu. YUM-O!

Johnny Smalls for Tapas. I couldn't pass up the grilled peanut butter & jelly sandwich. SINFUL! The food here will be talked about for years to come. What made it better, it was included in our groupon.com purchase for the Hard Rock stay.

Walking the strip . . . six straight hours of walking! SIX!!

The Mr and the girls . . .

The smallest of walk breaks . . .

I was ALL done . . .

We did not win here but the Mr actually paid for part of the trip with his winnings. YA!

I turned a lot of head when I stepped out for the night. I felt great and glamorous!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ENDUROVET 3/29/2012 3:36PM

    Great photos - love 'em all!!!

I always swore that when I won the Quarter Horse award, I would get a horsie tattoo over my L scapula... Obviously that hasn't happened (yet) ;-)

Comment edited on: 3/29/2012 3:37:44 PM

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ABB698 3/29/2012 1:13PM

    Look at you Hot Mama! Woo Hoo! The ATV looks amazing! We ride and I'm putting that area on my bucket list for sure! And so cool about the tat! Love it!
So glad you got some R & R with the Mr. I love that you first freaked about the Muscle guys then embraced it! Why not?! Go girl!

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FITNESSMONSTER8 3/29/2012 12:02PM

    Looks like an awesome trip!!! I love all the pictures, you look wonderful.

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JENJESS48 3/29/2012 8:35AM

    Gorgeous pics! Looks like you had a ton of fun! I'm so glad for you. :)

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MAGGIENCALI 3/28/2012 10:14PM

    Woohooo!!! You look amazing!!! What an awesome adventure you and the Mr had in Vegas. Seeing those pix reminded me I have stayed away from the strip too long. I might have to get my Mr to take me. Viva Las Vegas, baby!!! emoticon

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WOUBBIE 3/28/2012 7:27PM

    Smokin' hot! Your confidence shows in every shot! Glad you had such a great time.

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MANLEYSANDY 3/28/2012 7:20PM

    You look glam and awesome! Love the tattoo!

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 3/28/2012 6:48PM

    You looked awesome, and it looks like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing your pics = )

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DB1167 3/28/2012 6:36PM

    Awesome! Looks like you had a great time!! I agree you look Fabulous in your picture where your stepping out!

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