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Do not panic, 231 IS not that far away

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

In the attempt to get a better handle on finances and health insurance costs my husband and I met with a new agent today about different coverage. It was all good until the dreaded weight and height chart came out . . . I hate underwriting!

I stand at 5'4 and weigh 238.8
To qualify for coverage I need to weigh 231!
We want the new policy in place April 1, 2010 so that means I must drop 7.8 lbs.

I keep telling myself, "Do not panic, do NOT panic!"

My action plan is:
1) kick up the workout sessions
2) eat very healthy
3) log Everything that I eat
4) stay focused on the goal
5) use no excuses and stop with the BS
6) know that I can do this
7) ask for help when I need it
8) keep sugar and sugar substitutes out of my diet

Nothing like a goal to kick things up a notch! I CAN do this . . .
There is no room for failure here!

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    That's my philosophy failure is not an option and this is definitely doable!!! 7.8lbs girl that's a breeze lol.... emoticon

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CATLOVER7731 3/2/2010 7:31PM

    Wow you have to weigh a certain weight to get health coverage??
Good luck with your plan!

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HMILLY2020 3/2/2010 7:29PM

    It sounds like you have a great plan for yourself! Throw out the junk that is temptation for you and get some fiber in your diet too to help you feel fuller longer.

You can do it!

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Random Daily Thoughts

Monday, March 01, 2010

Random thought in random order:
1) I dislike when people are lazy
2) I need to stop taking care of things for others when they can take care of things themselves
3) I could eat 2 giant Reese's Peanut Butter cups right now but I won't
4) Looking at the piles of paper on my desk makes me anxious and I remember I can only do what I can do
5) I can't decide what to cook for a dinner party I'm having in 2 weeks for 8 people - the love my cooking and I don't want to let them down
6) I love salad when other people make it
7) I'm thinking of buying a new scale - the digital one seems to be possessed
8) I will be able to get rid of my debt when my tax return arrives
9) Sometimes I think about locking myself in my apartment and not leaving for days
10) I lash out at people when I'm stressed - it's ugly and mean - I hate it
11) Pizza = comfort food for me, I can't eat it anymore
12) Sometimes when I lash out at people's behaviors it's because I'm reminded of my own actions
13) As a child I used to think God hated me and that's why he made me fat - as an adult I know different
14) I always wonder why people express such joy when I lose weight but never say anything when I gain
15) I hate that I work 2 jobs and my husband doesn't
16) I want to go on another cruise but worry about the food
17) Sometimes I eat in secret
18) Sometimes I'm resentful that I have to log my nutrition everyday so I don't gain weight
19) I have a mind freak when a skinny person says, "I'm so fat!" In my head I respond with,
"SERIOUSLY, get over yourself!"
20) I can't remember much of my childhood and a lot of what I do remember has painful memories attached to it
21) I have a friend who cancels on everything and wants to be included in everything, I'm tired of that behavior

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JENNYBETHIN 3/1/2010 9:39PM

    Amen! I agree with all of it! For me! Can we share your list? emoticon

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SB1398 3/1/2010 8:29PM

    As I read your blog, i wanted to say me too a lot, specially for 1, 2, 7, 10,17,18,19!! emoticon

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Day 22 without Sugar

Monday, March 01, 2010

Day 22 without sugar or sugar substitutes - WOW!

The weekend was fun but nothing but a giant test for me and my taste buds.

Friday night, my husband and I went to a late movie (Cop Out). We ate at the house, relaxed a bit and then walked up to the theater where we generally don't eat or drink anything which not only saves us money but calories too. This time was different, my husband decided to get a soda which was tough for me because I LOVE fountain drinks - my fav for sure. He offered to share but I declined - It was a tough test for sure.

Saturday, I didn't have to work and LOVED being at home. I ate on schedule and took a nap in the afternoon. Then Saturday night came with more tests . . . First, we went to a Monster Truck Rally (something my love has always wanted to do). Although the venue was only a few miles from the house it took us 90 minutes to get there and to park. I was a bit stressed by that point - I hate traffic, I hate being stuck in traffic, we were Late, I hate being late and the we had to park a mile away (yes, literally a mile away). Talk about finding a work-out in the most unexpected places, HA! We jogged and walked to the venue in record time. Knowing the show would be at least 2.5 hours long and that I would be tempted by all the stadium food I put a nut bar in my purse. My husband ate a hot dog and washed it down with a soda . . . thankfully this time he didn't ask to share! I ate my nut bar, it was good BUT . . . After the show was over (we had a great time) we hoofed it back to the car. Although this time we didn't jog/walk we just briskly walked.
The tests were just beginning though. We then went to a party that was supposed to be over at 11:00 p.m. - we made it at 10:53. I knew going to the party I would be tempted like crazy . . . and boy was I right. After I made the rounds to chat with a few friends I looked at my husband mortified - I had just spotted a chocolate fountain! Then I rounded the corner to the kitchen and there sat a GIANT chocolate cake! SERIOUSLY I was in danger. My husband quickly grabbed a strawberry and handed it to me and we went hunting for grapes. I ate fruit the whole time we were there . . . thinking all the while, "not fair, not fair!" The party died down and only a handful of us remained so we went to sit by the fire to chat. Of course as soon as I sit down in the big comfy chair I look over at the table next to me and there sits a bowl of dark chocolate truffles . . . REALLY!?! We left at 1:00 a.m. - I actually escaped the house of chocolate without consuming any! YEAH

Sunday wasn't too bad. We relaxed most of the day and then went out for errands. My husband convinced me to purchase Coconut Bliss. He really has a hard time with me not having a treat every now and then and he knows this is one item I can have. It generally is a product I don't keep in the house because I can and have eaten a whole pint in one sitting - Dangerous! I set up rules though and I'm going to see if I can follow them. The rules are:
1) I can only have a serving AFTER I eat a healthy dinner, 2) my husband scoops out my serving and 3) I eat it with the tiniest of spoon possible. It worked last night!

I faced down sugar and sugar substitutes over the weekend and I'm so happy! It wasn't without asking for help and thinking ahead but I did it. I weighed in last night and I lost a tiny bit of weight which is all good considering where I am at in my monthly cycle.

My chronic shoulder/neck and foot pain are still gone.
I'm sleeping better.
I don't crave random foods.
I note that my body needs/wants more water during the day.
Energy levels have picked up and I don't have a "low" during the day.

I know I'm strong but I'm not sure making day 22 would have been possible without the help, support and planning ahead.

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MZLADY77 3/1/2010 1:14PM



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Day 18 without Sugar & Random Thoughts

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Day 18 without sugar or sugar substitutes!


Sugar is hard substance to get away from, that I've discovered in the last 18 days, but I've also discovered it can be done. Of course this takes some dedication and knowing what to look for (those food manufactures can be tricky). I've discovered products that have sugar added to them that still leaves me questioning why. Do you know that some dried cranberries have sugar added to them? Well, I did not until I read the tiny label on the bulk bin while standing in the all natural food market. I was seriously disappointment. Sugar is everywhere and hidden in all kinds of foods and "they" do it so the food will taste better. No one wonder I'm addicted to sugar and random food items.

The biggest benefit (I'm sure there is a list), so far, is the lack of pain in my body. I've been plagued by chronic foot and neck/shoulder pain for years and within this last 18 days that pain has disappeared. Again, the only change I've made is taking sugar out of my diet. This new development alone could very well keep me off sugar for good . . . but I won't make any grand announcements here, I'm choosing to do this one day at a time.

Random thoughts that aren't so random anymore:
1) I don't like my boss very much.
2) I don't like my boss' girlfriend much either and she now works for the company. Talk about sleeping your way in the door. LMAO!
3) I like my job and most of our clients, it's been 8 years.
4) I am burned out.
5) The numbers on the scale don't mean as much, which really means I'm not going to obsess about them but merely note them.
6) Work-outs have become boring at best but I'm under contract with my gym so I continue to go.
7) I found a belly dancing class and I'm going to go on Wednesday, March 3.
8) I've have a friend of 13 years who is addicted to food, an abusive boyfriend and drugs, I can't help her.
9) I don't want children, my husband does.
10) SP is a great outlet and I've found some awesome support.
11) I've learned to love raw cabbage.
12) I have a love/hate relationship with sugar and sugar substitutes.
13) I am a food and sugar addict and I can slip at anytime but that doesn't mean I'm any less or lost my way on my journey.
14) I have food pushers in my life that don't care if I'm healthy or not as long as I eat so they feel better.
15) I can't wait for spa day in March!
16) My husband loves me "fluffy" . . . I love him for that and about a million other reasons.

Life is good today and I'll commit to striving to do my best in any given situation and to support those around me.


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TSEWARD 2/27/2010 1:05PM

    Hi! While I was sick I didn't get online much so hadn't been keeping up with my SP Friends. I plan to catch up on your blogs. I love your honesty! and your success at going without sugar or sugar substitutes (wow...I hadn't realized you weren't doing this without substitutes.) is nothing short of amazing. I am attempting no sugar. But I am not as vocal about it as you (fear of public failure). I don't think I am quite ready to, say, not eat a lean cuisine meal because there is dextrose and sucrose in it. But I did turn down my frosted mini wheats this morning in favor of all bran (no sugar in there). I love your random thoughts. So honest. What do you do for comfort when you can't eat sugar? And does your no sugar include no honey? I have many questions....maybe reviewing your blogs will answer most of them.

Oh and thank you for asking me what you can do to help! You are the only person (well, besides one other on SP) that has made such an offer. In real life, nobody wants to see you 'change', even if it is for the better. Yes!!! I will very gratefully accept your help. You already have been by blazing the no sugar trail ahead of me. Being able to ask you questions, etc. will help too. Thank you for your support!

emoticon emoticon

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Days 14 & 15 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 14 - Sunday
Day 15 - Monday

Day 14, Sunday was a rainy, gray day. A day to stay in and snuggle up with a blanket and good book. I did just that and took a long nap too. My eating was on time and healthy!

I found energy in the early evening and got up and challenged my husband to play Wii tennis and bowling. He kicked butt in bowling and I kicked butt in tennis. I LOVE the tennis!!! I was sweating by the end of the hour that I played (my husband didn't make it that long). What fun!

Day 15, Monday. I woke up early and instead of laying in bed trying to pretend I didn't have to come to the office today I got up. I got up and fired up the Wii Tennis. I got in over 40 minutes before I HAD to start getting ready for work.

I've eaten on track today - stay the course!
My shoulder pain is still absent.
My energy level is still up.
My cravings are gone.
My water intake has increased too!

I am told I eat odd food pairing and today for lunch I had diced raw green cabbage, diced apple and pork tenderloin together. It was great and hit the spot.

My husband has finally seen the light and is eating a little more healthy - which has me doing a happy dance.

I've already challenged him to a Wii tournament tonight so it'll be on when I get home!



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