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My Updated Workout Schedule

Friday, September 09, 2011

Here it is, my newest workout schedule.

MONDAY: Walking 55 minutes (maximum), Zumba Class 60 minutes, Run a quarter (3:30) or half mile (7:02), Strength Training 10 minutes, Boxing 90 minutes


WEDNESDAY: Walking 55 minutes (maximum), Zumba Class 60 minutes, Run a quarter (3:30) or half mile (7:02), Strength Training 10 minutes, Boxing 90 minutes

THURSDAY: Walking 55 minutes (maximum), Zumba Class 60 minutes

FRIDAY: Walking 55 minutes (maximum), Zumba Class 60 minutes, Strength Training 10 minutes

SATURDAY: Zumba Class 60 minutes, Run a quarter (3:30) or half mile (7:02)

SUNDAY: CARDIO REST DAY, Strength Training 10 minutes

Some adjustments will be made over the course of the week / month too. As in life, things change. Like today, I rode my bike to work instead of walking.

I know this appears to be a lot of the same thing and that may bring on some concern over my body adjusting to the schedule. Remember, appearances can be deceiving.

Each Zumba class is lead by a different instructor. Each instructor uses different techniques and works different muscle groups. Even the intensity levels are different.

Boxing class is organic, our trainer keeps it fresh each workout. Each class is different with a highest of intensity levels.

I plan on alternating my running between the quarter and half mile which will keep my body guessing and Iíll be playing around with different speeds too.

Walking and biking will remain the same - I walk / bike to and from work and the gym, that just doesnít change.

Lastly, my strength training routine. Do I admit here that my first 10 minute session of ST kicked my ass or do I just omit that fact?! Okay, okay, Yes, my first session on Wednesday has left me sore - even two days later - SERIOUSLY!?! *FACE/PALM* Rest assured Iíve just proven to myself that I do in fact need to incorporate ST into my schedule. Done & Done!

This ought to keep me busy for awhile.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KINSBAILE 9/12/2011 4:48PM

    Wow you really go! Awesome hon!

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ABB698 9/10/2011 8:42PM

    You are seriously a MACHINE KT! Go Girl!!! emoticon

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1DERLAND14 9/10/2011 4:47PM

    Your workout schedule is BOSS!!! Way to go :)

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ESHERRILL3 9/9/2011 7:34PM

    When I grow up I want to be just like you! Seriously KT, your workout schedule is amazing. emoticon

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    That is an amazing schedule and even more so because I know you can do it! Can't wait to see what you accomplish with this new plan!! :)

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DESERTFLOWER8 9/9/2011 6:01PM

    Aside from the fact that you are so amazingly fit, the greatest part about this is that you seem to be having SO MUCH FUN doing it! Great job, KT!

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Well, HELLO inner thigh muscles

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ever have that light bulb moment? I love them!

After blogging yesterday and then reading and re-reading my own blog (don't judge me) I tried to figure out my first step to achieving my self imposed new healthy life style steps. I knew getting gluten out of my diet, again *SIGH*, and strength training were in my top three. The third is to incorporate more veggies. Gluten is a no brainier - stop eating it - sounds so simple. Veggies, buy more, eat more - again, sounds so simple. Strength training - oh, strength training. Where would I find the time and energy to input you into my already crowded workout schedule? Then it happened, thirty minutes into Zumba class in the middle of a routine the light bulb sparked and I nearly stopped dead in my tracks! I would replace the elliptical between zumba and boxing on Monday and Wednesday nights and add in strength training. *HAPPY DANCE* - literally because I was in a dance class! *GIGGLES*

Zumba ended and I started to formulated a plan. I knew I had to keep it short and simple. Kinda like my running schedule.

Side Note: I ran a half a mile last night in 7:02 minutes. It just happened, I jumped on the treadmill after Zumba and just started running. I felt great during and after! *FIST PUMP* Will I move from my quarter to a half mile? Don't know at this point but I'm thinking about it.

Back to my light bulb moment . . .
When trying to figure out the strength training plan I had yet another light bulb moment. This one brought on by my friend TD (TRENTDREAMER). In short, he has set a time limit on his exercise routine and builds from there. Brilliant! I decided I would limit my strength training to 10 minute sessions three times a week. In boxing we already have to do situps (90) and pushups (25) so my 10 minute routine would round it out. I like to rest on Sundays but figure I can get in a 10 minute ST session in at the house by using my weights, ball and bands.

The plan was set! The time was now! After I finished my break and snack last night I headed for the weight room. There I did 10 minutes of ST, mostly upper body but also added in lunges with a 12 lb bar.

Side Note: Boxing was great. My kicks are stronger and my stamina has improved greatly. I still don't appreciate jumping rope but now see the need as it improves foot work greatly. A newbie came and then left. She lasted 10 minutes into the first round. We'll never see her again. I didn't much care that she left but found it extremely rude that she walked out without a word. Poof, she was gone. (It takes all kinds)

As I walked up the stairs to work today I said, "Well, HELLO inner thigh muscles!" Ya, those lunges are affective.

End Note: Gluten is making an exit from the diet already and veggies are already on the grocery list.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MICRAELIE 9/9/2011 8:57AM

    Fantastic -- as usual! You are so motivated and determined and it rubs off on all of us! Rock on!


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MAGGIENCALI 9/8/2011 9:36PM

    Awesome!!! Keeping rocking it, girl. emoticon

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ESHERRILL3 9/8/2011 7:00PM

    emoticon emoticon I love it!!

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    That was an awesome light bulb moment. I think strength training is an awesome addition to your routine. Love that good kind of sore that means you've done something for your body. Good luck with the ST :)!

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My "Real Age" is . . .

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Before I get to the results of my updated real age test I want to openly thank all my friends who take the time to not only read and respond to my blogs but offer up suggestions and support. Without you, when things get rough my positive energy would spiral into the depths of despair, so I thank you all!

Today in a fit of boredom I decided to update my Real Age test to have a look see at my results. I don't remember the last time I updated my test but do recall I've always been deemed younger. That's a good thing! In truth, I thought this might help shed some light on my plateau issues. I use it as a guide, not as an absolute.

A few of the questions I am unable to answer which I'm sure affect the test results - I did the best I could with what information I have. I can't answer questions about my family history, I'm adopted and know nothing of my birth parents. I also don't know some of my vitals - blood pressure, etc.

In the end the tests states that my real age is 39.4
This compared to the age calculated from birth which is 41

Does this mean I can tell people I'm 39.4 instead of claiming 41? Tee hee hee

Here is what they recommend I work on to improve my health and real age status:
*Shed extra weight - YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
* Ease financial worries - Dear Universe, I'd like to be independently wealthy. In reality wouldn't we all like to ease our financial worries. I do the best I can and live within my means.
* Find positive coping strategies - This one surprised me, I thought I had found new coping strategies. I know I'm a hot head and I'm constantly working on taming the beast which lives within. I'm hard wired this way but that doesn't mean I can't learn a new trick. Must keep working on it . . .
* Eat more grains, veggies and fruit - YES! I know I need more veggies in my diet - the list has been written. I enjoy fruits but I also know they affect my blood sugar and not in a good way. I eat them in moderation. Grains - I TRY to stay away from gluten's and I do enjoy brown rice over white.
*Expand your diet - Yup, I love variety in my diet but I'll admit that I'm a repetitive eater. I'll try to change that up a bit now that I've been called out on it.
*Go Easy on Red meat - Again, a surprise. For unknown reasons I stopped eating red meat on a regular basis at the beginning of the year and can't tell you the last time I indulged. This recommendation may have been issued due to my love of bacon and the fact that I eat it regularly. I'm not willing to give up the bacon but I've noted it. :)
*Tighten and Tone, Strength Training - I love and hate strength training. I don't do near enough of it, Not even close. I'm a cardio girl. Give me a partner who likes to pump iron and I'd be right along side them. Maybe SP ST bootcamps should be introduced into my morning routines again along with situps and pushups.

I also checked out the following link that my friend ESHERRILL3 suggested: www.wikihow.com/Break-a-Weight-Loss-

The steps they suggest to try and break a weight loss plateau are spot on! A great link ESHERRILL3. I've incorporated all but join a sport over the course of year which helps fight off any boredom that may set in. If I had the time for a sport I would be signed up for softball - my first love! I encourage everyone who stops by this blog to check out the information.

Will any of this break the mighty plateau? Don't know but I'll give it all a try and see what it does. Things mentioned certainly won't hurt me any so why not give it a try.

My quest continues and my journey continues each day my feet hit the floor.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KINSBAILE 9/9/2011 10:46AM

    Awesome! I take that test too! I am a lot younger than I used to be when I was a smoker and heavier!

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ESHERRILL3 9/8/2011 1:59PM

    Why would anyone willingly give up bacon? I use it to help boost my protein and everything tastes better with it!! emoticon

Good luck with the ST. I have faith the plateau will soon be a memory.

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MICRAELIE 9/8/2011 8:39AM

    You are my hero! Thanks for sharing another insightful and positive blog. Spark on!


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JENJESS48 9/8/2011 7:55AM

    I agree with you on the bacon! Life isn't worth living without certain indulgences, and bacon is in my list - right below chocolate and bubble baths. emoticon

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    Now I've got the ch-ch-ch-changes song stuck in my head-lol! You are shaking things up and moving and grooving!! Love the proposed changes and might be just the thing to kick that plateau in it's hiney!! :)

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KJ4444 9/7/2011 8:18PM

    Just keep moving forward and making small changes that will eventually lead to the big changes! emoticon

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My magical plateau is kicking my butt!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I brought the scale out of the closet to have a look see. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Jokes on me! I discovered I've maintained my weight loss of 89.5 - hold your applause please. I take little comfort in this because I've been maintaining for the past three years while on this magical plateau of mine.

My first reaction - anger. My second - to have a fall down, scream out loud, little girl tantrum in the living room. My third - anger. My fourth - take thee arse to the gym. Admittedly, I reacted on all levels but in the moment I had to hustle to make Zumba class and my quarter mile run so I was too distracted to have my little girl tantrum or to stay angry for too long. No, no that came later.

Yes, I did suck it up and go to the gym that day. I couldn't miss Zumba, my favorite instructor was in the house and I just couldn't miss her class. Class was absolutely amazing and I earned every drop of sweat that dripped and flung from me. After that I had just enough time to get in my quarter mile run. I ran slow logging a 3:34 instead of a 3:30. *GASP*

I log nearly 3,000 fitness minutes a month. I eat within my calorie range 99% of the time. I sleep 8 hours a night. I stay positive and have reduced my stress levels significantly. I take my supplements. I stopped drinking soda. I even monitor my sugar intake. All this and I'm lucky enough to just maintain. What else must I do? Oh yeah, wait. Wait for my metabolism to fix itself. Wait for my inner bits to decide I won't damage them any more. Wait. Just wait says Doc. A new four letter word in my vocabulary . . . "WAIT!" It's like a prison sentence.

Sure, non scale victories are fantastic! Feeling better is priceless! Yet, it feels a little hollow when the same number pops up on the screen of the scale week after week; year after year. Why keep going? I fight because I don't quit. But know this . . . MY MAGICAL PLATEAU IS KICKING MY BUTT!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KINSBAILE 9/7/2011 4:34PM

    You're the most patient person I know!!!! *HUGS*

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ENDUROVET 9/7/2011 10:30AM

    Hmmm... So this may be telling me to quit whining about MY 18-mo plateau?!?

(which may be the "New Normal" for me, unless my endocrinologist has any great ideas for me tomorrow) Time to go blog it out for myself, but if I am eating healthy, training for my half-marathons, yet continue to maintain this weight...???

There's only so far I'm prepared to go; chronic semi-starvation is not my answer!

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PJH2028 9/7/2011 9:57AM

    You have changed your Life Style. THAT my friend is the biggest IT of all!!!!! I've done it for one year and (tis autumn) I am beginning a second. I have decided to utilize September back-to-school vibes in the world as my talisman for LifeStyle rewards and consciousness now and in future.

I'm there with you. I celebrate all I've accomplished. AND... I am asking my self "What is it that I can or may want to do differently this season?".

WAITing and inviting Change is a key part of it, I agree.
Change-it-up some. Whether it's "calorie cycling" or changing the cardio/st regime...
Adding and subtracting AND
Keeping it New.

I'm with you. Celebrating the day to day.
"It isn't fitness; It's LIFE"

The scale will move. It will.
Right? Yes. It will.
For today, I'm not on a clock.

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/7/2011 12:30AM

    Waiting is the hardest part of anything. Hopefully you don't have to wait long.

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WILD22 9/6/2011 9:10PM

keep at it! you will beat it. Your body will soon see who is boss. I was told I was doing too much exercise and not eating enough. love ya

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HOLLYS_NEW_LIFE 9/6/2011 8:04PM

    WOW! You deserve an award for hanging on that long, seriously! That's so awesome! I've been on plateaus before and I wish I could give you some "magical" advice, but I have none. One day, I just started losing weight again. Just keep going girlfriend, and it looks like you've gotten some great advice from other sparkies!

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JENJESS48 9/6/2011 7:48PM

    Wow, that's rough, KT. I was frustrated with an 8-month plateau; I can't even imagine 3 years. Honestly, I would have given up already. You're a stronger woman than I am. But I already knew that - your workouts would kill me. The only idea I have is to try eating more calories. Healthy ones, obviously. But maybe, just maybe, the extra food will convince your body that your monster workouts are not depriving you of much-needed nutrition.

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ESHERRILL3 9/6/2011 7:45PM

    I am in awe of your weight loss. I find you an inspiration when it comes to butt kicking cardio! I think your body has become very good at what you throw at it. Maybe too good.

This website, http://www.wikihow.com/Break-a-Weig
ht-Loss-Plateau, talks about that. It offers some suggestions. I hope they help.


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MANLEYSANDY 9/6/2011 7:18PM

    I feel so helpless for you!!! You work SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! But I am so glad you will not give up! Keep fighting the good fight, and I will keep cheering for you, so you can keep kicking butt!!!

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    WOW! When I read your blog you sounded just like me! So here's some ideas from my strategy this morning... Set some time aside to investigate Sparkpeople further to see if the answer is there... I am in Stage Two... but what is "Stage Two"? Was stage one the weight loss one and stage two the maintaining one? Then it's time to hit the Sparkpeople panic button... that's helped before... then the web... But make sure this only takes one hour, because it's too easy to sit still for longer. Then there's things to help to burn a few more calories and to make sure the kitchen's out-of-bounds... perhaps some gardening ... or perhaps clean out the garage or some long-forgotten cupboard... They're pretty feeble scraps of advice... but I'm hoping that we both find the answer in them! Have an excellent week! xxx

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Workouts & Naughty Words

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Yesterday I developed another dull headache and by the middle of the afternoon I was so tired I wanted to crawl under my desk and take a nappy-poo. Instead I popped Tylenol, using the recommended dosage as a mere suggestion, and drank down four glasses of water. Within an hour I felt better. I didn't want a repeat of Monday night where after 90 minutes of working out I ended up in the fetal position in bed with the covers over my head praying for sleep or death.

After work I walked myself over to the gym determined to get my full workout in - mission accomplished!

As I walked home I reflected on my night at the gym with mixed emotion. My status on FB last night says it all . . . "I almost used my naughty words in Zumba class tonight and I almost kicked a bimbo's ass in boxing - ALMOST! Lucky for them I'm a lady so I didn't."

Note to world: It's not so much that I'm too much of a lady that I won't use my naughty words in public, because I will, it's more the fear of being banned from class AND the gym that keeps me in line.

I love my Zumba classes but I don't love all the people who attend. One lady is a floater which means she can't stay in her space and floats around the room displacing many people during class. Another lady has the ability to suck the air out of the room with her downer attitude and general crankiness. And still, others come to class late and insist on squeezing in instead of staying in the back where there's ample room. How am I adjusting without using my naughty words or throwing an elbow or two? I'm exploring other areas of the studio and I won't compromise my spot no matter how sweetly those tardy individuals are.

The woman with the bimbo type personality attended boxing. I generally will steer clear of her because I don't like the flighty, twirl your hair around your finger, pop your gum, stare off into space attitude all the while singing, la la la approach to life. Boxing is a controlled sport and this class requires everyone to pay attention or someone will get hurt. Well, as luck would have it I got paired with her - Boo! She thought I was new to boxing which clearly tells me she doesn't pay attention because we've been in class together; plus, she stated that she ALWAYS gets paired with new people. I just smiled and asked, "shall we get started?" Immediately after I landed my first few kicks she realized I was not new and meant business. I guess it's okay to envision pulverizing your sparring partner into dust, as long as you don't do it! *EVIL LAUGH* After 90 minutes with her I can only image she is paired with newbies due to her lack of focus and drive. I know from others she's been coming for quit sometime but she has not progressed in the slightest - the instructor still views her as a newbie. By the end of class she was completely exhausted and I was walking on cloud 9. I had energy to burn.

A sample of one of our kicks -

For my next trick . . .
I need to figure out a way to come down off the high I get from boxing after I get home. I am never hungry - even after working out for 3.5 hours - and I now buzz around like a hummingbird. I try to read and relax in a dimly lit room but the electric energy just keeps moving through me. That makes it hard to get beauty sleep.

Tonight I will run my quarter mile and attend Zumba.

Question: How do you decompress after a hard, energizing session, at the gym?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HDHAWK 9/4/2011 8:47PM

    Way to go!

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ENDUROVET 9/3/2011 3:14PM

    Yeah, if I work out in the evenings I'm too wound up to sleep...

But I recommend yoga - it might help! or simple meditation. I bought myself a fancy cushion, stuffed w/tranquility-inducing herbs & all, but have rarely used it. My bad.

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TRENTDREAMER 9/2/2011 8:31AM

    when im done exercising, im usually tired. try 10 minutes of stretching or a basic set of cooldown moves that don't really energize you. something rote and plain, not boxing or zumba related.

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ABB698 9/2/2011 2:53AM

    Oh I love how she tried to act like you were a newbie and you showed her that KT is bad ass!!! :)

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ITSHOWYOULIVE 9/2/2011 12:26AM

    Reading spark blogs :). It's what I'm doing right now. Not from a workout, but from Back 2 School where, as PTA pres, I was VERY busy and ended the evening amped to the max. Could almost literally feel my skin buzzing with energy. So, now, I'm sitting on my bed with the lap top and reading blogs. I'm getting drowsy and will be ready for a good night's rest after a couple more blogs :). And, truthfully, reading just about anything, except the newspaper, will calm me down.

Way to show bimbo what you are made of, maybe she'll remember you now :).

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ESHERRILL3 9/1/2011 5:33PM

    Have you thought about yoga or tai chi?

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DESERTFLOWER8 9/1/2011 5:18PM

    About 750ml of pinot noir?!? (OK-not helpful, I know!). No good suggestions from me my fierce, funny, fightin', gal, but I HAD to comment simply because you made me laugh so much!!!! XOOXOXOXXOXOXOXO

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KINSBAILE 9/1/2011 3:37PM

    That would require more naughty words ;)

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KT-NICHOLS-13 9/1/2011 3:23PM

    No worries about the multiple posts GR82BMOMOF3, I've deleted all but one!

Also, my workout schedule is set. I workout in the evenings. Generally between 5:30 & 7:30 and two days a week I'm at the gym from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. I take hot showers to relax and ease my muscles.

Comment edited on: 9/1/2011 3:34:17 PM

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GR82BMOMOF3 9/1/2011 3:20PM

    OMG so sorry!!!!! How do I delete?????

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GR82BMOMOF3 9/1/2011 3:19PM

    Ha! Fun reading.

This is a toughy because I can't working out too late at night. I have a lot of energy too and it takes me forever to unwind.

The only thing that works for me is getting up early in the morning. Or you could try during a lunch hour at work. Other than that if you work a 9-5 you'll have to find things to relax. Have you tried a hot bath?

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