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Suck it up and Box

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Suck it up and Box is my mantra this afternoon. My sparing partner won't be in class tonight which means I will be paired with someone I don't know. Aak! My first reaction is to run for home after Zumba is over but that would only feed my fear and anxiety. I don't like the new and unknown and I certainly don't like proving myself to the veterans of the group. I've prepared my day mentally and physically around boxing tonight. When I got up, I gave myself a pep talk about going regardless. When I ate lunch, I ate a few more carbs than I normally do so I'd have energy to burn tonight. When I brought my snacks, I packed to go to Zumba, other cardio and boxing. When I packed my gym bag(s) I packed like I'd go to boxing. Therefore I must go - fear and anxiety in toe.

I can do this! I might be winded during some of the combinations but I can do this. I can only get better, fitter and faster when I participate. When I sit out due to fear, I quit on myself. Ya, that's not gonna happen! "Suck it up and Box"

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear. ~Anthony Robbins

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TINAT247 8/4/2011 8:15PM

    thata girl!

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KINSBAILE 8/4/2011 11:08AM

    You never know, they may be really fun to work with right? :) You Warrior Princess you!

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PJH2028 8/3/2011 10:16PM


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ABB698 8/3/2011 10:15PM

    That's the fighting spirit! (Pun intended) Can't wait to hear how it went! Go girl :)

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News from Doc

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I thought I'd share the information from Doc. Enjoy. Take away from it what you will.

Hello Everyone,
I am pleased to announce a recording of my free lecture on weight loss is available for any one who is interested. Please pass the link on to friends and family. Look for more of these "fireside" chats in the future and feel free to suggest topics of interest for me to cover.
Dan Kalish



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TINAT247 8/4/2011 11:09AM

    cool! thnaks for sharing!!

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ABB698 8/3/2011 1:24PM

    I was thinking it was going to be a kudos for you from your Dr :) I will check out the link when I get back from the beach , thanks!

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Love yourself endlessly

Monday, August 01, 2011

Life can change in a blink of an eye - hug those you love today, tomorrow and each day that follows. Love yourself endlessly. Know you are perfect. Know that you are loved. Life can change in a blink of an eye.

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JENJESS48 8/2/2011 2:50PM

    So very true...

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ABB698 8/2/2011 12:42AM

    Amen to that sister!:)

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TRENTDREAMER 8/1/2011 7:11PM


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There’s no looking *pretty* in boxing!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boxing. One of the hardest things I’ve done to date! Last night was no exception let me tell ya.

I finished with my 60-minute zumba class all sweaty and happy. Determined to run last night I headed for the treadmill and did just that. My adrenaline was up enough and my muscles were warm so I hit start and off I went. I jogged at a speed of 4.1 to 4.3 for .6 miles. I was shooting for a mile but I’m happy with this start - I’ve not jogged since my last 5K in April. I finished with the treadmill when I reached 1.25 miles. Again, I was sweaty and feeling good. Next I climbed the elliptical for a ride. I could have gone a bit longer but my mind was on a call I needed to make so I stopped, made the call and ate a snack and drank water.

Here I am after my first 2 hours of working out:

After a 15 minute break boxing started at 8:05 p.m. First, jumping rope for 12 minutes and 20 pushups. Now that will get your blood pumping for sure! Thirty seconds of jumping rope feels like five minutes. *BRUTAL* I alternated my pushups between knees down to full pushups. *JELL-O ARMS*

Next we padded up, which means we strapped the heavy pads to our forearms so that we could alternate kicking with our partner. You start with one kick to each side of the body (pads), then your partner goes, then you move onto two kicks each side and then to three kicks each side. Ya, we did that for twenty minutes alternating between different kick combinations. I was sucking wind and praying to the boxing gods to make it stop. Then it did and I drank and drank my water and Gatorade. Another group was still doing their kicks and I heard one of the veterans ask, “seriously, we have to keep going?” The instructors dry response was, “Yes. You have four minutes left - kick.” He then turned to me and said, “get your gloves on and go the heavy bag.” I did as I was told thinking this had to be better than the kicking tonight. HA!

The heavy bag, generally my favorite fought back hard but I won! We did punching combinations first. My partner Yvonne looked at me after the first round and said, “I know you can punch harder than that.” I smiled. I was thinking - Yes, Yes, I can when my arms aren’t like jell-O and my stomach isn’t tossing around like a pair of shoes in an empty drier. Mentally it was a line in the sand, there after I landed each punch with force and determination all the while fighting back waves of nausea. Round after round of punches kept coming and then different sequences made us start all over again. If not for Yvonne I’d never keep track of our sets - I do well just to count out the reps. Break time came which means get a drink of water and hurry our butts back to the heavy bag area. At this break I confessed my nausea to Yvonne who then confessed to having it too. By this time it’s 9:25 and I’m sweat from head to toe and panting hard. There’s no looking *pretty* in boxing! *GIGGLES* Returning to the heavy bag we were told to do kicks this time. I threw my first kick and did a switch out with my feet and my calves cramped so hard I almost went down. What fresh new hell was this? I finished out that set and held the bag for Yvonne who kicks like a powerhouse - she’s boxed since 1998. I stretched my calves when I could and kept on going. I confessed to Alfredo, the instructor, that my calves were seizing up and he said if I couldn’t finish to hold the bag and let Yvonne get her kicks in. Hell to the no - I don’t quit. Another line in the sand. I finished my sets!

At 9:40 we finished and grabbed our mats. Drop and give me three sets of 30 alternating sit ups. Oh, OKAY, funny man! I did three sets of 20.

One of the veterans - Miguel voiced his concern about my calves before I left and told me to take care. It was very sweet. I so enjoy him.

I opted to walk home last night instead of having the Mr come carry me home it the car. I figured it would be a good cool down and I was right. Yvonne walked with me and we chatted all the way. She told me how proud of me she was and that I am doing such a good job and hopes I’ll keep coming back. I confirmed I would. She then confessed that she has invited others to join her class but NONE of them finished one workout. She said two men walked out during class - one is a body builder and the other is a boxer himself. I just stared at her. Secretly I can’t wait to be conditioned enough to not pant and suck wind in class. Yvonne told me in the end to give it three months and it would seem like a breeze. Three months huh? Okay, I can do that.

Once home I could feel my calves tense and relax at will and I sat very still. The Mr was a bit concerned about me but I assured him I was okay. It seems working out for close to four hours does not make me hungry but in fact suppresses my appetite. I had a snack and drank loads more water before heading for a nice long, very hot shower. Admittedly, I took two Tylenol before going to bed later and prayed to the heavens that my legs wouldn’t seize up in the night.

SP fitness says I burned 2,622 calories last night but I bet it was actually more.

Today I feel fantastic and will later head off to Zumba.

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KINSBAILE 8/4/2011 11:28AM

    I think you look pretty!

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MUSCLEADDICT32 8/2/2011 6:22PM

    emoticon WOW!!! WTG!!!

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ABB698 7/30/2011 1:43AM

    OMG! I was impressed at Zumba and the treadmill then you went and added all that boxing, WOW!!! *MY* legs hurt just reading that, you are amazing girlie! I am so proud of you for showing them that not all Yvonne's friends are wimps... emoticon
Have a fab weekend!!

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MICRAELIE 7/28/2011 7:56PM

    You are a machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am exhausted just reading about your workouts. Wow . . . I am speechless. Incredible. Please tell me you worked up to this level and it hasn't always been this way, otherwise I may throw up, too. emoticon


Comment edited on: 7/28/2011 7:56:47 PM

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DESERTFLOWER8 7/28/2011 7:02PM

    I know what I have to say is not very profound, but all I can say is, "O M G". OMG. (You blow my mind with your dedication and stamina). OMG. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feeling like a warrior

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I get to go to the gym tonight and workout pain free. My foot is much better after taking a break last night from pounding on it. The Mr and I went for a 3.5 mile bike ride around town instead of going to the gym. FUN TIMES!

Tonight is a marathon session at the gym and I'm ready. My Gym schedule will go a little something like this: 60-min Zumba, jog a mile, 15-min Elliptical, 90-min. Boxing. Then a mile walk home. I've been hydrating all day and have tossed a few almonds back for good measure.

I'm adding in the mile jog because I just need to suck it up and do it. I've not run or jogged even a little bit since my last 5k - typical me. I can pound myself into oblivion in boxing class and sweat through an entire outfit but I can't keep my running schedule. Why is that? Simple: It's hard. I have no one to push me but myself and apparently I'm not a good drill instructor. I still fear running outside on the streets (my inner voice just yelled at me to get over it already).
I don't like the treadmill anymore. Aren't all those excuses just craptastic? So, between classes tonight and my time on the elliptical I'm gonna do it. Gotta start somewhere and sometime!

I feel like a warrior today and I'm taking the world by storm.

EDIT SINCE POST: Per SP, I burned 2, 622 calories during my 4 hour session at the gym tonight. I did in fact run too. I logged 1.25 miles and ran .6 of that. I was super happy with that. My lungs and legs felt really good which means I can keep on keeping on. Did I enjoy it, yup, sure did. Now to build off this and keep it going. I AM A WARRIOR!

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KINSBAILE 7/28/2011 10:00AM

    Well goodness gracious! That's craziness there woman! You're a megawarrior!

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MICRAELIE 7/28/2011 8:45AM

    Holy cow -- you ARE a warrior! Can't wait to get there myself -- I want to feel that way, too. Thanks for being an excellent role model.


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DESERTFLOWER8 7/27/2011 10:41PM

    just looked and see that picture is from april???? 3+ months ago? and you looked awesome even back then...

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DESERTFLOWER8 7/27/2011 10:38PM

    you are amazing!! and your new picture is outstanding...you look GREAT! emoticon

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