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Day 7 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 7 without sugar.
Today was met with anger and bitterness. emoticon
Everywhere we went I was faced with soda and candy. emoticon
I became angry and bitter many times and I was beside myself while shopping at one point.
It was like a scene in the movies where the angel is one shoulder and the devil is on the other.
Simply, it was awful!!! emoticon

With help from my husband, who would not entertain my urges, and my determination to see this to the end, I did NOT give into my own temptations.

I did make it through the day without sugar . . . and for that I am proud of myself! emoticon

I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring but after today I feel like I am strong enough to face it.

No real childhood memories haunted me today, I was too busy trying to white knuckle it past every minute on the clock and every candy isle I saw.

I shall have a cup of hot tea now and enjoy what's left of my Valentines. My husband found his romantic gene today and for that I am blessed. It was a sweet day even without sweets.


Day 6 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 6 is coming to a close and it was a success.

After watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics I expected to sleep-in but my eyes opened at 7:30 and I was up and ready to go.

On my to do list was to return a few jars of spaghetti sauce that I bought right before the decision to kick sugar. I am still amazed that they add sugar to these products. I returned those jars and replaced them with blueberries. What and exchange, HA.

Weekends are tough for me when it comes to staying on track. Today was even more difficult due to being alone for most of the day. I can really be my own worst enemy when it comes to food! I did it though, I stayed on track and I kept the promises listed in yesterday's blog. I repeat them here in the hopes I have a repeat tomorrow . . .

I promise myself to do the following for this holiday weekend is:
1) I will eat regularly
2) I will enter my food/work-outs with SP
3) I will stay focused
4) I will drink all of my water
5) I will get out and get involved

When I went to the natural grocery store I checked the freezer section for my most favorite sweet treat - Coconut Bliss Ice cream - it is soooooo DE-Licious!!!! To my amazement they had a new flavor . . . Peanut Butter! Side Note: I LOVE peanut butter - by the spoon full. I checked the label and there was NO added sugar - YES. I grabbed a pint and off I went. Side Note: I usually don't keep this product in the house because 1) I can and have eaten a whole pint in one sitting, 2) it costs $5.99 a pint. Today however, I decided I would buy it, why not - I mean I do deserve it. Then reality set in, a light bulb moment if you will, when I looked a the label again. Still no added sugar but one serving is 250 calories and there are four servings per container. I quickly decided I couldn't afford (physically) to buy this product. Not now, not anytime soon - I put it back and walked away, okay I quickly walked away.

I noticed today, which is different from past Saturdays, that I was not preoccupied with what was in my kitchen or what I was going to eat next. My body told me when it was hungry and I listened. It's different when it's your body and not your mind talking about food.

Another childhood memory came to me today:
While having dinner with my immediate family my brother looked up and said to me, "you know, you would be pretty if you were thinner." He might as well have slapped me in the face. I was completely crushed and humiliated. The table fell silent . . . I just kept eating. As a preteen that statement registered as, "you are ugly, fat is ugly and that's you." It wasn't until recently that I was able to recover from the statement . . . a lifetime I've carried that around and I finally got tired. Tired enough to ask for help! Words can hurt and when followed by silence of others it can leave a wound that may never heal.

Tomorrow, is another "high risk" day but I am feeling motivated! Without thecravings and a clear head I really think this is doable.


Day 5 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 5, complete.
I woke up with more energy today.
Body ache's nearly gone.
Sugar cravings nearly gone.
Mentally I'm feeling better not having it around.
I did eat out for lunch, had Mexican food. Easy to order and it was delicious.
Last nights work-out was fabulous! I had little trouble staying focused at step class. I nailed the routine and my body did as my mind told it without screaming back in pain.

I promise myself to do the following for this holiday weekend is:
1) I will eat regularly
2) I will enter my food/work-outs with SP
3) I will stay focused
4) I will drink all of my water
5) I will get out and get involved

Weekends are hard for me, little structure, so I am going into this one with a plan.

Memories of childhood still haunt me while on this quest of no added sugar. The latest to occupy my brain, Diet Soda. I started to secretly consume it while in grade school when a high school girl would buy me a can for the ride home on the school bus. My folks never knew. Such secrets I had as a child around food. More to think about and come to terms with.

Without added sugar for 5 days and life has improved.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TSEWARD 2/13/2010 9:11AM

    Thank you Thank you Thank you..for sharing your journey. And for your comment on my blog. Your mention of stories you could tell me about cereal made me laugh. It is such a relief to know I am not the only one!
I need to keep it out of the house. Or I am setting myself up for fialure..speaking of which. Also a big relief to know I am not the only one that has dreaded tracking in my spark page!

I am enjoying your positive comments about how you feel while not eating sugar. You are a great motivator, just by the example you are setting. Looking forward to more!


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RAHAFEEZ 2/13/2010 1:16AM

    How did you start not eating sugar. I have the worlds worst sugar tooth and I can't seem to stop eating sugar. I would love to hear how you did this.

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Day 4 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 4 into my journey of kicking the sugar habit did not start out so fabulous.
My body wanted to sleep this morning so I stayed in bed as long as I could. I was hoping my energy level would pick back up after I had a great breakfast but all morning I yawned and felt sleepy. Even this afternoon I am a bit on the sleepy side.

This sleepiness could be triggered by 1) my body adjusting to no added sugar, or 2) my activity level - which has increased over the last four days. I'm hoping tomorrow I will be bright eyed and full of energy.

Good News of the Day:
I have not been "patrolling" to find a sweet treat, no real cravings to mention.
The feeling of "needing" to eat has subsided and my body is more at rest.
I have eaten today because my body has told me it's time to eat not because of a false need.
The edgy mood swings have subsided too.

New Product:
A friend, who is also trying to kick the sugar habit, gave me a "soda" yesterday to try it is called Zevia - it's a product made of all natural ingredients. Feeling like I wanted a little something after dinner last night I made some air popped popcorn and tried the drink. I was completely satisfied! The drink was DE-licious. I understand from my friend that it is a little pricey and is not sold in mainstream supermarkets so it will actually be a treat when I do have it. I won't have to go far when I want to buy it - there is an all natural market just around the corner.

SP Article: "How to Stop Sugar Cravings"
On the second page the following is suggested - I tried it and it worked for me!
"Wait out the craving. Most nutrition experts say that the cravings you experience will only last a couple of minutes. So if you can wait it out, they will pass and you will be better for it. Try to occupy yourself for a good 10 minutes when you get a craving. Call a friend, take a short walk or do something to distract yourself."

I seem to be working through some childhood memories these days. So far they all seem to be related to, dare I say it, sugar! My latest memory recall is:
My bedroom was on the main floor of the house with the other two upstairs so I was isolated from the rest of the family at bedtime. As a child, I was for reasons unknown (I question that statement now) a very emotional child. I loved, cried, hated and laughed with a more passion than I knew what to do with. I bring that up to say, after everyone in the house retired to their bedrooms I would lay and silently cry for hours and then to comfort myself further I would get up and drinks lots and lots of milk and eat multiple slices of bread. It happened so frequently - the nightly sneak eating - that it became a habit over the years. I finally broke that habit when I was in my 20's. I'm mortified now as an adult that I did that but understand I was powerless over it as a young child. Further looking at it I understand this was the beginning of my food addiction, sugar addiction and emotional eating. To this day my family doesn't know the great sadness I carried as a small child but they witnessed the affects it had on me as I ballooned in size.

I think it's key, for me, to understand where this sugar addiction started and the habits I formed over the years because of it. To know my past can help me live a healthier future.

I am further embracing this journey not only because I will be physically healthier but also mentally healthier!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TSEWARD 2/13/2010 9:23AM

    Wow. This blog really resonated with me. As a child I did a lot of the same....bowls of cereal and milk, powerdered sugar mixed with butter and vanilla, oatmeal with peanut butter, if there was no junk in the house, I would concoct some. Rasberry jam with peanut butter on a spoon. Very empty feeling. You are making such great progress! I truly admire what you are doing, and your bravery in facing your physical and emotional feelings, and publicly. Thank you for sharing. Means alot!!!!!


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Day 3 of 28 - Kicking the Sugar Habit

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 3 started out bright and shinny! Waking up 20 minutes before the alarm started screaming was a dream and to top it off with a good stretch before my feet hit the floor was a lovely way to start the day. emoticon

Day 2 brought with it some eye opening experiences and thoughts.

I found myself patrolling for a sweet treat mid-day and opted for an apple. It was a sad substitute but tasty nonetheless. I believe the cravings and patrolling will soon stop as it is a behavior that I'm exhibiting as well as a withdrawal symptom.

I've been walking much more and my legs and butt really are screaming at me. I know this too shall pass with time and I'll be stronger for it.
The universe heard my distress about boring work-outs at the gym and threw me a curve ball last night. I showed up, as promised and scheduled, for the 30 minute step class only to find a substitute instructor. Okay, I thought stay or go - I stayed. I learned the step instructor has given notice and the substitute does not do step but was going to lead a 30 minute cardio strength training class - I stayed. The time flew by, it was fabulous. I will be e-mailing the owner/manager of the gym today to find out status of our step classes and if we can get a 30 minute cario strength training class in addition.
With the addition to SP Wii tracking I can now log my hours of Wii play as fitness. I like doing this when not going to the gym. My husband will play against me too but also enjoys watching me jump around while playing tennis. LOOOOOVE IT!

Extra activities:
I use a "ball chair" at work which causes me to actively sit while at my desk. My core, legs and back really get a work out during the day. I love stretching on it as well.
We have a ball at the house too that my husband and I take turns sitting on. I'm thinking we might have to invest in another one soon, emoticon.
The Challenge:
Last night was a challenge for me due to my husband being in night class (he is at class on Tuesday & Thursday nights). Why a challenge? When coming home from the gym and I don't feel like cooking anything for myself and just graze through until he gets home. This usually means eating whatever I see, not good! emoticon Last night I decided it would be different and while walking home from the gym - an extra 13 minutes - I decided I would cook a chicken breast, green beans and have 1/2 a baked potato. It was delicious!

An interesting discovery with a not so good outcome:
My all time favorite salad dressing has added sugar, of course! What I found interesting is this: I pulled the unopened jar from the cabinet to check out the nutrition label and found the label stated 0 sugars . . . I had a brief moment of joy - followed by anger and a sense of betrayal. Even with the label registering 0 sugars I flipped over the bottle to read the ingredients list and I found SUGAR, it contains sugar AND corn syrup. I now question how the label can say 0 when the product clearly has sugar in it. Yet another mystery.

Good things:
I am using the stopwatch feature on my handy-dandy cell phone when walking about town. It is a great tool to use when trying to figure out precisely how long it takes to get from here to there.
I Finally brought measuring cups to the office! Discovered my water cup is on 2.5 cups of water, not the 3 I originally thought. Plus the amount of peanuts I've been eating has been less then the amount I note.
I've been been reading more SP member blogs which has helped to further my motivation. There really are some amazing stories out there.
I did a search on SP regarding Sugar and found some very interesting articles. I read them and saved them in my favorites to refer to later.
I found an unsweetened iced tea that I enjoy and it's affordable for when I want a treat.

The sugars I am avoiding:
* Fructose
* Maltose
* Sorbitol
* Evaporated cane juice
* Syrups
* Xylotol
* Sugars ending in "ol" or "ose"
Be especially wary of low-fat items as they often contain more sugar to make them taste better.

Memory from childhood:
Sad but true story: I used to take packets of jell-o when I was a young child and sneak them into my bedroom and eat the powder. I used to be mortified when my mom and dad bring this up - rarely anymore but it's still a favorite story of theirs. I used to hang my head in shame at the mere mention of it but now I just smile and say, "yes, I did that and apparently I enjoyed every bit of the powder." I think about those times (a lot right now) and I equate it to the beginnings of my sugar addiction, sadly it likely started when I was 5 or 6 years old. No wonder it's been an uphill battle - Me vs. Sugar . . .

Energy levels are great today. Mood is even and less edgy. I'm loving this . . . emoticon

The journey has just started but the momentum is great!


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