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My body said, STOP

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yesterday my corner of the world heated up again and I was miserable! By the end of the day I was fatigued to the point of tears, frustrated and just hot.

I kept thinking the heat was the cause of the problems. Then I thought maybe it was due to the fact that I had stopped taking my supplements so I can do one last test for Doc. Either way I was frustrated. I just wanted my energy and to go workout.

I went home and I crashed on the sofa. When I woke up an hour later the apartment was 79 degree's and I was frozen, the chills had set in. Something wasn't right, bleh! I checked my temp. and it ws 101.2 ... I put my sweats on and covered up with two blankets. Thankfully Mr took care of his own dinner and I stayed on the sofa. The next intense wave of chills I took my temp. again, it spiked to 102. 6, wow.

I took most of the today off to rest. I did some work from home and went into the office for an hour due some deadlines that had to be met. The rest of the time I slept.

I feel much better tonight and have been fever free for at least 4 hours. I think the worst is over. I've not been able to really eat but have kept something in my system so I don't completely go into starvation mode. Water has helped too.

Yesterday I felt guilty about not working out but sometimes my body just tells me to stop. Tomorrow I'll return to work. If the fatigue sets in again I'll come back home.

In our quest for health we need to stay in the moment and hear what our bodies are telling us. Sometimes I ignore the whisper and then all I can hear is the screams to slow down.

EDIT SINCE POST: Today, Thursday, October 14, I am feeling much better. The fever is gone and I have energy again. Plus, I'm back at work. My appetite is still off, nothing sounds or tastes good.

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KITHKINCAID 10/14/2010 11:52AM

    Feel better! That sounds like not such a great night.

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SWELL10 10/14/2010 10:28AM

    Hope you're feeling better. We do need to listen to our bodies.

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Back from my Vacation

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time sure flies when you're having fun! A week ago today the Mr and I were at the airport, we were heading off on a 4-night cruise. We flew with Southwest airlines, cheap tickets and the bags fly free - that's important due to Mr being a clothes horse and known for over packing. I could feel the excitement radiating off Mr as we neared the ship. Going on cruise was on this top 5 list of things to do in his lifetime, he never thought it would happen. Oh how life has changed for him.

We had saved our pennies so we could celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary on the high seas. Carnival cruise would take us from Long Beach, CA to Avalon, CA on Catalina Island to Ensenada, Mexico.

It's a well known fact that most people who "cruise" gain weight due to the 24-hour food service. I had my concerns but I also had a plan. My plan was to stay as active as possible and eat as if I were home. Plus, I'm not supposed to eat gluten, eggs, dairy and soy and if I stuck to that plan alone there would be lots and lots of food I couldn't eat. However, that didn't mean I'd be stuck eating salad all week either.

The staying active part ended up being painfully easy. We walked that cruise ship everyday and night like it was our own person walking track. Most of the time we skipped the elevator just to get where we were going faster - that meant lots of stairs. In Avalon Mr and I walked for an hour prior to my 2-hour walking tour (he went scuba diving) and then we walked another 90-minutes after lunch. Avalon is beautiful! In Ensenada we walked our tails off for hours too. We met up with a friend that lives there so our legs got a slight rest due to her having a car. My legs and feet ached so much at one point that I had to take two Tylenol pills but I just kept walking. I did take my workout clothes thinking I would make a trip to the ships gym or run on the outdoor track ... they were never used. One day I could have run on the track but I made the choice not to. My choice was based on being in constant motion and my muscles being fatigued to the point of spasms at night.

I was happy about my eating. I stayed completely away from the 24-hour pizza bar ... I mean, I wouldn't even go near it. The dessert bar was off limits too. Plus, my unspoken rule was - just because it's there and you can have unlimited amounts doesn't mean you have to eat it AND just because Mr is having a snack doesn't mean you need one too. It worked. The dinning at night was easier, I felt more in control - even though it's unlimited there too. I mean if you want an endless supply of lobster and shrimp you eat it until you have your fill. Crazy!!! I did try the pumpkin pie one night but it was not tasty so after one bite I pushed it away. On another night I tried the apple pie and enjoyed it.

The hardest thing for me on the cruise was what to drink. I've been on a cruise before and I knew the water would taste awful. I gave it a shot the first day - nope couldn't do it. I checked prices of bottled water and it topped out at $5 a bottle - nope couldn't afford it. The Mr and I don't drink alcohol so that option was out, thankfully. What's left? Either dehydration or soda. I picked soda, signed up for the soda program and soda is what I drank. The first day after arriving home I drank my weight in water - so refreshing. I've already quit soda, again, and keep chugging my water.

We had a blast on the ship and at shore! The next cruise will be to Alaska - sometime in 2011 or 2012.

I did weigh-in upon return and can happily say I did not gain weight while on the cruise. My plan worked!

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CRAZY4FELT 10/12/2010 11:55AM

    That sounded like a very successful trip. I have never been on a cruise myself, but yours sure sounded great. I will have to start working on my MR. now to see if I can get him on board.

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LIBRARYLASS 10/11/2010 8:27PM

    That's awesome, good for you!! I just got back from a trip, too, but sadly I wasn't as successful as you were (although I'm hoping it's not as bad as it first looked). Congrats and happy anniversary!

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THATS_LOVELY101 10/11/2010 5:26PM

    WooHoo! I'm glad you had fun and were very aware of your health. I've never been on a cruise, but I want to go someday!

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KITHKINCAID 10/11/2010 3:03PM

    Hurray for not gaining! And hurray for a good vacation! I LOVE cruising. But I haven't cruised since starting Spark so I have a feeling it would be different now with the late night buffets off limits!

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It's Graduation Day!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Today I graduated from the C25K program! I did it!

I knew walking to the gym today that I was going to run and run I did. I ran for 35 minutes and truth be told, if I didn't have to get back home I would have kept going. I felt great today.

It's Graduation Day!!

Stay tuned for what comes next ...

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KITHKINCAID 10/4/2010 12:56PM

    YEY!!! Happy Graduation Day! YOU DID IT!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRENTDREAMER 10/3/2010 10:26AM


congratz 2 u on ur graduation!!!

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SINCEKINDER 10/3/2010 1:19AM

    Congratulations! What a rush that must have felt. I'm excited to see what your next adventure is.

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TREEFAE03 10/2/2010 11:06PM

    Congrats on graduating!! I started out with C25k in July and am so very very glad that I did, because that feeling of "oh my, I can't do this" has become "oh my, I can't wait for my run tomorrow"! Best wishes on whatever you tackle next!

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WILD22 10/2/2010 4:09PM

    Doesn't it always happen that the days when you have something to do is the same day when you find your stride and could have run longer. It's Murphy's Law. Congratulations!! It is quite an accomplishment.

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Striving to keep it all in perspective

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sometimes perspective is fleeting and today I am holding on with my fingertips and my knuckles are white. Last time I lost perspective I wrote a bitter email to Doc, he won't get one of those this time.

My perspective slipped last night at 6:21 pm when I almost destroyed the world when we couldn't get the bikes on the new bike rack. With fist raised to the sky, near tears and a clinched jaw I simply stated, "It shouldn't be this hard. It's a bike rack and 2 bikes. I just want to use the f'n rack!" Mr smiled as he locked the bikes up so we could go for a walk out by the bay. This morning I called George aka Macgyver at the bike shop and told him what happened. Tomorrow we meet again with the car, rack, and two bikes. Perspective slid back into place.

Scale perspective ... not so easy to recover from! I decided to weigh this morning so I got the scale out of the closet. I figured I would be a little, tiny bit high due to the heat this week and I anticipate TOM is coming too. Perspective was completely lost when I stepped on the scale and it showed 238 which is up from 232.5. HELLO?! The fact that I didn't smash it into little peaces is a miracle. I worked on getting perspective on this while I ate breakfast, walked to work, and now, while I'm typing this blog. I've not fully recovered. Seriously, I've eaten within my calorie range - ALL week, continue to be gluten free, continue to drink all my water, and I've worked out. So here's perspective ... I've not actually gained 5.5 lbs of fat. My body freaks out when the heat rises and when TOM is set to arrive. I don't like it and it screws around with my mind but I also won't accept this reality. I have not gained 5.5 lbs of fat in less than a week with all the work I've put in. Boo! Tomorrow is my official weigh in and I'll do the deed and change my ticker no matter what direction it goes. When the heat is finally gone, I start sleeping better at night and TOM arrives and departs I shall then see the results I have earned. I also vow not send that email to Doc today. SLOWLY my scale perspective is returning.

I recovered from my lost perspective at breakfast quick. I didn't have any fresh spinach which made it impossible to make my spinach smoothie. I had a 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 20 raisins instead. (I always smile when I count out 20 little raisins and toss them into the boiling water. I'm not sure why.)

Work perspective slipped this morning at 8:30 am when I walked up to the front door of the office and found the shade up and the door unlocked. Hmmm?! The bosses girlfriend asked me last night if I would leave it unlocked so her friend could come by and I allowed I would if she would take on the responsibility of locking it. She agreed. It didn't happen. Imagine this; computer equipment, accounting, client files, original documents, etc. all left for the taking or destroying. I was immediately tried to find my happy place. She has not apologized but simply said, "My big bad... You had asked me to lock it after Robbi showed up....." REALLY? I expect better. I've recovered and it seems we still have all our prized possessions.

Today is my challenge day. A day to challenge myself to keep things in perspective and know that this is all temporary. To accept that I have been doing it all and sometimes instant gratification isn't what this is all about. Today is my challenge day and I shall rise to the challenge. I will keep "it" in perspective!

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CATHERINEL66 9/30/2010 9:44PM

    Arrg, I spend a lot of mental effort putting things into perspective ... and giving my patience enough time to swell up and meet the demands of a challenging life!

Hang in there, and keep at it with the good work. I keep telling myself that if I take care of the nutrition and fitness, the weight will take care of itself (because even my body can't defy physics).

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SMOCKON 9/30/2010 2:58PM

    This sounds so much like me that I had to laugh. I stay so wound up that every little thing that goes wrong gets elevated to "Code Red--Launch the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles!" If you have a good plan and you're following it, the weight will come off.

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JOHNTJ1 9/30/2010 2:42PM

    Well put.

I went through something similar a month or so ago and decided that as long as I was doing everything right that the results would all shake out in the end. It's maddening I know but hang in there. It's the finish line that counts

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A day in review

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good things of the day:
1) The heat started to lift late today and so did my fatigue
2) I went for a 45 minute walk with the Mr tonight - 2+ miles
We explored the other part of the trail where I run. I have a couple of new area's that I can run which is exciting.
3) I bought 2 pairs of jean pants at Kohl's for $15 - saving $82 due to a sale. They were a smaller size than the last too. It was a great find!
4) Skipped a Chinese food and found a great substitute for dinner. After our walk the Mr really wanted Chinese food so we went to our local supermarket that has a Chinese food counter and a hot/cold deli counter. I LOVE the Chinese food there but I also know the calorie and fat count really busts my bank. Plus, if not careful it could have gluten in it. It wasn't worth it tonight. Sooooo, I went further down and found a substitute. I ended up with curry chicken dish that had dried cranberry and cashews in it - it was fantastic! I also discovered they have a Quinoa salad that had red onion, garlic, feta cheese, parsley, grape tomatoes and whole olives in it. WOW... what a fabulous treat. The quinoa salad is something I can totally make at home but so happy to know they have it there. A complete and wonderful surprise ... no gluten and I stayed with my calorie range.

Frustration of the day:
I had high hopes to use the new bike rack today, it failed. I was so frustrated! We tried to put the 2 bikes on every which way and yet, no luck. I admitted defeat and decided I would call the Macgyver of the bike shop tomorrow and ask if we can bring the car, rack and 2 bikes up the shop on Friday and have him help us.


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