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Goals for May 3 - 31, 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

Inspired by other SP members, I shall post my May goals:

1) Workout 7 days a week (60 minutes minimum)
2) Stop secret eating
3) Be kind to myself
4) Weigh myself only once a week (Friday a.m.)
5) Save enough pennies to have take the test Doc has highly recommended
6) Enjoy some ME time
7) Take Measurements once
8) Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with my husband
9) Try a new workout
10) Get 8 hours of sleep a night


What happened to Customer Service with a smile?

Friday, April 30, 2010

I find that I am asking this question a lot lately, "what happened to customer service with a smile?" I wonder if people are so beaten down that they no longer care. Are individuals so unhappy in their jobs that they don't care? Maybe their boss just yelled at them or a co-work is being snarky so they take it out on the first person who crosses their path and they really don't care.

What happened?

Last weekend my husband and I encountered poor customer service when we were dinning out. The place was not overly busy so I expected a more attentive server, it didn't happen. When we received our bill I noted that we were over charged for items too. Instead of becoming snarky myself I simply pointed out the error in billing and it was taken care of. Instead of short changing the tip I simply noted the lack of attentiveness on the comment card.

Today, I went with my husband to drop off an application at our local YMCA and was confronted with aggressive and hostile front desk personnel. I was amazed. When I introduced myself, stated why we had stopped by I was asked if my husband could speak. Really? I smiled, stepped aside and informed the woman that she could simply ask him that very question. I later sent feedback via their website and received an phone call from the director within minutes of hitting send. At least there was followup.

So what happened to customer service with a smile? Or even better, a smile and a how are you today? I don't get it. People are fighting to get a job, while others abuse the very one they are in.

We all need to smile and giggle more - myself included! We all need to care about the person standing in front of us a little more.


The Roller Coaster of Fatigue

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to regulate fatigue is difficult and even more difficult with a sluggish thyroid.
Yesterday was a good day, lots of energy. Today I was ready for a nap after only 2 hours of being awake. Now, one hour before step class, I am ready to breakdown into tears and then take a very long nap.

I opened the window in my office hoping fresh air would help, it hasn't. I ate on schedule, nothing. I got up and moved about, nothing. SO, so tired. I think the spike in fatigue this afternoon is due to a stressful moment I had. I'm will have to be more mindful and see if there is a connection - I'm sure there is on some level.

If it were any other day I would seriously consider not going to the gym but I just can't miss step class, I love it and the energy of the new instructor too much. I'm hoping the walk to the gym helps wake me up!

Tomorrow I weigh . . . I have no expectations. I've eaten healthy and worked out so it is out of my control.


I almost destroyed the world

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I did it again, waited to long to eat lunch and I almost destroyed the world. I know better. I know I must eat on a regular basis or I become "low on sugar." Today I pushed the limits and had to make a call for help when I knew I wouldn't make it to my lunch destination due to circumstances out of my control.

My husband answered the call and rushed me food before any destruction started. Bless him for even measuring portions of frozen peas and chicken. He added a treat of a cooked plantain as well - I ate it first. YUMMY



Knowing is half the battle

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

With Doc telling me that I do have Hypothyroidism makes it easier - knowing is half the battle.
I still get frustrated with the fatigue and foggy brain though. Today is one of those frustrating days . . . if I could be at rest, close my eyes and shut out the world. (Heavy Sigh)

Early symptoms:

* Being more sensitive to cold - YUP
* Constipation - YUP
* Depression - Borderline
* Fatigue or feeling slowed down - YUP
* Heavier menstrual periods - YUP
* Joint or muscle pain - YUP
* Paleness or dry skin - YUP
* Thin, brittle hair or fingernails - YUP
* Weakness - not sure, probably no then.
* Weight gain (unintentional) - YUP

Late symptoms, if left untreated:

* Decreased taste and smell - NO
* Hoarseness - NO
* Puffy face, hands, and feet - Frequently
* Slow speech - NO
* Thickening of the skin - NO
* Thinning of eyebrows - NO

I am thankful that Doc and I figured this out in the early stages and we can treat it naturally so I don't have to be on the man made medications for the rest of my life.

Also, my body tends to wake up as the day progresses so I know things will turn around during the day. Plus, I have step class tonight, 6:15 p.m. can't get here fast enough. I love that class!


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