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Oh "THAT Friend"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am SURE I'm not the only person out there in the world that has "That FRIEND." You know, the one friend who wants to be apart of everything, commits to doing it all and then fails to show up. The support is there in theory but the follow through just lands short.


I keep asking; I keep offering; I keep the door open but I keep doing it alone. emoticon

The issue isn't that I do it alone, the issue is that if you're going to be apart of something then be apart of it. Put your big girl pants on let's go.

Don't let me sway you in the direction that I can't or won't do things alone. I most certainly will . . . my mother & father darn well made sure of that. Wait on no one. Be your own person. If you want it, go for it. Sit on the sideline only if you want to not because you don't have the courage to stand alone. I heard it all, took it all in and I'm one strong, go it alone - if I have to - kind of person.

With all that said, every now and then I ask myself . . . "Wouldn't it just be nice to have someone follow through. Show up when they are supposed to, without excuse number 2, 321. Wouldn't it be nice to laugh with a fellow friend instead of a stranger standing next to me?" The answer is yes.

Well, "That FRIEND" of mine has found the 2, 322 excuse as to why she can't keep her commitment tonight. I wash my hands of it all. For now, I'm done being excited to have someone join me and then have the let down come later.

Going it alone isn't so bad, I've got a lot of great memories, but being with someone to experience the fun is priceless.


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MRE1956 4/1/2010 1:40PM

    This is the very reason why I do my own thing....people can swear by the benefits of having workout buddies until the cows come home, but the bottom line is this: there's no sense in working out with an uncommitted or unsupportive "buddy" - otherwise you're just wasting your precious time and not getting anywhere on your journey!

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JENNYBETHIN 3/31/2010 9:59PM

    The answer to this problem is possibly the same one that I had to use. Tell people what you're doing, and tell them to show up if they can. Don't expect them, and the one's who really want to support you, and participate will show up. Which is why I have one work out partner. My best friend since high school. Pretty much everyone else has flaked out, but she's been a trooper.

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A New Day

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At Step class last night I found out that our instructor is moving on and in two weeks we will have someone new leading us into sweaty bliss. I'm told she has 14 years of experience, which is a relief. Sometimes my gym goes cheap and hires just anybody off the street that can walk.

I didn't feel like I worked as hard in Step class but I know I did due to sucking air at one point. All my leg and butt muscles were firing and talking loudly. I listened but didn't slow down. After class I normally hit the road for my walk home but last night I went directly to the elliptical machine and clocked in 10 minutes. All I could hear was Doc's voice ... "On aerobics day, you have to do at least 40 minutes, going all out." When I finished I rested on a bench wondering how long it would take me to crawl home. HA!

After arriving home I took all my supplements and went wide eyed into the kitchen looking for FOOD. I ate and enjoyed every bit of what I put in my mouth, I didn't even consider the calorie count (okay, I did a little). The next step was logging ALL that I ate, OH BOY. Amazingly, I was still within my calories! WOO HOO.

Today, is a new day. I woke up with the alarm - sleeping has not been an issue with this new workout schedule - and took my temp. I have to take my temp before getting out of bed so Doc can tell me if I have a Thyroid issue. I'm averaging 97.6 and I have no idea what that means. After that was over, it takes 10 minutes, I slipped out of bed waiting for my legs to start grumbling. I waited and moved slowly. Finally when the sleepiness lifted I noticed that my legs are no longer yelling. They have returned to a quiet whisper. The walk to work was nice again today.

Could this be a turning point? I won't know for a couple more days. Tonight is my "rest" night, which really means I get to go to my belly dancing class and workout there for 60 minutes. It will be Thursday and Friday (aerobics & interval training) that will really tell the story.

It's nice to walk without cringing! emoticon

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JENNYBETHIN 3/31/2010 10:01PM

    Go forth, but do not expect blue skies forever! We have faith in your abilities to push through any obstacle! You can do it! emoticon

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HOPE4LIFE2 3/31/2010 3:00PM

    Wow! You are really working hard! Keep at it!

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Foggy Brain and Muscle Fatigue

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The new workout routine that Doc has me on is kicking my butt.
I walk around like a really, really, old woman due to the muscle fatigue and today I have foggy brain. I hate foggy brain! Plus I want to take a nap. I know it's all brought on by the new workout schedule and I equally I know my body will adjust. I'd just like that to happen now, tomorrow morning would be okay too.
Tonight is 30 minute step class, 10 minutes on the treadmill and a 20 minute walk home. Legs don't fail me now!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Wow, wonder woman This sounds amazing. And the fact that you're feeling it means it's working. Just be careful and listen to your body. You go girl.

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MUSIC66 3/31/2010 1:10AM

    take care of your self.

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TRACYZABELLE 3/31/2010 1:01AM

    Sounds like you are really taxing yourself which can be good-- Just be careful!!

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SINCEKINDER 3/31/2010 12:30AM

    Great job with following through. Keep your mind set the way it is right now... you can do this.

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Interval Training

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doc said I would not be excited about the interval training he wants me to do 3 days a week, 60 minutes each day and you know, he was absolutely right.

My body was already grumpy about the last two days of workouts and I pushed it even further tonight.

Things I know about interval training:

1) It is a challenge.

2) One minute at a speed of 5.4 on a treadmill is difficult for me but doable.

3) The parts of my body that hurt: thighs, inner thighs, feet, shins and hips ... OH MY.

4) My left foot has a hot spot on the bottom.

5) I need to rethink my footwear.

6) It's important to find a pace that pushes but doesn't hurt.

7) I don't really like interval training.

8) I'm going to keep doing it until it becomes easy.

9) The first 30 minutes, not so bad, that last 30 a bit harder but it's that last 10 minutes that has me on the edge.

10) I didn't have the time or strength to wonder if anyone was watching me run on the treadmill today. (I didn't really care about them either!)

11) Walking home takes a bit longer after that workout - I called a friend to shut out the discomfort.

12) Friday is my next interval training day.

I shall sleep well tonight.

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MRSSTRONGE 3/31/2010 2:31PM

    Congrats on sticking with it! I'm famous for inventing excuses like "oh, this is my first week... I should ease into it." :) I'm happy you were able to push through it!

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SINCEKINDER 3/31/2010 12:07AM

    Way to go!!! It must feel great not to quit when it gets tough.

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SINCEKINDER 3/31/2010 12:06AM

    Way to go!!! It must feel great not to quit when it gets tough.

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HEALTHYKIM101 3/30/2010 10:59AM

    You Go Girl! You did it, just stick with it. It will get easier and you will be proud of yourself for sticking with it. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JENNYBETHIN 3/30/2010 8:22AM

    Yay! I'm so proud of you doing it even though it sucks!

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The True Test

Monday, March 29, 2010

Today I woke up to cooler temps and a light drizzle. I hesitated at the front door, questioning if I should go back and grab the car keys or just set out by foot to the office. Finally, reality set in and I walked. The reality is: I don't melt in rain, it wasn't a down pour, I didn't need an umbrella or hood and the walk would feel good. And, it did!

The true test will be tonight. I'll see if my friend, who volunteered (without prompting) to do the interval training with me, will actually show up or if I'll go it alone. Either way, I'll either be in the rain or in the gym doing my intervals.

Intervals will be: 1 minute of running (compare me to others & I'm simply jogging - brutal nonetheless) and then a fast pace walk (recovery time from running), repeat until I've completed 60 minutes or fall on the ground in a puddle.

Confession 1: I can do Everything the new Doc asked me to do but the new workout plan (7 days a week) really is a mind bender. On Friday night, I kept asking myself - "what if I can't do this? What if it really is too hard? What if I just give up? What if it really is to hard? What if, what if, what if!" I mean I was really freaking out. I'm spending A LOT of money to get my body in a "zen" place but I HAVE to put in the workout effort too and I can't simply fail on that part or become complacent with it. Do it all or do nothing!

Confession 2: When I ran (jogged) on the treadmill (for the 1st time) on Saturday morning I realized I CAN do this. Grant it, it took 2 naps during the day to recover but I CAN do this! I've really not pushed my body hard enough and it's time. I love a challenge and this is a big one - Bring it On!

I need to revamp my MP3 player and come to terms with clock watching at the gym. I can and will do this . . .


Failure is not an option!

Ah, my friend (true to form) is not able to come and do interval training with me tonight or on Friday night. I can't say that I'm shocked but I am a little disappointed. So, off to the gym I'll go . . . I hope my legs holdup. SIGH!
My husband was shocked to hear I was going to the gym tonight, it's Monday after all and I don't workout on Monday's as he kindly reminded me. I smiled and told him that was the old and this is the new. Plus, Doc said I must go, so I'll go. He wished me luck but didn't offer to attend with me - Chicken. I have a feeling my legs will be sturdy on my walk there but a little wobbly on the way home. OH MY!

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SINCEKINDER 3/29/2010 8:39PM

    Good for you for following through, even if it meant going at it all alone. Kudos to you!!!

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