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Did someone call for a doctor? (Ocean's 11)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I feel horrible. Last weekend was so nice, we were having such a good time. And then about Wednesday, I started feeling funny. Now, I have some kind of chest thing going on, and am wheezing and coughing, and just generally feel awful. I was supposed to have company this weekend, so I guess it's a good thing they couldn't come.

The bad thing about feeling sick is that life still goes on. I still need to be working out, and on Monday, still need to go to work. I've got an especially trying week ahead of me, and am not really looking forward to being there with a cough and head that's about to explode.

I may lose weight though as a result of not feeling well. I've got an appetite but am drinking tons of water, so I'm pretty much flushing my body out. I got a flu shot this year, but so far I've gotten two colds....wish they had a cold shot!


My Funny Valentine

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I had a wonderful valentines weekend. We travelled up to Detroit to eat at our favorite restaurant, Andiamos. Detroit for us is about 3.5 hours drive-time so it's a special occasion for us to go there. I was really saddened by how dead Detroit seemed to be. The weather wasn't great, but this economy has hit them hard! Everyone, go out and buy a car!!!

Tomorrow is weigh in for our challenge. I'm hoping for some good numbers. I've been working out hard the last week and even managed 10 minutes on the elliptical this weekend.

I had a great shopping experience on Saturday. It's the first time I've shopped for clothes since last August when I started on this journey. I found out that I'm down 5 pant sizes!!! I could NOT believe it, but it makes me very happy! Now, if I can just get down 5 more sizes, I'll be ecstatic!

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BIGGIRL2082010 2/17/2009 5:25PM

    FIVE sizes? That's AWESOME! Have a wonderful time shoping - I suspect you'll be doing more of it!

And keep going ... just 5 more sizes to go! :)


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Lions and tigers and bears! Oh, my! (Wizard of Oz)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weighed in today for the biggest loser challenge and I'm down 2 pounds. I had been down 5 pounds over the weekend but I knew it would fluctuate some. But I am keeping my eye on the long term goal of my future self....healthy, thinner, and my goals met.

Watched biggest loser last night and it strikes me more and more each week how much I could not survive that show. I know there is a lot at stake for these folks but so is there for me...I just can't do 24x7 in the gym! And it kills me that someone is being sent home for only losing 5 pounds in 1 week!

Going to Detroit this weekend for the Valentine's Day treat! I'm excited...if you're from the area, if you know of Andiamo's on Telegraph Road, that's where we'll be. We love that restaurant and are willing to drive the 3 hours and spend the weekend to eat there! How on earth will I stay on my plan?


Lot's of chocolates for me to eat! / Oh, wouldn't it be lovely? (My Fair Lady)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm so excited today! The temperatures are actually in the 40's already. I can see grass along my driveway and by the street. To say I'm tired of seeing snow on the ground would be a gross understatement!

I've been doing pretty well on not letting the scale get to me; there are days I don't even get on anymore, because I committed not to. And it has helped. But it was down today, so I'm happy!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PAMANN247 2/7/2009 6:46PM

    I am totally in agreement with you about not getting onto the scale too often. It's such a let down when it doesn't show any downward movement but I can feel clothing is looser.
I am thinking about swithching to measurements only since that's where it counts. =)

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Forget the fat lady. You're Obsessed with fat lady. (Independence Day)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm part of the Biggest Loser Challenge 9 here on Spark People and I'm loving it! The Orange Blossoms rock! What a great group of supportive ladies (no men on our team although there are men in the challenge). Weigh-ins or always on Wednesday, so today was the day. I lost 1 pound. It's discouraging, but when I look at my loss since the challenge started 3 weeks ago, I'm down 8. Can't complain about that!

The weather here in Indiana is supposed to break a little by the weekend and get into the 40's. We had one day this past week in the upper 30's and it seemed like Spring. Of course, by the end of the day, I was back to thinking it was still pretty darn cold. I just know that we're on the downhill side of winter, and even though that Pesky Punksatawny Phil saw his shadow, we were gonna have 6 more weeks of winter anyway. But Spring is coming, hallelujah!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GHETTA 2/11/2009 1:10AM

    I am sooo sooo glad that you are part of BLC9! The Orange Blossoms really love you!! You are 100% Blossom!

Getting excited about the weather, too! I cannot wait!! emoticon emoticon

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