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The hiatis!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First time on in two weeks. Stress in my life and blah blah blah... I just couldnt get going. Someone smack my hand! AHHH but anyway back to the grind and the treadmill and my little healthy routine that I have come to know so well. On the upside I am trying a new yoga class today, and I pray that I can get up in the morning.. Now where did I put that treadmill?

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MISSY455 8/23/2010 3:21PM

    emoticon So glad to see you back! I hope you enjoy your yoga class :-) I tried a class before I went on my vacation, it was interesting! Will be anxious to hear how you like it.

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REALLYHOPIN 8/23/2010 2:36PM

    I'm predicting that I'll be typing a similar blog to yours soon... just, not today.

Good luck... :)

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RENA1965 8/23/2010 1:50PM


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Gathering dust..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow Im on 31 blogs,, that pretty good for me. I am a little sore today: every exercise i did today invloved weights. I feel that I need something more, however. Who can tell me about P90X or however it is spelled? I'm interested in trying it.

At the same time, however, I have a ton of exercise stuff that I will probably never get my money's worth for; including the wii fit, the giant ball, the yoga kit, the yoga mat, and the others things sitting in my exercise basket collecting dust.

Now dont get me wrong I excercise alot now, the treadmill has been used past its prime, but the other stuff. I had such grand plans for making a routine, something different everyday, and now it gathers dust.

Anyway, back to the P90X, any info?


Monday is not the day to start anything!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

So on Monday you start a diet, by Thursday you have already cheated and on Friday you say I'll start over on Monday. The same cycle repeats.

Welcome to my world.

And it not only pertains to the lifestyle I am trying to obtin., but to everything from cleaning out the house, to making time for family,to working out. So even though I hopped back on the treadmill today, I have decided that my official start date is now on Friday that way I can face my toughest days first with fresh strength.

Monday is supposed to be the worst day of the work week, but it is also supposed to be the beginning of the week as wel,l so it zaps all of your energy leaving you weak for the rest of the week. However, for me, Monday is my only day off, my day to run every errand and do every possible thing that I can do before my week begins. By the end of the day if I havent been healthy or even hopped on the treadmill then I am already setting myself up to say "I'll start again on Monday"

So I am off to finish my errands now , make dinner for my family and prepare for Friday, when I start over.

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*MADHU* 8/9/2010 1:54PM


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Time to myself

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Is it wrong to want the house myself?

I have 22 month old and a fabualous fiance, but when everyone is out of the house, and its not often, i just love it!

When I get the house to myself however instead of lounging around I spend the whole day actually getting things done. I clean like a mad woman Run tons of errands and Work on everything that piles up. Its also when I get my best workouts in. So time to myself not neccessarily, but time to feel accomplished, definitely!

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LBEEKMA 8/5/2010 10:25AM

    No! You need "you" time (both to clean and relax). You are important as a person as well as as a mom and partner!

Comment edited on: 8/5/2010 10:27:17 AM

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Fresh fruit

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

If anyone can help m out with this issue I would appreciate it. I am picky about my fruit. I dont like it frozen, it gets yucky when thawed usually and I swear it tastes completely different. I love getting my fruit from my local kroger or whatever, but lately the fruit isnt even lasting three days.. And if I have an off day welll we have wasted money because the fruit got moldy already. So where is the best place to get fresh fruit that will last a little longer? Becasue eventually I will ge this healthy lifestyle down and that fruit will become a daily yummy part of my life.

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STAR0417 8/4/2010 10:03AM

  We have the same prob here. Sometimes we switch it up and go to the Farmer's Market. And we also put them in the fridge, it makes a great difference. I don't really care for cold fruit, so I just take a piece out when I want it.

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BECKYQUIGLEY 8/4/2010 9:46AM

    Do you have a farmer's market near you? I find that the fruit I buy at our farmer's markets is fresher and lasts longer (actually, I'm not sure we keep fruit around very long in this house--it's all my daughter will eat!). Good luck! It's definitely a good thing to be searching for! emoticon

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REACHBRENDA_2 8/4/2010 9:46AM

    Right now the fruit is coming out of Mexico, because of the bad weather this last winter and spring. So just hang in there it will get better. This does happen from time to time.

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