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The obstacles,,,,

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

What is the pizza doing in my fridge? It stares at me as I make my coffee. It calls my name as I clean kitchen in the afternoon, and It seems as if when I look at it, there extra cheese just for me!

But seriously had a relax day yesterday, and we decided ( I was out voted) on pizza and pasta enough to last the week for my fiancee and soon to be step daughter. So last night was fine being bad, but now this stuff will be in the fridge and the fact that I know this information is bad.

For once I just need to get over it and pick up the strawberries right beside of it. Not only am I an emotional eater, but I have this problem of when there is something bad to be eaten in the house, I rationalize and make excuses until I find myself eating whatever it is. Worst of all i work at a steakhouse where we like to call scooby snacks are cheese fries and chocolate mousee, and I know the fact that I can order some calorie laden entree at anytime. These are some mountains to climb on my weight loss adventure.

I have been doing good. I have a diet set and and a healthy lifestyle in place. I have a great exercise routine going. Its just I have these obstacles and they really detour me and sometimes and cause a complete halt for days on end... How long does it take to ditch the obstacles for good? I guess I need to work on trying to figure that out.

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MIESHKA 8/3/2010 10:40AM

    Just keep telling yourself its just food! Thats all it, not happy not comforting JUST FOOD! you can do it! emoticon

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Really no more skipping 26#

Monday, August 02, 2010

The weekend was long, and now it is time to recover. A little stress has come off in knowing things are about to start happening. Its the waiting that can be the death you! No treadmill today but I plan on having a good stretch today and playing with my daughter. I am going to see my best friend hopefully today and going to what ever restauraunt, so I will play with the "healthy menu". Restaurants I believe are calires waing to attachto yuor hips. there are healthy options but they are few and even then they arent as healthy as you making the same thing. I guess maybe I am biased b/c I work at a steakhouse but even the chicken is grill with seasoning and greas, and what starts off as a 130 40z breast with veggies ends up like 400 calories. Wow and I wonder why I slip up.

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TRIGFROST 8/2/2010 9:41AM

    Me too!!!!1 emoticon emoticon

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25 and no more skipping days

Friday, July 30, 2010

I post a blog on days I am good. This means I post blogs on the days that I manage to get on the treadmill, follow my diet and be good all day. Those days a far and many of the opposite in between. On the days that I decide the family needs KFC for dinner; I decide that if I dont talk about it on Sparkpeople it will be ok. Its not ok; its a stumble, a mistake, and I need to be held accountable.

So even on the days I make a few mistakes or even blow the whole day, I am reporting to you and to myself, b/c I can not keep the progress up unless my support knows abount my blunders as well as my requests for help and my progress.

I do need support. I see progress and then I take the week off.
I have a stressfull afternoon and I blow all of the progress I had already made during the day.
I have a very healthy day and then eat everything I see from 12 - 3 AM
I have wonderful day and then get roped into drinks at the bar, and my inhibition leads to more calories.
So help....


24 and really making progress

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I put on a pair of 11s yesterday. Felt great. After having Ava I was a size 17. My dress is like a 7 so i can do two more sizes in 8 months. I love seeing the progress. It builds confidence. I want to do more. I want to be noticed again. I want put on less in front of my fiancee.
Today I have the house to myself, and instead of lounging around I have decided to get creative for lunch and get on the treadmill and play on the wii fit.. Gotta love motivation!


23 and skipping out

Monday, July 26, 2010

I can never make through a weekend, i blame it on my lack of self restraint and my job, b/c that is where I am at most of my weekend. And on that note most people enjoy their weekend off which causes them to go off track, but I go off track b/c I am working to much.... Ahh anyway and then my monday becomes my day off while others are starting their week. I am just not on the same wave legnth!!!! New goal: To have a normal work week!!


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