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Pumped in the morning.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't tell you how much I love working out in the AM. After you work out there is no need for the caffeine. I am ready to go for the day. I f i decide to work out later in the day I get distracted by all the things I have to do during the day and rationalize my way out of it, or there isnt enough time , and I have to leave for work. I f I work out in the evening on the occasional day off, I feel like the day is over and I usually end up on the couch the rest of the night afterwards,,, which is part of the reason i end up being sore in the morning...

This morning I woke up late and realized I didnt have enough time to eat or wake up or barely get dressed,,, so I get to the gym sleepy eyed, and my trainer puts me straight to work.. by the end,, I was like I feel great ,, and therefore I have not had a drop of coffee today,,, which is crazy... I am like the three cup girl a day. And then I spend the rest of the day finding my cups all over the house!!

Ok ok the point is if you wake up feeling groggy or not ready to get with the day,, that is the best time to work out ,, motivate your self in the morning no matter how much you want to go back to bed, and by the end you'll be ready for two days worth of activity,,, God bless adrenaline!!!

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MISSY455 6/30/2011 1:30AM

    I so have to work on this! I was actually up and dressed for the gym this morning at 7:30, but the puppy was wanting attention. I ended up going back to bed and playing with her until 10 am ...again! Then rushed around all day after my workout because I cut it too close to appointments.

Thanks for the pep talk..I needed it :-)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today I am stiff from going back to the trainer yesterday. But I feel good today, and I plan on doing some miscellaneous workout stuff later,, I thought I would give my jump rope and hula hoop another try... I am not great at either one, but I bought them with a purpose in mind...

Tomorrow a friend of mine from work is having a dinner party for a select few of us. I actually can't wait to get out and enjoy some time with friends.. When you work all of the time and have a two year old, the odds of going out are not good,,, Anyway ever since my friends death different groups of people from work are going out alot,, its like we have become a family,, I think this is telling me I need to enjoy life ,, and not wallow around in self pity or be depressed about the fact that my best friend is gone.. The support from everyone everywhere has been amazing, and I need to enjoy it and everything else life has to offer me during my precious time on earth.....


Its been a while.

Monday, June 27, 2011

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for their continued support. I have been gone for a while. a dear dear friend of mine died a month after my wedding. needless to say I just have not been with it. However I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and realized that I can not go back to the way I used to be. The months I put in before the wedding can not be lost. The past few weeks I have simply had no motivation, and the only things I have been doing have been working, eating and drinking.

But no more as of today. It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get back to the lifestyle I was creating for myself. So this morning I went to the trainer and had a yummy protein shake afterwards. After working out so much in the past and then taking almost a two month hiatus, I realized Wow,,, i am really out of shape, but it felt good to hit the bag and run, and let some aggression out on my workout. So the rest of the day I will be cleaning the house which will equal more calories burned, and then I am going to stock the house with some better food, and throw out the chips and the leftover pizza.. Its been a while, but its time to get back to a better me....

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RNRHEDAR 6/27/2011 11:51AM

    I'm sorry about your loss, it's never easy.
Good for you for doing for yourself. The endorphins will help you feel better and a good workout can help with the anger. You're doing great, keep it up!

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BLUEPATCHES 6/27/2011 11:35AM

    That is the right attitude!! When life throws you lemons, make lemonade! (Just be sure to use artificial sweetner!!LOL) emoticon

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

So on Tuesday I started working on getting back to the healthy lifestyle and going back to my trainer. On Wednesday, it all stopped. My best friend died. I am not doing well. I havent slept, Most days I have barely ate. then there was the one day where I think I ate everything I saw.
I dont understand. Why?
I can't fathom how things could ever get so bad that life is not worth living.

Anyway, today I have to go to the viewing. and instead of support from my fellow Spark community on my my weight loss, i am begging for your prayers, for me , but more importantly for her family, for her children.

I am not quite sure how I supposed to bounce back to want to get on my treadmill again, b/c we always talked about being each others fitness buddies, although we rarely got the time to go out together since the wedding planning began. I have lost all motivation, b/c she was always skinny, How can she be my role model if she is not here anymoe. I dont understand,,, why?

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OZARKMARY 6/5/2011 9:07AM

    emoticon So sorry for your loss. I will pray for all of you and that you can come through your grief and enjoy her company again one of these days, even if you don't see her. My BFF died suddenly a couple years ago. What a sad time. Then I started seeing things around my house that reminded me of her and I could again smile with those thoughts. I know she is saying "Hello!" when something unexpected is said or done that reminds me of her. Pray for her and talk to her as you climb on that treadmill once more. She will be helping you from above. emoticon mary

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    I'm just so sorry. I wish I had words to give you comfort and hope. I will pray for you and for your friend's family today, and I will think about you.
You need to take some time and take it easy on yourself, and then you can focus on your spark program. That treadmill isn't going anywhere. It can keep.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So I went to the trainer yesterday. And today I am sore everywhere. He wanted to see what areas I was lacking in since I last saw him so we did a little bit of everything. I probably would of not been as sore today, had I stretched and stayed mildly active yesterday. But here is where the rest of my day went wrong.

Around midday I developed a migraine like no other, . when I was laying on the couch trying to keep my two year old in check she bust my lip wide open. She and I proceeded to scream and cry for the rest of the day in some form. She was having one of her terrible two days, so The rest of my day was spent keeping her out of trouble or trying to keep the swelling in my mouth down. Yes please laugh but little kids can create more pain thatn an adult ever could. she could od a round at the MMA :)

Anyway, this morning,,, I woke up with a headache, a sore body and a bruised face. but I can't give up so soon. So I walked and stretched off the soreness, and took my little girl to the park to let her aggressions out on the springy horse !!!

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MISSY455 6/1/2011 7:36PM

    Ok I will admit I laughed, but only because when my daughter was 5 she gave me a black eye! I remember trying to explain it at work for a few days and everyone (mostly non-parents) looking at me like yeah right you expect us to believe that!

Glad you got to the park and got some stretching in today. I hope the headache is a faint memory.

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MARYLQ11 6/1/2011 5:39PM

  emoticon emoticon

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