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Friday, January 28, 2011

Yesterday was interesting.

So i overslept, and couldn't do most of the things I ususally do during the day because I had to work a double at my job.. And about my job, it is nearly impossible to work a shift their and not eat bad, but I had to do this all day.. and I did yea me!!

But after all of that hard work , I decieded to have just one drink with my friend who was moving away tomarrow, and that one drink turned into 3 and broke the bank,,, ahh well the drinks were worth it and I will work out alittle extra today,,,

Tomarrow is also going to be interesting. My trainer is taking us to an MMA gym for kickboxing,, sounds like fun,,its a field trip :)

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MISSY455 1/28/2011 5:57PM

    Oh a field trip!!!! Hope you have fun. Don't beat yourself up over a couple of drinks. If you average the calories over a week it isn't that much. An extra day of cardio will take care of it, and you don't need the added stress of the guilt.

Enjoy yourself tomorrow!

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SHAWNEDA 1/28/2011 3:53PM

    Have fun on your field trip and congrats on your self control at work! emoticon

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MKGARNER1 1/28/2011 9:37AM

    I work in a restaurant too and it is so hard to eat well while you're there. I bring my own food to work. I always find that one drink leads to two, or three!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday night we worked on my abs, and I knew the pain would come today, but this hurts. Its the kind of pain that would probably make others quit, there fore I have another appointment at 6, we just need to make sure he does work on my abs or thighs, b/c they might jump out of my body and fight him with out me,,,,

SO I keep making dinners that I shouldnt quite eat for my fiancée every couple of nights, and the leftovers keep staring me in the face, should I just go ahead and throw it out? I hate waste, but I can't look at it...

So today I am starting soemthing new, I am trying a different diet everyday,, like special k, slimfast, less sugar. Of course I am adding my vairants, b/c I refuse to starve myself, but which ever one keeps me the happiest during the day I think I might start using permanently.

Ok wish me luck tonight ,, I just might need it..

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MISSY455 1/26/2011 5:33PM

    I cook separate meals for my husband most nights because I can't eat things he can (allergies.) I usually leave out enough for one more meal, maybe two and then freeze the rest in single portions. That way I am not tempted to make myself sick and I have food for him on nights I don't feel like cooking or run out of time. Most things freeze pretty well, and cook up decently.

I know being in pain is no fun, but just think about the benefits you are getting from the workout. Sounds like you have a great trainer!

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SHAWNEDA 1/26/2011 12:18PM

    Awesome progress, abs are one of the muscles you can work everyday and working them more actually helps alleviate soreness. You know after a least that is what I keep telling myself. Have a great workout and remember diet's don't work longterm but lifestyle changes do. emoticon

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BRAINYBLONDE5 1/26/2011 10:20AM

    I have a diet thing you should try! its taken me a few days to get it nailed down BUT I FEEL AMAZING!!! i will inbox it to you!!! as for being sore LOVE IT! think about it; being sore means you worked those muscles and they are changing!!! woohoo keep it up! :)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No soreness today!!! :) And my poor little legs were worked out hard last night. I feel i am making progress even though I have yet to get on a scale.

I actually like planning on a workout. Yesterdy I made a treadmill list on my iphone, as well as a list for stretching, and strength training.

Now if only I could create enough menuoptions to go with my workouts. I am the worlds pickiest eater. Therefore my diet consists of special k, fruit, a couple of different veggies, and chicken. I do eat other things but there are things i just cant stand, or things in combo, i just cant do,,, yuck,,all in due time. for now I love my chicken and brocoli,, and occasional snackage,, as long as the progress continues I will be a happy camper.

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MISSY455 1/26/2011 1:49AM

    emoticon that you aren't sore! The fact that you are working out means you are making progress, give yourself the credit you deserve!
emoticon emoticon

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A busy day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today i will,

Go to the trainer.
Have my hair staightened, and colored. Ok well she said she would color it for free , if I tried the straightening thing,, and i would kill for straight hair for a while..
Go to the bank
Start at the tanning bed. determined to not look white and pasty at the wedding.
Going to file my taxes.
Going to get my money back from previous wedding venue. found a better one.
going to the post office
going to book hotels for the wedding guests.
Going to fax wedding info to thte pastor marrying us,, I really need my own fax machine...
Ahhh and this if after my giant list of things at home, but be happy I made time for all of you to be entertained by this wonderful blog:)

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REALLYHOPIN 1/24/2011 9:54AM

    What an exciting time of life... make sure to write about all this stuff with pen and paper so you have it to show 50 years from now...

It also sounds like a busy day! Don't forget to take the time to get some healthy food in you and breathe!

~ Be good to yourself!
~ Barbara

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It all hurts

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I think i did something the wrong way, when I was with the trainer yesterday.

My back is killing me, and it shouldn't be

So today I am going to walk it out, stretch and pray a hot bath helps, b/c I have to be back bright and early in the morning tomorrow.

Tonight, I have going away p arty to go to, so wish me luck b/c me out socially and not having a drink or snack with my friends will be a giant test.

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MISSYGEEN 1/23/2011 9:34AM

    Rest your back, make sure you have enough water. When I get dehydrated my lower back hurts.

snack up before you go. Sip on a virgin Shirley Temple. I used to drink this when I was pregnant, it made me feel like I was having a drink with everyone else.

Hope the back feel better. Take a seat when you need to.

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REALLYHOPIN 1/23/2011 9:33AM

hot shower
stretching in the hot shower

and good luck with making HEALTHY choices this evening.

~ be good to yourself
~ Barbara

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GARDENCHRIS 1/23/2011 8:55AM

    hope you feel better soon, don't over do today! rest the back. lay flat on the floor an stretch, sometimes that helps me. emoticon

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