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Monday, Monday,, Monday

Monday, November 08, 2010

The amount of things I have to do today takes up an entire sheet of paper.

This week i got my 2 year old's kitchen put together. Two hours, but all worth it. I know it didnt burn calories, but if brain cells were calories, then I am pretty sure I burned some of those putting it together.

Today or tomarrow I will be trying the new gym up the stree. Finall someplace small, and only 25$ a month. The other gyms in the area are commercial and expensive, and I am pretty sure watching all the random people ignore each other while trying to make their selves look good or feel better, or all of the toher reasons you go to a commercial gym . Gets to be swkward. Its not just the drive we lose when we stop going to the gym, but continue paying every month, its the fact we dont feel like we are at home or we feel uncomfortable stepping our tight nike shorts or the only gym shoes we own which smell like the lawn and look like the lawn. So a smaller gym will be nice, if I like it, and 4 or 5 of my friends are going,, so people to make me go will help as well.

And now to start and that amazingly long list,,,, who wants to help???

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REALLYHOPIN 11/8/2010 2:51PM

    In my opinion, since you have a two-year-old, your to-do list automatically starts at about six pages long each day! God Bless!

Now I'm going to rally up my 4 kids (ages 13 to 19) and they are all going to help me get the dining room and the garage cleaned up!



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How to do everything...

Friday, November 05, 2010

I am exhausted, but I have so much to do today before I go to work in the evening, and I need to remember to set aside time for working out and eating,, (yes I have to schedule that too,, today anyway). If i had help I could get it all done and sneak in some time with my daugher. My fiancee is mad however b/c he didn't sleep very well last night and I wouldnt let him sleep in today.

For the record he has slept in in everyday this week that he has had the opportunity. I have barely asked him to even lift a finger around the house. All I ask is that he watches our daught while I do everything. I grow tired of doing everything.

I grow tired of cleaning the house and running the errands and balancing the budget, and planning the wedding, and planning our work week, cooking dinner. I know many women have this problem in there home, and this is how it has been since the dawn of time. But it becomes readily apparent that your other half is doing nothing when you really need the support like I do right now. He knows what I want to achieve come our wedding day, and he knows what I am trying to do right now to achieve that kind of a lifestyle. Am I being selfish, or is he? I dont know, I am not sure if I know how to do everything. I do know hoever, that I dont have the stamina, and I am waiting for it to run out..

On a better note, last night I had pizza and a drink and stayed around the budget. Yippie for me! Today I plan on running out my current frustration on the treadmill, and I might step outside for at least a nice walk... Oh and lastly guess what I learned today? Next year every restaurant will have to post the nutritional value of every item on its menus. This means I will be able to plot and plan everymeal, even when I go out. This is most beneficial to the users of sparkepeople and calorie counters every where!

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SKYWATCHERRS 11/5/2010 9:37AM

    Hope the significant other gets his butt in gear. Thanks for sharing about the restaurants' nutritional information, that's good to know!

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Off the track for a day.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

We are having friends over and have decided to order pizza tonight, but I have made this off day a good day!!! Even though I will be a little off track I am still working out, and I am keeping my calories at a point to where I will be losing lthem instead of gaining them! Even with two slices of pizza and 2 beers that is awesome,,

Today I am giving my jump rope a shot. All my cardio revolves around a treadmill. I dont quite have the endurance yet for actual running. If I had the money I would own an elliptical, and I dopped the gym membership a long time ago, so all I have is the treadmill, so I bought a jump rope yesterday. I have a feeling I am going to spend have the day just learning to use the thing again. When you were a kid it was easy, and now that I am an adult, that is the mindset, but I know I am going to fall and tangle up at elast 5 or 6 times!!!!! Wish me luck!


good morning!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The temptations begin today. today i meet my sister out for lunch. Friday i meet with someone helping plan day of wedding things,, out for lunch. I alos have a lunch app.t three times next week. Now for most this is okay, you can have at least a salad right? No not for me,,, I know its good for me but i refuse to touch lettuce and tomato,,, yuck yuck yuck.. So this limits my options at restaurants. I guess it will be lots a of plain grilled chicken,,, and not that I dont mind, I love my chickens!

So woke up late today, b/c my two year old is sleepig late today as well(I know I am lucky). I hate when hours get taken way in the day, I feel like i get nothing done, ah well. I can't beat myself up anymore. I do my best everyday, and then I move on. Maybe if I didnt creat such a long to do list, I would get it finished. I mean big, like an entire page of stuff... well enough chatter I must start working on my list...

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MISSY455 11/4/2010 1:40AM

    Grilled chicken, wild rice if they have on the menu is also not too bad if you don't eat more than 1/2 cup. Add in any steamed veggies and you will have a nice healthy lunch and not a lot of excess calories. There is always a baked potato too...just don't add on butter, sour cream etc and you are good to go!

Just make the best choices you can!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yesterday was good. I planned like 25 minutes on the treadmill and ended being on 38. I was playing this game on my iphone and failed to look up.. not a bad thing. I realized that I just ate when I needed too, and pkcked out good stuff when I did. Ya know when you dont obsess over what is bad or has alot of calories, at all times of the day, it gets easier.

Tomarrow I am nervous, I am trying a yoga class with a friend. She is not a begginner, and I kinda am. I mean I have been to yoga classes, but nothing consistently to build a program upon. So I am already planning for the pain on thursday. I love yoga though, you think you are clarifying, when your are toning and building muscle, and you dont feel it until the next day, or usually for me.

Today I am planning my menu for the reception with a friend. I am trying to be unique, a little refined, and as cheap as possible all at the same time. I have expensive taste, however my fiancee and I are both servers at a commercial restaurant, and we have a two year old. So the money is hard to come by. anyway I have decided to have steak kabobs at the weeding., and my friend offered to do all the grilling for free! I am loving the word free. So that is minister , free,, catering,, mainly free, venue for ceremony and reception free,,, and the dress alm,ost free. So we are doing well,, now about those pounds....


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