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Can I have a DO OVER?

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

No one ever told me losing weight would be easy. I know everyone out there who has tried to lose weight, has FAILED. The good thing is we get up and do all over every day. We try and try and then we try some more in hopes this time it will work. Where do those people who really lose the weight get the inspiration not to give up. Where do they find the will to fight off the sugar demons in our minds. Where do they find the strength to keep fighting the good fight when the bluge is still there. Today I looked at myself, I mean really looked at myself. Naked in the mirror and wondered how did I let this happen. Why have I always been the fat sister. Why have I been the fat/ athletic one out of my friends. I looked real hard and found lots of things to blame, my parents, my ex-husband, having a child...the list goes on and on. But the truth is, it's me. I am the fighter and the opponet. I am Pro Heath and Pro Sugar. I am in this never ending battle againist myself. Alway looking for a way out of this fat suite.

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CAROLINAKIWI 3/5/2013 4:29PM

    We just have to figure out how to become the winner in this battle. Some days are good and some are bad but if the good outweigh the bad we will be winners!

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Looking for Happy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's really not that hard. I know it. But being happy can be so hard for me. Today is a good day for me. I'm very content in my life and who I am. You would think I should always remember this feeling and keep it close , but most days I go through this tug of war between my mean unhappy self and the self I wanna be. I've grown these last few years and I see the stuggles I use to face or should say I see what a big deal I've made about silly things that don't matter now. Why is it that I'm always trying to arrive but never satified when I get there. Always looking for sometime but never really knowing what it is. I find myself wanting to go home. But what home. The home I lived in as a kid with my parents. The home I had with my ex-husband. The home I have now is home. My Jules is here, my love Ken is here. So why am I always looking for happiness that's already in front of me. I could compare it to shoes. I buy a pair and bring them home but I'm still thinking about the ones I left behind. Trying to improve my life and improve who I am is always an on going task. I love the book The Four Elements. I try to open it and read something everyday to remind me that happiness is in me.

Happiness is not a something to buy or get. Sometimes it's already there.


What's for dinner?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So, it's dinner time and my family says "Please mom no more chicken" I know I'm sick of it too. And so burned out of fish. I can't even smell it anymore or I get sick. We've had fish so many ways and now our family staple "chicken" is coming to the end as well. What's for dinner? I'm asking myself this question as I'm making breakfast or even while I cleaning the kitchen the night before. Always thinking of what to cook that the family would eat and enjoy eating it. While still being healthy and yummy for all of us to enjoy. I've done the dinner salads like million times, a million different ways. So chicken is on our plates and out of ways of cooking it. Yes, I know about Spark for new ideas but i've done so many of them that I wonder what my problem is. My big aha moment is when I standing in the kitchen looking at receips and thinking...there is nothing to eat or nothing good to cook. But is that really true? No it's not. I'm craving bad food. Grease. Fat. French fries. A whooper. Big Mac. Chocolate Shake. Something.


Food at WORK

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why is it that I pack my bag for lunch every morning- to boot I pack with my clean eating foods. All healthy and food to keep my full and energized throughout my day. So when I come to work the boss is sweet but he brings fat fat fat bagels with different kinds of cream cheese. Ok, I stay away from the break room. Then, it's Valentine's Day and the office gets gifted with chocolates... lots of chocolates. We did an awesome job for patient and she comes in with food...lots of food- FRIED food.

Every holiday or just a thank you we get food or candy or cake or pie. Everything bad is sent our way. The funny thing is I work at a dental office and all we ever get is sweet prefect CHOCOLATE. It makes me so mad. The temptation is all around. At times I feel like I'm alone in this place full of smiles and chocolate. UGGG

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ROBINRC1 2/20/2011 2:38PM

  Our office is horrible too. I wish I could say that I could change things ,but I don't think that will happen. My office is not very educated on what makes for a healthy diet & believe me I would not be the one to tell them any different. I think it is one of the hardest things to have to do. Donuts or bagels almost every morning. Holidays are horrible. I try to maintain my sanity by having a hearty breakfast, then for lunch I go home or leave the building. In the afternoon I bring healthy snacks to much on. It's not the perfect solution & yes on occasion I still give in. I feel good about it for the most part. In a world full of temptation I can at least hold my own. Good luck to you!! emoticon

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MEGSOSU 2/20/2011 2:28PM

    I know exactly how you feel! It's like that in my office too. I feel like every time I say I'm going to get back on track there's a birthday celebration or some new "gift" of chocolate or some other unhealthy treat. And it gets so frustrating when you pass things up so many times, but give once in a while and it ends up adding up! Here's hoping we can both keep walking by the bad stuff and sticking to the healthy! emoticon

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Feeling Lost

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've been on a rollercoaster with my weight and food for so long. I've have a pack with Ken- starting Jan 1, 2011 he has been a strong supporter of mine. Not only has he been working out with me almost everyday but he's been eating what I think we should eat. And when we do break down and get Carls Jr. we split the one meal. We still have ice cream but we share just the one. Even when I didn't workout because I was really sick he still stuck with it and did the workouts alone. I'm so proud of him. And thankful that he's there with me.

But, there is always a but. I feel so lost and angry. He has gained so much more engery and has trimmed up. Not really lost weight on the scale but his body sure does show the difference. On the other hand, I'm still the same weight and clothes still feel the same. It's been two weeks since I checked the scale and I won't till the clothes loosen up a bit. I just feel like all these workouts and watching what i eat doesn't even matter if it doesn't show. I'm mad, no I'm REALLY MAD that it's easy for men to drop the weight and look good in four weeks and I won't see results for at least another 2 months and thats if i really stick with it. changing your life is hard. and running into blocks in the road are tuff. I know changing your body is not just on the outside but mostly in the inside but right now i wanna just eat and stop working out. I feel like it doesn't matter anymore. that no matter how much i try to change my body wants to stay this way. I see my mother and my extended family members and I'm scared that life has given me this body that was passed down through the years and it's my turn to live in it. Sreaching for hand to hold onto to keep me on the right path. Please pass along some words of wisdom. I need some right about now...

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    Thank you so much for all your words of wisdom. I do believe that we all need this support to continue a positive, healthy life. Sometimes I am at a breaking point and then I jump online to SPARK and reminds me what this is all for. Living life and being able to life it to the fullest.
Thank you for the reminders...I always need them emoticon

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JENIFIREHARP 2/16/2011 10:00PM

    Men generally do see progress faster than women, (my hubby drops weight by just thinking about it! lol) but that is exactly why I don't compare myself to him. Actually I don't like to compare myself with ANYONE else because it would just be frustrating. Weight is a number. Just a number. What really matters is how we FEEL. I promise if you really get into the whole healthy eating and find an exercise that YOU like, you will start to feel good. Notice I never said this gets easy. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Keep exercising. Keep looking for healthy alternatives. Keep asking for support. Keep taking forward steps to your goal. Even when you struggle, even if you fall down, NO MATTER WHAT, just keep moving forward. You will succeed and you will reach your goals!

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SIMPLYANGEL2U 2/16/2011 10:45AM

    Hang in there, you've done so well already! My husband never has to worry about what he eats and he stays so thin. It can be so frustrating. At least your husband is supporting you! It's hard though. But don't give up! You are assuming it will take another 2 months for results to show up. But it might not! Just stick with it. You're not doing this for the scale, you're doing it for health. The more muscle you have, the faster you'll burn fat. There are days when I all I want to do is grab some onion rings and a hamburger and watch a movie. Lately, I'm trying to drink a glass of water whenever I feel that urge. All I can say is, hang in there. I totally understand, you sound a lot like me and from the looks of your profile, we have the same goal weight in mind. Take care!
emoticon (slowly but surely wins the race) emoticon

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TLR1520 2/15/2011 10:27PM

    Hi there, I am no expert, but I have lost 19 lbs. in the first month on Sparks. So I will share what I am doing. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease and my doctor told me that I had to lose weight or it could turn in to cirrohsis. If I change my life style and my eating/exercise habits it is totally reversible. Doc put me on 1500 calories, 30 grams of fat, and 90 carbs per day. I have stuck to it and haven't felt deprived at all. I use the recipies on the sparks site and my family is eating what I am fixing and loving it. I exercise 5-6 days a week and make sure that I drink a minimum of 64 oz of water per day. I stay away from soda and fast food completely and I haven't hit a plateau yet. One thing that I know is that I have made a decision that this is just the way it is going to be and am changing my habits. I really don't like exercising, but it is a necessary evil, and honestly when I'm done, I always feel better. I hope this helps. emoticon

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