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Day One - Spark Bootcamp

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Did my first bootcamp video today after my treadmill walk. I guess the bootcamp I missed on Monday got the concept stuck in my head. It actually was tougher than expected, the squat-lunge-thing really knocked the breath out of me. Does anyone remember burpies from school? Yuck, reminded me of them. At least there was no push-up involved. Although now I'm expecting it.

Anna assures me that we'll try again next Monday for the early morning workout session. In the odd chance that she does make the call I'll probably skip that day on my Spark bootcamp. And maybe the next day.

On a nutrition note; I'm restarting healthy eating! For the last few days the house has had zero food so the convenient junk took center stage, but last night a large grocery trip restalked my fruit and veggie supply. Hopefully I'll be able to distract myself from all the junk food at work. I would probably be a size four if I didn't work at that darn movie theatre!

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It's Actually Pretty Funny, Or Anna Must Pay

Monday, July 19, 2010

So I woke up at FOUR this morning . Ugh. And as my friend Brook and I were driving to pick up the others we get a call from Christine saying that when she texted Anna that she had been sleeping in and forgot to inform us the PREVIOUS night that she had never gotten around to find out where the bootcamp was. Ugh. Anyway, since everyone else was up and in our workout gear we decided to hit a park in town and run around. After arriving at the park we reconsidered since it was still dark and awfully wet. So we drove to a gym we'd never been to before and tried out the machines. Brook and I had fun showing each other moves we've picked up from DVDs and tv shows, but Tine was a little grumpy and I don't blame her. Too early! And the fact that women fifty years older than us were kicking our butts at weight lifting was very discouraging. We wrapped up around seven o'clock and the other two enjoyed a Humpty's breakfast. To be perfectly honest I stole a few perogies. They are one of my very many krypotonites.

You know what this means, right? I have to wake up at four next week. Sigh.



I Didn't Know They Made 5:30 In The Morning

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Good afternoon, this is my first blog post on Spark, ten pounds lighter and ten pounds to go. My tracker says I'm half way there but I actually signed up on this site already ten pounds in so I'm doing pretty well. I've been trying to lose weight since I was thirteen so I'm not sure what finally clicked for me. The first ten pounds fell off practically on their own, my health was starting to fail and the only way I could get through a day without being sick was to eat whole, healthy and tragically bland foods. Once I was healthy again though I let the junk food return and completely slowed my roll. However now that I'm on my "Last Ten Pounds" (Who else loves Tommy Europe by the way?) I feel motivated to finally, FINALLY reach my goal weight. Yay!

SO! In the interest of this second wind I reluctantly accepted to go to a free session of a military style fitness bootcamp Monday (tomorrow) morning. At 5:30. For those of you who don't see the hitch in this plan I admire you for your awesome get-up and go-ability but I am the type of person who sleeps past noon every chance I get. But it's free. So why not. If I survive I will report back tomorrow.

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KELLPEPPER 7/18/2010 3:29PM

  It will boost your energy for the entire day!! Good Luck!!

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