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Help With Exercises

Monday, May 09, 2011

Seems most of everything I do affects my knee or ankle. If I do tricept dips, my knee has to move or put pressure on my ankles. If I do pushups, pressure on knees or ankles. I need ideas without the use of a gym or pool. It's pretty much just my body. No weights, not able to walk easily, etc. I can't stand this sitting around crap and healthy eating is nearly out of the window.

My family and friends do not seem to understand I really am living a healthier lifestyle. They don't get it. They do not understand that just because I wanted some tex-mex and sweet tea when I got here that it's not an every day occurrence for me.

Being here for a little over a week now, I realize how easy it is to get junk and how hard it can be to get healthy food. For instance, earlier today I thought since mom doesn't keep healthy food in her kitchen I'd drive into town for something. Well, I have a hard time walking also. I thought surely there is at least something healthy to eat on the drive up menu. At least healthier than what is at the house. That was not the case at Sonic. I refuse to go to Taco Bell, that place is just pure nasty! If there was a McDonalds around I'd get a fruit parfait but this is a very small town.

Why isn't there healthy fast food?

So, this trip is a bit more unhealthy than I knew it would be. I need exercise and I need healthier food.

Going to Olive Garden with mom later then a movie. Movie is no problem for me but will have to be careful at Olive Garden!

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ANDYINBC 5/10/2011 9:14AM

    You can do it! Wish I had the solutions but I know you will find them!

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Please God Give Me A Break!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

I have been complaining about my knee and ankle. Well finally went to the Dr. tonight at an emergency clinic. Xrays looked good but he said I have a lot of inflammation, probably tendonitis, so I'm now in a splint wrapped up tight. Last time I had one of these I could take if off but he said absolutely not! So now I'm on crutches. I'm hoping my knee will hold out lifting this weight.

I want to vent but it won't do me any good. This puts a HUGE damper on some of my visiting plans here. For instance, I have friends and a sister, I haven't seen in a long time, in Houston. They can't come my way so I was going to drive down there Tues thru Thurs. It's about 3 hours from me and it's not going to happen now. Was my last opportunity to go. Was going to go this week but my friends entire household got bad sick.

I better not start on how difficult this is going to be at the Rangers games this weekend and I will NOT miss them! My mom is going so she'll be driving. All I have to do is get around the big stadium. I know it will work out. I'm just irritated with it right now.

Well, guess I got a little venting in. Hydrocodone is kicking in.....

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DCUZ99 5/28/2011 1:18PM

    Hi KRISTALD76,

I understand your frustration. I have recently returned to working out since breaking my ankle and it was so disheartening as I watched my weight rise during the healing stage.

I am taking baby steps towards becoming more active and I am proud of my achievements so far. My moto is keep on keeping on. I always have and I always will, so please don't be hard on yourself. You have to concentrate on healing your joints right now and the rest will follow in good time.


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YOGINIMAMA108 5/6/2011 9:04AM

    Oh girl, that is tough for sure! I hope that you heal quickly. What a damper on your plans. I know you are disappointed, but as you say... it will all work out. Hang in there, and find the blessings where ever they may be.

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Pain CAN Get Worse

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yes I am stubborn at all the wrong times. Yesterday I really wanted to workout. I ended up at the track figuring I could walk/jog. Got around the track 5 times before I was smart enough to STOP! I stretched before, during, after and the pain grew intensely! My ankle definitely needs to be seen, think I'm gonna go get a wrap today and try to hold off the pain til I get back to Korea. My knee just needs to be cut off!!!!

So walking and anything else on my feet is completely OFF! I finished up yesterday with pushups, tricep dips and extra stretching. Today I'll do some upper body stuff like more pushups, jabs, may go get a light hand weight set.

Is it bad to start the day with chips and salsa even if it's Cinco de Mayo? Figured it was better than whole milk and bad cereal.


Backward Motivation

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Today the only motivation I have is to workout! Motivation is often a problem for me, usually I do not get up to exercise even if I want to. Today, however, I need to be doing school work. I nearly dropped one course but my instructor talked me out of it. It would be an expensive drop and once I finish in 7 weeks I'll be glad I didn't drop it but OMG I am barely putting any effort into it.

Exercise is a problem right now because my options are pretty much limited to water. I'm in between places right now while visiting and no pools readily available. I want to get on a treadmill or elliptical but that requires an expensive gym membership around here. I checked on a gym today, no membership needed, but it's $5 a visit or $20/month and there's barely anything there. The lady was rude too. So it looks like I'm gonna hit the track. At least regardless which person I'm staying with there is always a road or track around. I just have to watch the ankle and knee pain.

Maybe I should go to the track right now that way it will be behind me and maybe school work will finally take priority. At least for a couple hours.

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ANDYINBC 5/5/2011 9:01AM

    Don't deny the urge to workout. It gives you energy and greater ability to focus. The only thing, after you exercise, "do your homework, young lady!"

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

WOW! I arrived in TX last Wed and have been nonstop since I woke up Thurs! Internet has been touch and go due to some bad weather that took place and my being in between moms and my friends houses. No exercise :( Not real good eating :( No sparkpeople :( Dropped a class because I've been too busy.....


I saw my boy a couple times (jail visitation), had an exciting welcome home, through a fantastic better than expected surprise bday party for my best friend who did not know I was already here, spent her actual 30th bday with her yesterday, spa treatment!!!!, First Monday shopping...well here's a little more in detail....

I've been feeling guilty for not checking in here and helping out with the Total Gym group. As I said though, internet has been iffy and I've been super busy. Wednesday, after a long day of traveling and repeating the day (still funny to me) I settled into a nicely priced and comfortable hotel room. FINALLY SOME SLEEP! Thursday morning got up, got a phone from Walmart (I hate Walmart but they have a good prepay phone plan), ate Taco Cabana while trying to figure out the phone, then went to moms after she got home. Friday went to see my son. Had an extended visit, YAY, but still through a window where we have to use cups to talk or we can't hear through the small silver circle. Then got ready for the surprise party. My friend thought I was coming in on Sunday. She had a feeling about the party but did not have any idea about me being there. She cried with excitement when she saw me :) I am ashamed to say much of that night has fallen victim to alcohol induced amnesia. Thank God for trusty designated drivers!! Saturday I left the hotel I stayed in Friday night and went to moms. I was VERY sick all day so laid around then my friends boys wanted to see their Aunt Kristal so off I went, to her house. Spent the night then Sunday I went to see my son again and spent the remainder of that day with mom and step-dad.

Monday was the fun day. My friends actual 30th bday so I treated her to spa pedis. This had to be the best spa place I've ever been to!!! It wasn't big and fancy, wasn't overpriced, but felt like it was worth a million bucks!!! Then went shopping and ended with a trip to Joe's Crab Shack...YUMMY!! Spent last night at her house without internet so did some paper homework for the residency I'm attending next week.

Today I'm doing laundry, checking in on school, going to see my boy again, visiting with mom, then possibly preparing for a trip to see my friends in Houston tomorrow. So far I'm scheduled to be super busy until I arrive back in Korea. I thought I was going to have a ton of free time to focus on myself but nooooo. That's ok cause my knee is in killer pain!! By night time I'm nearly crying while sitting with an ice pack. My ankle has been bothering me a lot too so will get it looked at once I'm back in Korea as well.

One more thing....I got The Spark yesterday!! :) I can't wait til I have time to sit and start reading it!!! May be my entertainment on the plane going home.


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