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No cherry on top...or ice cream below...

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Well tonight was the first night since I've started my successful journey that I went to Friendly's. I used to go all the time (the waitresses recognize me...sad) but I've been afraid to go back. When I realized I hadn't planned well for dinner tonight I decided to give it a shot. Well I'm sure I didn't order the healthiest meal, but there was one BIG success...I DIDN'T order ice cream! And good thing, cause I was FULL after dinner. Ice cream is one of my favorite things...and to resist it is a big deal for me. I actually gave myself a pep talk and practiced saying no before I went out (a tactic I learned about in D.A.R.E. in 5th grade).

I'm not sure I got the calories right, but I have a lot of leeway because I ate really well the rest of the day. Again it's amazing how much you can eat when you only drink water and when you up your fitness minutes! I'm still having a hard time most days even reaching the low end of my calorie range. I don't mind though. I'm down 16 pounds (from my heaviest, not just in the past few weeks) and I'm feeling great. Hopefully I can keep it up until it feels normal, not like something I'm working at constantly.

Ok gotta get a few more things done in the apartment before bed. We're almost to Friday! YAY!!!! :)

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KRISLEEB 5/11/2012 1:07PM

    Congrats!!! I wouldn't be able to do it....for sure!!! Guess we better be careful when making this might need a whole size smaller by the time we get to June 9th!!!

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JANNIEWANNIE 5/10/2012 10:34PM

    I'm an ice cream lover too. Congratulations on your winning strategy. Hugs from Janet in central Illinois

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JLPEASE 5/10/2012 8:18PM

I too LOVE ice cream. You were really brave to test yourself this way. Good for you!!!!

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Scale/General Chatter

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How do these weigh ins come up so quickly?? This past week I was a little less active, so I'm not expecting to lose as much as I'm expecting to maintain. That would be fine for now. :) I know I can't drop tons of weight every week and I know if I chip away at it slowly, it will be much easier to maintain in the future. (Still I have fingers crossed for even a little loss...)

Well I'm still on my epic quest to have my apartment ready for company this weekend. This will be the first time some of these folks have seen my apartment, and the first time we've all been together in a while, so I want everything to be in tip top shape. That being said, I went on quite the laundry adventure today. I washed everything from the couch cover to my gym bag. I have a very bad sense of smell, so I always go overboard on laundry...just to be safe. I've also been staying up way to late cleaning and organizing, but it's all starting to look fantastic! I know I'm going to be so happy when it's all done...and when my apartment is clean I feel like I have more time for other fun things.

I'm actually hoping the rain will let up soon so I can get some more skating in. I finally got to roller blade the other day and it felt so good! It's one of those active things that I don't do to burn calories...I do it because I love it. Not every activity has to be about the calorie count...that's just no way to live. Gotta find that thing you just love to do for yourself. :)

Speaking of things I love, I finally got my den (craft room) ready to set up my sewing/embroidery machine! So excited to do some projects! I'm way out of practice, but I'm sure it will come back to me with time. Everyone might be getting homemade Christmas gifts this year. :P

Well I better sum this up...still have to put my laundry away before bed! Goodnight! Have a nice Wednesday! We're almost halfway to the weekend! YAY!!! :)

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KRISLEEB 5/9/2012 4:01PM

    funny, I was remarking how manageable it was to clean up our house for dinner guests tonight too! Although, I'm hoping that we'll be able to hang outside!!!

I used to roller skate allllllll the time! I've always enjoyed it, but it's hard to find skates that don't cost a fortune these days & I have to drive to your house to find somewhere good to skate...outside anyway!! Be careful!!! ALWAYS take your cell with you just incase!

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

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The Bar Has Been Raised

Monday, May 07, 2012

Well it's official. I've begun to really expect more of myself...and I like how that feels. Today I went for a 20 minute jog at lunch. In the past, that would have been enough to warrant dinner at Friendly's. Now I feel like I've been sluggish and I haven't done everything I could have to have a healthy day. Now granted, Monday is normally my day of rest, but I missed my workout Sunday and only did a short jog that really didn't make up for it at all.

I'm not mad at myself. I just know I need to pick it up the rest of the week and finish strong. After all, it isn't about just one day. It's about having a balanced week...which leads to a balanced month, which eventually leads to big changes. And I'm too excited about those changes to let one day get me down.

So take that negative self image! You've kept me down for too long and I won't stand for it anymore! I'm in control and I've decided to be happy and matter what size. So there!! emoticon

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KRISLEEB 5/9/2012 4:01PM

    Here's to keeping active!!!

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Are you on a diet?

Sunday, May 06, 2012

At dinner today someone asked me if I was on a diet. It made me slightly annoyed because I think there is such a stigma about being on a diet. It was like they were implying it won't last. And it made me think again...why not congratulate someone for making a healthy choice? Instead of asking "Are you on a diet or something?" why not "Hey broccoli sounds great and its probably better for you than fries anyway." Or better yet, don't comment on my meal choice at all.

I know people don't mean anything by it, but I think it's worth mentioning. Let's make being healthy the cool thing! Trends have to start somewhere don't they?

Well it's a shame this weekend went by so quickly, but it was beautiful and I really enjoyed it. I hope you did as well. This is a big week for me, but I will do my best to stick with my normal workout plans. Saturday is going to be my first big splurge day so I'm going to be as good as I can be until then. Good luck with your goals this week...only 5 days until the weekend! :)

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KRISLEEB 5/7/2012 3:04PM

    I was at an amusement park on known for it's award winning food. I walked ALL day!!! All I had to eat was a slice of pizza, funnel cake & half an order of cheese fries! The funnel cake was TO DIE FOR!!!! well worth every calorie!!! Even passed up the fast food on the drive to the campsite. I guess you might be rubbing off on me.

Oh, BTW... I LOVE broccoli on the side! It's way better than most french fries!

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Oh! So you can eat out!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Not to be deterred by my less than satisfying Olive Garden experience, I went to Uno Chicago Grill with a friend for dinner this evening. This was a much better adventure in eating out! My friend recently joined SP and has been logging her food as well...this made it easy to order something healthy without anyone trying to convince me to "go for it" or "get whatever." We decided to split a veggie, 5 grain thin crust pizza and each get a side dish. She got a salad and I got steamed broccoli. Well everything was soooo good! I figured it would up my calories a bit, but I didn't feel overly stuffed and I thought we'd made really good choices. Little did I know...

Tonight when I was logging my calories I went to Uno's website...they actually list all the nutrition values for everything on their menu! Very impressive! It's a great way to narrow down your choices before you even walk out the door. Turns out the pizza we split is only 290 calories per serving...and get this...a whole pizza is only 3 servings! So we only had 1.5 servings each....AMAZING! So thank you Uno for offering lots of healthy options, AND for listing it all on your website! I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to have a tasty, healthy meal out.

On another note, I found shoes to wear with the dress next Saturday...can't believe it's almost here. I get to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while and I'm very excited! Hopefully they will love the dress and the shoes and we will all have a fantastic time!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! :)

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KRISLEEB 5/7/2012 3:01PM

    UNOs is also a big supporter of the community so it's a Win Win situation!!! Glad you had a good meal!

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