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Tried something healthy from Applebee's tonight

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hubby and I headed to Lincoln to have dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend. It started out as a trip to Lincoln to pick up a pair of boots that I put on hold at the Dillard's store down there. They are a (surprise) gift for me from hubby for Christmas. I went out specifically to find myself some boots that he could get for me for Christmas and the color I wanted was on sale for $30 off but they didn't have my size, Lincoln's store did, so I figured I could have my daughter pick them up for me if I didn't feel like going down myself. We're getting together for my family's Christmas party on Sunday and we could get them then.

I checked with her and asked if she wanted to pick them up or if I should run down and get them. She said that if I came down we could have supper together so I read a bit into that answer and decided she probably needed to spend some time with her Mom!!! Hubby wanted to go along (even though he hates shopping) and we ended up having a nice evening with Sarah and her boyfriend.

We met at the Applebee's at the mall in Lincoln. In general I like to steer clear of those types of restaurants because of the larger than necessary helpings and the generally unhealthy food but I found a meal called Pepper-Crusted Sirloin and Whole Grains. YUMMY!! And all for only 350 calories! It had about a 3oz portion of steak, cut into strips, on top of a bed of whole grains, portabello mushrooms and wilted spinach. Definitely something that I'll try again.

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DJ4HEALTH 12/20/2014 10:44PM

    Sounds like a very good meal and that you all had a good time too. It seemed like a good mom, dad and daughter visit.

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CATTUTT 12/20/2014 9:17PM

    Glad you got to have a family dinner, and it sounds like a yummy one!

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SUNSET09 12/20/2014 5:01PM

  They are trying more healthier options and emoticon and emoticon in selecting a healthy meal and filling! emoticon emoticon emoticon Mom and Daughter times together are real nice! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 12/20/2014 2:21PM

    sounds like good time was had by all! the supper sounds delicious!

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SUBMOM2 12/20/2014 11:59AM

    That does sound tasty. It's hard, once you're in the restaurant, to stay strong and go for a healthy option. Good for you!

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/20/2014 10:07AM

    Sounds yummy! Have a great weekend!

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ONEKIDSMOM 12/20/2014 8:21AM

    Thanks for the recommendation... always looking for healthy options for when one gets taken to a restaurant one didn't choose! It does sound yummy.

Glad you got some mom-daughter visiting in!

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Walk around the mall

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Today I decided to combine my exercise with my shopping trip and I took a walk around the entire block that one of the local shopping centers sits on.

I wanted to check for something specific at Oakview Mall here in town and I also wanted to exercise outside because the weather was fairly nice so I parked in the shopping center's parking lot and threw on my headphones, iPod, hat, scarf, winter coat and gloves and took off for a walk around the block, so to say. It ended up being just over 1.5 miles and took me about 27 minutes to go all the way around.

I enjoy going to the mall to walk indoors when it's really cold and wintery outside but this is a nice alternative to walking indoors! I then did my little bit of shopping (mainly window shopping and trying to find some boots that fit and I like) and headed home.

Double duty wins again!

Have a fantastic day!



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CATTUTT 12/19/2014 9:16PM

    Great job with the multi-tasking!

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/19/2014 9:04AM

    Way to go!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/19/2014 8:34AM

    Yup . . . multitasking and healthy!

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GARDENCHRIS 12/19/2014 7:48AM

    that's what I did yesterday to get my steps in.

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COFFEEMUG2009 12/19/2014 6:55AM


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DJ4HEALTH 12/18/2014 11:14PM

    emoticon emoticon

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JO88BAKO 12/18/2014 10:28PM

    Great job

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ONEKIDSMOM 12/18/2014 10:26PM

    emoticon keeping the FUN in functional fitness! emoticon

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SUNSHINE99999 12/18/2014 10:10PM

  sounds great. Happy holidays! emoticon

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Saturday ended up being about 6 hours in the car but we had a great time visiting Ed's Mom and a couple of the in-laws that live back there. It was fun just with Ed, Sarah and I, too. We don't usually get to sit down and visit with Sarah that much anymore since she's a busy college Senior, working, and has a new boyfriend and puppy. She's pulling away and getting more and more independent. Sad (for us) but happy that she's so well adjusted.

Her puppy is another thing, though! Talk about a crazy, crazy doggie. He's a 4-month old Golden Retriever that thinks he's still a lap dog. He travels pretty good but he's just so much bigger than our little LLasapoo and Yorkiepoo.

I've been putting in the time on some walks outdoors while I still can. The cooler, wetter weather is moving in so my walk tonight was only about 20 minutes long. I was bundled up pretty good but it was still pretty chilly walking into the North wind, though.

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GARDENCHRIS 12/17/2014 7:40AM

    glad you had a good visit...... kids do tend to grow up! emoticon

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/16/2014 8:06AM

    Glad that you had a nice trip!

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JO88BAKO 12/15/2014 10:28PM

    Sounds like a nice trip. Love the puppy story

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ONEKIDSMOM 12/15/2014 10:09PM

    I'm kind of glad your DD has a bigger dog... better protection if she goes running with the dog, right? Yep, the pup will have to learn his true size and place... but it's heartening.

By the way, love the giraffe on your Spark page... remind me to tell you about Raul sometime! emoticon

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1CRAZYDOG 12/15/2014 9:47PM

    Ah yes, it's hard when our babies grow up!

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A little walk today - enjoying the fantastic weather

Friday, December 12, 2014

We had a little reprieve from cool and damp today to get a sunny and nearly 60 degree (F) day. I spent most of the day flitting between different chores . . . dishes, laundry, cleaning, tree trimming and Christmas shopping online. All of it was indoors, though, so I couldn't really enjoy the nice weather. Well, it was more like Christmas searching, I guess, because I did some shopping last night but got too tired to do any more so I headed to bed and did a little more searching today.

After I got Kyle from school I headed out to get some stuff done and decided to go for a walk instead. I went out to Lake Zorinsky and walked the longer of the two halves (4.27 miles) and by that time it was getting dark, I was getting hungry and it was already after 5pm.

Needless to say, I didn't get anything else done and I didn't even cook supper tonight. We even went out for pizza, which I haven't had in quite a while. I started with a little salad and had just a couple of pieces of the thin crust pizza.

We are making a little road trip tomorrow to visit Ed's mom for Christmas. This was supposed to be the weekend of Ed's family Christmas party but everything kind of fell through over the last couple of weeks. My brother-in-law has been struggling with an infection in the knee that he had replaced a few years ago. They finally decided to remove the entire joint this past Tuesday and insert a antibiotic-infused knee joint to try to get everything cleared up. It's been a long, drawn out affair that has been going on for about 9 months. He was release to go home this afternoon so we're hoping for a good recovery. Fingers crossed, that is.

As a result, we're driving up by ourselves just to visit Margaret for a few hours. We'll also visit Ed's two sisters and brother (and in-laws) that still live up there. It'll be nice to see everyone but it's another full day away from the tree decorating and Christmas shopping. I will be working next Monday and Tuesday nights and then I'll be off until the Monday after Christmas so hopefully I can get everything accomplished.

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MJREIMERS 12/14/2014 10:05PM

    I hope you enjoyed your visit. Get ready for a change in the weather!

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MIRAGE727 12/14/2014 12:45PM

    The best of wishes on your B-i_L's recovery!
Christmas in Nebraska! Man, I always enjoyed it when I was visiting my In-Laws in Lincoln!
Great job on your walk, Kelly!

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SUBMOM2 12/13/2014 1:52PM

    I hope your BIL gets better! That's tough.

I'm way behind on Christmas preparations, and we are also in the middle of a remodel. But somehow it all gets done!

Have a great weekend and a safe trip.


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GARDENCHRIS 12/13/2014 11:11AM

    hope your BIL's knee get better, and have fun with your visit.

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MUSICMOMOF2 12/13/2014 10:06AM

    Have a great weekend!

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ONEKIDSMOM 12/12/2014 10:53PM

    At least you'll have good driving conditions for your family visit! I am sure you can remember Christmas seasons when this was not so much the case. Glad you got out to enjoy today!

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DJ4HEALTH 12/12/2014 10:47PM

    It is painful enough just going through a knee replacement but then having an infection on top of it is worse too. Hope he gets it cleared up soon. Have a great time visiting family!!

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KESTRYLL 12/12/2014 10:11PM

    We had a nice sunny day, too, Have a great weekend

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1CRAZYDOG 12/12/2014 10:07PM

    Hope that the recovery is sped up with the implant of an antibiotic-infused knee. Have a safe trip. BREAHTE! I have to remind myself to do that too!

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Oh, boy!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Time marches on . . . I seem to be getting further behind!!!! Aaack

I will have one day left of work this week (Tuesday night) and then I HAVE (underlined!!!!) to get tons of stuff going.

My tree is in it's spot in the living room but it still needs fluffed before I can even start putting lights and decorations on it.

My house has EXPLODED with papers and dust bunnies!!! Both seem to be self-duplicating as we speak.

My laundry has quit doing itself!!! I guess I need to train all the boys (men) in the house to start doing their own.

We're eating junk, junk, junk and I need to shop and cook, cook, cook.

I'm only half way done with LAST week's Health Coaching class so I'm behind there, too.

Did someone say Christmas is just 17 days away!!!! Get busy there, too!

But, the weather outside is supposed to be in the 50's most of the week so I'm taking the time to get out and do some running and walking in nice temperatures, no matter what.

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SUNSET09 12/10/2014 8:01AM

  Time is of the essence and the holidays are upon us. One day at a time . emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ONEKIDSMOM 12/9/2014 9:14PM

    Glad you're able to get out and enjoy these milder days! Spark on! emoticon

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SUBMOM2 12/9/2014 5:29PM

    I know what you mean! Hang in there, and good for you for taking the time to exercise in the middle of it all!

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1CRAZYDOG 12/9/2014 1:32PM


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MUSICMOMOF2 12/9/2014 12:06PM

    Hugs!! I have so much to catch up on too, so I feel for you. Hope you are able to catch up!

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GARDENCHRIS 12/9/2014 7:16AM

    I know right!

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PRAIRIECROCUS 12/9/2014 1:06AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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