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The Lochs----The Glens--and The Bens--2!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2012

After a light supper of bowls of delicious Soup Sayali and I retired to bed early---we had an early start the next day.The comfortable beds welcomed us as we sank into a deep dreamless sleep in my case---to resurface only at 6.30 a.m. after the wake up call!!!Bathed and Breakfasted the two of us made our way across the Street to our pick-up point and at exactly 7.45 a.m. were on our way!!!!Our Tour Guide Brian from the Gray line Tours---gave us a vocally detailed Tour of the beautiful winding streets of Edinburgh while he picked up all his Tourists from around various Pick-Up Points across the City---and truly that saved us the need to take a hop on and hop off Tour of the City the next day!!Finally we were all aboard and by 8 a.m. the Coach was on it's way------rolling towards the Trossachs and Linlithgow Castle--the birth place of Mary,Queen of Scots!!!!
With Brian giving us a very concise but well put Summary of the Historical and other attractions of the City as we drove past Stirling Castle--the William Wallace Memorial into the Highlands--crossing the Fault line that separates the Highlands and the Lowlands----into the Highlands and as we drove past the ruins of Doune Castle--the scene of the filming of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and through the picturesque village of Callander.Our first stop was to meet Hamish --the Highland "Coo" as they term Cows!!!These Cows are a hairy lot and provide some of the best Beef.They have sharp curved horns that look pretty dangerous and coats of Reddish or Black hair------resembling a lighter version of Yaks--only not so hairy!!!These Farms are also Sheep Farms--and have Woollens on Sale---knitted from pure New wool with the Wool mark on them.After treating ourselves to some wonderfully warm Sweaters and after a Tea Break we moved on to the picturesque but rugged landscape of Rannoch Moor---- and from there onwards to the Pass of Glen Coe--a desolate Valley which had witnessed a brutal Massacre of the MacDonald Clan in the late 1600s.Besides this,this area also has beautiful beautiful parts consisting of "Morainne" or the Boulders,Rocks,Stones,Pebbles and Gravel-----strewn around artlessly----all left over from the Ice Age Glaciers that carved out this beautiful Landscape.The steep slopes of the Bens were dotted with Dark Brown patches of Heather--said to burst into a glorious Purple in August and September!!!All through these rocky Crags were sprays of Golden Yellow Gorse----scenting the Air with their elusively sweet scent------and the Clouds hovered all over the Mountaintops---creating a beautiful play of Light and Shadow!!!
As we drove on towards Fort William in the Shadow of the their highest Mountain Ben Nevis---the ruggedness gave way to a picturesque but wild Beauty-----there was still something serenely untouched about it----a timelessness that made one feel as if all of it was still untouched and pristinely lovely!!The deep Blue of the Lochs--we passed so many that it's well nigh impossible to remember all their names----and the thick wooded Forests--new ones being planted as soon as the old ones are cut or die-----shows a deep understanding of Nature and a deep love for the Land---and above all the Scots Pride in their Country is unmistakable!!!After a very tasty Lunch in Fort William we travelled on towards Loch Ness through thick Forest Land and remote Crofts perched high up on the Crags-----all burnished by the newly minted Gold Sunshine---and the steep mountainsides ablaze with huge patches of Yellow Gorse!!!Many a times the Coach passed under a hanging Canopy of these Golden Blooms----bent over from the Crags by the sheer weight of their Blooms!!
I will never forget the heart stirring beauty of these Highlands Roads as after Loch Ness--which deserves a Blog of it's own---- we drove along it's Shores to Urquhart Castle---standing on it's steep shores where the Water runs 800 feet deep.The indescribable beauty of the View has to be seen to be experienced---that is the only way to describe it!!!From here we drive on towards Drumnadochit ,a very quaintly picturesque Village and from there to Inverness--the Capital of the Highlands----passing through some of the most glorious Views I've ever seen!!!Parts of it also reminded me of the Himachal Pradesh State of India----particularly the Forsythe Gunj area of the Hill Station of Dharamshala--where the British Viceroy Lord Elgin lies buried!!!He had specifically asked to be buried there because it was so very much like his beloved Highlands of Scotland!!!
We then drove on into Drumochter Pass along the Perth where the Inverness Railway is the highest point of any Railway in Britain!!!We drove on into the Cairngorms National Park---continuing to descend into the Forest of Atholl and the huge Estate attached to it----all of it owned by the Dukes of Atoll's Family for over 700 years!!! Passing by Blair Castle we drove on towards the Victorian Village of Pitlochry for a Tea Stop before continuing onwards to Edinburgh.We passed through Shakespear's Country--that of the Kingdom of Fife from "Macbeth" ----written to welcome King James the 6th. of Scotland as King James the 1st of England--who was interested in Witchcraft!!!We drove on through Perth City towards an engineering marvel--the Firth of Forth Railway Bridge built in 1890-----passing it by traversing the much later Road Bridge alongside!!! We drove into Edinburgh to strains of "Olde Lang Syne" and as we were dropped off I thanked Brian for a truly wonderful day--enhanced by his humourous and pithy commentary throughout the day!!!

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NITAINMN 4/4/2012 1:36PM

    Sounds like much fun! Glad you were able to enjoy the local food and sight seeing. The Scottish hand knit sweaters are much talked about....what a treat! Be sure to post all the photos either here or on FB. Thank you for sharing your life with us. emoticon

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    I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous.
I have wanted to travel to Scotland for years and am still waiting. Please download some of your daughter's pictures.
I went to Ireland a few years back and loved the antiquity of the buildings.
And the beer. emoticon

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BOVEY63 4/2/2012 12:38PM

    Sounds like a beautiful trip! So happy you are enjoying the time with your daughter.

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The Lochs--The Glens--and The Bens in Scotland--1!!!

Monday, April 02, 2012

"The Highlands is the land of Lochs,Glens and Bens----a Loch(Lokhh) is a Lake,a Glen is a Valley and a Ben is a Mountain!!!So Welcome ye all to the Lochs,Glens and Bens of The Highlands!!!"This was the welcome given to us by Brian our Tour Guide and Coach Driver when we began our Day Tour of the Highlands------driving through some of Scotland's most picturesque Counryside!!!Sayali had arranged a two night stay at Edinburgh----and we left London on Thursday afternoon's flight.Reaching there barely an hour later we drove through beautiful Suburbs scented with Lavender and some other beautifully scented Flowers wafting in with the Breeze through the Cab windows as it was a very sunny,warm day!!!The Roads were full of Flower Beds at every intersection--a riot of beautiful colours planted together to create a very cheerful and heart warming Picture for the viewer!!!As we bowled along towards The George where Sayali had booked us in for the next two days---bang in the central area of Edinburgh!!!
This was a very poignant Trip for me-----the first new place for me to have visited without Sudhir in 41 years-----now that's a really long time!!!So while I was very excited to be there I was also missing Sudhir terribly--for this was a City right after his heart----quaint,ancient yet modern----a beautiful blend of cobbled Streets and concreted Roads!!!The first thing we did after we checked in was to book our Day Tour to the Highlands on Friday and then cross the Street to the Dome opposite for Afternoon Tea.Arriving at the Dome we were told that we were a bit late for the Tea but since the Kitchen could still oblige with the Tea,we were treated with great courtesy by the Staff and led to a wonderful table right under the beautiful Dome and seated there.The Tea arrived---and huge Tea it was!!!There were oblong Sandwiches of Egg Salad,Ham and Cheese,Beef and Mustard as well as Smoked Salmon and Water Cress-----accompanied by Fruit Scones served with Honey,Strawberry Preserves, Clotted and Whipped Creams as well as a choice of Cakes,Tarts and Cheesecakes---all accompanied by pots of beautifully brewed Earl Grey Tea!!!Both of us literally fell to with great gusto----to the great amusement of the Ladies at the next Table--but both of us were truly starving after a sketchy Lunch just before the Flight---so we continued chomping through the delicious Meal!!!By the time we were through all that remained of the scrumptious Spread were the Cakes and The Cheesecakes---the Fruit Tarts having been finished with great relish!!Finally well fed and satiated we walked out into the late afternoon Sunshine to explore our surroundings.
On our way to Waverley Place we passed by the canopied Statue of Sir Walter Scott--bringing to mind his Novels--my favourites being Waverley,Rob Roy ,Legend of Montrose and The Bride of Lammermoore-----and were totally astounded by the beautiful views around us!!!It was so beautiful every which way we turned--we were literally spoilt for choice at which direction to look---for me it was like being in a Fairy Tale Place----and was really pinching myself to ensure that this was for real--and not a dream!!!The Spires,The Castle------everything was breathtakingly lovely--this was the place both Sudhir and I would have just loved so much and enjoyed being in together!!!Sayali's Camera sprang into action---and by the time we left she'd clicked over 500 Pictures--some of which I'll be uploading later!!!

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NITAINMN 4/4/2012 1:21PM

    This is exactly like the books described how Scotland was....to imagine the beauty.....wish I was with you to enjoy all this natural beauty of Mother Nature! Scottish hospitality is great and the culture is the same as the English of high tea with more courtesy and hospitatily, I suppose. Yes, you will keep thinking of Sudhir, even if he was alive and did not accompany you. I had not gone with my dear Nitya on a trip to Alaska with our daughters on vacation by choice from CT. due to my epistaxis situation. He would telephone me every couple of hours being reminded of me, making life miserable for the rest of them! :-)

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SAASHA17 4/2/2012 7:45AM

    i cant wait for the pictures after that wonderful descriptive blog:)


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PUDLECRAZY 4/2/2012 5:12AM

    I am really looking forward to your pictures; your blog makes it sound so beautiful. Your writing is like pictures, really - so descriptive!

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The Double Decker Bus--and Me!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yesterday I set off by myself--armed with a superficial aura of Confidence---and my Oyster Card---to explore Shopping District by myself!!!I walked briskly to the Bus Stop about a 10 minute walk at my pace(I like to think that I'm pretty brisk!!)-----and as I reached it I spotted one of the Buses I could take just halt at the Stop-----but----well Pumpkin couldn't waddle any faster---so I had to reluctantly let it go!!!Plonking my butt on the Seat inside the Awning I waited for the next one------which arrived about 5 minutes later---and just as I was boarding it my friend Pushpa called from India!!!I asked her to call me back after 5 minutes and after swiping my Oyster with a flourish settled in on an empty seat opposite the Screen showing the coming Bus Stops---didn't want to make a boo-boo y'see!!!
Pushpa called back as planned and I spent the time in the Bus chatting with each of my Condominium Friends back home turn by turn--with my eyes glued firmly on the list of approaching Stops!!!By the time the Bus reached the Marble Arch Stop my conversations were done and all of the ladies had called off---and I was just a stop away from my Destination--Bond Street!!!As I stepped off a young gentleman who had been seated behind me in the Bus also alighted and complimented me on my grasp of Indian languages--telling me in chaste Hindi that he really enjoyed himself during my Conversation!!!I managed to say a "Thank You" at the unexpected Compliment--and then both of us went our ways!!!
I walked along the Shops for awhile---mainly having gone there to fetch somethings at Marks & Spencer---a wonderful Shop that I've loved since a very young age!!!Once done there I browsed along the Pavement--peering into Shops that had a really fascinating array of Goods---ranging from Knick-Knacks to Fruits and Vegetables!!!As I browsed I saw many Easter Chocolates--mainly in a huge variety and sizes of Easter Eggs---in every imaginable hue!!There were 3 layered Chocolates shaped like Fried Eggs sunny side up--the plate being plain dark Chocolate the Egg White made with White Chocolate and the Yolk tinted yellow White Chocolate--very intriguing and amusing!!!Not being fond of Chocolate I wasn't tempted by any of these---but as Sayali loves Chocolate in any form I may buy her some for Easter---perhaps the Fried Eggs!!!
I missed Sudhir very much---for it's very lonely wandering about on your own----besides whenever we moved around on our own I was the one that always took charge---he'd follow me like a meek little Lamb!!!It must have been some sight--both of us holding hands and he trailing a little behind me as I pulled him along in my impatience to get wherever we'd decided!!!He wasn't very sure of his bearings but since my sense of direction is pretty sound---I'd become the leader on all our jaunts---and he was inordinately proud of my ability to find the right direction!!!Yesterday too he'd have been mighty impressed by the manner in which I acted---specially enjoying the flourish with which I scanned my Oyster Card!!!However since I'm not really used to moving around without purpose--once I'd finished my Shopping and browsing there was really nothing further to do----so finding a Bus Stop I boarded a Bus that I hoped would take me home.
It was a bit confusing--for thanks to the Construction going on to ready London for the Olympics---the Bus was diverted and I was a bit alarmed at passing through a different Route----but what reassured me was that there was a button on the Aisle Seats---to be pressed wherever one needed to get off---and the Bus would head to the nearest Bus Stop in the area.As my familiar area approached I pressed that button---and the Bus halted literally a hop-skip-and jump just a yard from my favourite Grocery Shop---I'd actually made it on my own--and reached home safe and sound!!!Hooray!!!

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    See, you are a very strong woman and very adventurous. I am so happy that you continue to explore on your own. I'd love to be there with you!

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NITAINMN 3/30/2012 12:59AM

    We women must be good with our sense of direction. The same situation with Nitya and I. used to drag him by hand too for he was a slow walker to my taste, having been a jogger! Now, he has to drag me along with my ill health. He always has me by the elbow or we hold hands or I put my hand from inside his arm for support!!! Life sure teaches us a lot to learn. emoticon

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BOVEY63 3/27/2012 9:29PM

    Sounds like another fun day out and about in London. The eggs do sound interesting.
emoticon emoticon

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RAIN454 3/27/2012 4:25PM

    The chocolate fried egg sounds so neat! I want one :)
On a sidenote, I think its just so cute that you and Sudhir would hold hands while walking around places...that is tooooo cute ;)

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SAASHA17 3/27/2012 8:00AM

    yay...sounded like u had a nice trip...I loved Mark and Spencer..When I went to Hongkong, they had one over there..I love exploring on my own...and now that u mention it, Prasanth is like Sudhir...I am the one who can figure out the directions and places pretty soon..he gets lost with the GPS too...lol...

take care

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A Walking Week End!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Saturday was a beautiful Day--warm,sunny and balmy---perfect weather for Londoners!!!That day Sayali and I started out after Breakfast with a visit to the Post Office to pick up Sayali's parcel and after that the local Library to borrow some Books----and guess what----met some beloved old friends there!!!There was Margaret Mitchell,Daphne du Maurier and Barbara Bradford staring at me from the shelves!!!!!So I borrowed "Gone with The Wind","Woman of Substance" and "Rebecca" to renew old memories.Sayali dropped of the Books and the Parcel at home while I sat on the Pub bench next door----soaking in the Sunshine---reminding me of my early years in Chandigarh--the entire day would be spent soaking up the Sunshine on fine days those days!!!Finally by 12.30 p.m. we were on our way in search of Lunch-----to a place called "Bumpkin" somewhere on West Bourne Road-----for I was really craving some true blue British Food--a hangover from my childhood and the British Raj!!
We trudged along the streets taking in the beautiful Mansions lining the road and what really fascinated me was the way it all blended in to give a very genteel look---three or four storied Buildings with Cream or White painted facades--an occasional one standing out like a sore thumb--being painted a dreary deep,dull Purple,Dark Grey or a bright shocking Pink in contrast----their tiny Gardens bursting with a riot of Colours!!!Bright dual coloured Pansies and Hyacinths jostling with Daffodils and Marigolds--the Trees bursting with beautifully hued Magnolias in shades of Pink and White-----really contrasting with the various shades of Green--truly magnificent to behold!!Finally we reached "Bumpkin" and as I sank down gratefully under the Awning at a scrubbed wooden Table on the Pavement while Sayali ordered our Lunch.The Wild Mushroom Soup was excellent and while I liked the Shepherd's Pie we ordered along with Dark and Light Crab on Toast-----I'll have to admit that Mummy's Shepherd's Pie was definitely tastier!!She'd make it with minced Goat Meat instead of Lamb and it would be baked to a golden brown packed in on all sides, in a crispy and crumbed golden Potato Cover ----and packed generously with Meat and the fresh Vegetables from our Kitchen Garden--Carrots,Peas and Potatoes-----full of Flavour and Taste!!!While this came close enough it wasn't exactly the taste I was craving for--and the quantity too was huge--perhaps trying to justify the cost with giving us value for money!!!!We washed down our Meal with plenty of Earl Grey Tea----and finally with half the Pie packed up in a "To Go" box we took off and headed out towards Portobello Road at Notting Hill Gate----and boy-- was that some Market!!!!
The entire Road was lined with Stalls on the Pavement--and some on the Road itself--the appetizing smell of various Foods cooking wafting on the Breeze----Various Spanish,French,Belgian and East European Stalls jostled with Pan Asian and Mediterranean Cuisine----each one of the Stalls choc-a-bloc with Customers standing in Queue!!!There were Stalls featuring Garden Fresh Produce and East European Stuff like Polish Sausages and cured Meats--it was truly a Shoppers Delight!!!The Stalls Hand Made Soap as well as sachets of French Lavender to keep one's Closets smelling fresh mesmerise one through the olfactory senses as the mid Eastern Stalls selling Trinkets reminded one of Ali Baba's Cave--literally enticing one to buy the glittering wares!!!This is one place where one needs to hang onto one's sanity--for the Stuff is so beguiling that one doesn't realise how much one ends up spending--till you finally take stock of it later in the day!!!Midway through our browsing through this location we indulged in Sugar Free natural Frozen yoghurt--mine embellished with the wonderful Fresh Fruits that the U.K. has such an excellent variety of!!!Finally after spending many delightful hours here--not really satiated but being pleasantly tired----Sayali and I trudged home around 6.30 p.m. after enjoying a pot each of Earl Grey Tea at one of the chic cafe's lining the Street!!!
Sunday was less exciting but definitely as enjoyable!!After a heavy Breakfast we left home by the beautiful double decker Red Bus to walk around Bond Street and Piccadilly Circus---browsing through the Shops around the area and planning a late Lunch in one of those attractive street side Cafes----and I really had a great time--wandering through the beautiful Stores-----browsing and window shopping--- -being treated to two lovely pairs of Shoes by my daughter-----really mere I had to request an obliging young couple to let me pas--there wasn't enough space for me to squeeze past them--so the lady got up from her seat in the middle of her Meal to graciously let me pass!!!Sayali and the young couple were in peals of laughter at the way I put it---I said"There's toooo much of me and too little space for me to pass through---so if you'd help me pass I'd be very obliged"!!!They were very sweet--in helping out an old lady who resembled a pudding!!!
As we wandered around the area to reach Soho Square a beautiful timbered Gazebo caught my eye---but we couldn't go in because it was locked.So we sat down on the beautiful Wooden Benches and looked around the area--enjoying the beautiful Spring afternoon/early evening for a while--drinking in the ambience and the atmosphere.How Sudhir would have loved this---and while we did roam over the Sights of London--it is the tiny unexpected places such as these that one stumbles upon that actually form a part of personal memory--for these are off the beaten track and less frequented and crowded and a real part of London--connecting the past and the present!!!Finally we walked back to the main road and found a tiny little Cornish Pasty Shop.Here we bought ourselves a freshly baked Cornish Pasty which we shared between the two of us for Tea and this rounded off the day as we headed home by Tube armed with "to go" glasses of Earl Grey Tea--for Sayali wanted to show me the Stations near the house.It was a very lovely and beautiful Week End--pleasantly tiring but very satisfyingly enjoyable---I'm truly discovering the London I'd read about---I only wish Sudhir could have too!!!!!

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NITAINMN 3/30/2012 12:51AM

    So happy to see you're having a good time in London with Sayali, Komal. Enjoy yourself. Walks are good for the body and soul. You sure have a way with words...I loved the way you wrote your experience of meeting old friends at the Library. Yes, do catch up with all the British good food! emoticon

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RAIN454 3/27/2012 4:29PM

    Wow, they make shepherds pie in India??? how interesting. never knew that :)
So how long are you staying in London? Sorry if you mentioned this in an earlier post...still playing catch-up :)

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    You ARE having a good time. I am so glad.

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SOULTHIN 3/26/2012 6:30PM

    Hi, you should be awarded a trophy for your great writing style, thank you for sharing, I felt as if I was there, and got lost in my own memories. thank you for sharing.

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BOVEY63 3/26/2012 1:07PM

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and the scenery sounds so beautiful!

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ZANNACHAN 3/26/2012 11:22AM

    What a wonderful weekend! Your time in London sounds really lovely; someday I would dearly love to visit London!

Your story about craving British food reminded me that the first Indian restaurant I ever ate at (as opposed to Indian food served at someone's home) was in Scotland. It was unfortunately our very first day in Scotland and not only was I very jetlagged but I had gotten something like 6 hours of sleep in the previous 48. So I was really tired and don't remember it well, other than the fact that I couldn't understand any of the waiters (I can understand Indian accents pretty well, but the Glascow one was really hard to understand, even when I wasn't exhausted... Indian/Glascow + insane exhaustion left me feeling like they were speaking another language entirely) and that the food was excellent. I wish we had been able to go back when I wasn't so tired!

I'm glad that you are having such lovely weather! I was just thinking that it's a good thing you hadn't come here... we went from absolutely delightfully unseasonably warm and sunny weather (80's) to 30 F this morning--Brrr! Still sunny, but definitely not warm.

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ATMANI 3/26/2012 10:11AM

    wonderful to know you had a very lovely weekend. emoticon

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SAASHA17 3/26/2012 7:58AM

    I can imagine Sudhir smiling with this naughty eyes...and savoring the treats as much as you did...ur weekend sounds so much fun:)

take care
PS: its 8am here and I am craving shepherd's pie..hehehe

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PUDLECRAZY 3/26/2012 6:37AM

    I picture Sudhir smiling at your discoveries and enjoyment; having a vision of you sitting in the sun and reading, eating tasty treats, and walking through Soho. It sounds like a lovely weekend, and what a fun collection of books to escape into during your quiet times! London is sounding like a lovely place to vacation in.

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There's a Dull Ache in my Heart!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Ranjish hee sahi--Dil hee dukhaaney ke liye aa
Aa phirsey mujhey chhodkey jaaney key liye aa"
"Aaj jaaney kee zidd naa karo
Yoonhee pahlu mein baithey raho(2)
Aaj jaaney kee zidd naa karo"
The first one is a poignant lament---asking the Beloved to come back for a short while and the second is an entreaty asking the Beloved not to leave--both are a play of Words on the pain of being left alone!!!

These are two of our favourite Ghazals--Urdu Poetry set to Music.I'm addicted to You Tube-----for the beautiful array of old Urdu Ghazals-----many of which Sudhir and I simply adored!!!Growing up in the Radio Era--with beautiful Music and beautiful lyrical Poetry I learned to appreciate the Magic of Words---for me the Music was the vehicle used to embellish the Lyrics.Besides my parents were very much into Ghazals and Indian Classical Music--a result of which we had a pile of beautiful 78 r.p.m. Discs--featuring Greats like Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan,Amir Khan and Bismillah Khan--later 45 r.p.ms of Kumar Gandharva,Bhimsen Joshi and Vasantrao Deshpande were added to it.I still remember attending the Programs of Begum Akhtar---and it was a privilege to hear her sing live--fascinated by the blinding sparkle of the huge Diamond stud she wore in her sharp nose----scattering shards of brilliance each time she inclined her head during her performance!!!
Marrying Sudhir bound me even closer to Music----he used to sing beautifully and our days--right till the end-- were filled with his melodious voice serenading me whenever he was home.The Weekends would be very special-----because I'd begin playing my Cassetes(Tapes) the moment I woke up-----he loved waking up to his favourite Songs!!!
We were big Fans of Mehdi Hassan,Farida Khanum and the couple Jagjit Singh-Chitra Singh.For us these Ghazals had a depth and poignancy not present in the English Poetry---somehow despite it's flowery language it still manages to touch one's heart instantly--driving home the longing for one's Beloved!!!Today these Ghazals make me cry---but they bring him nearer to me---for most of these are filled with the pain of parting rather than happier emotions--there are very few happy Ghazals!!!
Later it became easier for him to just listen to his favourite Ghazals on his Cell Phone--connecting to You Tube on his way from Court while Pradeep drove him home after a busy day.Today I watch and listen to these and the only reason to do so is the solace these bring my aching heart----it just somehow brings him closer!!!Sometimes I do wonder---am I being masochistic????

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NITAINMN 3/30/2012 12:36AM

    Sounds of music, videos can easily attach one to the other person despite lack of years together! Its harder when there is time invested in a relationship with many hours spent together enjoying great love of music together. So sorry you are going thru this...but, memories are good for relieving grief. Take care of yourself, Komal. emoticon

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RAIN454 3/27/2012 4:40PM

    Cassettes? Whats that?? lol...totally kidding.

Hehe...well you like the music/poetry too so you're not being masochistic. Although, kinda reminds me of how there are certain tv shows I used to watch as a teenager and I followed these for years and years and then eventually the show would start getting boring but because I've watched them for so long, I felt bad missing an episode so I endured through it to keep my loyalty..hehe..i know, I'm weird ;)

Enjoy your ghazals! :)

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BOVEY63 3/23/2012 3:47PM

    Keep hold of the music that was such a big part of your relationship with Sudhir - it will always keep him close to you.

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CAROLJEAN64 3/23/2012 8:08AM

    Oh,no you are not being masochistic. You are bringing your Beloved close to your heart and sharing your lovely story bring is sharing his love to a larger group. Thank you.

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SAASHA17 3/23/2012 7:48AM


take care

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PUDLECRAZY 3/23/2012 7:02AM

    I have wondered about that, too. After my father died, I could not erase his last message to me. It was my last connection to his actual voice that was so comforting to me. Yet every time I heard that message, I felt sad that I would never actually talk to him again. I kept that message for over a year. One day, I accidentally erased it when I was deleting messages from my phone. I panicked. I would never hear him again. Then I realized that it was time to let that message go. I could not answer him back and our closeness was in a spiritual way now. Did I learn something from that? Maybe not, I still have the last message sent to me from my aunt who I adored.

The thing is, it is hard to let go of those earthly things that connect us, even though they don't actually connect us any more. Sudhir has not been gone for very long really, and you have been so completely connected to him. I don't think you are being masochistic. I think you are keeping some of your earthly conncetions until you are ready to shed them. It is a bittersweet thing. They remind of the pleasant times, and also remind us of the absence of our loved ones. You need your time to do this. It is really a kind of tribute to Sudhir.

Sending love,


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