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A Ghostly Tale!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

As a child I was a known Ghoul and my penchant for Ghost stories was notorious!!I remember reading as many Ghostly Tales as I could lay my hands on and was always curious about Life after Death---and whether or not Ghosts exist.Mummy owned a lot of books by an old Chinese Writer named Lin Yutang---and reading "The Hungry Stones" by Rabindranath Tagore as well as ancient Tales of haunted Castles and Forts of Rajasthan were my favourite reading material.My Nanny --Amma---belonged to the Hill region of Punjab--today the State of Himachal Pradesh and recounted many stories of Ghosts and Werewolves to me---which I listened to with relish!!!
An early sighting of a Ghost from the British Raj in the Circuit House in Kasauli showed me the remedy too----Amma took me to an "Ojha" or Exorcist who kept brushing my head with Peacock Feathers and mumbling some complicated Religious "Mantras" or Chants under his breath---and suddenly shouting "Om Phat Swaahaa" at regular intervals!!That experience made me decide firmly to keep quiet about such Sightings in future so as to shield me from the Mumbo Jumbo of the "Ojha"!!This I felt was a more prudent way to deal with all this.My Great Grandma--Mummy's Grandma-- was from the Konkan and spent most of her life living in the old Palatial Mansion or "Waadaa" at Saawant Wadi Principality.She was one of my favourite story tellers---her soft voice rising and falling in musical cadences of the lyrical Konkani she spoke.
This was one of the Tales she told---and swore that it was true!!More than a hundred years back --Ba-Aaji (that's what I called her) had a neighbour named Bakula.Bakula was her father's only daughter and was extremely rich.Unfortunately as a child, Bakula had suffered an accident and it had left her lame in her left foot---she had also lost her second toe(the one next to the Big Toe) in the same accident.She was living with her father when Ba-Aaji got married and came to this "Waadaa" as a child Bride and the two became fast friends.Due to Bakula's limp it was difficult to find a suitable match for her---and her father didn't want anyone marrying her with an eye on her Estate and money!!One day a cousin of the father's arrived with her adopted son---and offered to marry him off to Bakula.Now this cousin was even richer than Bakula's father---and so the father approved and the Wedding was fixed.In due course the Wedding took place and Bakula left for her husband's home with stars in her eyes.Once there the "Garbha daan" Ceremony prior to the consummation of the marriage was performed and on that day itself,suddenly her Mother-in-Law passed away after a Snake bite.This meant that Marriage could not be consumated for the ritual mourning period of 13 days after the Death---and so Bakula lived in a separate set of Rooms---away from her husband.
After completing all the Rituals a new "Muhurat" or auspicious time for Consumating the marriage was fixed for the next day.On that day,Bakula was drawing Water from the Well when she slipped and fell in--drowning almost instantly--as she didn't know how to swim.The news of her accident killed her father who doted on his only child---and so Bakula's husband inherited the vast property and lots of Money from both--his foster mother and his father-in-law.There were whispers that he had caused both deaths and had actually murdered the two women but there was no proof.Gradually in a few months the rumours died down.
A few months after Bakula's death he remarried--a beautiful but poor young girl.After the "Garbha Daan" Ceremony---the same evening he entered his Bed Chamber to find his new Bride swinging from a rafter----and a strong rank,putrid wet smell pervading the room.There were sticky wet,slimy prints on the floor---and the middle toe of the left foot imprint was missing!!This happened again on the next two times he took a Bride---and he died young a little while later---willing his murderously aquired huge Estate to Charity!!!

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RAGGARWALAX 9/14/2011 10:33PM

    Loved it! I don't believe in ghosts but if someone was telling this in the dark, I might actually believe it emoticon

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BOVEY63 9/14/2011 1:34PM

    I also love a good ghost story.
Your story was awesome and with an unexpected ending.

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PRACHI17 9/14/2011 1:06PM

    Love your blogs and loved this story !
keep em coming

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ATMANI 9/14/2011 11:42AM

    Hey Komal,
Thanks for sharing. I love ghost stories and one of these days I am going to write a ghost story on my blog. ..

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RATIONAL_EATER 9/14/2011 10:49AM

    Whao!! Didnt see that thing coming :)

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SAASHA17 9/14/2011 10:45AM

    I love such tales but im glad i wasnt reading this at night...Sheesh Woman, u scared me...but it was a fun story...Reminds me of the recent book i read "peony in love" by Lisa See.


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DONNAGOWAN 9/14/2011 5:40AM


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XXMILAXX 9/14/2011 5:16AM

    lol...great stroy and ending!!!! I love ghost stories too, but I have no experience with any to tell. I have heard tons of stories from grandparents, and others. Got any more?? :-)

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STARMIZER2000 9/14/2011 5:04AM

  good reading

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Pictures of Hartalika Gouri Pooja--31st.August 2011

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Figures of "Hartalika" Figures for sale

Another Stall selling these Figurines

Lighting the Lamp prior to the Pooja

Beginning the Pooja
The Ceremoniously placed Goddess Parvati and her Friend with a Shivalinga in the Centre.

Ceremoniously worshipping the Goddess

The Completed Pooja.It was raining heavily outside when this Picture was taken after the Pooja.The entire Scene looks extremely beautiful with the Figures of the Goddess and her Friend illuminated in the tiny flames on the Coconuts.I always switch off the Lights to catch the actual effect----breathtaking Visual pleasure!!The Coconuts are distributed among "Suvasinis" as the married women are called after the tiny Flames die down.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZANNACHAN 9/12/2011 9:25PM

    Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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MAGIK0731 9/9/2011 12:29PM

    Thanks for sharing! One word - beautiful.

I never thought you lived in India...don't know why I thought that. :)

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*MADHU* 9/8/2011 12:46PM

    Beautiful... emoticon

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XXMILAXX 9/7/2011 5:14AM

    lol Rain! I've never heard of that either. Guess I learned something too! Nice pics!

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RAIN454 9/6/2011 2:14PM

    So beautiful and interesting. I know this was definitely not the point, but I've somehow managed to have this sudden desire for coconut ice cream! I'm hopeless lol :)
Thanks for taking the time to take these pix and post. I never saw/heard of the hartalika dolls. Thanks for teaching me something new :)

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BOVEY63 9/6/2011 1:43PM

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

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ATMANI 9/6/2011 8:43AM

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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3 rd.September--A Beautifully Nostalgic Day!!!

Monday, September 05, 2011

There are some very fond Memories attached to my City of Birth and Residence---and most of these are interlinked with certain Mumbai Landmarks---the most famous of these being the Taj Mahal Hotel---the pride of Mumbai since 1904--when it first opened it's opulent doors!!A dream Project of Sir Jamshedji Tata--- the great Indian Industrialist and Founder of the huge Tata Empire,he vowed to make a Hotel that would rival the World's finest---and would never carry a Sign at the Entrance"Dogs and Indians not allowed"!!The Landmark ---The Gateway of India---opposite this huge Palatial Structure was built to comemorate the visit of Edward the Fifth to Bombay in 1925 ----21 years later!!!
This beautiful Hotel has been a part of my Life since childhood---and I loved it's beautifully Carpetted highly polished Staircase the most--my favourite pastime was running up and down it as a child!!The hushed Opulence and Grandeur were overlaid with a Stately ambience--and the Polished Italian Marble Floors--the Old Victorian Furniture made it a Palace of Dreams---and the view from the Sea facing windows---just breathtaking!!!It had (still has) a cosy little Book Shop called "Nalanda" and this was my favourite haven--to browse through beautiful glossy paged Books---for it held many Coffee Table varieties of Books as well as the usual Best Sellers and Classics.The scrumptious Buffet Lunches in the Ball Room and Crystal Room would have Tables groaning with varieties of Global Cuisine--and of course Formal dressing was a must those days to enter these hallowed Portals!!
My father's older brother--Gopal Kaka--lived a stone's throw away from the Taj and the Promenade opposite it was one of our favourite spots for our regular evening Walks.Those days there used to be large flocks of Pigeons---and many Visitors would exclaim at these---and we'd buy packets of Seeds and sitting on the old Stone Benches near The Gateway of India scatter handfuls of these on the Pavement---just to see the Pigeons swoop down and walk their mincing gait around us--while pecking these up!!There also used to be lots of Horse drawn Carriages called "Victoria"s pulled up in queues at the Promenade---and many times we'd hire and ride these--the Route taking us from the Taj to Marine Drive and back for a few Rupees!!I remember the feeling like a Princess--clip-clopping languidly through the Traffic--Mistress of all I surveyed!!Unfortunately both the Pigeons and the "Victoria"s have dwindled in number today!!
After I got engaged to Sudhir our favourite pastime was driving on the Rainswept Marine Drive towards the Taj at Apollo Bunder---and this became our most favourite spot for a Meal---specially one of the windowside tables at The Sea Lounge on the 1st. Floor----our regular haunt!!Many are the wonderful hours we've spent there--specially during the Monsoon--sitting across from each other---just gazing wordlessly out over the wonderful sight of the endless expanse of the Sea--and the metallic Sky merging seamlessly into each other on the Horizon!!The crashing Waves would sent showers of Surf shooting up each time they banged against the Promenade Wall---drenching the crowds walking there--enjoying the Rain.Our children too became a part of our regular visits and Tea Time jaunts on Weekends meant luscious Pastries and Sandwiches---a must have in the time honoured tradition of English Tea!!All of us were extremely fond of their creamy Soups and crisply fried,melting in the mouth Fish'n'Chips served with Tartare Sauce!!The craving for these would drive us there on Sunday Mornings and we'd return home in the evenings after a scrumptious Tea as well---just snuggling down in those wonderfully deep Armchairs!!
The horrendous Terrorist Attack on the 27th. November 2008 had our daughters frantically calling us---to ensure we weren't caught at the Taj for Dinner!!We'd been to the Taj just a day earlier---- to visit the wonderful "La Patisserie" Cake Shop on the Ground floor---another favourite for a variety of great Salads,Cold Cuts, Savouries and Patties,Fruit Tarts,Macaroons,Pastries and Cakes--the luscious all Chocolate Dutch Truffle and rich Plum Cake being the most favourite Items all the year round---perhaps the Best in the World!!!On hearing the News from the Girls we quickly switched on the News Channel--and our mouths gaped open in horror--the Beautiful Dome of The Taj Palace was alight and burning furiously!!! Flames were pouring out from the beautiful Bay windows---and Gunshots echoing in the background!! All the beautifully polished old Burmah Teak,Mahogany and other old Wooden Artefacts caught Fire and burnt down to ashes--taking a lot of Memories with them!!The Old Wing of the Taj burned and the battle continued into the next day--till finally the Commandos managed to control the Situation and eliminate the Terrorists!!!The "La Patisserie" opened for business after 6-7 months after the Attack but the Hotel took longer---- as it was lovingly restored by Ratan Tata and his team to it's former Glory!!After a gap of almost 3 years I visited The Sea Lounge again for my Birthday on the 3rd.---and sat on our favourite Table to feast on creamy hot Soup and my favourite Fish 'n' Chips---while gazing at the wonderfully Rain washed View!!For that period Time stood still and the years rolled back as replete and well fed I slowly descended my beautifully refurbished Grand Staircase to the Ground floor--feeling once more like a Princess--just as I used to during my childhood!!!
Throughout the period it was shut the entire Staff recieved full pay each month--and generous Compensations were paid to the families of those who lost their lives. Ratan Tata himself attended each and every Funeral and has formed a Trust to look after all the Educational needs of the children of all those people who lost their lives in those Attacks---be it in The Taj,The Sheraton,at The CST Railway Station,at Cafe Leopold----all have been covered in his generous act!!The Scion of the Tata Empire has emerged as a true Philanthropist---a man who followed his heart---and performed his generous Deeds without any Fanfare!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RAIN454 9/7/2011 2:10PM

    I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know about this but thanks for filling me in...in true "Komal" form - with vivid beauty and elegantly detailed all throughout. You're amazing...your stories are amazing...and I'm so fortunate to be able to read these on a daily. I wish you would hurry up and write this pulitzer already!! ;)
Happy Birthday!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ATMANI 9/7/2011 12:59PM

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories.

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MILLISMA 9/5/2011 12:12PM


This is a place I've always wanted to visit. What an amazing story - sad but the end results beautiful. Terrorists have caused so much harm all over the world..the loss of life being the saddest. What a wonderful person Ratan Tata is to have helped so many. So happy that things were also restored and your memories could continue to be made.

A late Happy Birthday to you!

Hugs.....Mary Anne

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Celebrations--Then and Now--2!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The 10 day period would be full of plenty of Fun and Life---and even the Immersion on the 10th. day echoed the merriment!!We'd all make our way ceremoniusly along with the Idol to Chowpatty Beach---and once there would hire a Fisherman for the Immersion in the Sea.I'd have a strangle hold on the tiny hands of as many children as I could grab---we'd have the neighbours' kids with us too!!After performing the Rituals and singing the Hymns He'd be borne aloft and carried into the surging Waves---and our eyes would follow Him avidly till He disappeared beneath the Waves---leaving each one of us in tears!!The surging Crowds,the huge Idols borne in open,decorated Trucks and accompanying huge Crowds of People,the reverberating beat of myriad Drums accompanying these huge Crowds was both exhiliarating and terrifying at the same time!!!The whole Scene even today has to be seen to be believed---it's magnitude is such that perhaps it is the largest such gathering of any Community in the World--thronging Mumbai's Beaches in impossibly huge numbers!!!The routes are fixed and the City is declared at high Alert during this period!!The fervour is growing with each year!!!
The period between the late 80s and early 90s meant the Girls growing up , getting married and moving away.The first was Alpana in 1988,Sharmila in 1990,Shilpa in 1991,Sonal in 1992 and Lotta in 1993----5 out of 6 Girls married!!!This affected our Workforce now reduced to the 3 boys and Sayali---and ofcourse the domestic Staff as well!!!Alpana,Sharmila and Sonal ---all moved to the Statres after their Weddings---while Shilpa and Lotta remained in Bombay---bound by their own Family Traditions!!Besides Atya passed away on 27th. November 1994---and the balance shifted somewhat!!By the year 2000,both Aamod and Shilpa had moved to Bangalore,Lotta and Sayali to the States and Babu to Delhi----the Celebrations became quieter,more sedate and Milind's own death on 24th.February 2001 changed things forever!!!The Festival became a very quiet and private affair----shorn of all the liveliness and bustle associated with it!!A new orderbegan as Babu first brought Ganapati in his Delhi home and we scrambled to make it at least for the first day!!!After Babu shifted back to Mumbai a new Pattern established itself.We bring home Ganapati and install the Idol with due propriety.After a beautiful Vegetarian Lunch we disperse to visit various Friends homes to pay homage and thereafter visit as often as possible to pay our respects to Lord Ganesha----and finally on the 10th. day leave by 4 p.m. to immerse the Idol in the Sea with traditional propriety before the rush begins!!!
This year Sayali was back for Ganapati after a gap of 11 years---and a lot of things have changed in those 11 years!!The experience was a bitter sweet one---she was happy to be here but found everything was vastly different from what she remembered----and it was a shocking jolt for her!!For us the change has been gradual and maybe we don't miss the old order that drastically---for to tell you the Truth---- the new order suits us just fine!!!Today we all are much older and definitely do lack the physical capacity to match the way things used to be---so have to indulge in Nostalgia to conjure up the "Good" old days!!!

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BOVEY63 9/4/2011 10:58PM

    Awesome pictures - the crowds are amazing!

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Celebrations---Then and Now--1!!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

This year Sayali was back in Mumbai after a gap of 11 years---and was very excited to be home for Hartalika Pooja and Ganapati Festival!!Both Kartik and she had missed the Festival and Ganesha is Sayali's best loved Deity and she was
looking forward to her favourite "Ukadichey Modak" or steamed Fresh Coconut stuffed in Rice Flour Dumplings---a must have as an offering for "Ganesha" since these are His favourite Food!!!I will now relate the Experience through Sayali's eyes-----Past and Present!!!
We have been getting Ganapati for more than 62 years now---the Idol was first brought home at Sudhir's brother Milind's insistence during their childhood.Those days this was a huge Clan----a joint family of 4 brothers,their wives and children as well as their Grandmother all living together!!As Time passed Sudhir's grandma separated each of her sons because she felt that quarrels among the children would cause misunderstanings between her daughters-in-law and spoil the relations amongst her sons.Though now separate the entire Clan would descend for Ganapati and the the entire period of 10 days would turn into a Food Bonanza!!!Later during my childhood I remember attending the odd Ganapati or two in Bombay-----it used to be great fun---specially if you were a child!!Those days Friends and extended Family would visit to pay homage to the Deity at their leisure---the entire day and till late night it would be "Open House"---with people streaming in and joining the Family for whichever Meal was on---there was always plenty of Food to go around!!!Slowly things began getting more organised----and certain days would be set aside for entertaining different groups of People---extended Family,Friends,Court Associates so on and so forth.There would be 10 different Menus devised for these 10 days----and with the help of her large Domestic staff every evening would proceed like well oiled Wheels----perfectly orchestrated!!!
After Baba's death Milind continued with the earlier format---and after Sudhir and I married I became a part of it too.
These 10 days meant arranging Flowers in beautifully co-ordinated Flowers arrangements flanking the Idol in the Drawing Room.The Decorations would be made from many various items---Wires would be bent to form Trellises and these would be adorned with Satin Ribbon or Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flowers.The Deity would be seated on a Silver stool called a "Paat" and surrounded by silver oil Lamps in varied sizes.Silver "Modaks" would be arrayed in piles in front of Him---offered to Him by various members of the entire Family--extended included!!The scent of the Incense would linger on the Air after both morning and evening "Aarati" or singing of Hymns.The most enjoyable of all the evening Soirees was the "Mothi Aarati" which was the gathering of our entire Family and Friends---it would be an extremely enjoyable event!!!
This day meant everyone staying back for Dinner and that then would be a one Dish Meal----the most popular being Atya's Spicy "Khichadi" made with roasted Dry Coconut Masala and Green Peas!!!The Snack Menu used to be extensive too---fresh Green Peas "Usal"---these would be literally peeled by the Kilos each day--the entire Family and Staff pitching in and the Peas too were of a special quality from Saswad---a small place near Pune famous for this strain of short,stubby pale Green Pea Pods with tiny dark Green Peas inside.Each Pod contained barely 4-5 Peas---and that made this even more difficult---for a huge number had to be peeled to feed more than a hundred people---besides everyone took seconds!!!Along with the Usal there would be 3-4 different Varieties of Snacks----and Bone China Plates would be filled and refilled with maximum speed!!It was such a relief as the children began growing up---for that meant extra hands initially and finally all 9 of them took over---and were Kunda,Suhas,Neena and me relieved!!!It was literally back breaking work!!This meant that finally we did more than just smile and say "Hi" while serving the Snacks or a "Bye" while the Guests were leaving---for there was no time to sit and chat!!Besides the Snacks,there would be huge Churns of fresh Mango or Custard Apple Ice Cream too--and Silver Tumblers of hot Milk spiced with Cardamom-Nutmeg powder and flavoured with Saffron threads--chock full of slivered Almonds and Pistachioes.
This was an annual event which brought the immediate and extended Family together---and News as well as Family Gossip would be exchanged!!The evening would culminate with the "Aarati"---and there would be a lot of pranks being played during the period it would be sung!!The Harmonium,Tabla as well as the "Taal" or tiny Brass Discs would be clapped together to produce a ringing sound---there'd be scuffles over who would clang the Bells---and the beautiful ambience of Camaraderie and Fellowship would be so palpable so as to be felt physically!!!

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BOVEY63 9/2/2011 12:34PM

    You really are a nation of festivals - how exciting!

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ATMANI 9/2/2011 10:15AM

    I perform the Hartalika gowri puja and Ganesha puja too!

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