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A Celebration of Togetherness

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sudhir has never liked celebrating Milestones---he prefers it to be a quiet evening spent together---in the early years it would the Kids and us---now it is just us!!!This attitude of his used to irritate his brother----- Milind---extremely.Milind loved celebrating and throwing Parties--any excuse would do---and Birthdays and Anniversaries were really special!!We share our Anniversary date with our oldest nephew Aamod---Sudhir's oldest sister Kunda's son----his birthday falls on the 11th.of October---he completed 9 years of age on our Wedding Day----and on Monday he turned 49 years old!!
The most amusing incident took place on our 25th Anniversary----some of the children were still living in Mumbai and others had come down for our nephew Nikhil's(Babu's) Wedding on the 20th.of October.That day the entire group of them went to attend a Party in a Discotheque to celebrate Aamod's Birthday---I'd cooked all Sudhir's favourite dishes for Dinner and we were about to sit down to Dinner when the Doorbell began pealing incessantly!!I ran to open the Door and there was the entire Clan standing at our Doorstep---all of Sudhir's Siblings,my Mother and Sisters---carrying a beautiful Chocolate Cake and huge Parcels of Food---shouting "Surprise!!!"
So much for a quiet Celebration---all the Food I'd prepared went into the 'Fridge---and in a trice we'd set the table and lighted the Candles on the Cake---Milind had got exactly 25---and those huge Parcels contained Biryani from Delhi Darbar---Mumbai's legendary Mughalai Eatery--and also Tandoori Chicken,Rotis and Shrimp Masala---all this was spread out and after we cut the Cake the Feast began!!The impromptu Party went on till 12.30 a.m.--when the Family left and the children trooped in after their Party---surprised to see everyone here!!My daughters were very pleased---as for me such do's aren't really my cup of Tea---'coz they'd mean cooking massive amounts of Food---we'd number more than a 100 people---the extended Family with our first Cousins,Aunts and Uncles included!!!There'd be people who didn't eat Onion and Garlic---just pure Vegetarian Food---others Vegetarian but with Onion and Garlic---then those who ate only Fish and still those who loved both Fish and Meat----I've cooked for many such Parties by myself---and each category would be speciallylooked after---with home cooked Food!!!We'd entertain downstairs in the Garden---Fairy Lights strung on Trees and Shrubs and Food Counters set up with Chafing Dishes----I used to prepare each and every dish myself!!
This Anniversary was a quiet affair---I visited the neighbourhood Temple with offerings to the various Dieties housed their and invoked their Blessings as well as prayed for Sudhir's Good Health and long Life.I also asked for a boon---to die a "Suhaagan" and for Sudhir to light my Pyre-----this is what I pray for constantly.By God's Grace I have had a good life so far---am fully satisfied with everything He has bestowed on me---now I'm waiting for Him to bestow His final Blessing on me--but till He does so I will continue to live in contented Gratitude---He has been far more generous than what I deserved!!
I don't talk about Death 'coz it upsets Sudhir terribly---but sometimes he really goes too far----that is when I get really incensed----and I utter this Promise!!!I say"After I die, please consign my Body to the Flames and then come back home and ring the Bell---I'll open the Door and pour you the hot Water for your ritual cleansing Bath----this way both of us will be happy---so tell me which version of me would you prefer---this or that"???This really shuts him up for the time being---another such promise needs to be delivered every few months!!!

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NICE125 10/13/2010 9:15PM

  Wow!! Congratulations once again! emoticon

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MESSENE 10/13/2010 8:49PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DRASADAF 10/13/2010 2:45PM

    oh Komalji ur last paragraph just pains me to read it...plz dont say that so easily...it hurts...imagine wat it must b to hear all this for Sudhirji...i know its a fact but a very difficult to absorb too..
As for Delhi Darbar ,u know both of our two sisters wedding before and after the reception we had food ordered all the way from Delhi Darbar to our home for the guests....The reception was in another hotel so we had no choice there..LOL...but i still rejoice its food when i go to Mumbai...

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ZANNACHAN 10/13/2010 12:18PM

    Congratulations on 40 years!

It sounds like you have a great family--large and overwhelming perhaps (I agree with Sudhir--I like quiet celebrations *grin*) but loving and full of energy.

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BOVEY63 10/13/2010 12:14PM

    It is wonderful that you have so much love and fulfillment in your life!
emoticon emoticon

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Our Journey Together

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

11th.October,1970---Sudhir and I embarked on Life's Journey together---two extremely impulsive and hot headed individuals-----who agreed to constantly disagree with each other on every aspect of Life!!We were two people who were extremely in love with each other and took our commitment to each other very seriously----Marriage was forever!!!
Mummy and Amma had lectured me endlessly before we left Chandigarh on the following points-----first and foremost to curb my headstrong and stubborn Nature---I was told that the Woman is the one who builds a strong home---the Man goes out to earn and needs the cocoon of a serene and well run home to return to----so the Woman should be understanding,loving and giving-----because in our Indian Culture Men are kept on a higher pedestal than women--hence the special treatment for them!!!I listened and kept my mouth shut---a very difficult thing to do but I managed---because protesting would have prolonged that boring Lecture---and on arrival in Bombay promptly told Sudhir that he better learn to treat me as an equal Individual---or else I'd not stand for being a second class Citizen in our Marriage!!If we were the two wheels of Life's Chariot---then we were equals!!!
During the first five years of our Marriage we lived in a Joint Family---in 1975 we moved into our own home---and really started our Life together in earnest!!Now I'm Mathematical Dumbo---my Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication and Division methods are so bad that I end up with a different answer each time---using the same digits!! Thus it fell to Sudhir---a Mathematical Wizard---to give me concise instructions in dealing with the various Vendors----Fish,Vegetables,Fruit and Flowers---they all came to our Doorstep daily---turn by turn in the morning.I was 21---already a mother of 2 daughters and I slowly learnt the way to run my home---through trial and error!!As I gained in experience my confidence and my Mathematical ability both grew---till at least I began to adopt the right attitude needed in dealing with people in a more business like manner.Here I must recommend Sudhir's Patience---though this a quality he sorely lacks otherwise---in my case he displayed exemplary Patience!!
Both of us became each other's staunch support system----each taking on certain roles.I'm the eldest among my siblings--and Sudhir the youngest among his---so I was used to dong things for others--while he was used to getting things done for him---hence we both assumed our separate roles with equanimity!!He'd had a very sheltered upbringing--and while I had been protected too but not to the extent he'd been---I was more independent in both my attitude and behaviour--so this being cocooned in a protective environment was new to me---and I rebelled against it!!
Sudhir being 9 years older than me I naturally respected his authority--he was older hence he knew better----but I realised much later that I was far more mature in some areas than he could ever be!!While Baba(Sudhir's father)had been pretty broad minded for his era both his sons were exceedingly conservative.Both Neena and I had specific instructions on the type of Sari Blouses to wear,the way to dress our hair and some mundane other things---she conformed---I rebelled!!Finally we made a pact---the portion above my neck belonged to me--the entire portion below my neck was Sudhir's--so while I dressed according to his dictates---I used my Brain the way I wanted---my mind was my own!!This suited both of us well---I read Books on various subjects by a myriad Authors and gathered as much Knowledge as I could---a prowess Sudhir was and is extremely proud of----it's really embarassing when he boasts about it!!I was just a High School Graduate when we married---but with his Support I first finished my Bachelor's and later Master's in History while my children were still young----taking the benefit of the Correspondence Courses.
Different aspects of our Natures rubbed off on each other---Sudhir has a terrible Temper--when we married he'd just clam up for days on end sulk if something upset him---I'd literally ransack my mind to find out the reasons behind his silences---but only constant cajolling would get it out of him---most reluctantly!!Me on the other hand would rave and rant about the reason of my ire---get it out of my system and come back to normal instantly!!Today he speaks out his displeasure without sulking about it---and I don't shoot my mouth off at the drop of a hat about everything---I reserve that now for the really serious topics!!I'm an extrovert and form Friendships--lasting ones--while he's "Hail Fellow Well met!!" but not very people oriented otherwise----prefers being with Family only!!!Lotta takes after him and Sayali after me---it irritates him the way my friends keep calling me---specially those in our Complex---he just can't understand what we can talk about day in and day out---while I can't understand how he can watch those stupid Soaps on T.V. as recreational Activity----99% of them are Trash!!
Today we've become so involved with each other that demarcation of our thoughts is not possible.We both have grown to become each other's Best Friends and Confidants---there are no Secrets between us---in fact if one lies about something the other catches him/her out instantly---two bodies but one Soul!!!

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ZANNACHAN 10/13/2010 12:22PM

    Sounds like the two of you complimented each other well. It's amazing how love can bring two people together.

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RAJASHREE108 10/13/2010 12:15PM

    Isn't it amazing.. how two different personalities grow in love!


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RAGGARWALAX 10/13/2010 11:20AM

    When two people bring out the best in each other, that is a sign of true love emoticon

I think the key thing is that this does not always happen instantly but in many cases, it happens gradually. That is the way it was for my DH and I, we also fought a lot in the early days but now I feel we are truly on the same wavelength for most things. That doesn't mean that we don't disagree and our likes/dislikes are quite different but they are the same for the things that count!

Thanks for sharing!

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SAASHA17 10/13/2010 11:19AM

    hmm thats so wonderful. If i can get such a marriage I would be blessed...


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NICE125 10/13/2010 10:57AM

  Congratulations and celebrations!!! 40 years, good job done!! So how did you celebrate this anniversary? emoticon emoticon emoticon

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RAIN454 10/13/2010 10:26AM

    Congratulations on 40 wonderful years! You're story is amazing and inspiring. If I can find a love that equates to even an ounce of what you and Sudhir have shared, I will consider myself truly blessed! Hope you had a great day together and the best rest of your lives!

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EACHDAYAGIFT 10/13/2010 9:06AM

    Too many things I liked in here to comment on each one. My favorite was the pact of above the neck belonging to you! In the end, as you grew to understand each other and changed to become more like each other, sounds like that separation of jurisdiction is no longer necessary. Lloyd and I, too, have weathered storms and worked and changed to the point we are best friends at this point, too. I am just loving celebrating your anniversary by reading this story of your early marriage. emoticon

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DRASADAF 10/13/2010 7:39AM

    I think my husband is having Sudhirji's absolute same nature....one thing that helped me much is the fact how u adjusted and managed to succeed in ur married life...this is really very precious information to me...u know i always wondered y all our lives no one ever taught us in our school and college n universities as to how to live a happy and successful married life...but thx to u from the bottom of my heart that i m getting to learn so much...

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Memories of a Wedding 5

Sunday, October 10, 2010

There were two Ceremonies which took place at the very end---first being the stealing of an Idol of baby Lord Krishna--"Bal Krishna"---by Sudhir.This Idol was buried deep in the pile of raw Rice---Sudhir had to stealthily ferret it out and pocket it without anyone noticing---he was so obvious that everybody not only saw him searching for it---but also caught his irritated muttering while he was ferreting around for it!!This feat was accomplished amidst loads of Laughter and good natured ribbing---a cheer went up when the Idol was finally found and pocketed!!!The second Ceremony was when Sudhir changed my name---it had been decided by the entire Family that my name wouldn't be changed---everyone knew me as "Komal"--a name bestowed on me by Atya--Sudhir's mother--at my christening."Komal" means delicate and I LOOKED delicate because of my wiry build and thin frame----factually I was extremely strong---my appearance was deceptive!!So in a trayful of Rice he scrawled the name "Swati" using my Gold Wedding Ring as a pen----with a flamboyant flourish---much to poor Atya's dismay!!!"Swati" is the name of Constellation of Stars---maybe he dreamt that I'd balloon to my present size within 5 years of Marriage---I don't know the reason!!I'm very glad that he did what he did---at least there are no snide Jokes about my being the opposite of my given name now!!!
We left the Marriage Hall in our heavily Flower Bedecked Car to drive home---I'm still surprised that the Chauffeur could see the Road through all those Garlands strung across the Windshield---but suffice to say that we reached home safely!!I was now to step ceremoniously over the Threshold---my sisters-in-law had already left long before us to make the arrangements for this important Ceremony.An antique Iron Measure filled with 1.25 kgs.of unhusked Rice is placed on the Threshold.The Bride is welcomed into the home by application of "Haldi-Kum Kum" followed by an "Aarti"----Silver Lamps are lit and placed in a Silver Dish.The Bride is first anointed with a pinch of "Haldi" or Turmeric followed by a pinch of Red Powder called"Kum Kum/Sindoor" on her forehead.She is then ceremoniously greeted with the lighted Silver Lamp--which is circled around her face five times.After this she is supposed to gently tip over the Measure of Rice with her right foot and then to step into the married home placing her right foot inside the Threshold first.In my case my brother-in-law Milind---who loved teasing me since I was a Baby---and was aware of how to get a rise out of me--teased me saying that I'd be allowed just one kick before I entered---after that I'd have to behave like a Lady and not a Tomboy!!!He got the desired result in the reactionI gave---I drew back my leg and kicked that heavy antique Iron Measure like a Foot Ball---and sent flying way down the long Passage--spraying Rice in every Direction--till it landed on the closed door of our Bedroom with a loud "Thump"!!
For a few seconds there was a stunned pin drop Silence--followed by peals of Laughter as Atya hugged me and welcomed me into the house----even today the memory makes me grin in mischief----I didn't exactly reform from the next day but did make a conscious effort to conform!!!The next few hours went by in a daze---getting ready for the Reception Ceremony in the huge open Air Arena of the Marriage Hall---my hair in a huge Bun---weighed down by lots of Flowers in stiff Garlands called "Venis" placed on it--a set of 3 of those was mandatory!!My ankles were weighed down with heavy Silver Anklets and I wore heavy Silver Toe rings on each toe--including the Big Toe---each of a different shape and size---it was a struggle to wear my new Purple and Gold coloured Slippers---my feet were already swollen!!New pieces of Jewellery in Diamonds,Gold and Pearls were added to the ones I already wore---and my entire Sari---called a "Shaalu"a deep Royal Purple Silk Brocade was entirely woven with Gold Thread---incredibly supple but heavy and this too added to the total weight!!There were Pins everywhere---Maami's friend--the Beautician did a marvelous job of transforming me into a beautiful Radiant Bride---I was glowing with Happiness--and on the dot of 6 p.m. both of us were in position on the stage---surrounded by a bower of headily perfumed Flowers---ready to greet the Guests.There were a pair of Red anfd Gold Thrones for us to sit on--but that just couldn't happen---the constant flow of people just wouldn't let up for almost 3 hours!1Besides we'd keep bowing to touch the Feet of all the elderly Relatives who'd made a Herculean effort to attend---arriving literally from far and wide just to bless us!!By the time we reached home after Dinner--my back was a mass of painful muscles and bones--I'd been bending over constantly since early morning and was dog tired by then.On reaching home I changed out of the heavy clothese and hairstyle and removed the heavy pieces of Jewellery---the various Gold and Pearl Bangles along with the Glass ones were to stay for at least a week---and relieved just lay down on the soft inviting bed---and fell heavily asleep in a trice!!By the time Sudhir came into our Bedroom I was fast asleep--and so he claims---snoring---but that was the way our Married Life actually started-----snoozing away!!!

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RAGGARWALAX 10/13/2010 11:12AM

    That was hilarious and beautiful!!!


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LISANANCY 10/11/2010 9:05AM

    My kind of gal. Starting your married life your way! emoticon

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SABA_MALI 10/11/2010 5:56AM

    oh that was so nice to read:)
i havent been to a hindu wedding ever but always wanted to. they have so many ceremonies

im a pakistani getting married in feb-march. we dont really have alot of ceremonies but we do have a few nice ones. hope i enjoy my wedding to:)

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DRASADAF 10/11/2010 5:12AM

    oh did u actually kick the kalash of rice so far...i thought it was to b just pushed so much so that it falls down there n there itself...sorry saw this scene on the tv many times so i wondered....but u were so naive that is really adoring....

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ZANNACHAN 10/10/2010 10:39PM

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful wedding memories! I've never been to a Hindu wedding, though I was invited to one this summer which I wasn't able to attend because the weekend was already booked. It sounds like a lovely ceremony.

I had to laugh, though. On my wedding day, we left the reception later than we had originally planned and then had to drive an hour to our apartment. My new husband had moved in there a few months before but while I had visited it, this was the first time I'd be actually living there, so I guess it was a big deal even though we don't have any real ceremonies for that. But I was so tired when we got there, just dead on my feet, and we're at the door and my husband unlocks it but then he won't let me inside. Apparently I gave him this pitiful look because I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't let me in and I was so tired! And then he scoops me up and carries me inside.

Even now he laughs whenever he remembers my expression when he wouldn't let me walk in. *grin*

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EACHDAYAGIFT 10/10/2010 1:01PM

    Oh, did I laugh at the kicking of the rice incident! So, do people call you Swati and not Komal now?

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RAJASHREE108 10/10/2010 8:41AM

    Wow Komal, even when I have seen the grihapravesha scene hundreds of times, I did not want to lose any details. I felt I attended your wedding. Now I can't wait to go on your honeymoon with you... sorry!

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Memories of a Wedding 4

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The entire 10 days prior to our Wedding had been Raining----it was the Navaratri then---the Nine Nights and Days before "Vijaya Dashmi"or "Dussra"---the Tenth Day of Victory of Good over Evil!!!In the evening on "Dassra" I was ceremoniusly anointed with the Turmeric Paste from head to toe and after that Mummy bathed me with her younger sister Manda Maushi dancing in attendance!!!This ceremonial ritual symbolises washing away all old ties before forming new ones---and hence the Mother performs it---a second birth so to speak---of the Bride.After the Bath I was dressed in a new set of clothes and seated on a small four legged stool called a "Chaurang" and the "Chooda" or Bangle Ceremony began.Mummy started the Ceremony by sliding the first thick Gold Bangles called "Goth" followed by a couple of Green Glass Bangles on my wrists---then each married Aunt followed suit---sliding a couple of Green Glass Bangles on my wrists---interspersed with Gold Bangles of various Patterns and names---slowly the "Chooda" grew and my arms resounded with the tinkle of Glass and Gold---11 Glass Bangles in the left arm and 10 in the right----my arms were not used to the weight---but the tinkling was very melodious and musical!!That "Dassra" was the last day before I grew up---and became an adult!!The day after "Dassra" was our Wedding----and it was an exhausting Day for me!!!
The day began early---at about 4 a.m.---when Mummy woke me up for the Ceremonial Bath----again bathing me from head to toe---and then dressing me up---I was on a strict Fast till all the Wedding Ceremonies would be over--and by 6.30 a.m. we'd reached the huge Wedding Hall--some ten minutes away!!Once there the Rites began---the Priests chanting the "Mantras" and my father obeying each command of the Priest like a Puppet---finally the preliminary Pujas were over---and then I was escorted to one side to worship the Goddess Durga also known as Gauri--to pray for an eternal Blessing for a long and happy married life!!From here it was my maternal Uncle who came to lead me by hand to the Wedding Canopy---and I stood opposite Sudhir---but not face to face---because there was the Traditional Curtain or "Antar Paat " held by the Priests between the two of us.The Priests began chantiing the Mantras in a sing song fashion---and I began feeling the Laughter bubbling up inside me---both the Priests were tone deaf---and not musical at all!!!Somehow I endured the torture on my ears----trying to distract my ears from that tuneless chanting---and finally after an ordeal of 20 minutes it ended in a crash of the ceremonial drums accompanied by the Indian Clarinet---"Shehnai"---I was finally married!!It was a jubilant momen for me as I garlanded Sudhir and he garlanded me---for the first time I became aware of being shy with Sudhir---imperceptibly ,inexplicably something in the equation between us had altered ---and changed!!The next Ceremony after it was the "Kanyaa daan" or giving away the daughter---ceremoniusly bestowing her hand in her husband's hand---and for the first time I glimpsed tears in Daddy's eyes as Mummy and he performed the Ceremony---I realised what he must have felt then--in Lotta's Wedding---22 years later!!All the years since her Birth just flashed before my eyes that day and Sudhir's eyes were wet too---it is an extremely poignant moment for every Parent!!
The Ceremonies continued--the Priests droning on and we mindlessly following the Instructions like Puppets---till the Sapta Padi or seven Steps and Seven Promises---one for each Step for the rest of our lives---followed by the "Laaja Home" or the Seven Rounds of the Ceremonius Fire.By now it was way past Noon--and I was dreadfully tired---besides being hungry---but contrary to what I'd thought---I could barely eat a morsel or two of the huge, many coursed Wedding Feast----and the Food that day was just excellent!!!

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DRASADAF 10/10/2010 3:54AM

    its as though i was actually witnessing ur wedding as i went thro ur words ,word by word.

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EACHDAYAGIFT 10/9/2010 12:12PM

    I remember picking my favorites for the wedding reception, too, and barely being able to eat! Thank goodness we weren't standing near one another as you struggled to fight off the giggles...I am known to lose control at inappropriate times and the more inappropriate, the longer before I manage to get a hold of myself. My daughter and I are a deadly combination in this respect. It's very embarrassing. I love the idea of the ritual, rebirth bath performed by your mother. Would you mind sharing what each of the seven promises are?
Oh, by the way, I was flipping t.v. channels while I sewed last night and stumbled on a silly show about brides trying to win a honeymoon, but the wedding being shown was an Indian one, and I smiled as I got to see her hennaed arms and hands, her jewelry, and her gorgeous red and gold wedding clothing. I, of course, was imagining 17 year old Komal with her beloved Sudhir!

Comment edited on: 10/9/2010 12:20:43 PM

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BOVEY63 10/9/2010 12:02PM

    I love the hearing about the ceremonies of your culture - it all sounds so beautiful.

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Memories of a Wedding 3

Friday, October 08, 2010

As the Train chugged into Bombay Central Station I was a bundle of Excitement and nerves!!1My eyes began searching for a pair of beautiful twinkling Dark Brown eyes----which too were searching for me---and it was a truly Magic moment when both the Pairs of Eyes did meet----because then my heart stood still with a thunderous "Thump"----the entire tumultous feeling is impossible to describe!!!Then both us were engulfed in the crowd of our other Family members----that one look said it all!!
We didn't get any privacy for the remaining week---all those Ceremonial Lunches and Dinners----and the various Religious Ceremonies and best of all---my Mehendi and Beauty treatment!!My "Maami"---Mummy's younger brother's wife---had arranged for a lady to apply "Mehendi" or Henna on my Hands and Feet----this process is an Art---and was always very complicated.The fresh ground Henna Paste would be rolled into small cones and it would be carefully pressed with a certain amount of pressure to release a thin thread of the Paste---this would be used to form Motifs all over my Palms,back of the Palms and halfway to my elbows on my arms----and the upper Feet and upto my calves on the legs---the intricate Patterns created this way were truly breath taking!!Now my biggest problem is lack of Patience---first sitting in the same place for 3-4 hours----then the moment I apply Henna I get curious to see how deeply it stains my skin---but that day all my Aunts ganged up together to prevent me from doing that.The Carrot they dangled under my nose was that the longer it stays onthe deeper and darker the Stain---plus this is supposed to be the traditional method of finding out of how much the Bride Groom cares for the Bride!!Now that was something I wanted to see too!!So I stood the torture for an entire 24 hours---while they applied Lemon Juice mixed with Sugar Syrup on the drying Henna with Cotton Swabs---and also smoked it with Cloves heated on a Griddle to smoking point---to produce an almost Black Stain!!!Luckily for Sudhir the quality of the Henna was very good and produced fantastic results---or I'd have cooked his Goose totally!!
The next day was my Beauty Treatment---one of Maami's Friends had just finished her Beautician's Course and wanted Guinea Pigs to practice on---and who better than her Friend's neice---ME!!!Well the lady in question arrived---I'd never been to a Beauty Parlour ever---and the first thing that hit me was the Waxing----Dear God---I yelped long and loud like a scalded Cat---my poor Aunts had to literally hold me down---but finally it was over and done with----my poor Body was sore and itchy---an angry red in colour by then!!Worst was still to come---she then plucked my eyebrows and moustache with a thread---terribly painful!!!After this she gave me a Facial---first massaging my face with some Fruit Pulp and later with Cream---and then applied some horrid smelling Goop to it----this final step was the Bleach---with Ammonia in it!!By then I'd had it---and I literally ran through my poor Aaji's (Grandma's)huge Flat screeching like a Banshee at the top of my Voice---which has an incredibly high volume!!!My poor beleagured Aunts chased me and finally managed to nab me---pushing me down in a chair----and then removed the Goop from my face!!!By now I was seething in anger and so totally incensed that I literally bellowed that I didn't need all this---and if Sudhir had approved of me---Body hair and all---then that was it---no more torture for me!!All my Family was aware of my cussedness so they too didn't push it any further and finally the Wedding Day arrived!!

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ZANNACHAN 10/10/2010 10:28PM

    Hehehe, I guess I was lucky--My mom made me get acrylics for my nails ( I have ugly fingernails, no matter what I do--thin and flat and no matter what I do short). But at least I managed to avoid the waxing etc. *grin*

I love Mehendi. It's so beautiful. I used to work for a high end beauty parlor/spa and I remember once having an Indian bridal party in and the Mehendi on their hands and feet was exquisite.

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NICE125 10/8/2010 11:41PM

  Yup , the pre-wedding days! Waxing and eyebrows and facials and pedicure- it was the first time I got all that done and it was an experience! Now my 16 yo has already experienced all of the above, I wonder what excitement these girls will have for their wedding days- they already do the primping and preparing in their high school years!LOL!
Agree with the others, wedding pics please!

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BOVEY63 10/8/2010 1:06PM

    The things we go through for beauty!
Loved hearing about the magic when your eyes met.
Do you have pictures of the wedding to share?

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EACHDAYAGIFT 10/8/2010 10:46AM

    That was...extreme! The henna sounds lovely and worth it, but the waxing and threading and bleaching...Yikes! I was rooting for young Komal when she went screeching through the house creating a ruckus!!! My wedding preparations were the opposite extreme of yours. My mom had already died, my sister was disinterested to the point of not even coming to my shower even though she was the maid of honor. My Dad stepped in on the reception plans, but otherwise was clueless. Like you, I was just a young girl in love (21) and eager to be with my husband and start a life. The wedding wasn't the big deal. So I neglected to research or double check things enough, so many things didn't quite go as planned. I just did my hair as if it were an ordinary day, and used one of the big bobby pins I used on my rollers to hold the front back off my face a bit!!!! There was no woman to double check, so I walked down the aisle that way!!! Also neglected to pin my bra straps, so you can see them in some of the pictures through the sheer netting at the top of my dress, LOL! Wonder what your relatives would have wanted to do if they had gotten their hands on ME????

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DRASADAF 10/8/2010 9:49AM

    wow !!i loved reading the eye part ....lovely it must have been...the aching feeling in ur heart ....LOL on the bleach part....i hate it too...i wish u wud upload a bride pic of urs....

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LISANANCY 10/8/2010 9:38AM

    Oh, what we do for the sake of love! Glad you survived! Your traditions, however, do sound beautiful. What a great memory and life. emoticon

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