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Beautiful Himalayan Vacation!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I have always loved the Mountains and many places associated with these hold a very special place in my Heart---this trip to the beautiful Himachal Pradesh---"The Land Of Snow' was exceptionally magnificent!!!Those days we'd travel to Destinations in this State of India----every location there was literally Picture Postcard perfect!!!In 1996 we travelled to a remote corner of it---to Sarahan----a magical sleepy little Town near the Indo Tibet Border.
That year we planned a lovely trip----beginning with Shimla,then scenically pastoral Fagu---renowned for it's Peach and Cherry Orchards---then on to Sarahan and then back----it turned out to be a visual treat!!!
There were 5 of us---Sudhir,Sayali , me,my sister Ritu and Sayali's best friend from babyhood---Laxmi.We bought Bus Tickets at New Delhi and drove down overnight to Shimla arriving in the morning.Our reservations were already made and we spent the first afternoon napping---stirring out to visit the famous Mall Road that evening.The Mall Road was crowded with People as it was Vacation season---and the first thing on the Agenda was to book a Taxi for Sight-Seeing after which we renewed our aquaintance with Shimla afresh after a gap of 17 years!!!A lot of my childhood Vacations had been spent here---but today there were very few Landmarks of that old Shimla left----it had developed into a bustling large Town---as the Capital of the State!!
The next day we drove down Wild Flower and Pine scented, thickly wooded winding roads---first to the beautiful Naldehra Golf Course---eating Lunch here,then to Mashobra to roam around Apple Orchards,from here to Narkanda to see the Golden roofs of the Potaalaa Palace shining in Lhasa----then the Ski Slopes of Kufri for Tea and finally the erstwhile Vice Roy's Residence---Wild Flower Hall---and here an incident I can never forget took place!!!The Hall is at a height---one has to climb up to get to it---and we spent a really enjoyable two hours up there.On the way down Laxmi stumbled---and sprained her foot badly!!!Somehow she hobbled to the Car and we drove home.Once in the Room I applied an Ice Pack to her Foot but the swelling didn't go down.I was carrying tubes of Pain Killing Ointment but no Crepe Bandages!!! Sudhir and Sayali left to find a Chemist's Shop to buy these.By the time they started on the way back to the Hotel it was pretty late----and the Hotel was in a quiet bylane---though a walking Distance from the Shop-----the poorly lit dark winding deserted Road was spine chilling----the whole atmosphere was pretty spooky to say the least!!!Shimla is famous for it's Nocturnal Inhabitants--Ghosts---and it was this that kept sending shivers down Sayali's spine----and the fact that their own foot falls kept echoing back to them----she was shivering with Fear by the time they came back!!!
However within the next two days Laxmi recovered and we moved on to Fagu----the State owned Old English Guest House is perched atop a Hill-----surrounded by thick Forests,Terrace Farms and lofty Mountains!!!It's Scenic situation is unparallelled---the rooms all face beautiful Views!!!Here we had a beautiful,restful few days----away from the madding crowd---just us,the Solitude and Nature!!!Here the four of them played a funny kind of Cricket---"Walking Stick" Cricket!!!The Walking Stick would be upended and used as a Bat by one of them to strike the Ball bowled at it by another----with the remaining two acting as fielders!!!I'd watch all this activity from the safety of the Verandah---with my favourite Crosswords on my knees.The evenings would be spent playing Scrabble---with each one of us screaming at the top of our voices trying to drown the others out----luckily we were the only occupants!!!This beautiful and leisurely sojourn ended after 5 days and we travelled further to Sarahan---situated on the banks of a fast flowing,turbulent Sutlej River---- A True Paradise!!!
Sarahan was the Shangri--La that I had been searching for since I'd read the Book--and here too I could sense the Footprints of my beloved Kim as he followed the Lama towards Tibet!!!This beautiful quiet little Town once upon a time used to be the Capital of Bushair---an old Kingdom--- the largest in the area!!!It is one of the most magical places I've been to---a fortified Complex with ancient wooden Temples,Palaces and a serenity that truly pervades the Soul like an application of a cooling and soothing Balm!!!Lofty Peaks topped with Snow surrounded these verdant slopes------the beautiful deep Royal Blue Sky overhead,lofty Evergreens,thickly wooded Slopes, Blooming Orchards,the Eagles circling overhead, the cry of the Wild Pheasants and the Golden Sunlight spilling over this Picture---it is a scene imprinted in my mind forever!!!The 10 days we spent here included daily visits to the Ancient Temples,long meandering Walks along steep Crevasses, just sitting in the Balcony watching Evening turn to Dusk and the Night gently descend with the tiny twinkling Lights flickering in the Homesteads clinging to the Slopes---gazing across to the almost Silvery Moonlit Sky---the Stars hanging so near that I felt I could pluck them if I just stretched out my hands to do so!!!Ten days just flew past on magical wings--leaving me awed,bemused and besotted by Sarahan---something inside me changed--an inner Peace and Serenity pervaded my Being---it had a Profound Spiritual effect on both ---my Psyche and my Soul !!!
The hushed Silence was so potent that I felt I'd hear in it Words uttered ages ago----the whole effect was one of complete Timelessness--the Past,Present and Future--All Here and All Now!!!It is such places that still carry the imprint of God's Hand--and only at such places does His Presence truly surround you!!!

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RAJASHREE108 8/5/2010 11:16AM

    Punhaa ekadaa maanasyaatraa ghadli.

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SAKHAR74 8/4/2010 4:20PM

  That was such a fun trip. You still have the pics, Ma.

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SAASHA17 8/4/2010 11:40AM

    hmmm beautiful place isnt it...I loved our vacation there...wow is it like a Shimla thing? my cousin sprained her ankle too..lol

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EACHDAYAGIFT 8/4/2010 11:29AM

    Another great blog. I love how your sensitive soul allows you to experience places at a deeper level than many people. It gives such life and emotion to your descriptions because you didn't just see and hear things, you deeply FELT things and it stayed with you, adding to who you are. I can be that way in nature and my husband, dear as he is, just doesn't operate that way. It used to make me feel lonely when I was deeply moved and those around me didn't get the same response. I thought it meant I married the wrong person and should have waited to find a "soul mate". I don't feel that way any more, I am just grateful for my own rich experience of things, realize that it is a gift from God to me, just as My husband's calmer spirit and mechanical abilities are gifts I didn't receive, and I just talk to God about the deep feelings stirred in me and know that he gets it, I am not ever alone with my feelings.

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JACKSMIMI2 8/4/2010 6:47AM

    I was transported as I read your post - it sounds like a trip of a lifetime - thank you so much for sharing!

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IZADORA 8/4/2010 6:17AM

    Wow! Sounds like an amazing trip! I've always wanted to travel to India and Nepal.

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The Rhythm of Rain!!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My friend Ann asked me a question---"Do all Indians love the Rains???"The answer is simple ---YES 90% do!!!Indian Weather is divided by Nature into 3 main parts----Summer,Monsoon and Winter.These enfold both Spring and Autumn(Fall) within their embrace!!!Of all the 3 main Seasons,Monsoon is the most beloved of all----since Time immemorial!!!Our Legends and Folk Lore talk of this Season very lovingly---there are many compositions dedicated to the legendary lovers---Radha and Krishna---both in Miniature Rajasthani and Kangra Paintings as well as Folk Songs----all singing the Song of their Romance---- particularly in the Monsoon!!!
There are great Classics in Sanskrit and Regional Literature devoted to this---"Megh Dootum" being the most prominent---written many Centuries back by the Legendary Poet/ Playwright/ Dramatist Kalidaasaa in Sanskrit.Here the Hero of Kaalidasaa's play uses the Dark Cloud(Megha) as a Messenger to send a message to his Beloved far away----the helpful Cloud takes pity on the lovelorn soul and does as he's asked---carrying the reply back as well!!!Kalidaasaa's description of The Dark Clouds from his mountain abode is just mesmerising----it really catches hold of one's imagination---and the Clouds are not just harbingers of Rain any more--but sensous messengers carrying Love Lorn Messages back and forth between two pining souls!!!The Monsoon is the Romantic period of the year---resounding with Songs of Love Lorn Lovers who separated by the desperate Circumstances and pine for each other in dark lonely Rain filled Nights!!!It is also a time for Celebration---everywhere celebrated and feted by Legend,Folklore and Poetry!!!India always experiences flooding---many States of India flood badly year after year---but despite that we love it,revere it ,worship it and celebrate it----all over India!!!Even our Culinary Tradition endorses it ----with piping hot spicy, crispy "Pakoras" and mugs of steaming hot Spicy Tea---"Chai" in most of the North,East and West or Coffee"Kaapi" in most of the South,East and West----Heaven is just a replete and satiated sigh away!!!
I grew up in a Family that adores Rain--- during my chilhood everybody would wait for the Summer Heat to break and the beautiful "Taandav" of the Clouds to begin----the wild Sandstorms and Thunderstorms beating a tattoo with huge pellets of Hail----these were the preparatory precursors of the Monsoons!!!!The real Show would follow later----only those who have experienced the wild abandon of a torrential Indian Monsoon can relate to it---with both Heart and Soul!!!It used to cause and still causes a lot of Discomfort----Potholes on the Roads,damp Clothes,wet Footwear, Gastro-Entritis,Malaria and more---not to mention the flooding of Mumbai's low lying areas year after year----not forgetting the cataclysmic Torrential Cloudburst of 26 July 2005!!!In fact even people who suffer the ill effects of the Monsoon every year-----both my Bais(Domestic Help) Chhaya Bai and Vanita---love the Rains---despite living in an area where it causes severe flooding during the heavier downpours!!!
As children both the Girls loved the Rain---those days during the heavier Deluges it meant a Holiday for them thanks to all the flooding around their School----also meant loads of Hot Soups with lashings of Hot, Buttery,Crisp Toasts,Maggi Noodles,Roast Chicken and piping hot Spicy,Crisp Pakoras with Spicy and Pungent hot Chutney besides othe piping hot Spicy, Pungent Indian Snacks with steaming hot cups of Chai----and leisurely visits to the Wayside Inn----Samovar or the Sea Lounge----all looking out at various Bombay Vistas---the first under the shady canopy of a thickly leaved shady Rain Tree overlooking a view of old Gothic Style Buildings and Pavements shrouded in the fine misty Rain--- crowded with people scurrying around under their colourful Umbrellas or in their vibrant Raincoats---the second overlooking the lush,wet Tree covered Green Expanse of the Museum Grounds next door to the Verandah the Restaurant is housed in----and the last over looking he choppy Grey Sea,the beautiful Arch of the Gateway of India and the Waves lashing and frothing over the protecting Sea Wall of the Promenade with resounding crashes---splashing and soaking the People standing there---just WAITING expectantly for this to happen!!!These were the days when the Stereo played my collection of old Songs---at night it would be the Dreamy strains of Instrumental Musical Themes from old Hollywood Films----a must to lull us to Sleep!!!Today Lotta lives in L.A. where it rains almost daily and she still LOVES it!!!So do her husband and daughter----but surpisingly while our younger son-in-law loves the Rain---Sayali's grown averse to it!!In fact she hates it so much these days that poor Kartik---- sheepishly apologetic for something that's not his doing----stays clear of her when it Rains---or he catches the brunt of her displeasure!!!Both Sudhir and I are puzzled at this turnaround on Sayali's part----but ours no to question why!!!I doubt she'd have a logical answer even if we did!!!
Both Sudhir and I loved going for long drives when it poured----the falling water streaming past the Windshield and the undulating Road---wet and Black----the wet Landscape----the Green Hills clothed in fine Mist in the distance------soft Music playing on the Tapes---now CDs----and just the two of us--- I just couldn't have asked for more!!!The steep,sparsely wooded Hills used to turn into lush verdant Green Pastures with Waterfalls cascading down the crevasses of the steep Hillsides---playfully gurgling and splashing down without a care in the World!!!With heartfelt apologies to Omar Khayyam those days I'd changed his couplet a little------"The vast Rainy Expanse of the World,The strains of Melody playing softly and Thou beside me!!!!"----both of us loved our weekly long drives to the nearby Hill Stations---Lonavala and Khandaala---situated atop the steep Western Ghats!!!It is this Season that these places overflow with Visitors---the locals just rake in the Moolah from April to September---the first half to beat the tiring Summer Heat---the second half to soak in Nature's Monsoon Beauty and Bounty!!!
Today if we go we have to include Pradeep---he's been driving us everywhere for almost the past 10 years now-----he's a good lad but sort of puts a spoke in the Wheel of my Romantic Spin!!!Most of our long Drives these days lead to CBD Belapur----one of the outermost Suburbs of Mumbai---to visit Sayali's In-Laws!!!It means greater comfort for Sudhir to be driven----given the choked Traffic Conditions these days---so be it!!!Besides Pradeep too loves the Rain----he suggests many of these long Drives----in fact he wants to drive down to Kolhapur in this Weather!!!

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DRASADAF 8/4/2010 10:56AM

    Truely i too long for rains..i miss rains here in saudi..it does rain ocassionally here but not like my hometown Mumbai...sometimes this longing is very severe and cry for my home back in India...my son hasn't ever experienced rains...feels too saddening.

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NICE125 8/3/2010 12:00PM

  Love the rains, even here in Cali where it rains from Oct end till March/April. Dont have much time to sit with chai and samosas but after reading your blog , want to make a special effort this winter to enjoy them. emoticon
Lived in Michigan for 8 years, Love, love , love the soft white snow falling silently and creating a white blanket, loved snow days!! BUT Hate hate hate the muddy slush and the black icy roads, how many times did my car skid?!!But as they say, look up, not down.Now we make a special trip to Lake Tahoe to feel that very same snow.
Good blog, Komalji, keep writing, and really, look into getting these published. emoticon

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EACHDAYAGIFT 8/3/2010 11:52AM

    Great blog! I didn't know you did requests... look out, I'll be firing away at you with topics, LOL! The Romantic legend explains a lot. The only story I can think of is people telling children that thunder is "the angels bowling" to try to reduce their fear of the noise. I still find it hard to fathom that people who suffered the hardship of flooding would not dread and loathe the return of such weather. Heck, people here grouse and complain about the snow just from the "hardship" of having to clear their driveways and having traffic slow to a crawl! I never understood it, because the snow is so beautiful and it reflects the diminished sunlight in the winter to brighten the outlook, for me. Reflects the moon at night to even brighten the night. I dread too many rainy days because of the lack of sunshine... my emotions are easily swayed by my surroundings and gloomy skies make me feel sad, sunny skies make me hopeful, without any conscious thought. Anyway, I would not be at all surprised if Indians living here would change their responses to the rain just from living among a bunch of complainers for too long until it rubbed off on them. They might hate the rain just because they hate to hear all our griping!!!

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SAASHA17 8/3/2010 11:32AM

    LOL on pradeep..Reminds me of my aunt's driver in Tirupati..everytime we want to see a movie and send him for tickets, he wants to come too and then he is there with us on long drives..One time we cousins were planning to go have beer on a long drive (ofcoursr took him along to be our designated driver..duh which he is) but he got so drunk, I became the DD...which sucked..but thats ok...

Well rains..what do I say? best thing to happen to mankind..well after I came here, Snow and rain is what i looked forward to. i am not a summer person..could be coz of all the heat I saw in India.


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ATMANI 8/3/2010 8:12AM

    Beautifully captured! I love and enjoy the monsoon rains. You won't believe it, I just had the same conversation with my mother just yesterday!

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Those Bygone Days!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

The new month of August is here-----and this year it seems to have arrived super fast----out of nowhere as it were!!!!The Mumbai weather is beautiful----soft Rain---torrential Downpour---Drizzles----all these are so beautiful to experience!!!!I adore this Weather---but hate getting wet---I always catch a Cold each time I get even my nail wet----and this Cold then developes into a bad Sinus problem----so I love to watch the Rain from a safe distance!!!!
The Vegetable Garden next door has turned into a Dream Garden----it's all misty and a very,very lush Green----all so freshly washed---like newly minted Gold!!!I specially stand in the Bedroom windows when it pours----the entire scene is so poetic---the Garden awash with a steady curtain of Rain----casting a hazy veil over the swaying Coconut Palms---the Banana Trees waving their Leaves and the pale Green Monsoon Okra thrusting it's spearlike tips through the Green Leaves shyly------and the smell of wet Mud wafting on the Air----simply beautiful!!!
I also love going to the Sea Face during such Weather----the Waves rise up and splash with a resounding "thump" on the Promenade----specially at certain points of the Marine Drive and Worli Sea Face------people just stand there in droves---allowing the noisy waves to wash over them for hours!!!In the old days there used to be a beautiful Cafe at Malabar hill called Cafe Naaz---unfortuntely it no longer exists---the Municipal Corporation razed it----but this was a vantage point to view the splendid curve of the Marine Drive---also called the "Queen's Necklace" at night----it really looked like many sparkling Diamonds strung together in an invaluable Necklace!!!These are the days when my Soul merges with the "Paramatma" or The Supreme Being!!!
Nostalgia also reigns supreme in certain places---like the old Wayside Inn at Kaalaa Ghoda in Fort.This was one of our favourite places for Brunch.This old Eatery had a very high raftered Roof----and Old Ceramic Jars of Rum and Ale placed strategically in high alcoves-----all "Ye Olde English "style!!!The owner was a Parsi and this place served one of the best Mixed Grills I've ever tasted and a really mean dish of Fish and Chips!!!There were two beautiful long Bay Windows facing the Road with an ancient Rain Tree casting it's protective shadow over the Windows.We all specially the Girls-----loved to sit on the two strategically placed Tables right next to these Windows and watch the World go by---The Brunch began with hot Bread Rolls or "Paav" fresh from the Oven and Fresh "Maska" or Butter---that's the Mumbaiyya term for it----along with Eggs sunnyside up and crisp Bacon---preceding a hot thick Soup with Mixed Grill/Fish and Chips and topped with a chilled large,creamy melt in the mouth Caramel Custard with lashings of Whipped Cream!!!!
The other option in the Rains was "The Samovar" across the road at Jehangir Art Gallery---serving Continental and Indian Food-----it's open grilled Verandah overlooking the beautiful lush Museum grounds---full of hoary ancient Trees spreading their branches far and wide!!!The Flora and Fauna can be experienced even today----it's still there and we haunt it pretty often even now---pending a Court Verdict---but till then it's like all the years have stood still!!!Another favourite place was the Sea Lounge on the 1st.Floor in the old Taj Mahal Hotel---overlooking the Gateway of india and the harbour at Apoollo Bunder!!!The long Windows would overlook the Grey choppy sea---with waves lashing the Promenade and spilling over it with a crash---sending showers of Spray splashing all over!!!It still is one of our favourite places----nothing has changed!!!Here too we used to be regular visitors--first during the brief Pre-Marriage era and then during the early days after our marriage.Later the Girls loved lunching here---the favourite was mostly Fish-n-Chips with Tartar Sauce and Chicken Sandwiches!!!The Desserts have always been excellent---nothing can match the Taj for it's ambience and grandeur---even today!!!
Today my health does not permit me to enjoy all these Foods any more---but at least I can treat myself to a Soup and Fresh,hot Bread rolls---and of course relive my memories again !!!!

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EACHDAYAGIFT 8/2/2010 4:54PM

    You've got me wondering... no one here in the United States ever refers to rainy weather as beautiful, and few sit and watch the rain, that I know of. With your daughters living in the U.S., do they find the rainy weather less beautiful here? Do most people in India share your love of the rains, or is it just you?

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BOVEY63 8/2/2010 1:29PM

    Thanks again for sharing your stories. Your region sounds so beautiful!

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SAASHA17 8/2/2010 11:42AM

    aah reminds me of my place back in India..I live in vizag and we live in a sea facing apartment. we had soemthing called "bay of bengal" depression and the weather would turn stormy. All I did was sit in the balcony on our swing with a cup of chai..hmm miss those days...The patio here totally sucks..:(

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When "The Master" Irons!!!!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Our family as a whole loves Clothes----the bursting Closets bear testimony of that-----but Sudhir also loves to iron Clothes---even those already ironed and stowed in the Closet!!!His passion for this is so strong that he has persevered to familiarise himself with all the finer points and nuances of this Art-----for that's what he calls it!!!Sudhir's passion has had him obliging the children all through their School years----my daughters always wore pristine and crisp Uniforms to School----with nary a fold or crush mark on them----the finishing touch would added by their beloved Daddy!!!In fact he has even as acted the Dhobi for his grand-daughter and sons-in-law too-----'coz in the U.S.A. these services aren't freely available-- unlike India!!
I wouldn't minimize his ability as an"Istriwallah Dhobi" or the "Ironing Wallah" but there have been many casualties thanks to his absent mindedness over the years!!Like most Indians he too simply loves Cricket and used to be glued to the Radio------listening to the Cricket Commentary.Now the Dhobi would take a huge Bundle of Clothes for ironing daily morning and returning these in the evening---but before wearing these Sudhir would iron his Clothes again personally-----he said these were creased on the folds and looked bad----he liked them smooth and uncreased!!!He has burnt many of his Shirts while listening to the Radio Commentary------getting carried away by excitement!!!
This habit of his has caused many spats between us---the first being just a few days after our Wedding!!!Among the beautiful Saris Atya had presented me with was a beautiful Peach Coloured Sari with a beautiful Tie and Dye multicoloured silk Border.This Sari was a mixture of Nylon Threads known as "644" and was very fashionable and popular---also very expensive because this was imported from either Singapore or Hong Kong.This material was light as a feather and uncrushable as well------but my darling husband saw a crease on it----and told me it'd look better after he ironed it out.As usual while he was ironing it some one asked him a question which he answered at length------ forgetting that the warm Iron was still resting on the delicate material of my Sari!!!!He realised his mistake only when he smelt the acrid scent of something burning------by then there was a triangular hole in the upper end drapery---the Pallu of my Sari-------and I'd not even worn it once!!!!Our going out to Dinner was cancelled as I launched into a heated tirade----which the shameless man returned in equal measure-----unrepentant and cheeky!!!After this I very rarely ask him to oblige me---the most I let him iron are my Cotton Blouses----can't go wrong there can he???
Sayali too has been a victim of his absentmindedness-----she bought a beautiful pair of Capris made of some Cotton Synthetic mix-----and as usual he spied a tiny fold on the lower side of one leg----that did it---despite her protests he started ironing it---and got a Telephone call from a Client on his Cell midway in action.As usual while answering the call he forgot to switch off the Iron and lift it away from the Pants-----and this left a triangular hole in that leg!!!He was very contrite and we rushed back to the shop across Town---but it seems Sayali had just bought the last piece available and their stock was all gone----- a similar pair was not to be found anywhere in the City much to Sayali's chagrin and dismay!!!

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0309COOKIE 8/2/2010 8:14PM

    The man who burns clothing, oh my!

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MESSENE 8/2/2010 7:46PM

    emoticonWow! Wish my HD would iron my cloths. emoticonThe good thing is he like to iron his own cloths. emoticonI don't let him do my laundry though, many years ago he washed one of my favorite winter tops and it had bleach spots on it! emoticonI was so mad! He said he will buy me another one, but never found one like it. emoticonI still think about that top ones in a while.
Have a super day!
emoticon emoticon

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REKHAKAKR 8/1/2010 10:31PM

    All you lucky ladies!!! i envy you .. My husband doent want to to see a crease on his cloths but at the same time doesnt like to iron them even i dont like to iron so Dhobi has to do it.

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ATMANI 8/1/2010 2:58PM

    My husband loves to iron too. I am not too sure on how to stop him...

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BEYOURBEST1 8/1/2010 12:08PM

    This guy must have a secret job at the garment industry! He burns your clothing and then you need to shop for more!
I suppose no good deed goes unpunished, right?
I was getting a little jealous that your husband can iron and mine can't, but I think I am better off with the wrinkles on my clothing...
Sorry, I guess everyone has their own ways to drive others crazy. We do too, of course.

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DRASADAF 8/1/2010 11:16AM

    My dear husband too does like to iron...i would feel ashamed coz i was not so good and perfect in this ART ..so i left him do it until my maid arrived who irons like a DHOBI...LOL a tough competetion for my husband but he bears it coz he gets that time now to watch morning news...

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NICE125 8/1/2010 10:58AM

  My husband too is the 'ironman' but only for his office wear. And it seems the combined act of ironing and watching T.V relaxes him. Good for me!!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog, Komalji. You're right, I need to do this slowly, one step at a time. I do get enthusiastic when I start a program, rushing into it and if I see no results within a few weeks, give it up.

This time, I want to continue trying just because of the social support of this site, I have never felt so motivated.


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"That Lungi,Maa????"

Friday, July 30, 2010

In India we have rich Variety of Traditional Wear of which the "Lungi" is one.It is a 4 metre length of Cloth---Cotton or Silk and very popular in the Southern States of India----used mainly by Men.There are different types of it---White or Cream coloured ones with Gold Borders or Chequered ones in muliti coloured hues-----both dignified for Formal Wear as well as vibrant hued and comfortable for Casual wear-----as well as for both lounging and sleeping in.
My relationship with both my daughters is very friendly----we constantly try pulling each others legs playfully regularly!!!!!Since Sayali and I are mostly at cross purposes----both of us being head strong and stubborn----there are a greater number of incidents notched up in my Memories concerning her----we are always swatting each other like two Bears with our paws----most times baring our teeth at each other too!!!
I love Clothes---specially Traditional Saris---and mostly in various shades of Green!!!My mother's first cousin's wife---my Saru Maami---dabbled in commisioning and selling these handwoven Saris----mainly Maheshwaris and Chanderis from Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Irkalli Paithanis from Dharwad in Karnataka.I saw her wearing an unusual Irkalli Cotton Sari in the Wedding of one of my cousins---and loved it instantly!!!It was a double shaded Green Cotton with tiny Mustard Yellow checks on the body and a Purple Pure Silk Border and "Pallu" with Gold Threads woven into it.The Sari was really unusual and very classy----besides being extremely suited for Mumbai weather!!!Right there I asked her to buy me one exactly like this---and she agreed to place an order for another one just the same with the Weaver!!!
She brought along the one I'd ordered 6 months later along with two other ones---one in bold Yellow and Purple Checks on a Green Background with a Purple Border and Pallu----the other with Brick Red and Black Checks and a Purple Border and Pallu.Greedy me bought all three----they had an extremely unusual Colour combination and looked really vibrant and alive----definite Conversation pieces when worn!!!!Now both the Girls pounced on the two Green ones----Lotta on the multi coloured chequered one and Sayali on the tiny Mustard checked one----they wanted these as a part of their Trousseau!!!
Soon after this Lotta's Wedding took place and she wore this Irkalli often---it became one of her favourite Saris!! Sayali carried hers to U.S.A. where she married Kartik while she was studying for her Master's in R.I.T.-----and I thought she must have worn it too!!! After completing their Degrees both Kartik and she continued to live and work in Rochester NY for almost 5 years after that and we visited them there almost every 8-9 months. While there on a visit once we were getting ready to visit the local Temple when I happenned to see this beautiful Sari in her Closet. Taking it out I noticed that it was exactly the way I'd packed it---with a matching Blouse and Petticoat nestled in it's folds-----unworn and in a pristine brand new Condition!!!
This really got my Temper flaring and turning round I asked her the reason for this-----pat came the reply"This Lungi, Maa???What d'you think I am---MAD???" This raised my temprature even higher----"What do you mean????I'd have worn it myself if you hdn't grabbed it then-----why did you take it if that's what you think??No matter----I'm taking this back AND I'll wear it too----total waste of time!!!!!" I threatened and muttering irritatedly went to get dressed for the Temple visit !!!Soon the 3 of us were dressed ,ready and waiting ---except Sayali who kept us hopping from one foot to another impatiently till she got dressed!!!Finally Madame appeared at the head of the Stairs----all dolled up and wearing the "Lungi"!!!I stared at her with my mouth open in shock----"Come on Maa---I want to show off my unusual Sari---it's sooooo ME wouldn't you say???"

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SAASHA17 7/30/2010 11:36AM

    daughters emoticon my mom would say !!!lol..I did that too..i convinced my mom to let me take this awesome black saree that she has and i wore it once when i came to the US...and this time when she was here, she took it back:(...

but i am not gonna let go so easily...will get it back when i visit...hehhe emoticon

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MESSENE 7/30/2010 10:54AM

    emoticonto funny! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JACKSMIMI2 7/30/2010 6:18AM

    Very, very cute story :)

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DRASADAF 7/30/2010 5:48AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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