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Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just realised----we've changed our entire lifestyle-------it's very relaxed and slow paced---when did this happen??????
As a young couple we loved going out---in fact could spend the entire day in a Movie Theatre----watching all the shows---one after the other.Those days week ends and holidays meant just having fun---eating out,Movies-----things changed with the coming of the girls.The pace slowed a little but the fun continued as before-----we continued our jaunts----but never without the kids.We were a very close unit---the four of us----and had a lot family fun together.Those days there was a newly opened Drive-in Theatre at Bandra---every Friday night we were regulars there----for a Family Pic-nic-----the two of us,two daughters and our two dogs!!!
I would cook a special Dinner each Friday and pack it in a Tiffin with plates and the rest of the cutlery,we'd buy packets of Potato Wafers ,Popcorn and sally forth for a Friday night outing!!!There were droves of Mosquitoes in that place and thus Mosquito repellent Cream was the most necessary accessorie on these jaunts.During the Summer Vacations whatever time we spent in Bombay I never cooked at home-----we ate out daily---thus we were very knowledgeable about the Food Joints in the City.We also would go out for night rides on week days---for Ice Creams,Juice and Snacks at times-----we'd sleep by 11p.m. on an average.Those were great times and wonderful days!!!
This life style changed with the advent of the Video---we began watching Movies at home---since 1982 the Colour T.V came to India and the hours of T.V. Programs too increased---taking a toll of our mobility.Slowly we turned into couch potatoes---sad but true.The increasing Traffic also took a toll of our outings----getting stuck in bumper to bumper Traffic is no fun---so began watching more T.V. instead!!!!Week-ends were spiced up with special programs and the Week days with daily Soaps-------gradually our social life too slowly became non-existent.!!!!
Then Lotta got married----later Sayali and she both moved to the States----and we too became more homebound----the Traffic was horrendous all seven days of the Week and the construction work on the roads made things worse-----going out was turning into a test of both Endurance and Patience.Slowly our life became slower and more sedate-----we go out shopping once in a while---every Saturday afternoon I shop for Vegetables,Fruits and Groceries----my evenings are spent in the Condominium with my friends just chatting and having a good time---Sudhir has his Clients coming over for conferences or consultations----the girls too call to chat----by 8p.m. we eat Dinner and then my battery runs down---I don't sleep in the afternoons so after Dinner I sleep by 9---9.30 p.m.
Do I miss the old routine? No---because today I'm a very different person.The memories are very happy and give a warm glow to my heart but I enjoy this phase of my life so I'm most satisfied with my lifestyle today. I don't miss those things at all---maybe because we lived our lives in the way we wanted----- to the hilt when we were younger!!!

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EACHDAYAGIFT 3/29/2010 10:36AM


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ATMANI 3/27/2010 5:11PM


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ZANNACHAN 3/27/2010 10:25AM

    Sounds like a lot of happy memories!

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MILLISMA 3/27/2010 9:24AM

    I love this blog. It reminds me of our life when our kids were young - we did so many things together. But, you are right, I live a more relaxed lifestyle now and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Anne emoticon

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ANITAS66 3/27/2010 9:19AM

    You sound so much at peace with your life Komal ji. emoticon

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MESSENE 3/27/2010 8:56AM

    What a wonderful blog! emoticonYou are so blessed! emoticon emoticon

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Huppa Hoeeya----Jai Hanuman!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Indian Films---and specially regional Films are rarely simple and uncomplicated-----usually they run through your emotions like a wringer and dryer----you cry buckets and return home tired and drained!!!!The more the Film makes you cry----the greater it's value and popularity----these are usually called "Family Dramas!!!"
The Monkey God,Hanuman is a very popular God in India and this film is dedicated to Him.His power is legendary as He is considered the son of The Wind God and an"Avatar" or manifestation of Lord Shiva.A devotee of Rama,He is one of the 8"Chiranjeevis" or those who are Indestructible.
Yesterday's Film is a simple story----uncomplicated and simply told.Involving the persona of a young man----a do-gooder with a simple and affectionate nature-----he is blessed with limited Power from Hanuman to make Life easier for those around him.He can use this Power just 11 times---how he manages to clear up a lot of problems from his village---the main being the Water Resources with these limitations is the gist of the story.
For both of us---Sudhir and me----the Film was really worth making a trip to the Movie Theatre-----something we rarely do these days.The beautiful camera work------capturing the simple and poignant beauty of daily Village life----a message on controlling Global warming----the trials and tribulations involving Water shortage------the manner it has been dealt with is really very effective.This Film leaves a gentle mark on one's psyche---- no melodrama and laced with Humour it passes on it's message subtly---very tongue in cheek style----all understated!!!
While I appreciate real life instances and situations in our Films I fail to understand the need to hammer home the pain of living to the spectators----we do laugh and enjoy in real life too----don't we???Yesterday's Film scores here----you mull about the issues later----while watching the Film you just enjoy it's gentle pace and rhythm.
Hopefully the young Actor who plays the lead so sensitively will get a lot more roles exploiting his capacity to emote so subtly----he is already a popular Comedy actor----but his sensitivity was beautifully revealed in the Film yesterday.I wish all those connected with the Film every success and hope that they hit the Jackpot with this Film.I also thank them for giving me an enjoyable experience with this Film----watching it has left me with a very satisfied feeling!!!!

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ZANNACHAN 3/26/2010 1:41PM

    Sounds like a good movie! I'm glad that you had the chance to go and that you enjoyed yourself! I confess, I'm still love seeing movies at the theater, though we don't go very often--usually by the time we have the time to go, the movie we wanted to see is out on DVD. Sounds like you don't go very often either--so I'm glad that it was a treat!

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MILLISMA 3/26/2010 9:59AM

    Hi Komal,

Sounds like a wonderful film and you had a great time. I like something that leaves you with a "warm" feeling after seeing it and also when it makes you laugh. Glad you went to the movies!

Mary Anne emoticon

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Beauty Treatments?????

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That I don't have much Patience is something that my spark friends are well aware of-------but two so called Beauty treatments according to me are the worst when it comes to testing one's capacity to sit back and twiddle one's thumbs------Bleaching and having a Facial and Colouring one's Hair!!!!
The first brush I had with the Facial thing was 2 days before my Wedding.Mami(my maternal Uncle's wife)decided that being a blushing(????) Bride I should look my best on the most important day of my life and convinced Mummy to get me a full Beauty treatment----the Manicure,Pedicure et al!!!This agreed upon she called a friend of hers over----the lady was a trained Beautician to give the works------poor me---sitting in one place for long periods of Time!!!!The Pedicure was great----I read through it---the problem started with the Manicure.
My book was whisked away and while sitting with my hands dipped in a bowl of warm water,the lady massaged my thick Hair with Oil-----a pet hate at that time!!!During the Oil Massage she jerked my head to and fro----all these women were busy having a great time gossiping---and my head would jerk according to the tempo of the conversation!!!The Manicure was bearable but I heard a lot of tut-tutting on the state of my cuticles----I was a nail biter as a child!!!
That done, the Waxing began-----it took me TOTALLY by surprise-----I yelped long and loud when the first hot strip was applied and then yanked off with the hair on my leg with a rip-----only to be admonished irritatedly by Mummy to"learn to bear with it----you have no capacity to bear pain?????"Tell me Friends-----I'd never waxed before---how was I to be prepared for the application and yanking of those hot strips????Dear Friends the painful process continued till my arms and legs were an angry red and painful---but absolutely hairless!!!!
After this came the "Piece de Resistance"----the Facial!!!The Lady creamed and massaged my face with sticky Creams and with vigourous movements and then applied the MASK!!!!!The Ammonia in this Mask almost was the death of me----it was so strong that I gagged and choked----AND found the perfect opening to throw a FIT!!!Yelling and screaming blue murder I literally danced the "Taandav" around the room till all my maternal Uncles got together to pin me down to the chair----and hold me down till the Lady Beautician wiped off the smelly Goo off my face!!!!
Since then I steer clear of all Beauty treatments---except the Manicure and Pedicure which I tolerate because I like the latter and can put up with the former----sitting still till the Nail paint dries is the only glitch in these two things!!!The loss hair due to Pollution and diabetes forced me to review my opinion on Oiling my hair and I bacame a reluctant devotee of this practice----after the Chemotherapy my eyebrows are still faint but the hair on the scalp has grown back thicker than before----but is still a fraction of my original thick mane!!!!
.As for the rest ----Sudhir has had to put up with my hairy arms and legs till the Chemotherapy 3 years back removed all the hair from my body----so today I don't need Waxing!!!Facials is something I never went near ever again----if anyone wants to scare me-----threaten me with a Facial---my worst nightmare!!!!

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ATMANI 3/26/2010 9:08AM

    Hilarious to read your blog! emoticon

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ANITAS66 3/23/2010 8:32PM

    Haha. What price is beauty?

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ZANNACHAN 3/23/2010 3:17PM

    I actually like having manicures and pedicures are a lovely thing (massage my feet? No really, twist my arm....) but I've never had a facial or a waxing, even though I worked at a spa for awhile. Like you, I don't sit still very often--even when I have a fresh manicure, I'd often be (carefully) on the computer or reading a book. And when it comes to beauty, I'm very much a low-maintenance kind of girl. Fortunately for me, that's okay with my husband *grin*

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MILLISMA 3/23/2010 9:47AM

    I can't imagine the pain of waxing! You have made me laugh but feel your pain at the same time. Never could understand why they call it beauty treatment?!?!?

Also glad the chemo is over and that your lovely hair is coming back in. I still have my hair long - down past my waist. My husband always liked it that way and I have not been able to cut it yet.

Have a wonderful day, my friend and no waxing!!!!

Mary Anne emoticon

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EACHDAYAGIFT 3/23/2010 8:31AM

    Poor Komal!!!! What an awful ritual. I must confess, when I used to detangle my daughter's hair (as gently as I could) I would answer her complaints with the line "Beauty is Pain". I don't know where I heard that , I don't think it was ever said to me, and I did say it jokingly, but still...

For my wedding, the only beauty treatment gone wrong was my hair. When I mentioned to my future mother in law that I was going to make an appointment to get my hair cut, she told me to come to her house instead, her cousin was a beautician and would cut it for free. I had longish hair, just past my shoulders, and all I wanted was for the sides to gradually angle to a shorter length near my face. Well, the cousin, instead, just chopped a section on each side straight across, like a long sideburn! I hope I hid my dismay as well as I tried to... this was my future family and not worth jeopardizing relations over hair. Since this cousin was to be a guest at the wedding, I couldn't even go to a salon to get it fixed, and that would have meant much shorter hair than I wanted, anyway. For the big day, I pulled the "sideburns" back and it looked ok, except that I just used two big bobby pins designed for holding curlers. My mom was dead and I got ready by myself, and no one said, "For goodness sakes, Ann, it's your wedding day! Curler pins????" Hey, I was a happy bride just excited to be starting my life with my husband and didn't care all that much about the wedding itself!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hinduism has a huge Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses------some well known some not so well known------and some extremely popular hence better known!!!!Of all these my favourites are Shiva and Shakti------somehow I feel closer to Images they project.
Shiva is also called Maheshwara-----a part of the Hindu Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara-------the "A" of Brahma+the "U" of Vishnu+the "M" of Maheshwara together form the single word that signifies the ultimate Power----"AUM".That this word symbolises Cosmic Power is without doubt----chanting this word with the correct cadence during Meditation can be very enlightening----a lot of folks have felt the Cosmic power---I know I have!!!!
Shiva is the "Yogi" the lord of Meditation.He lives on Mt.Kailasa amid the eternal Snows and spends ages meditating-------He is the Ascetic----not concerned with worldly pleasures or a householder's life.He is a God easy to please with one's devotion and just as easy to anger---His anger is feared and His terribly beautiful Dance is called the "Taandava"----dance of Rage!!!!He is also worshipped by the Dancers as "Nat Raja" the king of the Arts.His Consort is Parvati-----daughter of the Himalayas also known as Shakti-----the seat of Power.She is the Mother Goddess------who protects and softens the anger of Shiva a little.
Both together signify simple living and high thinking----Shiva is incapable of cunning or underhandedness---hence also called "Bhola Nath" or "Guileless God".The path one follows to appease this Pair is hard---they are hungry for true Faith and selfless worship----to appease them one has to observe the simple but hard Life.The main way to worship Shiva is by observing the Mondays,dedicated to him,fasting and eating once a day in the evenings is the usual norm.He is also appeased by observing the "Sollah Somvaar"which means Fasting for 24 hours on 16 consecutive Mondays and eating Food on the 17th.Monday after serving the Food to 17 married couples first. If a woman is observing this Fast then the first 5 days of bleeding during the Menstrual cycle are considered unpure and hence taboo.This means that the Fast has to be observed the same way as on the other Mondays but will not be counted among the 16 successful Fasts.
His colour is White-----pure and clean and His Fasts mean eating either fruits and Milk or simple Food----nothing very elaborate.I have performed these Fasts 5 times when I was younger-----I would survive on a glass of Water and a piece of Candy Sugar(Khadi Saakhar/Misri) for 24 hours------and He too blessed me by looking after me and my family well.
Shakti is also called Durga-----She is worshipped during the first 9 days of Asvin which falls in mid October-----based on the Lunar calender.Those days I would fast for 9 fulldays and nights eating only Fruit and Milk---on the 9th.day I would cook our Pooja food and eat a little after feeding a "Soubhagyawati" or a married Woman living with her husband Lunch.Certain gifts too used to be given of which the integral part was a whole unblemished Coconut---it is called"Sriphal" or the best auspiscious Fruit in the world.The last time I performed this Fast was in 1996------after this Sudhir forbade me from fasting---Doctor's orders!!!!
Now I observe just 3 fasts each year----"Vat Savitri"for Sudhir's long life----I eat only Fruit and drink Milk for 24 hours that day-------"Hartalikaa" the Fast observed by Parvati for getting Shiva as her husband,again on Fruit and Milk----"Maha Shivratri" the Fast dedicated to Shiva himself-----again on the same diet--- as a "Thanksgiving" for all His Grace and Blessings that He has bestowed on me and all my family---near and the extended one.
I fast not to please Them but to give Thanks for all that They have bestowed on me----- and to ask Their support throughout all the remaining days of my Life.
I end with a couplet by a medieval Indian saint named Kabir
"Dukh mein sumiran sab karey,Sukh mein karey na koye
Sukh mein sumiran jab karey,Dukh kaheyka hoye?"
It means everyone remembers The Almighty only when inTravail and Tribulation---never in Happiness.If one thought of Him in Happiness there would never be any Pain and Sadness at all!!!

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CHARU_MATHURIA 3/22/2010 10:12PM

    emoticon blog.. even though raised hindu I learned something new today thur your blog. Thank you

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ZANNACHAN 3/22/2010 1:15PM

    Lovely post. Thanksgiving--whatever your religion--I think is a valuable thing, taking time to be grateful for life's many blessings.

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SAASHA17 3/22/2010 11:36AM


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MESSENE 3/22/2010 9:02AM

    emoticon emoticonblog! It is emoticonto remember the Almighty in tribulation, and happiness too. emoticon emoticon
Have a wonderful day! emoticon emoticon

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My Ayurvedic Weightloss

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My weight was a problem but since 1987 it became worse.I had always had menstrual problems and these were becoming more pronounced with growing age----painful periods,excessive bleeding,cramps in the legs,abdomen and back were just the tip of the iceberg.Add to this Anaemia and the general Fatigue induced by it and you'll get the picture.Thyroid and Diabetes tests were negative and were thus ruled out.
In 1989 I crossed the 100kgs.mark---reached 104.5kgs.in fact!!!Some of it was Water retention but a lot of it was plain old FAT!!!Many things were becoming difficult like bending over could cause severe cramping in the chest and abdomen------even the simple act of bathing too had turned into a painful excercise!!!According to Usha Tai,my Gynaec.,I'd begun Menopause-----I was just 36 then!!!
In July 1989,Sunanda Tai,an Ayurvedic "Vaidya"(Doctor)who happens to be my good friend Vahini's younger sister came over for the weekend from Pune(Poona).I consulted her----early in the morning before even brushing my teeth---she took my pulse and told me frankly that following an Ayurvedic treatment would be tough------according to the ancient Science 1% was based on Medicine---the other 99%on Diet!!!She worked out the Foods I could eat for the coming 3 months as well as the Medicines needed and told me that she'd see me again in a month------till then I was to follow the regimen set for me.
The very next day I started my Diet-----no Common or Table Salt---only Rock Salt----no Oil just 1-3tsps.of Ghee(Clarified Butter)plenty of Buttermilk and Yoghurt,certain Pulses,Vegetables and Fruits only as well as high fibre Cereals--I began with a determination to succeed---come what may!!!The first week was terrible---I was used to eating high calorie rich Foods----but gradually my tastebuds began adapting to the low Spice and low Salt diet----by the month end I had begun enjoying it enough to eat well and be satisfied!!!
The results started showing as my metabolism began changing-----by the first 3 months I'd lost almost 20kgs.in weight---and was feeling and looking truly great!!!The weight loss increased my enthusiasm and with renewed vigour I launched myself into the next 3 months phase----and lost 15kgs.more!!!The diet slowly changed to a normal one but my metabolism was different now-----I ate far less Fat and my Health problems too had been rectified.The only problem that remained was my excessively heavy and painful Periods-----but the rest of the problems---including Water Retention and the early onset of Menopause had reversed itself totally!!!In fact Usha Tai asked me if I wanted to have another baby---it seems my Uterus had become like a much younger woman's!!!For the first time in my life I was not Anaemic----which for me was the biggest plus point of all!!My weight was constant at 75Kgs.till 2008------after my Chemotherapy and beginning of Arimidex it began going up ----last year's switching to Nolvadex after my heart attack has kept it static at 81Kgs.today.
Today sometimes I feel like going back to that Diet to lose some of it ---but now my problems are much larger and require strong Medications----my metabolism has changed yet again but is still controllable for which I thank The Almighty from the bottom of my heart!!!

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ATMANI 3/26/2010 9:11AM

    Lovely post...
Do help me understand with a bit more detailed list of the portion sizes please?

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NIMI4444IN 3/22/2010 1:16AM

    U really have been through a lot.
But its great to see your determination to fight against all odds N emerge winner.
Have a great day.

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ZANNACHAN 3/21/2010 11:50PM

    Once again, you impress me with your cheerfulness and optimism--you don't let much get you down, and that's really inspiring.

I don't really know much about Ayurvedic medicine--just what I learned in my undergrad medical anthropology class to be honest--but it's really amazing how much what we eat can effect how we feel. A lot of women have to make sure that they get enough iron, for example, because a lot of us suffer from anemia when menstruating. But it's more than that--fresh vegetables can make you feel better and more energized while greasy or salty foods can make us feel bleah and bloated and generally icky. Unfortunately, what works seems to vary at least somewhat from person to person, so it takes some trial and error to figure out what your body needs.

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MILLISMA 3/21/2010 7:34PM

    Komal, so sorry for all that you've been through. You have a very positive attitude and I know you can do it. You are a determined lady. Take care, my friend.

Mary Anne emoticon

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ASHLESHA1 3/21/2010 1:15PM

    Thanks for sharing your story....very inspiring.

I am sure you can pass through the new challenges in your life with the same determination and enjoy a healthy life for years ahead.

Good Luck !!!

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MESSENE 3/21/2010 9:59AM

    Good to hear your feeling much better emoticonI too started having trouble with very heavy periods about 1 1/2 years ago, they lasted about 10 days. My doctor said I had become anemic. emoticonI felt so tiered. My husband mentioned an herb called plantain and bought me some. I tried it as any tea, and it really worked for me. emoticon emoticonI drink it every month during my periods, and it slows it down the bleeding emoticonThis herb is good for the liver too.
Have a wonderful day! emoticon
Best wishes!!! emoticon emoticon

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