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Flu, sore throat, an infected sty in the eye......oh my!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For the past two weeks, I have been battling the flu, a sore throat, and an infected sty in my eye!

What a crazy week! Monday I was so busy at work because I knew I would be out of the office until late morning on Wednesday. I had a conference all day Tuesday, which was very good. Thank goodness my eye has started to heal as I haven't been able to wear makeup. I had to sit with our Lieutenant Governor at lunch and I didn't want to look sickly....if you know what I mean.

I went to see "Celtic Women" on Tuesday night.....absolutely fabulous.....except for the fact that it got really late and I had a 7 a.m. meeting the next day. So by the time I got home last night, I was wiped out.

I went to bed at 8 p.m. My dh told me I was going to be sorry and not to wake him up at 3 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. Well, I slept until 5 a.m. Not too bad! I needed the rest!

So today has been a pretty great day.....best of all the two pounds I lost last week....are still lost! That tickles me the most. Progress at it's finest! I haven't had a chance for exercise this week, but I have been doing a lot of walking, so I will need to try and improve on that this weekend.

The weather has been very bleak this week also. A lot of rain and snow. More snow north of here.....thank goodness. It is too soon for that! All in all...things are looking up. I hope you are having a decent day.

That's enough rambling for me!!!

Happy day!


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LUCKYDUCK2 10/16/2009 1:57PM

    Flu AND sore throat? Have you been tested for that H1N1? I hope you get over this asap!

Where did you see Celtic Women? I LOVE their singing. I would also love to see Riverdance. SIGH

And lunch with the Lieutenant Governor? Wow!

Ummm, Lunch here is usually with my new puppy Toby. SIGH

Congrats big time on still working the program and having it work for you with all you are doing and feeling. emoticon

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ID_VANDAL 10/16/2009 10:04AM

    Hi there! Wow what a tough two weeks BUT the good news is you are still alive and the weight is still gone. You'll probably drop another two by next week given how busy you are!

Lunch with the Lieutenant Governor - I'm impressed! Should we expect an announcement from you regarding a political appointment?


Take care - be good and ENJOY THE WEEK-END!



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ELLENIRENE 10/16/2009 5:51AM

    good job on the weight loss. Keep it up.
Hope you get some rest

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POSITIVELY_EB 10/15/2009 11:19PM

    You're doing GREAT!!! And CELTIC WOMEN!!!??? I'm jealous!!!! LOL!

Hugs! Beverly

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You never cease to amaze me, Cherished Friend!

Monday, October 12, 2009

It's been five days since my last blog. And if you haven't read it......spare me. Can you say "Mini-meltdown"? Okay, maybe not a mini meltdown exactly. More like just discouraged by having to post something I wasn't positive I had accomplished.

Well, I learned something from that. You think being discouraged can bring tears to your eyes? The responses to my blog and the show of encouragement made me cry again and again. You guys are amazing! Do you realize that? I can't believe what a great community being a sparker is.

It's hard to stay optimistic sometimes. I don't do so bad in that department, but sometimes I just have to let it fly. And then some very special people come along with encouragement, ideas, a swift kick in the behind, and more support than a person should be entitled to.

I am truly blessed. This is for you........

Cherished Friend
by: Unknown

God must have known there would be times
We'd need a word of cheer
Someone to praise a triumph
Or brush away a tear.
He must have known we'd need to share
The joy of "little things"
In order to appreciate
The happiness life brings.

I think he knew our troubled hearts
Would sometimes throb with pain
At trials and misfortunes
Or some goals we can't attain.

He knew we'd need the comfort
Of an understanding heart
To give us strength and courage
To make a fresh, new start.

He knew we'd need companionship
And so God answered the heart's great need
With a CHERISHED FRIEND....like you.

Bless you all! Keri

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LUCKYDUCK2 10/13/2009 12:21PM

    Keri, you are a valued friend and member on our team and so many times your blogs speak to me and help me help MYSELF. You have insites you share and you are so supportive of us. I am so glad you are here on this journey to good health with all of us.

Hugs Sweetie emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BUDDY_LOVE 10/13/2009 11:15AM

    It's people exactly like you that make sparkpeople what it is. If we don't pick each other up when they're down...who else is gonna do it?

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P316LEIA 10/13/2009 10:19AM

    Bless you too Keri! We'll make it through this journey together! emoticon
Hugs, Kimi

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ELLENIRENE 10/13/2009 9:49AM

    That cherished friend poem is beautiful.

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    What a sweet message Keri! You're what makes Spark a great place to be!! Glad to have met you and lucky to be your friend!

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MSLZZY 10/13/2009 12:06AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon Have a good night!

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ID_VANDAL 10/12/2009 10:39PM

    You know what Keri - Deegirl is right - you've been there for us when we were down. That's what it's all about (hey that could be a song!!) But seriously you have been a friend and as long as we work to improve ourselves the rest of the sparkers will be there offer suggestions, help, and encouragement. We all need that to succeed in this battle.

You are a WONDERFUL lady and I'm glad we connected!

Stay in the marathon - it's a life long race but one worth winning!



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DEEGIRL50 10/12/2009 7:48PM

    To have a friend -- you need to be a friend!!
I hope you know how highly appreciated your friendship has been too!!
We like you!! We really, really like you!!

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POSITIVELY_EB 10/12/2009 4:32PM

    emoticon Any time!

Hugs! Beverly

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Motivation and Planning

Thursday, October 08, 2009

This is a hard blog to write......

It's embarrassing and humiliating really.

I'm doing a challenge and one of the assignments is blogging about 5 things that help motivate you to stick to your goals and plan. I have put it off about as long as I could.

To tell the truth ......I don't think I have found those 5 things. I could tell you that these are my 5 motivation points:

1. I want to be healthy. I am on so many drugs for various malfunctions it's practically a meal!

2. I want to go for long walks and hikes with my hubby! We have always enjoyed that and in the last year my back hasn't really allowed for any lengthy walking.

3. I want to keep up with my grandkids and nieces and nephews. I don't want to be the fat grandma, auntie.

4. I want to look more professional. I just don't feel I project a winning disposition like this.

5. I want to have more energy to do the things I want to do.

What more motivation could I need?

But there seems to be a switch stuck between my desires and my reality. I hate it! I can't seem to control myself when that subliminal message comes at me saying it's okay to eat the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. I keep hoping that something is going to change and become the thing I need to get this done.

But I just don't know.....if breaks my heart to tell you the truth. Feeling like a failure is just something I don't enjoy. So to ask me what motivates me to stick to my plan.....I guess nothing at the moment. I guess I still haven't hit that no return button.

I wish I knew what to do............

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BUDDY_LOVE 10/10/2009 7:07PM

    OMGoodness. Now you're reading my mind! I could have written this blog myself.

You just have to keep taking it one day at a time. Keep track of your calories, fat sodium, protein...whatever your worry of the day is. Mine is calories & sodium, and fiber is a biggie for me too. If i keep those down within range, everthing else falls into place on it's own. And once I get to my limit of calories & sodium for the day...that's it. I really seriously question everything I put into my mouth after I reach that limit, no matter what time of day it is. Is it worth it, to eat it? sometimes it is. sometimes it isn't. and sometimes I just don't care & do it anyway. why do I do this? why do I have the cravings? Why does it FEEL like I can't control it, instead it controls me?

Lack of motivation? I don't think so. I AM motivated to lose weight. I AM losing weight. I WANT to do this.

Lack of will power? I don't think so. I quit a 26 yr smoking habit. I quit a 20 yr drinking habit. No, it's not lack of motivation or will power.

It's a craving for something and I don't think I'll ever find it in food. But that's what I chose to take solace in. Food.

I think when I'm willing to be able to figure out why I do that...I think my motivation will find me. but until then, I have to have something to keep me from over doing it every day. To eat these things that seem to live in my brain and grow until I ackowledge it by eating that particular food item.

You know what I'm talking about, because I could have written that blog.

I think the 5 you listed is perfect motivation.

My motivation is my anger. An anger at a dr who insists my back pain, my fibromyalgia, and the other numerous & too many to name illness's are all obesities fault. Even though I only take 4 medications, my b/p is fine...my problems all lie within my weight, so he says (before that, it was smoking). so I'm losing weight and excercising to prove my dr wrong. I have a long way to go to prove this dr wrong so we'll see. If he even lasts that long as my dr.

I have a very long journey. We'll see :)

If you feel those aren't true motivations, then just do it because you know it's good for you. that's what I tell myself evertime I eat a vegetable I havn't eaten in 40 yrs. Like pea's. Yuck. but I'm eating them! and spinich. And I'm liking it. (not really, but I'm telling myself I do).

I wanted to eat unhealthy today. I really wanted a whopper with cheese, fries and a shake or something sweet. I instead took out of the freezer, some leftover asian curried shrimp & fried rice, any other time I would have thrown that away but I saved it this last time we ordered it and I'm glad I did!...it was a pretty good sized amount (like 3 cups) and I used a 3/4ths of cup serving. while that was heating up in the oven, I ate 3 snickers fun size bars. approx 300+ cals...but it's better than the whopper & fries I would have had (surely!). I NIBBLED on those while my shrimp & rice heated up. I looked through an old magazine also. took my mind off eating! I added a 1/2 cup of pea's to the curried shrimp dish. after that, All thoughts of driving 2 blocks to burger king had exited my mind. what I ate was more or less healthy. I havn't gone over anything in my daily nutrient count and I still have 300 calores & 1000mg of sodium to spend!

You can do this. I really wanted that whopper. 750 calories. I'm not even gonna elaborate on the sodium. 750 said it all. Instead I had a spicy asian shrimp dish and 3 wonderful bite size candy bars. and it tasted way better than that whopper!

I gave up questioning why I have these cravings. I just accept them. I try to circumvent them by offering myself a different healthier food option. sometimes I win, sometimes I don't.

And when I don't win. I pick myself up and dust myself off.

(I've heard spicy will cancel out food cravings and it seems to work for me!). But I think it's just an old wives tale, LOL.

Comment edited on: 10/10/2009 7:13:27 PM

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LUCKYDUCK2 10/9/2009 10:55PM

    WHEN does this subliminal message talk to you? Are you bored, stressed, happy or sad? These messages come in front of a trigger and a learned response to eat because of it.

This is more then calories in and calories out. That is a diet. Here, you are successful also if you can identify the trigger that wants you to eat. The next time it hits..stop and ask yourself am
I physically hungry?
How long ago did I eat? If it has been over three hours..let yourself have a snack.
Is it a trigger response?
What is happening right now...what am I feeling and why?

If you can identify where the craving is coming from and why, you can come up with a plan of action to fight back.

Start with a good mini-goal and build on it one week at a time.

When you feel the craving...have a glass of water first. This is not to fill yourself up but because our body sends out the same signal when it is thirsty or hungry. It may be a signal for water or liquid.

Don't be hard on yourself..this takes time. Old habits and triggers go out kicking and screaming and many times when we think we have control..they try again. Your not alone here with this.

I fight and win...fight and lose. The key is to keep trying and one day it all falls into place.


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POSITIVELY_EB 10/9/2009 2:57PM

    Oh, Keri! emoticon

I have been in and out of that stage so many times - I know how discouraging it can be! Sometimes you just have to wait it out. Not a nice thing to hear, I know, but keep working a plan - any plan is better than none at all! And keep active in your teams!

Love ya, sweetie!


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ID_VANDAL 10/9/2009 10:13AM

    Hi KO - I hear your pain and I think lots of us go though this so you are NOT ALONE - that's what makes this site go great you can put the feelings down and that sometimes helps focus you and then you can get ideas like Quarky's and then see what works for you.

Here's another idea - sometimes maybe you don't need to feel motivated - just do the small things right because it's the right thing to do. I struggled for years trying to understand math until one of my teachers said you don't really need to understand it all just use the formula - someone else has already done the behind the scenes stuff - just use the formula.

I know that's probably over simplifying it but sometimes it works.

Stay in the game with us and READ YOUR BECK'S cards - that really helps me.



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QUARKY 10/8/2009 5:19PM

    Why don't you start really small, and make tiny changes to your lifestyle which will then become habit. This is what I've been doing, because I have huge difficulty with organisation and planning. I started by drinking a barleygrass drink every morning - a teaspoon of barleygrass powder in water. I now do this every morning. Then I bought a mini trampoline, and I jump on that every day, even if just for a couple of minutes. It's about establishing a routine that you can build on.

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It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Charles Schultz classic, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!, is my absolute favorite part of the season. When the kids were growing up we would carve pumpkins and watch this show. I admit I still do it, even though there are no kids carving with me anymore. And because this show is so beloved to me, I thought I would share with you what the show says to me.

It's not about trick or treats, candy, bobbing for apples, or even the
Great Pumpkin himself.......it says something else to me.

It's about two boys who are different than the rest. And from our vantage point, no one really knows why Charlie isn't accepted. Is it the fact that he is a bald little kid who is super sensitive to the fact that he's different? Is it that he seems older and wiser than his years and his friends know it? Is it that everything he does never seems to turn out the way he imagined? Or is it some mysterious back story that hasn't been revealed to us.

Then there is Linus, who follows the beat of his own drum. He doesn't care what others think of him. He will carry a blanket if he wants, he will suck his thumb if he wants and the most important of all.....he can justify it to you. Have you seen him use that blanket as a weapon???? And he has a magnetic charm that can pull people in.

So there are our heroes.....this story really lies with Linus, and his blind FAITH. The faith of a child as some would say. For some reason, he believes in the Great Pumpkin and what he does to reward good children....sitting in a sincere pumpkin patch mind you... Who told him that??? Don't you want to know?

His faith is contagious, and next thing you know, a little doe eyed girl has fallen under his spell and given up everything she believed in, because she got wrapped up in his faith.

Now fast forward a little......how bad did you feel for them when their faith failed them?

Compare this with every diet you have ever tried and failed........you get sucked in by someone elses faith and exuberance. Miracle cures, miracle pills, miracle operations, never feel hungry again, easiest exercise you will ever do and still lose all the weight. I think you know what I'm talking about.....we all have our stories. And we have the faith of a child that it is going to happen for us that same way. We wait like Linus....giddy with excitement....in anticipation. We are going to be perfect in the morning.....Perfect body,.....perfect habits.....perfect lifestyle!

How devastating when we discover that there is no quick fix. That it doesn't happen overnight, that it isn't easy, or that it just doesn't work at all. Maybe that is why Charlie is the eternal pessimist. He already learned that lesson. And I have too. Except I am more like Linus.....I have the faith of a child.... the faith that I am going to do this....

I know it won't be easy....so while I sit in this pumpkin patch....I'll drink my water...eat right....exercise and patiently await my reward from the GREAT PUMPKIN! Happy Halloween!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAINLADY 10/6/2009 12:09PM

    Great blog....thanks.

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ID_VANDAL 10/6/2009 7:04AM

    Hey there Keri - I thought I made a great post but I must have hit a bad key. Oh well - now you'll never know just how brilliant the post was emoticon

and neither will I frankly but I did love your blog. You really write well and I always enjoy what you have to say.

Take care!



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LUCKYDUCK2 10/6/2009 2:15AM

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here.

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BUDDY_LOVE 10/5/2009 10:08AM

    What a great blog! and there you are...sucking me into your faith that I can actually complete this journey in weight loss!!!

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DEEGIRL50 10/5/2009 5:46AM

    emoticon emoticon
I'll keep you company in the pumpkin patch!

Great blog!!

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POSITIVELY_EB 10/5/2009 12:25AM

    You are amazing, my dear! Great blog! And I love Charlie Brown, too!!

Hugs! Beverly

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BLAZINGPHOENIX 10/4/2009 10:05PM

    I love that cartoon as well. We don't have kids yet but we still have jack-o-lanterns!

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I really believe that losing weight is a behavior issue. If we can't change our behaviors there is no way we will be successful at weight loss. That being said....how many people believe that they can and should change all of their bad behaviors overnight?? No exceptions?????

No wonder there is large degree of failures with dieting. It's like asking a child to paint a perfect Mona Lisa....mostly it's just not going to happen. Don't get me wrong there are those rare individuals that can go GOLD on the first try! I just know that I and millions like me do not have that gene.

We do have the power to control things in our life. Sometimes we have to start with the small things....drinking water.....introducing fruit and veggies to the menu....taking walks. So we practice......then we add to our new skill....and practice again. A five minute walk ....becomes a ten minute walk.....becomes one mile......becomes five. Practice .........Practice........Practice.......
building skills...gathering new behaviors.....achieving success. Next thing you know, you start achieving goals.

It doesn't have to happen all at once.....one step at a time....one success at a time. But only if you practice.....practice....practice.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

POSITIVELY_EB 10/3/2009 2:19PM

    Awesome, awesome blog! One of the best I've read! I'm with you on the practicing! As long as we don't quit, we haven't failed!!!

Hugs! Beverly

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NANCY- 10/2/2009 10:27AM

    Those small changes do add up. Keep practicing!!!

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ID_VANDAL 10/1/2009 6:37PM

    Very well said KO! Everything - both good and bad are usually the result of practice. Going home and sitting down to watch TV every night reinforces that behavior or going to the gym after work - reinforces that behavior.

We need to make a conscious choice (hopefully a good one) of what we are going to practice and then do it over and over again and again.

You are spot on!!



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TLSPEARS1 10/1/2009 6:00PM


You are so right! Good luck with making small changes for the better.

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