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That's an episode take.....two......

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If you haven't read episode one, you might want to back up so you get the entire picture.

So I told you about Friday night and my lack of dinner evening. Well, my Saturday made it even more comical.

On Friday afternoon, my boss told me that he and his wife had been part of a fundraiser where they donated a ride on our train along with a meal from Dells to Sioux Falls. He wanted to know if DH and I would like to ride the train back to Dells from Sioux Falls afterward. There would be leftovers and some other co-workers and their spouses. We would meet in Dells at 8 p.m. get in a limo, go to Sioux Falls and wait for the train. I said, "We are in!"

I have taken short trips on the locomotives before while they were doing switching but I've never had a trip on the train in the dining car. So we boarded the limo with 3 other couples and headed to Sioux Falls. We had two bottles of Champagne on the trip. Good stuff.

Now the part that makes this an episode is that I didn't know what to expect for food so DH and I didn't eat anything before. And all my boss said was leftovers.............

When the train pulled into Sioux Falls; all of the guests piled out. Then the 4 couples got on the caboose. We prepared for the trip back and even stopped on the falls. We got to get out on the bridge for awhile and admire the scenery. I had never been there in the dark before. It was amazing and beautiful.

Then we reloaded and headed towards Dells. Well .......let me tell you that leftovers consisted of some nuts, and tomato and cheese on a stick, and alcohol! Not exactly what we had hoped for. Needless to say, we went hungry!

But we stood of the back of the caboose on the way back. We couldn't see much in the dark but we went through our town along the way and enjoyed some of the scenery. It was a fun experience.

When I got home at 11:30, I had a bowl of cereal and went to bed! What a weekend of fine cuisine!!!!!!

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NANCY- 10/1/2009 11:38AM

    Oh my! Your episodes make a good case for eating at home. LOL

You do have a great attitude.

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ID_VANDAL 10/1/2009 7:56AM

    Too funny!! Remind me never to go out to dinner with you - oh wait maybe I SHOULD go out with you.

Love your sense of humor about the whole thing. You just made my day a little brighter!!

Take care!



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POSITIVELY_EB 10/1/2009 12:10AM


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MAMASUE12244 9/30/2009 10:58PM

    Hey...a ride on the train ...in the dark...under the stars..with DH??
Sounds like a mighty fine night to me..even if you didn't get to eat!! emoticon

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LUCKYDUCK2 9/30/2009 8:40PM

    Oh wow. Your boss and I sure have a different definition of "meal" or the previous guests were REALLY hungry and left none. Yep, that is another episode for sure. Two days in a row.

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That's an episode......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The owners of the company I work for probably have seen too much Seinfeld. I work for a mining company and anytime something strange or funny happens they say, "That's an episode." And we laugh and talk about how we should write all this stuff down and make a TV show about it. Well, let me tell you....last night was an episode.

We decided to go out for dinner and my hubby wanted to go to our favorite mexican restaurant. We have been going there for 20 years. It was the place we went on one of first dates. We LOVE the food. I absolutely love the chimis.

I decided to be good and ordered the chicken fajitas. I figured I would eat the chicken and veggies and life would be good. So my hubby orders the chimi.

The first thing I noticed when our food was brought to the table was that the pan wasn't sizzling......who ever hears of fajitas that don't sizzle when brought to your table??? Let's just say I could hold the frying pan in my hand. The chicken was cold as were the veggies. Meanwhile DH was enjoying his chimi with sour cream, cheese.....well you get the picture. I probably would have been drooling had I not been a little upset by the fact that the waitress never returned to the table. I couldn't eat it.....no way!

We live in a small town and we went into the city for dinner. My hubby is an electrical contractor and right in the middle of his enjoying his meal he gets a call. It's homecoming in our small town and the lights just went out at the football game. Would he come and fix them?

So here we are......gotta go......he's just about done eating.....I haven't touched my frozen meal(okay...I'm getting just a little melodramatic!!) and our waitress is no where to be seen. So I told my hubby I would just get a to-go box and fix it at home. Well we flagged down the waitress and she insisted on taking it back to the kitchen, which she did and it didn't come back any better. According to her, the manager was on vacation and the cook couldn't be bothered to get off the phone!

So DH has to go...and no waitress again.....I finally flag her down and explain we just need our ticket. She doesn't charge us for my meal and I decided not to take it with us.

So that is the first time I have ever gone out to eat and then came home and made a sandwich!

Now....there must be a morale to the story right? I figured that if I would have been naughty...I would of had a great chimi and been on my way. Nah....even if I believed that...okay maybe I did for a minute....I know my body was much happier with the sandwich I got. At the end of day, I still proved to myself that I can go out and eat healthy.....hee hee.

Now that's an episode!

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LOOPYSUSIE 9/30/2009 8:32PM

    I am really proud of you. Good job! I hope that when my day comes I have the strength to eat a sandwich too.

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AMBERROGUE 9/28/2009 3:13PM

    emoticon That's a BIG accomplishment! GO YOU!!!

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POSITIVELY_EB 9/27/2009 12:45AM

    WOW! What an episode!! Can I have a re-run, please!!! LOL!

Hugs! Beverly

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BOBBI1968 9/26/2009 9:50PM

    Definitely an espisode - sorry you had such a sad restaurant experience!

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DEEGIRL50 9/26/2009 9:09PM

    "That's an episode!" That's a new one to me!! You've started a new trend. Watch for it to be appearing on the threads every where!!

Love your attitude!!

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KING*GET*FIT 9/26/2009 7:52PM

    you have a great attitude. We live in a small town and our restraunt service suffers too. We have found a few that we will go to now but not many. The way we look at it is that it saves us money and we eat healthier at home anyway.

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ID_VANDAL 9/26/2009 7:38PM

    That is an episode. Well written and you probably should get an award from Sparkpeople for consuming the fewest calories while eating out.

As DRPOOH63 says it probably is worth mentioning to the manager. I'm sure the restaurant doesn't want to lose customers they've had for 20 years!! Both the cook and waitress need some "attention" paid to them.



PS - I'm going to steal that "that's an episode" It reminded me that my old college professor gave our class some great advice and I've used it many times over the years. When you are facing something that you can't get your hands around - write it up as a case problem and then solve the case as if you were a disinterested third party.

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BIRDRIPLEY 9/26/2009 5:57PM

    Everything happens 4 a reason.

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DRPOOH63 9/26/2009 5:43PM

    That is an episode..... Definately worth sending to the manager

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Forward only......reverse has been disengaged for good. And I like it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have been challenged to write about a habit I have changed for the better since starting Spark People. I don't know about any specific habits but I have made some changes.

I read a lot more about dieting, exercise, wellness than ever before. I have purchased some good books and yes.......I actually read them. I'm trying to find the best thing for me. I'm not looking for shortcuts or easy fixes (I admit.....I would take them, if available!) but I want something that will stay long term.

I avoid deep fat fried foods. Not only are they bad for weight; they don't help my IBS at all! I am also very mindful of what I put in my mouth and why. I leave a lot more food behind now. I use leftovers for lunches and we have never been a household to keep leftovers. I find that if I spend time think about why I'm eating......I eat less and I'm fulfilled sooner.

The part I struggle with is the exercise. Making that a habit has not been easy. I know I will find a method that will work for me, I just haven't yet. I'll keep reading and trying things. Though it will sound like an excuse.....my body puts limitations on me and I haven't found acceptable modifications yet. But I will......

I refuse to put this moving car in reverse; it's forward only, baby! I WILL reach my destination. Just watch.........

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POSITIVELY_EB 9/22/2009 11:58PM


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ID_VANDAL 9/22/2009 2:55PM

    I love that analogy - "... it's forward only, baby!" You've really got it goin on for you.

Give yourself credit for the many habits you have changed - especially the thought process. Lots of us have been told the secret is "eat right and exercise" but as you know there is a lot to "just eating right" like the no fried food, and spending the time to think about what you are eating and why. YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY so congradulations.

I'm sure you'll conquer the exercise with the positive approach you have going for you.


Keep on kickin @ss!



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To the friend I've never met

Sunday, September 20, 2009

There are people who come and go from your life with very little fanfare. Then there are others who become a permanent fixture in your life.

Spark friends are like no other. You may never meet the people you support and who support you, yet you have a bond that can't be broken. Because they are like you, they are you.

They are there for you and support you. They give you guidance and praise and help you find the answers you need. They want nothing in return.....just your friendship.

Thank you friends (present and future).......even though we have never met, you mean more to me than you can imagine. I wish for all your dreams to come true and for all of your goals to be realized.

You are my friend.....in my heart.

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P316LEIA 9/22/2009 9:48AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
Thank you for being my friend too!!

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ID_VANDAL 9/21/2009 10:28AM

    I've thought the same thing but no way could I have ever expressed it better than you just did. It is so true. Thanks again for posting it.


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ELLENIRENE 9/21/2009 7:49AM

    There's nothing like a friend who has gone through the same thing you're going through.
Friendship--a wonderful thing. and even more amazing is "cyber friends" those people who are there for you in good days and bad, even though they have never met you.

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DEEGIRL50 9/21/2009 3:54AM

    We'll kick you when you need it too! emoticon

Good friends do that for each other!

Glad you're with us on the AristoCATS!! You're one Cool Cat!!

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    Thank you Keri for writing such a wonderful sentiment. I'm really glad you joined FSC and I got to know you on our team! Lucky me....I get to be your friend!
Hugs, Brenda

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POSITIVELY_EB 9/20/2009 11:53PM

    Thank you! That has to be one of the most beautiful blogs I've ever read! *sigh* Glad you joined the FSC and especially to be on the AristoCATS with you!

Hugs! Beverly

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LUCKYDUCK2 9/20/2009 10:50PM

    Beautiful words spoken from the heart and so true for so many of us. Hugs to a friend FROM a friend. emoticon

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PYNNER 9/20/2009 10:39PM

    I loved this and it is so true.

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Tomorrow is Aubrey Day! I get to watch Coraline.....again and again!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomorrow I have to drive to Hawarden, IA for work. It's about an hour drive. I'll work for an hour have lunch and drive back. Doesn't seem worth it does it? The nice part is that it is a really relaxing day and I get home early, because I won't go back to the office. (Should probably, but won't)

I would have left work early anyway because I have Aubrey tomorrow night and I have to pick her up at the sitters. She is my 2 year old grandchild! I'm crazy about her.

What's funny is that she has a routine. It's always been "Juice and Snack". That's the first thing she asks for when she gets there. Lately she has added something new. I bought the movie "Coraline" and she loved it. Now she has to see it every time she is at our house. The reason she likes is because of the cat in the movie.

As you see, he's not that cute. I have seen the movie so many times I practically know it by heart! But it has now become my favorite cat movie because I get such a kick out of her and how much she likes it.

She stays with us while her daddy is bowling and I can't wait. She is so much fun. She is my motivation for losing weight!

So Coraline it is......and gladly!

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MAINLADY 9/18/2009 7:54AM

    My granddaughter is now 15 years old but when she was little she loved "Toy Story." I saw that movie so many times I knew the dialogue by heart. I see that it's out on DVD again so I'm going to buy it and make her watch it with me the next time we're together. I live in Florida and she's in Maine so we'll have to wait until summertime. Enjoy your little darling as much and as often as you can. They grow up all too soon.


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LUCKYDUCK2 9/17/2009 11:46PM

    She is just a total doll! What a cutie. My grandson use to watch popples over and over. It was a movie his mother watched as a child. Yep, the fun is in watching them watch it.

Have a great day.

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STARKITTEN513 9/17/2009 7:34PM

    I haven't seen the movie for Coraline, but I love the book (by Neil Gaiman, he's my favorite!). I really want to buy the dvd. Glad you're getting time with that darling little girl, enjoy it!!

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ID_VANDAL 9/17/2009 4:24PM

    Hey she's cute (I even think the cat is cute in a weird sort of way). I wouldn't go into the office either.

They get enough of our time as it is - they can donate back to us once in awhile.

You enjoy your granddaughter!


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