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my 2 day fast

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ok so tomorrow Im gonna attempt to do the 2 day fast from Beachbody.. so Im gonna blog about it and what I feel and the results I get or dont get. I will update this blog tomorrow...wish me luck and if anyone has tried it let me know what your experience was with it...

DAY 1 ~~~ I get up so early and Im starving,but dont want to have a shake now,cause it will be a long day for I am having 1 cup of coffee(maybe wrong but it will hold off my hunger) I will post later about my day and how I feel...

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    Hope it is going well.

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ONE*BUSY*MOM 2/6/2010 2:29AM

    Good luck! Hope all goes well.

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MANDORA3 2/5/2010 2:54PM

    Good luck Kristi!

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KNM2008 2/5/2010 8:11AM

    thanks ladies..I know it will be mostly water,but I am going to listen to my body!! the scale isnt moving at all except up and down a few pounds,but really all in all since I have QUIT drinking diet sodas I feel 100 x's better... i really dont feel so bloated any to get the kids off of cokes :(

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SHANIMCK 2/4/2010 11:41PM

    Good luck! I have a feeling you'll mostly lose water but maybe interrupting your metabolism a bit will be a good thing. :)

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A*L*P* 2/4/2010 7:08PM

    I was wondering where ya been!! Lol! Good luck and can't wait to hear about how it goes!!

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My Fitness Journey continues!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Well here goes...I must say I never had a weight issue until we had kiddos..They are a true blessing but man its tough on your body...I ordered Turbo Jam about 4 years ago...LOVED it from the beginning...I love the energy,the inspirations and overall the PARTY!!! I continued with it for a while,slacked off,and felt horrible about myself and the way I was treating my in April 08 I really began to get serious. I started TJ back up, found this awesome website called Sparkpeople!! WOW you want inspiration and encouragement you have to come to SP. I just loved how simple it was to use the tools. There are some great people on here. well I did "good" for a while then I slacked again. I had the " I will start again on Monday" attitude. but around Aug of 08 I said my monday is today. Quit putting it off. Get your booty in gear. so I did Turbo Jam ,then added running to my eating was still not all that great. I would log onto Sparkpeople and find those many people who were giving it there all and I would tell myself man I can do it! so I would continue! Jan of 09 came and I really did get serious. I ordered ChaLean Extreme. I completed the 90 days . which was a goal in itself. I have never stuck to a program like that. I lost about 6 lbs,but lost 13 in and 6% body fat. I so fell in love with the program immediatly. Chalene is so inspiring. I have since completed 2 5k races and loved every minute of it. my body feels so different. I can buy med size shirts and think I need a lg only to try it on and it be too big. well of course being a Chalene fan I found her website I ordered her Fan volume dvd's of Turbo Kick ...WOW! The videos are awesome once again. so where Im at right now, Im fixing to get certified to teach Turbo Kick . I am so excited to bring such a great workout to my town and hopefully others will see how fun it can be to take care of your good it feels when you are done. I believe that you have to have fun to stick to something. That is what Turbo Jam and Chalene and Sparkpeople have done for me. I want to continue to help others. I am a leader of the ChaLean Extreme team,Turbo Jammers team, and of course one on the Turbo ick team on Sparkpeople.
I am not finished and I WILL not quit! I have a ways to go ,but man what a journey! It is a blast!

here is my current picture. Im not done!! I will KEEP ON JAMMIN!!!!

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A*L*P* 11/4/2009 6:01PM

    I am a tad late getting a response to your blog -- been dealing with sick kids... never fun! :o(

I think it is awesome you have had such a great journey so far! It has been a lot of fun getting to know you on the ChaLEAN team! Keep up the great work, girlie and enjoy the Turbo Kick!!! Wish I was closer to ya and I would attend your class!

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SHANIMCK 10/11/2009 1:34AM

    Kristy, keep it up... you are doing a great job! I love your background... In fact, I think it is one of my favorites listed on my page too. If you keep it in mind, you *will* get there. :)

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CORIRENEE 10/10/2009 7:46AM

    Great Blog Kristy!!!

Very inspiring as we have ALOT in common!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

Cori (your co-leader from TURBO KICK!!)

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HEATHERHUSKER 10/9/2009 2:24PM

    Kristy you can do it!

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JILLIAN40 10/8/2009 11:05PM

    You go, girl!

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GIGI1222 10/8/2009 11:39AM

    Good for you!! I did not know you ran in 2 5ks!! I missed that. Way to go!

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1HOTMAMA2BE 10/8/2009 10:14AM

    I LOVE TURBO JAM AND TURBO KICK, too! Chalene is so inspiring and it just makes me feel so much better every day! You have done awesome so far and I know you will just keep rocking. The journey is a great one! Good for you on getting Turbo Kick certified. I wish we had classes near me, but working out to the dvds works, too! I can't wait for Fan Volume 3 to be autoshipped! AND TURBO FIRE IS COMING!!!!!

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MANDORA3 10/8/2009 10:01AM

    Awesome Kristy!!

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time to begin again!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ok I have slacked way to long..Im tired of not being motivated..and IM READY for a change..I feel like a slob..Im not doing myself any starting tonight(I am going to get a run in) Im going to take goal until Mon is to do a variety of workouts,rest on Sunday and then start Insanity on mon...I am going to have relentless determination until I reach my goal..what is my goal ? to be the healthiest person I know..God has blessed me with a brain and the knowledge to know what I need to do..I want to be a inspiration to others to help them along their journey..I know SP has so many support is my list.. the best wife and mother I can be
2. log food daily
3. workout 6 days/week
4. get in plenty of fruits and veggies
5. get in plenty of water

thanks for letting me ramble...

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A*L*P* 8/5/2009 10:05PM

    Let me know how the Insanity goes -- I will be curious to see how you like it. These look like fantastic goals and I know that you can do it!

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MANDORA3 8/5/2009 8:57PM

    Alright Kristi!! Way to recommit!!

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WITCHYWOMAN77 8/5/2009 8:03PM

    Yeah somedays I really don't want to start, whatever it may be dvd's, run, etc but once I start I feel great. I love Chalean. Today I started by walking the dogs, then jogged, and when they were pooped out I dropped them off and ran as fast as I could to my favorite songs, What a high! Hope your run was as amazing as mine was. I will keep checking in on ya and try to keep a fire lit in your belly. You keep on me too! Good Luck. Remember to forgive yourself for the break you had, move on, and live in this moment. If you slip up repeat, and you will, we all do, no biggie. We are lucky that way, we can always begin again. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticonMarisol

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KNM2008 8/5/2009 7:52PM

    thanks ..I love the feeling when I have had an awesome workout!!

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NESSA11485 8/5/2009 7:50PM

    That sounds like a good plan! Good luck!

I think all of us slacked off a little for the summer. Or at least I know I did.

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LILLORI 8/5/2009 7:43PM

    Sounds like a FaBuLoUS plan! I love the goals! You can do this! Enjoy your run Chalene says, think about the feeling you get when you finish that GREAT workout! :-)

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goal for week March30-April 5

Monday, March 30, 2009

I am wanting to add this so I will be held accountable!! My goal is to drink only 1 Diet Dr.Pepper daily ...also my goal is to log my food everyday! I know I can do this.. emoticon
I will log on everyday to post my results for the day..

Monday~~ Did great logged my food and only had 1 DDP!!
Tues~~goal met
Wed~~goal met
Thurs~~goal met

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VIVALAJUICY1 4/3/2009 3:27PM

    I am glad that I have reviewd your blog... Im new to SP.. but I have been trying to cut out POP on the whoile and Im gladd its ok to just have atleast just one.

Keep up the good work :)

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BIKERCHICK74 3/31/2009 2:25PM

    YES YOU CAN!!!!
Good luck!!

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QUASAR7 3/30/2009 10:16AM

    Good for you! You can do this! Recording my food everyday has definitely helped my weightloss efforts. I too have cut back on caffeine, and especially pop. I used to drink several cans of pop a day, now I just have 1-3 a week.

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-H0LY-Y0GA- 3/30/2009 9:30AM

    Wow. You and I are on the same wavelink! I MUST get back to logging my food everyday (and not giving up logging as soon as I realize I am going over on calories). AND I must defeat the demon diet dr. pepper!!! I like the idea of limiting to one rather than trying to go cold turkey right away.

Have a great day!!


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this week...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Well I finished up CE on I am feeling lost..I think I did well with this program because of the structure..having it planned everyday what I was going to I am going to create a schedule here so I can keep up witth the week

Mon~~ W3D1 C25K and turbo jam video
Tues~~ strength workout and TJ video, and ab workout (havent decided between CE or Jackie dvd for strength)
Wed~~ W3D2 C25K and turbo jam or CE intervals dvd
Thurs~~ strength and TJ video(20 min) ab workout
Friday~~W3D3 C25K and burn intervals
Sat~~TJ CP3

Im going to stick with this schedule this week though Im not sure on which TJ videos I will def use I atleast have some schedule...


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