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Week 9 workout plan: 820 kcal burned, 1 hr 10 min exercised this week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 4200 / [820]

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: no plan / [1 hr 10 min]


I only want to set the goal of burning 600 kcal each day, I don't want to decide with what type of exercise or in how many minutes because I'll have more options this week.


Monday (600 kcal) - burned only 120 kcal with a 10 min SP video

Tuesday (600 kcal) - burned only 350 kcal with 30 min SP videos

Wednesday (600 kcal) - burned 350 kcal with 30 min SP videos

Thursday (600 kcal) - NONE

Friday (600 kcal) - NONE

Saturday (600 kcal) - NONE

Sunday (600 kcal) - NONE

This was a really bad week exercise-wise, partly because I don't like doing a lot of SP videos, 1-2/week is okay, just for fun or completing my main type of exercise, but not each day. But mainly I did so little exercise because on Thursday I traveled home and came back on next Monday, so 4 days of the week were busy and I even got sick for a day and a half.

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FITFUNKYMAMA1 4/22/2010 11:02PM

    yeah that rocks!!! I have something like this in my daily planner,my exercise days and rest days,but I have no idea how many calories i'm burning,i'm just using whatever SP has on the exercises and going by that.

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LIVETORUN 4/20/2010 12:13PM

    This is brilliant! I think I am going to set something up like this for myself. That's what I've been doing all along, just in my head. I track my food/fitness with SP but actually planning it out for the week/month I think will really help me to see exactly what I need to do every day to reach my weight loss goals. Thanks for sharing this! I will check back and see how you are doing. Good luck today!!

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Week 8 workout plan: 3010 kcal burned, 9 hrs 5 min exercised this week!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 3920 / [3010]

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 9 hrs 20 min / [9 hrs 5 min]

Total crunches done this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 700 / [0]


I found a great cycling route last week. Imagine cycling on a perfectly even and flat cycling road with beautiful sunshine (not too hot but not too cold weather - somewhere in the middle, which is perfect), bright green grass everywhere around you, fields planted with some plants I can't reckognize yet but they're already growing out of the soil, bright and dark pink-coloured wild flowers, a clear blue sky, few people on the route but the few there are are nice and polite, i'm even passing next to a small lake on my way. This is my new cycling route and it's so beautiful I think I'm gonna stick to it for a long time. I do 3 circles which takes about 80-85 minutes and burns between 560 and 600 kcal. So this is my plan for this week, I hope the weather won't be too bad and I won't have to skip anything.


Monday (560 kcal) - did only 90 min walking, 265 kcal burned thanks to the stupid rain...
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Tuesday (560 kcal) - DID MORE: 638 kcal (118 kcal with a SP video and 520 with 75 min biking)
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Wednesday (560 kcal) DID MORE: 685 kcal with 1 hr 40 min biking
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Thursday (560 kcal) - NOT DONE
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Friday (560 kcal) - DID MORE: 575 kcal with 120 min easy biking
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Saturday (560 kcal) - burned only 430 kcal with 90 min biking
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Sunday (560 kcal) - burned only 415 kcal with 60 min biking
80 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done


April calorie deficit = - 6765 kcal

Thursday, April 08, 2010

1 kg=7700 kcal (or 1 pound=3500 kcal).

My BMR is 1740 kcal/day (check out this link if you'd like to calculate yours:
rie_calculation101.asp ).

I want to lose 3 kgs (6.6 lbs) in April, so I must have a deficit of 23.100 kcal to achieve this, that's an average deficit of 770 kcal/day.

That's my goal: 770 kcal deficit each day.


Update: Today's March 8th, and I'm a little behind with this month's calorie deficit, and I calculated that in order to reach my goal of a 23.100 kcal deficit this month I must have a daily deficit of 910 kcal, so this is my new goal from today. It seems tough for me but I'm gonna try and we'll see how far I'll be able to go. I just have to do my planned workouts and not skip any of them, eat as much soup and veggies as I can and keep myself away from sweets and comfort foods.


BMR + Calories Burned = 1725 + =
Calories Consumed =
Calorie Deficit =


April 1, Thursday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 475 = 2215
Calories Consumed = 1440
Calorie Deficit = -775 [Met my goal of 770 kcal deficit/day and it feels good! :)]

April 2, Friday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 0 = 1740
Calories Consumed = 1745
Calorie Deficit = +5 [Had a horrible-mood day today and I skipped exercise but I'm making up for it!]

April 3, Saturday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +0 = 1740
Calories Consumed = 1685
Calorie Deficit = - 65 [Still stupid mood + laziness...I hate myself on these days...]

April 4, Sunday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +700 = 2440
Calories Consumed =1780
Calorie Deficit = - 660 [Great workout, but a little more food than necessary..I can live with that...:)]

April 5, Monday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 245 = 1985
Calories Consumed = 1935
Calorie Deficit = -50 [Oh My GOD! I had a horrible workout today, thanks to a rain and a stormy wind and lots of MUD! Everywhere! I'm glad i did at least 1/3 of my planned exercises because the weather really made me have a hard time. I got home looking like the girls after a mud-fight...the only difference was the extra clothes and lack of a breast implant...the whole weather and doing less exercise than planned made me eat more than I should've, so I hardly had any deficit today].

April 6, Tuesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +0 = 1740
Calories Consumed = 1545
Calorie Deficit = -195 [damn...I slept 4 hrs at night so you can imagine how horrible my whole day has been, then at the point when I wanted to go exercising I felt much more tired than before and fell asleep...for 4 more hours...well, at least I had the 8 hours of sleep...but not the exercises. This week isn't going how I planned, first the rain and stormy wind on monday than this sleep thing...anyway, I want to make up for it doing a little more exercise than planned in the next few days. ]

April 7, Wednesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 365 = 2105
Calories Consumed = 1515
Calorie Deficit = -590

April 8, Thursday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 580 = 2320
Calories Consumed = 1435
Calorie Deficit = -885 [Nutrition was great today! I'm glad about that! :)]

April 9, Friday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 600 = 2340
Calories Consumed = 1555
Calorie Deficit = -785

April 10, Saturday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 130 = 1870
Calories Consumed = 2220
Calorie Deficit = +350

April 11, Sunday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +680 = 2420
Calories Consumed = 1700
Calorie Deficit = -720

April 12, Monday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 265 = 2005
Calories Consumed = 2300
Calorie Deficit = + 295

April 13, Tuesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +640 = 2380
Calories Consumed = 2055
Calorie Deficit = -325

April 14, Wednesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +685 = 2425
Calories Consumed = 1425
Calorie Deficit = -1000 ['s so good to see such a big number after a lot of bad days...I made myself a mealplan yesterday for today, leaving out 300 kcal for things that i might crave today, and it worked really well, i stayed well within my plan, and i'm gonna do this every time i can from now on...i won't be able to do it every day because sometimes i don't know what my darling mom-in-law will cook on the next day, but on the days when it's possible i'll definitely plan about 75% of my daily meals, leaving space for cravings too if they come. Also this day was great because i ate really great foods, like soup, veggies and fruits, and i drank plenty water. And th]e exercise went well too! :)]

April 15, Thursday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 +0 =1740
Calories Consumed = 2620
Calorie Deficit = +880 [Three different factors caused such a huge calorie surplus that i'm not proud of at all: 1.) I had a huge deficit yesterday and I think my body craved food more, I felt hungry a lot; 2.) we didn't have soup at home, which is bad because soup is the one that helps me stay within my calorie range; 3.) I couldn't exercise because it was raining and I can't go out to cycle in rain - i have to find a way to burn exercise even if the weather doesn't allow me to go outside]

April 16, Friday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 575 = 2315
Calories Consumed = 1545
Calorie Deficit = -770 [the weather was good so i could go cycle, we had soup today and i didn't really have cravings]

April 17, Saturday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 430 = 2170
Calories Consumed = 2030
Calorie Deficit = -140

April 18, Sunday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 415 = 2155
Calories Consumed = 1775
Calorie Deficit = -380

April 19, Monday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 120= 1860
Calories Consumed = 1730
Calorie Deficit = -130

April 20, Tuesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 350= 2090
Calories Consumed = 1505
Calorie Deficit = -585

April 21, Wednesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 350 = 2090
Calories Consumed = 1680
Calorie Deficit = -410

April 22, Thursday
April 23, Friday
April 24, Saturday
April 25, Sunday
April 26, Monday - I didn't track my food on these days...I know...I decided to continue tracking calorie deficit for this month as if these 5 days wouldnt've existed, so I'll continue where I stopped, at a total monthly deficit of 6935 kcal on April the 21st.

April 27, Tuesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1740 + 0 = 1740
Calories Consumed = 2215
Calorie Deficit = +475

April 28, Wednesday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1725 + 855 = 2580
Calories Consumed = 1535
Calorie Deficit = -1045

April 29, Thursday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1725 + 625= 2350
Calories Consumed = 2025
Calorie Deficit = -325

April 30, Friday
BMR + Calories Burned = 1725 +0 = 1725
Calories Consumed = 2790
Calorie Deficit = +1065

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ABBYSMOMMA09 4/9/2010 7:05AM

    you're doing great! keep it up :)

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GOLDBERG73 4/8/2010 7:46PM

    You are doing great - Keep having more of those good days than bad and you'll be to your 6.6lbs in no time!

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BELLAALI 4/8/2010 6:48PM

    GO LILLA GO!!!


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OZXIA1 4/8/2010 4:54PM

    I do this same thing (watch my calorie deficit) - but there's plenty of warnings all over the place saying that this is not an exact science. Having done it for 3 months now, I can agree with that...but it's still a good baseline. I love how you've commented after each day - that will be helpful in understanding your results (good or bad) and what might have affected it.

Keep up the great'll become easier to do as time goes on!

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MEGANC1988 4/8/2010 2:08PM


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Things I'm thankful for - April

Monday, April 05, 2010

Day 1
I'm VERY thankful that I got the chance to have this past month - March. I learned a lot about my habits, my strenght, about health and fitness, and I also lost 3 lbs. I wanted more, but I'm thankful for every ounce of these 3 lbs, they are gone now and I am 3 lbs closer to my goal.
Also, I saw a photo of 1 lbs of fat and it's...ugggh...I got rid of 3 times the amount of fat...suddenly 3 lbs doesn't seem that little...

Day 2
I'm thankful that Ali (sparkname: BELLAALI) is back and we will do this together - again! Last time we were both active on the site in the same time and gave support and motivation to each other both of us had fantastic results with a lot of weight loss!
ALI - if you're reading this - I'm looking forward to hopefully talking to you almost every day and read your blogs and check out your trackers and everything! I'm here for you and I'm so glad you're back, let's do this together girl!!!

Day 3
I'm thankful that my family is in a relatively good financial state and we can afford to buy healthy foods, i can afford to have a bike, etc.
Hundreds of millions don't have such privileges you know...

Day 4
I'm thankful for the fact that I was strong enough today to go out to have a hardcore workout after 2 days of not doing anything. In the past two days I woke up really late, I was constantly on Sparkpeople doing this or that BUT the time was passing, it got dark outside and i didn't go out to exercise the whole day. This happened on 2 consecutive days. Well, I set the alarm today, I was spending a lot of time on the site too BUT i went out, rode my bike at a really hardcore pace for more than an hour and a half and I burned 700 kcal with it. I feel so much better. I won't let the past two days make me feel bad, I'm gonna let today make me feel good! :)

Day 5
I'm thankful that my love and I are in our warm bedroom while outside's raining, me sparkpeople-ing :) on my laptop, him playing some game on his computer! :) It's so good to be next to him while we're doing our own hobbies, we can cuddle or kiss anytime we feel like. :)

Day 6
I'm thankful for finding this: "Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of; to hell with sugar and spice." -UNKNOWN

Day 7
I'm thankful I found this: "You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind. Your mind gets bored and therefore tired of doing nothing. Get interested in something! Get absolutely enthralled in something! Get out of yourself! Be somebody! Do something. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have."

Day 8
I'm thankful for finding the most beautiful bike-route in this city yesterday. Well, a part of it is outside the city, but you know what I mean. I'm passing fields, forests, lakes, flowers, nice people walking their dogs. The sun was shining so nicely yesterday and my sweetie and I were biking together passing these beautiful landscapes - it was so uplifting!

Day 9
I'm thankful that my sweetie David finally went to make a blood test. He postponed it for so long but now he finally went, so now that we've got the results he can go to the internist doctor we were planning to go to.

Day 10
I'm thankful that my sweetie and I finally start writing something that has to be done until April the 20th and is pretty tough. But we finally started doing it so we're on track with it now. I'm also thankful that I've lost 2 lbs this month so far, which means that i'm 11.5 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight. 31 more to go! :)

Day 11
I'm thankful that Ali (Sparkname: BELLAALI) lost 6.6 lbs. This girl is such a nice person with lots of energy, she just needs to put that energy to the right places and she will lose this weight, be healthy and look smokin hot! Go Ali! Go! :) I'm also thankful that I went under 72 kgs (the scale said exactly 71.9 kgs) because my reward for this step was to buy myself an MP4-Player...which I did buy yesterday and I love it! :)

Day 12
I'm thankful that I was smart enough to push my sweetie to do a blood test. Turns out he has not only high but VERY HIGH cholesterol at the age of 23!!!!! Luckily it's still time to change that, from now on I'm in charge with food. We will make it work, his cholesterol will drop and he'll be super healthy from all the super foods!!

Day 13
I'm SOOO thankful that my sweetie started eating right. He doesn't talk much about it, but since the doctor told him he has high cholesterol (at age 23) he realised it doesn't matter too much what foods he likes, he has to eat what's good for him. So yesterday he eat all the right stuff: as many fruits and veggies as you can imagine, lean meat, 100% whole wheat bread, low-fat milk, a great cereal full of vitamins...I'm so glad he's responsible about this...:)

Day 14
I'm thankful that i had a calorie deficit of 1000 kcal today. Isn't that great?! :)

Day 15
I'm thankful for this morning. I woke up earlier than my sweetie, which is totally unusual. :) Yesterday night we talked about thefact that there wasn't too much food in the house and we had no idea what we'll eat for breakfast. So today morning when I woke up early I decided to go shopping and came back with great stuff like bananas, kiwi, whole wheat bread, low-fat milk, frozen peas, frozen beans, turkey ham, cheddar cheese, great cereal...I don't go shopping too often because it's not me who runs the household here but his mom, so it was a new feeling for me to wake up and go shopping because my sweetie needed to eat breakfast. He woke up an hour after I came home, which is totally unusual, he doesn't need much sleep at all and he wakes up very easily (something I envy him for...:) ). It felt good to do that. It's such a tiny things, something others don't even notice when they do it but it was a first for me! :) And it also felt good to make him breakfast when he woke up: whole wheat bread with healthy margarine, turkey ham cheddar cheese and cucumber slices on the side. And he ate about 6 bananas since then! :)))

Day 16
I'm thankful for finding this: "Food will never taste as good as being skinny will feel." I KNOW myself and I know that this quote will help me many times from now on when i'm staring at a cake or something I shouldn't really be eating. It's the best quote, it really suits me and my personality and I know it will help me many times. Although skinny doesn't necessarily represent healthy, it rather refers to thin, I still won't change a quote, the important thing is that I know what it means for ME!

Day 17
I'm thankful for the good education I was lucky enough to get!

Day 18
I'm thankful for the nice weather outside! I wonder why I'd much better like to enjoy it from the inside (with the laptop in my lap) rather than from the outside (exercising)...

Day 19
I'm thankful that everyone loved the three-course meal I cooked yesterday. it was the first time EVER in my life to cook more types of food in the same time (soup, side dish + the meat dish) and everything tasted awesome, and everyone says it was great...and i'm sure they'd tell the truth even if it wasn't as good...:)

Day 20
I'm thankful for the fact that the scale showed a 1.5 pounds weight loss this morning!! :) That means I'm a total of 13 lbs lighter than when I started this journey! Yaaay! 29 more to go!!! i'm finally out of the "30+ pounds to lose"!!! :D

Day 21
I'm thankful for finding this on Magda's Facebook wall, written by her: "It's a beautiful cycle! Just think u can, and u will! And when u do, u r filled up with the most incredible energy. And that energy will fuel you for the next time! And on those off days when the energy is running low or just not there, I just tell myself ... Only 30 min Magda .... 9 out of 10 times by the time those 30 min are up, I find myself wanting more! It's a beautiful way to live .... !!! xoxoxo We have a choice every day ... We can choose to live an OK life, or we can choose an AMAZING life! I choose AMAZING!!! Have an AMAZING day, Laura!!! ♥ "

Day 22
I'm thankful that 4 messed up days can't take my motivation away on the fifth day. I'm okay with bad days, because although I'd love to lose this weight as fast as I can I don't stress about time. I want to lose 29 lbs by the end of the year, i'm gonna go slow, I'm gonna exercise, eat right but not starve myself, and I will get there when I get there.

Day 23
I'm thankful for meeting with my 4 girlfriends. We don't meet too often, less than once a month because 2 of us lives in different cities, but when we meet it's like a therapy. we laugh and have fun but we also listen and give serious advice if asked for. Friends are so important, i'm so blessed to have these 4! :)

Day 24
I'm thankful that my family is healthy! I know so many families with one or more of them having health problems, I'm just so blessed to have a mom, a dad, a stepdad, a sister, her husband, a stepbrother, a stepsister, a boyfriend and all his family who are ALL healthy so far. We've had our share with my 4 grandparents dieing either young or from a serious illness, but I'm glad that everyone's fine now.

Day 25
I'm thankful for finding this background photo with 3 yoga-ladies. :) I think I did a pretty good job with changing the look of my sparkpage, I think it looks great and cared-for :). i just wish my "Introduction text" wasn't that looooong. :))

Day 26
I'm thankful that our small country (Hungary, Europe) has such high spiritual-value magazines as Nők Lapja (which, translated to english, means "Women's Magazine"). you can read so much about things that interest me so much: family relationships, charity, people's success stories, women's problems and how they can get through it, etc. It's not a shiny but valueless Cosmo, it's something that makes you more sensible towards others and towards a good way to live your life.

Day 27
I'm thankful that I went tanning. See, the last time I went was maaany years ago, 5 years probably or so, and even back then I only went like 4 times/year. I didn't have the money and I hated staying in there for even a few minutes, and I didn't see results almost at all, and I was concerned about the health of my skin. But now I went and I look awesome. :) I only went once, and of course i'm not very very tanned, but I'm more tanned than before, it's visible and I love it, it gives me so much more confidence!! I'm not saying that I'll go regularly from now on because I'm still concerned about my health [especially that only a few weeks ago it was officially acclaimed that it might cause cancer (although we all knew it before, but it's totally different when it is OFFICIAL)]. I'll probably go once a month, each time I travel back to my hometown (I go once a month for 2-4 days). And when I'll feel that i'm tanned enough i'm not gonna go for awhile. i'm not a tanzilla type :), I just want a little colour to feel better! :)

Day 28
I'm thankful for today's workout!! It was great!! After not working for 6 days i burned 855 kcal instead of the 600 that was planned. It didn't feel too hard (I was biking for 2 hrs 5 minutes, rode 21 miles/33.5 kms) and I'm sure I'm not gonna be too exhausted tomorrow.

Day 29
i'm thankful for finding these:

"Life is not about finding yourself, its about creating yourself"
"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"
"Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body"
"Get busy living or get busy dying"

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BELLAALI 4/5/2010 8:10PM

    Lets do it Girl!!!!

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BEAUTIFUL_LOVE8 4/5/2010 8:03AM

    Love it!
This is a GREAT idea!

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ABBYSMOMMA09 4/5/2010 5:32AM

    oh! adorable lol I love seeing people in love :) it is great just to have them next to you at times...even if that's all it is :)

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LOVE_KRISTIN 4/5/2010 5:23AM

  Isn't it great to each like your own things, but still be able to somehow be together while doing them... so cute!! =)

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    oh cute cute!

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Week 7 Workout Plan: 2600 kcal burned, 6 hrs 40 min exercised this week!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 5145 / [2600]

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 12 hrs 15 min / [6 hrs 40 min]

Total crunches done this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 700 / [400]


I tried to run last week but my shin and knees still hurt. I finally got into biking though! At first traffic seemed really scary (although I've been driving a lot in the past 4 years, but cycling is so much different) but now I got used to it. I mean...not used to it completely...let's just say I have a relatively short route that I use, and I make circles on it. 25-50 circles. Maybe I'm pathetic but i don't care. I rode 30 kms (about 16 miles) today, that's 50 circles, and I feel AWESOME. So this week is biking week! I'll let my shin and knees heal and I'll get into biking even more!


Monday (735 kcal) - burned only 245 kcal with 40 minute biking, horrible weather, rain, wind, i'm glad I did at least this
105 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Tuesday (735 kcal) - NOT done
105 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Wednesday (735 kcal) - burned only 365 kcal with 75 min biking
105 minute biking
100 crunches - DONE

Thursday (735 kcal) - burned only 580 kcal with 85 minute biking
105 minute biking
100 crunches - DONE

Friday (735 kcal) - burned only 600 kcal with 85 min biking
105 minute biking
100 crunches - NOT done

Saturday (735 kcal) - burned only 130 kcal with 25 min biking (it was raining all day...)
105 minute biking
100 crunches - DONE

Sunday (735 kcal) - burned only 680 kcal with 80 min biking and a 10 min SP video
105 minute biking
100 crunches - DONE

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JOANN1212 4/4/2010 2:41PM


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