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This seemed fun :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

try to use one word!

Where is your cell phone?

bed :)

Your hair?

Your mother?
severe one

Your father?

Your favorite thing?
love :)

Your dream last night?

Favorite drink?

What room are you in?

Your hobby?

Your fear?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?
in my future home

Where were you last night?

Something that you aren't?
hard working enough


Wish list item?

Last thing you did?
changed my life

What are you wearing?

Your pets?
6 dogs :)

love 'em :)

Your life?
good...will be better

Your mood?
much better than a few months ago

Missing someone?
my grandpa who passed away


Your car?
use it once a month

Something you're not wearing?
high heels unfortunately

Your favorite store?
clothes (duuuuh...)

Your favorite color?

When is the last time you cried?
'bout a week ago

Where do you go over and over?
on a walk :)

Five people who email me regularly?
2 friends, SP,, spam

Favorite place to eat?

Favorite place I'd like to be right now?
here :)

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NDEGENHART 3/29/2010 3:33PM

  What a hoot

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    that was funny to read...thanks for a good laugh

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Week 5 Workout Plan: 2160 kcal burned, 8 hrs 55 min exercised this week!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 5110 / [ 2160]

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 12 hrs 50 min / [ 8 hrs 55 min]

Total crunches done this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 700 / [100]


I've learned a lot about myself, about good nutrition, about good exercise, about mistakes, about injuries.
it's time to use this knowledge the best way I can.
I will burn 730 kcal on each day, and I will also do my 100 crunches each day.
I SOOOOOOOOOOOO want this week to work!!


Monday (730 kcal) - burned only 220 kcal with 20 min walk + 30 min bike (I traveled home...)
180 min walk
100 crunches - NOT done

Tuesday (730 kcal) - NOT done (I was at home...)
180 min walk
100 crunches - NOT done

Wednesday (730 kcal) - NOT done (I was at home, but traveled back here, to my other home, so I'll be back on track from tomorrow) :)
90 min bike
70 min walk
100 crunches - NOT done

Thursday (730 kcal) - NOT done
90 min bike
70 min walk
100 crunches - NOT done

Friday (730 kcal) - done only 520 kcal with 135 min. walking
120 min bike
1 SP video
100 crunches - NOT done

Saturday (730 kcal) - burned 'only' 660 kcal with 2 hrs 50 min walking
90 min bike
70 min walk
100 crunches - NOT done

Sunday (730 kcal) - DONE 760 kcal with 3 hrs walk
90 min bike
70 min walk
100 crunches - DONE

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GOLDBERG73 3/20/2010 10:46AM

    Don't think I could do 700 crunches in a week! lol

Go get 'em!

~Jason emoticon

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Confession n' all

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I messed up! I really did!
Last Sunday I wrote a blog entry with my Week 4 fitness plan. I didn't plan how many minutes and what type of exercises I will do, I just decided that i'll burn 800 kcal each day with exercise. I was so stupid! The result was that I went to exercise (meaning: to walk or to bike), did it for about 80-100 minutes, and then I went home, thinking that it was probably enough, and if it's not 800 kcal yet no problem, because i'll do some SP videos at home to make up for the missing calories. Boy, I was so naive!
First of all, after I got home from 80-100 minutes of exercise, however moderate it was, I didn't do the SP videos, because I was tired...and with the exercise I did I usually only burned about 350 kcal, so I was far from 800.
Slowly, my poor results started affecting my mood.
In the meantime, i did well with nutrition for the first few days, basicly on the days when we had soup, but then I didn't do well at all. I overate, or my calorie deficits were little.

I though about all the things that cause problem for me and i came up with these results and these solutions:

1. If there's no soup at home, the chances are about 90% that I'll overeat. Conclusion: I will learn to make soup, instead of relying on my (by the way darling) mother-in-law to cook it.

I already know 2 recipes, she explained one more to me yesterday and I'm cooking that today, and from now on whenever she cooks i'll learn it, and when she can't cook i'll cook the ones I already know!!

2. If i don't plan the workouts in advance, the chances are about 90% that I'll do less exercise than I should (exercises that burn 350 kcal instead of 800!!). Conclusion: I will calculate how much exercise I'll have to do to burn 730 kcal (which is my new goal).
Here are the exercises:

- 3 hr walk (my favourite)
- 1,5 hr bike+1 hr 10 min walk (my favourite)
- 2 hr walk+2 SP videos
- 1,5 hr walk+3 SP videos
- 1 hr walk+4 SP videos
- 2,5 hr bike
- 2 hr bike+1 SP video
- 6 SP video (1 hr total).

All of these, for me, burn 730 kcal. The first two are my favourites, I'm probably gonna do a lot of those. I don't care that they're time consuming because I have a lot of free time. From now on, whenever i'll go to exercise I'll choose which one of these I'm gonna do, and i'm gonna do them entirely.

3. I have to be a little more active during the day. I refer to going shopping, cleaning in the house...not sitting on the couch with the laptop in my hands.

So, right now, these are my 3 top priorities, most of all the first 2, the soup and the workout-plan. The truth is that I sometimes read about others' successes, like people who lost 5+ lbs this month, and I envy them because I only lost 1... and instead of them motivating me, I feel even worse because their success represents my failure.

Also, I made a calculation. Considering my BMR being 1750 kcal/day and the fact that 1 kg is 7700 pounds, I calculated that in order to lose 4 kgs(8.8 lbs)/month (which is my goal), I gotta have a calorie deficit of 1030 kcal/day. I decided that this will come from:
- 300 kcal from cutting back food (i'll consume 1450 kcal)
- and 730 kcal from exercise. All the exercises I listed above burn 730 kcal, so each day I'm gonna do one of those. When I'll be able to start jogging again I'll make exercise combinations that include jogging too, but until then i'll stick with mostly walking and biking, and sometimes SP videos.

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GOLDBERG73 3/20/2010 10:42AM

    It's good that you're holding yourself accountable - we all have GREAT WEEKS and we also have BAD WEEKS - just the fact that you're willing to confess to the whole SPARK world is enough to show yourself how dedicated you are to your health & your fitness!

Let's get motivated - Good luck on your week 5 fitness plan!
emoticon emoticon


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Week 4 workout plan: 3470 kcal burned, 13 hrs 50 min exercised this week!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 5600 / [3470] (I did 2130 kcal less than I should've...)

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: not planned / [13 hrs 50 min]

Total crunches done this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 700 / [635]


Hi everyone! :)
I stopped jogging because my leg (shin) started hurting. I'm guessing that it's caused by the extra weight that my leg has to carry during jogging. When I'll feel that it doesn't hurt anymore I'll start jogging again but until then my remaining options are:
- walk
- SP cardio videos
- biking
- swimming.
Unfortunately the wheel of my bike is broken, and until I don't buy a new one I can't use it.
If I want to swim I have to travel (with train) to our neighboring city. Here's how it looks like: I walk to the train station (30 min) travel with the train (25 min) and walk again (20 min) to the pool where I can swim. Theoretically I'd love to swim. Practically I hate it that the road there and back takes 2 and a half hours. It's true that walking takes up 1 hour 40 min of this, but still.... AND when I'm at the just seems so long to go and change in a lockerroom, then after I'm done with swimming take a shower, change in a locker room again....I don't know what my problem is...well my problem is what I wrote about just now, i know...but...I just hate to waste time on traveling and stuff like changing in lockerrooms....
any opinions everyone?
Oh, not to mention that, while jogging, biking, walking and SP videos are free, I have to pay for swimming.
Oh, and not the mention the fact that I feel comfortable with a tiny little bit more clothes on than I can wear in a pool...u feel me? :)

Well anyway, what I'm trying to talk about here is next week's workout plan, right? :)
I'm gonna stick with walking and SP videos, I love these two, and i'll see a few dyas later if I can jog again and i'm gonna buy that wheel sooner or later. SO my plan for next week is to burn 800 kcal each day. I don't want to plan exercises because if I plan walking maybe I can't go cause it will rain (it will rain on a few days on next week). So I'll just plan 800 kcal for each day, and I'll choose the type of exercise on that specific day, depending on the circumstances.
I'd like to have a total calorie deficit of 1100/day in the next 7 days (this way i'll lose 1 kg [2.2 lbs] until the end of the week), I'll get 800 kcal deficit from exercise and the other 300 from food. My BMR is 1750 kcal/day, so I'll consume 1450 kcal/day to achieve the 1100 kcal/day calorie-deficit! I'd like to make this work, because I'm traveling home on the Monday after this 4th week is finished, and i'd like to show my mom some changes, she notices that 1 kg, believe me! :) And even if she doesn't I'd love to finally say that I've lost 1 kg!
Also, I decided to do 100 crunches daily, I even signed up for the 100 crunches/day challenge on the team with the same name.

Monday (800 kcal) - done only 515 kcal with walking
100 crunches - DONE

Tuesday (800 kcal) - done only 380 kcal with walking + biking
100 crunches - DONE

Wednesday (800 kcal) - done only 385 kcal with walking
100 crunches - NOT done

Thursday (800 kcal) - done 355 kcal with biking + walking
100 crunches - DONE

Friday (800 kcal) - done only 340 with 80 minutes of walking
100 crunches - DONE

Saturday (730 kcal) - DONE a total of 736 kcal with walking + 1 SP video
100 crunches - DONE

Sunday (730 kcal) - DONE a total of 760 kcal with 180 min walking
100 crunches - DONE

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

GOLDBERG73 3/15/2010 8:26AM

    I like to read up on your calorie consumption/burning throughout your days - I'm trying to understand how my BMR works and how many cals I need to burn to actually lose 1-2 lbs a week.

Thanks for the help in your blogs!

~Jason emoticon

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i figured it out! YES! Finally everything is on it's place! :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So I realised today, after a 830 kcal breakfast, that the huuuge calorie-intakes of the last two days were caused by lack of...wait for it....SOUP! Yes! So I decided to make a soup today, I did a great cauliflower-veggie soup with my darling future mother-in-law, and my total calorie intake for today is 1400 kcal!!!!! the soup works for me like magic! One big bowl that fills my stomach has 160 kcal, and it's delicious! I love soup! I ate 3 bowls today as lunch and dinner, plus a little cooked potatoes with onion-parsley, and i felt full (not crazy unhealthy full, just normal full) all day (I put both recipes on, they're called 'Delicious cauliflower&vegetable soup' and 'Delicious potatoes with green parsley' for anyone who's interested).
Thanks to the soup, plus SP workout videos I just found today, i had a calotie deficit of 570 today. This is great, considering that the day before yesterday I had a surplus of 1100+ and yesterday my deficit was only 25 kcal...
Take care everyone and eat soup! :)
Lilla :)


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