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Week 2 Workout plan: 2155 kcal burned, 6 hrs 15 min exercised this week!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 2170 / [2155]

Total minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 6 hrs 15 min / [6 hrs 15 min]


Monday - nothing (I traveled home 2 days ago and I didn't exercise unfortunately)

Tuesday - nothing (I traveled back so I'm back on track) :) yaaay! :)

Wednesday (320 kcal) - DONE (I didn't plan this little running, I just couldn't do more after 6 days of break)
50 min biking
8 min jogging

Thursday (350 kcal) - DONE (felt good :) although my booty hurts really bad after yesterday's 50 min biking)
10 min biking
25 min jogging

Friday (450 kcal) - DONE! :) (And I actually did an extra 10 minutes of walk, that's 30 more calories, so that's a total of 480 calories burned for today)
40 min jogging (I'm looking forward to this, I didn't run this much for a long long time :) )
40 min walking

Saturday (450 kcal) - DONE (did more walking, so that's 490 kcal burned instead of 'just' 450! I love this!! :) )
40 min jogging
40 min walk

Sunday (600 kcal) - DONE (although I only burned 515 kcal, I didn't do much biking, my booty still hurts from biking a lot a few days ago :) )
40 min jogging
30 min biking


Week 1 Workout plan: 1100 kcal burned, 3 hrs 15 min exercised this week!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Total calories burned this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 2660 / [1100]

Totals minutes exercised this week:
Plan / [Actual]: 7 hrs 35 min / [3 hrs 15 min]


Monday (272 kcal) - DONE
40 min walk
13 min run

Tuesday (436 kcal) - DONE
50 min walk
26 min run

Wednesday (390 kcal) - DONE (for some reason I struggled with this one although it was the same as yesterday, and yesterday went well...but I forced myself to do it, I didn't want to disappoint myself on the third day)
40 min walk
25 min run

Thursday (390 kcal) - NOT done (I felt horrible today both physically and spiritually, and unfortunately I skipped today's workout totally...)
40 min walk
25 min run

Friday (390 kcal) - NOT done either (I messed up yesterday and the bad mood about it stayed with me today the lazyness...)
40 min walk
25 min run

Saturday (390 kcal) - NOT done (I traveled home)
40 min walk
25 min run

Sunday (390 kcal) - NOT done (same as yesterday)
40 min walk
25 min run


Back again! :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi everyone! It's almost been 6 months since I've last added a blog entry here - which also means that it's been almost 6 months since I lost any weight too. A lot has happened to me in these 6 months...I ended a period of my life that has been hard, stressful and that made me half-depressed and made me turn to food for comfort. I remember when I was feeling overwhelmed with problems or hurt or after fighting with someone I used to eat as much as I could, because it temporarily made me calm. Of course on the long run it made everything worse, because the more weight I've put on - and obviously I was continually putting weight on - the more uncomfortable and depressed I became.
Well, anyway, that was the past. :) A very lucky thing happened to me and I wish it could happen at least once in every person's life. I had a sweetheart, a really big love back in high school but we had to end our relationship because he had to move very far away from me. We never stopped communicating with each other and 6 months ago we met again and we re-fell in love. :) Everything worked out this time, suddenly the distance didn't seem too big as it seemed when we were 16 years old, and now I live here with him and his lovely family. :)
And what does this have to do with weight-loss?! Well...a lot! I realised that I needed someone who showed me that he loves me, cares very much for me and thinks I'm a great person. And I needed all this because after such horribles times in my life I couldn't look in the mirror and be proud, I wasn't even close to being proud, I was the opposite: ashamed. But thanks to him I slowly started realizing that if someone else - a great person like him - loves me that much than I probably am not as horrible as I imagined myself to be. And step by step my confidence and pride came back, together with my happiness. Now I know that the real success would've been if I'd managed to put my life back on track all by myself, but I just wasn't that strong, I couldn't do it. I tried plenty of times, but I failed, because the pressure from every aspect of my life was so big that it sucked out all the energy from me. With him simply existing in my life I managed to solve the problems that surrounded me, and now I'm as free as a bird, and very happy. :)
So the time has come to lose this extra weight. I'm talking about 35 pounds, I'm planning to get rid of it until June 30th, I think it's a reasonable date.
I already started with cutting back on the amount of food I eat, and I gotta tell you, it's hard. :)) I'm eating lost of soup and fruits and veggies, I still gotta work on water intake, plus sugar-cravings are hitting me almost daily, but I drink chocolate-milk and than it's okay, that's not packed with calories, at least the version I'm drinking isn't. :) I'm planning on going jogging, I loved that when I was fit 3 years ago, and there's a lovely field for runners very close to us in the forest, it's beautiful, I just have to wait until the weather becomes runner-friendly...meaning the snow that's on the ground melts. I hope I don't have to wait too long for it. :) I 'm also planning on going to a gym, but that's only gonna happen a few weeks from now, due to lack of funds. :)) Oh and I've got a bike and everyone in this family is used to going everywhere by bike so I'll ride my bike too. :) And the last type fo exercise is exercizing here at home, I mean crunches, push-ups and stuff, but it's hard to find space here to do it, especially if everyone's at home, so I'm not doing that yet.
So right now I'm focusing on food, and please everyone pray that I do well and cravings don't hit me too hard. That's my worst enemy, because when I start to crave something, I lose my mind, I have really stong cravings and I'm really weak when it comes to resisting them - and this combination is really bad! Plus I have a big appetite, I always did, even when I was skinny, so I think the key for me on the long run is gonna be exercise.
Well, I'm glad I'm back on SP, and I wish all you guys out there that you find your type of support system, whether it comes from someone else like in my case or you are strong enough to support yourself through this journey.
Take care everyone,
Lilla emoticon

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BELLAALI 2/20/2010 6:10PM

    I am so excited about this and cant wait to learn more!! I know you will reach your goal!!!

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My August 2009 achievements! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

So I lost 9 lbs this month! :))) I am so happy! I started the month at 168 lbs, I went up to 170 in the first few days, then gradually went down to 161. And I have to say, it went easier than I've imagined! I exercised but not with full-commitment, but I tried not to go crazy with food. I didn't starve at all, not for a minute, I have to admit that I did eat 'not-so-good' foods a few times (like chocolate and bread and soda and fries), but not too many times! I usually ate healthy foods that are relatively low on calories...and I avoided stress. When I'm stressed, I turn to food for comfort. So now that I have this free time these couple of months I can keep myself away from stress and I can stay on track with my weight loss much much easier.

This is such an amazing feeling! I can't wait what september will bring, I love september because it's not too warm but not cold either (I hate hot weather, I'm okay with the cold weather, but if it rains or snows the roads don't allow biking), it's not raining that much so I can ride my bike outside, so I really want september to work well, I will do what I can for it! :)

Love ya everyone and wish you success, I only now came to deeply understand what people mean when they say "if i did it than you can do it too"! So, everyone, if I have been able to lose 9 lbs, believe me, you are able too! :)

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BIGGIRL2082010 8/29/2009 7:51AM

    Nice work, Lilla! I'm so glad you and your boyfriend managed to figure out a way for you to have more time to yourself, even if just for a short time!

Keep it up!


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SUZANNE0606 8/29/2009 1:42AM

    Wow, this is great!!! Congrats!!!

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JERSEYGIRL24 8/28/2009 8:25PM

    emoticon on your success. Sounds like you have done a great job figuring out what works for you.

I think Sparkpeople is the greatest thing since sliced bread!!! It seems like you needed some motivation, and unlike many other weight loss plans, Sparkpeople realizes this and helps you find it.


emoticon emoticon emoticon

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There's this thing with the food...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

So today started GREAT! Although I woke up 15 minute later than planned, it was no big deal, after all, I'm my own boss. After 7 months of inactivity I went to the gym, which at that hour usually was packed when I was going last year in november, but now, I got there and there were only 4 people besides me. and I love it, because you don't have to wait, etc, etc, it's like the whole place belongs to you. I found out that they made improvements in the showers and the whole place was greater than before, and after doing my exercises, which again, were great, I went to the sauna-cabin, which is only open 2 days a week, so again, it was my lucky day.
So my exercise was great! I didn't do much because it was my first day, I just wanted do do an easy start, and I'll build up my program gradually.
But the thing is...well...there's a thing with the food. I can't say no to good food. I'm just incapable of it. Well...I know I could, 'cause I've done it before...but I don't feel it now.
I'm gonna read a few articles about this in the next few days, I hope they will help me, I also do a lot of food planning and bring my own food to work, but I have to do that smarter than now.
But overall I'm happy for going to the gym, I will have a 4-1 program, which means that I'll go 4 days and have 1 day of rest. I will do cardio and strenght training on every session. First session upper body (shoulders, arms), second session lower body (general), thirs upper body (chest, back), fourth session lower body (general). I will add cardio to each session, I'm gonna do 40 minutes each day but I have to build that up gradually. Actually I want to work it up to one hour, but I don't know yet, we'll see. And I add abs to each session, you can't do too much of that! :)
So, I'm happy!
Lilla :)


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