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Day 2 was stupid but kinda funny! :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So i planned my meals for 3 days - this was 3 days ago! :)

Day 1 was great! I wasn't hungry and i stayed in range!

Day 2 was bad. It started with me not being able to eat my breakfast+lunch (although i prepared it religiously in the morning) because i was busy (i only had my smoothie) and i ended up eating something not-so-good. This wouldnt've been a problem YET because i could've managed the rest of the day well BUT when i got home i got in a fight with my boyfriend and that made me attack the kitchen. The sad thing was that A LOT wasn't yet ENOUGH. I needed to eat more, my mind was fixated on food, i couldn't get enough. This could still have been compensated with only an hour of aerobics (which i did want to do) and i could've gotten back to a deficit of about 700 kcal for the day (which was initially planned) BUT a friend of ours called that he needed a lift because he got into a tiny bit of trouble (not legal :) ), so we went to pick him up and afterwards he asked if we'd like to go get pizza. We did go. I thought i'd skip the pizza and just drink some water since i filled myself at home BUT when we got there i noticed on the menu that they had the pizzas in mini size too (which wasn't too mini BTW) SO i couldn't resist and ordered one (although i pretty much filled myself completely at home just 2 hour earlier)...and i also ordered a 1 oz bottle of coke too, just for fun...
Needless to say, i didn't do that hour of aerobics after we got home either...

So yeah, day 2 - i messed up. :) Now that i think back it's kinda funny really. :)) It's funny to think back and see how i was twisted round and round by the THINGS that happened AROUND me without MY control.

Well anyways, today is a new day, it's day 3, 9 in the morning, i have my smoothie and first salad of the day prepared, so it will be good. I'm absolutely sure i won't starve today, i'm sure i'll have time to eat so it will be good. :)

Also, I will plan my meals for the next 3 days today after work!

Have a nice day everybody! :)

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ANGIEN9 3/23/2011 6:39AM

    I think we all slip up from time to time!! I know I do. I ate M&M's after I finished my food journal yesterday. I though, a few won't hurt!! But I didn't count them either. Why, I don't know. Just felt like not counting them. So, I went over on my calories, but I was under on my fat. Funny how that happens to me. But I didn't have a very big dinner and I wanted something sweet!! So, I was kinda stupid yesterday too!! Have a great Wednesday. I'll be thinking about you when I weigh in at my class!!


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I want results!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've planned my meals for monday, tuesday and wednesday just now. I skipped tomorrow (sunday) because we'll dine at a restaurant and their menu's not on the internet so i have no idea what i'll have. I'm planning on consuming 1120 kcal on those 3 days. I'll eat the same menu on all three days. I'll be traveling on thursday so that will need planning but my wednesday will be free so i'll have the time to plan.
I realised that i'm basing too much on exercise and i end up not doing my exercises because i'm lazy and tired so i mess up and i get disappointed. I want to eat less food! Weight loss is 80% food 20% exercise. Food is what i want to focus on right now because i'm many times too tired and stressed to work out. If i'll manage to work out i'll allow myself to eat more (about as much as i burned actually). Also, if i eat more than planned i can compensate with doing a little cardio. I know how important exercise is but i'm in a state of tiredness all day long each and every day, i can't make myself go in the other room and i hate myself for it but i gotta make it work so this is my solution for now. Maybe 4 days later i'll learn that it doesn't work for me but i'll try. The meals i planned are great by the way. Grilled chicken salad would be the best name to call it, it has: 100 gr grilled chicken, 100 gr lettuce, 150 gr cucumber, 50 gr carrotts, 100 gr sweet corn, 150 gr mexican vegetable mix (cooked), 1 egg and 100 gr yogurt dressing. Yupp, that's about 800 g = 475 kcal. I'll have TWO of this, yupp, 2 salads and besides that i'll have a shake with 300 ml milk, 100 gr frozen cherries and 12 gr of Forever Lite Shake (it's a protein-vitamin thingie with vanilla taste).
I'm really eager to try this because I W A N T R E S U L T S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Every day is a new start

Friday, March 18, 2011

So i was off track for a few days but i measured my foods religiously today, i just introduced them to the nutrition tracker and found out that i'm a little over so although it's almost 10 o'clock i'm off to burn 500 calories!


Tonight, you better sleep like a baby, because tomorrow...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When you see the total weekly fitness minutes showing a bigger and bigger number...

When you see the ticker on the weight bar moving more and more to the right...

When you realise that you committed yourself to something and you're still in it after 4 days (which, for some people - like me - is plenty of time to give up 8 times...per day!...) ...

That's when you feel you could cry from joy! Although it's not a big deal, right? I am aware that it's not a big deal! But the thing is, I'm a dreamer. I see a movie about someone dreaming big or going for it and i see myself on the screen and i live every moment of what the movie is about as if it were happening with me. I wanted to save the world (literally)! I wanted to be strong and ferocious and fierce! But somehow i got lost during the journey...or have i?

Isn't every rough period giving us something new? Something to learn from? Something that has the potential to lead us someplace nicer? THIS is what i truely believe. I'm keeping my head high this time, putting in the work and making progress each day. Every step counts - and the more steps we take the better.

So let's take more steps people! Let's not miss our workout because we're lazy, 'cause we end up losing a step (thousands of steps actually...) that could take us closer to someplace nicer!

Let's take more steps - sooner! Failing to plan meals is a lost step! Planning in time is taking a step! Which one do we choose? I choose takingf the step!
So right now, at 11.20 at night i'm going down to the kitchen to prepare something to myself and my sweetie for tomorrow's road!

Everyone, tonight, you better sleep like a baby, because tomorrow you've got many steps to take! And you're gonna be exhausted because you'll have so much fun and satisfaction along the way!

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AHOLLAND0108 3/13/2011 5:31PM


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CAROLINA_KOUKLA 3/13/2011 5:27PM

I love this!

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Lazy warm saturdays

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I constantly keep on having mood swings but it's not too bad, it doesn't destroy my day or anything like that, it just makes me a little moody but i'm okay with that for now. I'm on track with my nutrition but i'm starting to feel stat working out in my home isn't gonna work for me because giving up after 15-20 minutes is very easy. However, i'm not putting the "Not working" sign on working out at home just yet. It's all a matter of willpower, right? :)
I planned a 650 kcal deficit for yesterday, ended up with 150, but i'm still glad that at least i did a little exercise (contrary to the previous days when i did none) and i did track my food religiously (contrary - again - to the previous days when i didn't).
Today is a lazy saturday and i don't mind that it is lazy...i already did 20 minutes on the mini stepper, i'll do 35 more minutes while watching some movie or serial i enjoy. I already cooked a great soup today, so other than this i'm spending my day reading and chilling.
Happy Saturday all! :)

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ANGIEN9 3/12/2011 7:30PM

    I know what you mean about not being able to work out at home!! I just don't end up getting it done! I have a Wii and love to use it, I just don't! So much for self discipline. I am setting a goal to do water aerobics 3 times next week. I did it once this past week and felt really good afterward. My arthritis is doing better with the warmer weather and that makes me want to move more!! I do good with the food diary. I write down everything. Glad you are having a good Saturday! emoticon

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