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Eating away from the house

Friday, June 19, 2009

I think I've learned a lot about eating away from home. I have eaten at other people's houses, restaurants, and church functions. I think I am learning to make better choices, and watch my portions. My husband thinks I am a nut! He says that when we are out is the time to cut loose. But if that were so...I would not have lost 8 lbs.
After all,we went out with my parents last night. I checked out the menu before hand,made wise decisions, and I had dessert at the end of the meal ( AND stayed within my calorie intake level-- but I was low on protien at the end of the day...)
I did this without starving myself all day to go out at the end of the night ( which was my previous habit)...



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I guess this is supposed to be my introduction. Hello...I have been trying to eat right for years; vegitarian,counting calories, reading labels. It is truly though sparkpeople that I realized that I don't get enough vitamin A, Folate or Protien.
I really thought I had nothing to learn,Boy was I wrong!The weight I had hoped to lose has not come off as quickly as I wanted ... But I DO feel better. I am wondering if I just aimed too high. Maybe I am not meant to weigh that little. I do have a good BMI. Maybr I should shut -up and settle....