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I Know I Need This, I Know I Need This

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I have such an issue staying motivated! I really need to lose weight for my physical and mental health! At first it was mostly about wanting to look more attractive, but now it is mostly about being healthy.

I know I need to get this journey going again and I need to stay motivated! The want for good body looks is not enough, hopefully my health will! Here we go again, lets make it count!

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MAGA99 12/26/2012 8:05PM

    I understand what u mean about it helping with mental health

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PIPERJ4A 12/26/2012 12:53PM

  Honestly what got me motivated was finding out the my blood pressure was over the top and my blood count was climbing. And after loosing my dad in June, it didn't take much to wake me up.

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About- Serving Sizes

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok, so I am thinking about means give or take a tad. Right? Wrong!

I know you are supposed to stick to your portion and/or serving sizes. However, sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.
Example: Lunch at work!
I try to buys things in advance that are somewhat sensible, cheap as possible and simple as possible. So, I normally buy things that can be stored for awhile and are quick to make. Such things as Oscar Meyer Deli Sandwiches, Soup at Hand, TV Dinners, CHEF BOYARDEE! Sometimes I forget my lunch and if I have items that don't last longer than a few days they become a waste of money as well a waste of good food. Don't get me wrong I do take left overs on occasion, but left overs are not thought out 2 weeks in advance like I normally would prefer.

So, I am sitting at work with my BIG BOWL Chef Boyardee Lasagna. I know, I know I should have went with the regular bowl. However, I had a coupon for the big ones. I go to the gym on lunch so I eat main part of meal before and then apple sauce or something after. On this particular day I am eating only the lasagna and apple sauce. Of course I am going to eat the whole bowl, because I can't stand to waste something that tastes so good. In addition, why not eat it all when I have nothing else to go with it before the gym.

Anyways, as I go to log it into my nutrition tracker I take a good look (for once) at how accurate the servings per container are. Boom, I notice it says at the top above nutrition info... I quote " This entire package contains 380 calories." Awesome! Then I realize I have logged it as 500 calories on my nutrition tracker (big difference, 120 calories). Why? Because the nutrition info says. "Serving size 1 cup (252g) Servings about 2." NOT EVEN CLOSE! There are only 1.6 servings in this container. I know better to round up than down, but not by 3/8 a serving. They could have at least put 1.75, shoot!

Now I am wondering how many times I didn't eat enough to meet my min or how many times I went over max, because the container's serving amount was estimated off by more than 1/4.

Crazy to be so serious, I know. BUT I am trying to stick to this like glue, which is beyond serious!