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Friday, September 12, 2014

Not much to say. Been a long time since I've blogged.
The kitchen remodel is still going on, although (I hope) the hard part is done. The new cabinets are in.
Now it is waiting for countertops. And then at a later date, the floor will be done.

The husband took off a week and two days of work and I was concerned it would throw me off. It's a lot with the mess and cooking two extra meals a day and especially with a remodel, there's a lot of "hand me this," "paint that"... I was concerned that I wouldn't get in my regular workouts so I was up at five am every single day getting it in.
Pretty darn proud of myself.

This week has been a slow week. He went back to work on Tuesday so I've been cleaning and dusting. Can't put all the dishes away yet because nothing can go in the lower cabinets until we get countertops so the dining room is still a mess.
I have no dishwasher either so I have to do all the washing of the dishes to out them away by hand so it's taking awhile.
But I broke all the cardboard boxes down and hopefully they will be gone tomorrow and we can put the family room back together.
The foyer is back to normal too so that's good.

How has my eating been?
I would say pretty darn good.
I'm not having any sort of cravings for any foods. I get rocky his weekly donut and I don't even press my snout against the glass in longing.
I have a slice of pie once a week and two or three cookies at night and the rest is just regular food. Nuts, cheeses, veggie burgers, protein drinks... (More on that in a minute)

I feel like a different person from the one that lost 130 pounds eating insane amounts of chocolate every day.

I switched my protein drink to a shake. The shakes have more protein in them. The downside? 500 calories. 500 calories a day on protein.
But I think it's helping with everything. I feel better. I look a lot leaner. If I get shaky from not eating, I have one and I'm fine.
(2 a day at 500 calories, maybe that's not so bad. I just see the 500 calories and am like Dood, that's 500 calories and I'm drinking it.)

Anyway, I am 139 today. Bout freaking time I'm back in the 130s.

That's where I am.
Hope you are well.

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RYDERB 10/31/2014 12:14AM

    I hope your kitchen is done by now. I'm really impressed by how you've managed to stay on track with all the chaos. We just got done getting our house ready to put on the market and my eating was out of control because we couldn't find the kitchen and for the first time ever, I have zero fitness minutes. You are amazing! emoticon

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JLDACQ 9/23/2014 2:56PM

    I'm glad that you're able to keep going and stay on track. AND give up the chocolate.

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    Good job eating good food and just enough treats to keep the cravings away. Way to go - back in the 130's!

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KRISTA987 9/12/2014 9:03PM

    Congrats on getting back to the 130's!
I love shakes in the morning when I'm running out the door. They're so full of goodness and so easy to do!
500 would freak me out a bit too, but if you can work it into your calorie range why not!?

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NATNOEL 9/12/2014 3:39PM

    Sounds like you are doing great .....139 is awesome.

How exciting to have a new kitchen it will be so worth the aggravation it is now when it is finished.

Lol what is Rockys favorite kind of donut ?

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RITEEBEE 9/12/2014 10:58AM

    That is awesome?? What kind of shakes are these??

I know that does seem like a lot to drink, but if they are helping to stay on track good for yoU!!

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JLPEASE 9/12/2014 10:53AM

    You are doing a great job of staying focused! I can get really messed up by a change in routine, and a kitchen remodel sounds like a HUGE disruption.
emoticon emoticon

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MBPP50 9/12/2014 10:36AM

    emoticon emoticon

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What happened to me??? And in loving memory of Walter..

Thursday, July 24, 2014

So, I've been struggling these past few months. Obviously. What with the house remodeling and antibiotic and ugh.

We put Walter down. The vet said he would deteriorate pretty quickly. He might recover but once we saw the signs of internal bleeding, we knew. He was vomiting and not himself on that Monday night. I knew it'd be my last night with him. I slept downstairs with him, knowing that I might wake up to find him gone. He wasn't... But we took him in that day. I won't watch someone else suffer so I can have a few more moments.. We took rock in as well so he could be there to say goodbye to his brother.
I will pick his ashes up tomorrow. Some will go in the urn with Duncan but most will be spread in our stream.

Our kitchen is being torn out little by little.
I got the upstairs all painted and now it's just two more walls that I can't do because of the height and then the upstairs will be completely done! Except for our bathroom. :)

I am currently ripping up the tiles on our kitchen floor and have taken most of the dishes out of the cupboards. Surprisingly, I'm taking this all rather well. I hate chaos but this, for the Moment is a controlled chaos. The mess is being kept to a minimum and that's all I ask for.

Our yard has completely fallen to me. That's 6 acres almost of mowing and weeding and etc.. Add in a busted mower and grass that grows faster than anything I've seen... And add that to all the things I have to do inside (finished painting stairway, painted ceiling of doggie dining room, etc) and I'm overwhelmed.
I've been doing two big black husky bags of weeds a day and trying to haul some of the brush..

The truth of it is, I'm effing exhausted. My back and legs constantly hurt and I am just so tired.

Add that with the 90 minutes a day biking I've been doing every day.
I wake up tired.

So I have gotten back into the exercise routine. 90 minutes most days biking. My weight had creeped to 150 and that's just not acceptable.
Today I am 144, almost 143.
I feel better. I look better.

I've even gotten in some strength training although with the hauling of rocks and brush, I probably don't need it. :)

My eating has been exceptional, if I do say so myself. And I do!
I'm mainly eating fruits and vegetables.. Cheese and nuts.
Yeah you read that right. The vegetarian that hates vegetables is eating vegetables.

I've added in a protein shake thing, not a shake. I can't stand snakes. A little thing of fruit punch that has 84% of protein in it.
It's 180 calories and I hate giving that up, those 200 calories, but I can't do shakes.

So, those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, I ask you not to mention this there until a time when I have divulged this info..
We are currently trying to conceive.
Which is why I'm on protein..

I went to a midwife center here to check them out and see if this is the way I would like to go when there is a child, and yes, I will be going with them.. And after reviewing my history and eating habits etc, she said I should get some protein shakes so that's the reasoning for that.

I think that's it.
Life, death, weight, calories, remodel. Check. :)

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JERSJOURNEY 10/10/2014 1:49PM

    I'm so sorry about Walter.

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DREAMNSCHEME 8/21/2014 2:43PM

    I'm so sorry about your pooch :( And I'm really excited for you with trying to have a baby. I wish you all the luck in the world.

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JLPEASE 8/6/2014 4:41PM

    Oh boy, I am so sorry to hear about Walter. I am so sad for you all, including Rock.

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RYDERB 8/3/2014 3:25PM

    I'm so sorry about Walter emoticon
Wow you've really had so much going on. No wonder you're exhausted. That's a lot of yard and house work you're doing. Congratulations on deciding to start a family. I hope it happens quickly for you.

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JLDACQ 8/1/2014 8:30PM

    Walter... *quiet pause* *quiet hugs*

Yard: Six acres is a lot, hell, one acre here is a lot. I'm making my back yard shrink by about 5' around most edges, because I can't keep up and the mower that can handle an occasional rock clipping has a bent wheel flange. Self preservation.

Conception: Have fun with it, ok? ;-) That's rule #1. I also hear that Moms never get all their energy back after kiddos arrive. Not trying to discourage you or anything... :-D

FB: When do they get to find out you're trying?

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FROSTIERACES 7/27/2014 2:02PM

    Love and hugs to you about Walter. I hope your heart continues to heal each day. JackFrost sends a nuzzle and Rinty.. he sends kisses. Well one kiss. No more than one at a time is his rule. =)
Happy and exciting news about planning a family... A baby! I know nothing. emoticon

Take it easy... you can only do so much Super Woman! emoticon

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FROSTIERACES 7/27/2014 1:56PM

    Love and Hugs!

Comment edited on: 7/27/2014 2:03:11 PM

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KRISTA987 7/24/2014 10:26PM

    I'm so sorry for your loss emoticon

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NATNOEL 7/24/2014 5:32PM

    Oh I am so sorry about Walter.

Cant wait to hear you are pregnant....I used a midwife too.

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MBPP50 7/24/2014 11:46AM

    Sorry about Walter. I agree that yard work like that is strength training.

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    I'm so sorry about Walter, but I feel you've done the right thing. emoticon

You're right, I would consider that yard work as strength training, especially if you use good form.

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Cue excuses: now!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

It is suck suck sucking lately.
We had floor refinished and I thought it was going to be an awesome few days... Upstairs with the dogs, biking. Except that didn't happen. They had to be downstairs and we took my bike down there but the fumes from the floor being refinished stopped me from working out since I had a pounding headache. I also had no access to a bathroom until they left around 6/7 pm so that stopped me from drinking water.
It sucked.
Floors look awesome so it was worth it but it just sucked.

We got house put back together and two days after the floor people left, the man came to fix our doors. Supposed to be a one day thing but it turned into three days.

We then found out Walter has cancer.
We are going to be putting him down very soon. Like possibly this weekend soon. It is sucking and he is in pain.

Then we went to new york for birds graduation.. We had four people graduating.. Two nephews and two cousins. It was a whirlwind trip, leaving Friday morning and coming home Sunday.

It is just stupid lately. Lot of migraines, lot of back pain.
Both are pretty debilitating right now. Normally I just power through migraines but these ones have me on the couch and taking excederin.

I am 146 today. I have to get back down.
Have to, have to.
Although I do feel much better than I did last time I blogged.

Anyways that's where I am. I am sucking.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PINKNFITCARLA 7/9/2014 10:25PM

    I haven't stayed caught up over here on SP, but I sure have followed you on FB with all you've had going on. So, so sorry about the passing of Walter :-( I know how hard that is. Big, big emoticon to all of you.

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JLDACQ 7/9/2014 3:06PM

    I just read your FB post about Walter. I couldn't read your tribute to him while I was at work, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry for you, for the things you discovered about Walter and your relationship, and how you feel now.

On renos: I don't envy you at all. Right now, with all the power outages in the area, I don't think I could handle that. Having said that, I now have a new bright red tin roof, just in time for the hurricane. At least the shingles didn't have a chance to lift and cause damage.

On excuses: Yep, I get it. I hear ya. I'm still wearing the damn t-shirt.

On getting back down under 140: Remember, don't kill yourself to get under that number. I'm fighting that mentality as well, since I'm up 20lbs since My Guy died. I can't make all that weight go away overnight, and unfortunately you know this too, you can't either. Just keep plodding through it.

On migraines: I wish I had some insight on what else to try, but I'm a fortunate non-migraine person. I suspect you've already tried everything I could suggest, but if you think I might have a new idea for you, poke me and we'll chat.

Hang in there... that's about all we can all do. *hugs*

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FROSTIERACES 7/9/2014 10:06AM

    No more migraines for Dee. I power thru my migraines too... the only thing that gets me down is if the pain in my left eye is so terrible.. Usually from crying about something triggers a migraine pain just awful. I have to simply go to sleep and sleep it off. I ironically just went to a pain management Dr for my migraines this past Monday... They are going to *try* to get botox covered thru my insurance. But *first* they want me to try things I'm not comfy doing... occipital MRI with contrast and another medication. Sure. So I continue pay for the botox which is expensive until the insurance approves it. Ugh. I am so sorry about your pain and loss sweet friend. Your house design and construction I hope can keep you busy. Tho I know that's hard too. Hugs and love to Rock and you and R. emoticon emoticon

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JLPEASE 7/7/2014 1:56PM

    I am so sorry to hear about Walter. It seems like you went through this before. It doesn't make it any easier, though.

I hope you feel better soon.


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    I'm sorry about Walter, too. Have put down several cats, one with a tumor. Never gets easier.

Sounds like you're getting the house put together, and with the VOC's dissipating so you don't get headaches, maybe life will get less crazy.

Thanks for posting. I was beginning to wonder how you are doing.

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RYDERB 7/2/2014 10:30PM

    I'm so sorry about Walter. emoticon Sounds like life has been crazy. I hope it gets better and you can be back in your healthy routine soon.

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MBPP50 7/2/2014 8:39PM

    I hope things get better and you feel better soon.

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Guess what happens when you don't work out for weeks?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

You get a fat ass.

It's been rough here. So rough.

To begin with, I went to the dermatologist about face and demanded to come off of the antibiotic that was seriously causing me to be so fatigued that I could barely move. He said no.
I am now on half the dose and feeling much much like my old self. A little fatigued but nothing like I was.

The house is in a constant state of chaos.
Got bedroom painted. Got dining room painted. Got family room painted--finished that today. The floors are being refinished on Monday or Tuesday so all the furniture from living room,dining room, foyer and family room has to be removed.

Once that's all done, the rooms need to be wiped down and put back in order and then the hallways get painted as well as the kitchen being ripped out.

Due to the painting, I just haven't had time or energy to workout. A few days this week I did get short workouts in but then the husband scheduled the floor refinishing and since we needed to paint before that, I've been hauling ass to get that room done.

The scale has not been overly kind nor overly terrible. Today I'm 145.

This next week with the floor refinishing means that I'm going to be cooped up with the dogs upstairs for four days at least all day. I'm going to bring the bike into the bedroom and get in some much needed miles.

I don't muchly care about the scale right now.. But I see a huge difference in my butt. Literally. Lots of squats are in the agenda this next week.

We've been going to eat a lot lately... There's been a lot going on where we are out for hours and it's more out of necessity.

So that's where I'm at.

That medicine really kicked my butt. I thought perhaps that it was me messing up but as soon as I switched doses, it was like night and day on how I felt. Whereas before I would just paint and be content with that, now I'm a little pissy if I can't get in a short workout and I'm doing crunches every now and then.

So, that's where I am.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SQUISSHY1 7/1/2014 9:21PM

    Hi Dee, I am sorry to hear about the face wash debacle. That is just awful. Hope things get better now that you are on a lower dosage. Sounds like you have a lot going on, but I must say it is always nice and encouraging when I make my butt get on SP and read your blog. I remember reading your blog when you were working your way towards 200...and now, you weigh what I wish I weighed, but you still deal with everyday battles and you still share every bit with us. Makes me feel a little more human after I've been beating myself up lately. Thanks for always being you!

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KRISTA987 6/14/2014 1:18PM

    I'm so glad that you're now on the right dosage. That should help lots! Don't stress too much about the scale right now. Sometimes life happens and we're not left with many options. Just make the best of it for now and know that tomorrow is a new day. Once your house is finally finished you'll be in a much better head-space to really be able to focus on yourself again. Hang in there! It will get better!


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JLDACQ 6/13/2014 2:25PM

    On house in chaos: Welcome to the Grown-Up world. I think everyone's house is in chaos for half our time there.

On chunkier butt: So 145 ain't all that it's cracked up to be?

On meds: Pat on the back for standing up for yourself. Many people won't when it comes to talking to a doctor. I'm guessing it's a different med but still antibiotics?

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    I too consider painting and horsing furniture around the house exercise. Forgive me for being too personal, but, truly, is your butt fatter, or more muscular?

The house is going to look so much better with the painting done, the floors refinished. My mom is always saying, "it looks worse before it looks better." And you did so much of the work!

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RYDERB 6/13/2014 9:20AM

    I'm so glad you're feeling more like yourself. It's scary to think an over-the-counter beauty product has caused you so much suffering. Hope you sue them, and stop anyone else from getting hurt. I remember how stressful it was to live in our house while we had our floors done and that only took two weeks. I'm so impressed by your determination to find ways to stay on track. Especially since you've been doing so much painting. I would definitely have counted that as execise and called it a day. You're amazing!

Comment edited on: 6/13/2014 9:22:25 AM

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MBPP50 6/13/2014 4:35AM

    Sorry to hear about your house being in such an uproar. I have been there before myself. And I hate that medicine that is supposed to help you caused you so much fatigue. Glad you are on a smaller dose. Hope things get back to normal soon and you can get rid of that fat ass (LOL- your words, not mine ; I am sure it is not fat.) emoticon emoticon

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if i didnt know what the scale read, would i be happy?

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

so, everyone knows about the face wash debacle that has scarred my face, im thinking for life since its now been 2 months... and the antibiotics that i have to be on..

it is still sucking majorly with them. so fatigued.
i begin each morning waking up more tired than before i went to bed. but i plan to make it a great day. and then i end up sitting on the couch saying that i cant do it.

having serious heartburn related issues as well. swallowing is extremely painful. i mean, i swallow once and have to clutch my chest for a good minute and then take a minute more to gather up my courage to take another swallow.

so, things arent good here.
add in the renovations to the house of preparing to have kitchen ripped out, laundry room has been torn apart since april... just got that painted and back together as it is going to be until we get cabinets.
bedroom is all taken apart for painting...

its been crazy amounts of stress.

so i was moping around yesterday. i was incredibly sore and yesterday was the first day since sunday i havent spent all day painting. and i mean ALL DAY.
i had grand plans for a workout and a migraine side tracked me.
when i woke up, i was feeling so down on myself.

like i cant do this.
like im going to gain all the weight back.
like im failing.

and then i got to thinking.

first, the doctor DID tell me to put on 10-15 pounds.
second, i am holding in at 140-143... today im 143 but last friday i was 140. and we ate out twice this weekend so 143 is respectable. [oh and i forgot about the pizza incident so make that 3 times and at a later date, i will recount the pizza incident of 2014...]
third, 143 is freaking respectable.

most importantly, how do i feel?
well, aside from feeling like snot from the antibiotics..
am i feeling porky?

the answer is slightly.
i do feel a little porky from not doing strength training. but other than that, no, i feel just as good as i did at 138, which is where im striving to get back to.

and then i got to thinking that it is so stupid to be so down about a stupid number when i feel okay.

so thats where im at.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FROSTIERACES 7/9/2014 10:14AM

    I almost forgot to mention. Buy Glycerin at Walmart. The pharmacist can help you find it. I put it on my face and even old scars I've have.. it literally works wonders. It's extremely healthy and makes my skin feel so supple. Some people say to mix it with distilled water but I just slather it on by itself. It has even helped my sun damaged wrinkles. Glycerin is often an ingredient in expensive skin moisturizers. I'm obsessed with it. It costs like $3.48 or something too...

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THESB25 5/27/2014 1:22PM

    Heck ya your weight is respectable!! I am so stinking proud of you...AND you've been fighting all the fatigue from medications on top of household remodeling wearing you out. For everything you're going through, you're holding steady in my book.

Great job girl, hang in there!

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FROSTIERACES 5/24/2014 8:07AM

    Heartburn...I swear by Protonix. I used to get heartburn attacks so belly burned from the inside out and my esophagus felt like I drank acid.. And I feel like I am having a heart attack. First I tried home remedies, then Prilosec, Zantac,..but Protonix prescribed ...I have literally no heart burn. I hope you don't mind me throwing ideas out there for you..heart burn is very painful for me. =(

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JLDACQ 5/23/2014 8:58AM

    On scales: Yeah, 143 is freakin' awesome. I still think the doctor is full of sh!t by telling you to gain 10-15 lbs. I remember thinking that when you first mentioned it.

On feeling tired: Working on renos all day is hard work. If you're not used to doing this kind of work, and getting used to it can take years, expect to be tired at the end of your day. Construction workers typically get at least one day off a week, so remember to take at least one day off a week and lounge around on the couch. Not taking a break is the same as working out to the max every day, including the days off you're supposed to take. So remember to rest, too.

Pizza Incident of 2014?? But we still have over 6 months to finish out the year! ;-)

Heartburn? How long has this been going on? Do you know what it's from yet?

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BRITTERS23 5/11/2014 11:51AM

    143 is MORE than respectable! You are allowed some time to recover and with the stress on top of everything you are doing freaking AMAZING!

Treat yourself kindly right now, you are going through enough that would make ANYONE want to throw in the towel...yet you are still powering though!


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    Yeah, you are so much more than the number on the scale. emoticon And Good for you that you're thinking about that "goal weight" in terms of more than THE NUMBER. Keep pushing at all that stuff you've got going on right now. It will be messy, and it will get better. I was reading a blog entry where the writer had gone back to her old blogs and reflected on them.

So, you definitely have to tell us all about the Great Pizza Incident of 2014. emoticon

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MBPP50 5/7/2014 10:50AM

    I would be fine not knowing what the scale reads as long as I look good, fit in my clothes and feel good. Sorry you don't feel well. emoticon

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