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A little growth in Self-Knowledge (Probably TMI for the men in the audience. . .)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yesterday evening my body revealed to me why it was so suddenly feeling depleted of energy. *That* time of the month had arrived and taken my motivation hostage. Pushing myself to do some exercise yesterday helped to restore both my energy and my mood.

This morning I felt all bloated, cramped, tired and cranky... then I weighed myself and I am +1 from last week. I remember from my first go at this regular weigh-in business a few years ago that I skipped the weigh-ins around this time of the month because they were both depressing and inaccurate. So I am not going to beat myself up too much about a gain this time, and hope that my numbers next week will be better!! For good measure, I pulled out the tape measure and even with all the bloating, I am -.5 on both my hips and waist, so at least I have a non-scale victory to hold on to!!

After a crabby morning at work, I decided to make my afternoon better with a brisk 2 mile walk during my lunch hour. Actually I was super-annoyed with one of my coworkers (probably more due to my hormones than her actions) so I let out some aggravation with the walking and finished in 25 minutes.

I am certainly feeling better than I did this morning, so hopefully I can handle the next 3.5 hours better than I did the first 4.5!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LDAVIS648 8/29/2012 4:28PM

    im proud of you for recognizing the good and bad. i think you made positive strides in ruling over the dreadded time of month. keep up the good work

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NICOLED40 8/29/2012 3:39PM

    I hate that time of the month. I've never really had to deal with it until recently - acupuncture has opened the flood gates! LOL! I've found that I usually go up about 3-4 pounds the week before and during, then back down again 3-5 pounds the week after. It's super-frustrating!

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STONECOT 8/29/2012 3:10PM

    When I still had that TOM, back in the mists of time, I would only weigh myself once a month, always the week after it finished. It's too easy to become obsessed by the numbers. So well done on loosing those important inches, and on the brisk walk.

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DISPATCHGIRL32 8/29/2012 3:09PM

  It is usually best to only weigh in once a week. I am a compulsive weigher though... You are doing great!! I find that working out makes me feel better during that time of the month. It is also a great way to work out your frustrations in any part of your life. You are doing terrific keep it up!!!

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Fat = Potential Energy to burn!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This morning I commented on a SparkFriend's feed: "If you just do it, even if you don't feel like it, you may discover energy you didn't know that you had!!" As luck would have it, this afternoon, I didn't feel like exercising... at all, motivation = 0, no energy, not even a little bit of desire to move!!

If I am willing to give advice, I ought to follow it, right? If you think about it, I have 200,000+ calories stored up in the fat cells throughout my body - what is that but Potential Energy waiting to be released?

So I dragged my lazy self over to the television and popped in a Walk Away the Pounds video - the three mile super fat burning video. I skipped the weights, but I did all the steps and arm movements. And I worked up a sweat with energy that I didn't know I had - and now I feel great! emoticon emoticon

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GINNJEN1974 8/29/2012 7:23AM

    Way to go, that can do attitude paid off. I never looked at my fat in a positive light and now I just might its just built up energy. Well done.

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The results of the Great Cookie Test are in!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The cookies were a hit all around! They tasted great, if I do say so myself, and were well received by everyone in the office - especially the birthday girl emoticon emoticon I managed to bake them without tasting the dough and refrained from eating any more than the portion I allotted to myself -- it helps that I had them all packaged up and labeled with each person's name as soon as they were cool enough! emoticon

What I hadn't planned on was the DQ Ice Cream cake that also magically appeared at lunch in honor of the birthday! I indulged myself and ended up a bit over the top on my total calories and fat. I'll do better tomorrow! And the Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds 3-mile fat blaster video that I did this afternoon when I got home ensured that I at least didn't feel too bad after my indulgence!

4 days left in August, and I have every intention of finishing it off right!! Wish you all the best!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TAFODIL24 8/29/2012 8:01AM

    emoticon emoticon

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ELSCO55 8/27/2012 10:28PM


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Planning for my next temptation. . .

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tomorrow one of my co-workers is celebrating her birthday. She has worked in my office for 4 years now and it has become sort of a tradition that I bake chocolate chip cookies for her birthday. emoticonShe absolutely loves them, and she is a super healthy sort of person, so I am not feeding into an unhealthy habit of hers by doing this. I really don't want my decision to try to fight my weight problem to get in the way of the treats that I give others, but how will I do this afternoon with a kitchen full of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies?

Planning for temptations seems to be my best weapon for fighting them, and so I am taking the time now to plan!

1st line of defense - the raw cookie dough! Yes it may taste good, but there are raw eggs in there!! Who really wants to eat a raw egg?? Certainly not me! So am I going to eat the raw cookie dough? That is a big NO!! When it is in the bowl and I am tempted to taste it, I am going to think about raw eggs, salmonella and a host of other unappetizing things giant fat globules in the butter... whatever it takes, I will not eat the raw cookie dough. None of it, not a single taste!!

2nd line of defense - the freshly baked cookies!! I am planning my meals today to allow for the total calories and fat in 2 chocolate chip cookies. When I have finished the baking, I will put them aside for myself and eat them slowly. I will sit down to eat them, and enjoy every bite!!

3rd line of defense - the cookies in the office tomorrow! Normally I would just bring a big tray in and leave them in the break room for everyone to enjoy and then the birthday girl would bring the rest home. This year I have decided to be more cautious, to keep myself out of temptation. I will bring individual bags for everyone in the office - 3 cookies for my non-birthday co-workers, 1 for me, and a festively wrapped tin for the birthday girl.

The birthday girl gets her annual birthday gift from me, my co-workers all get a treat, I get the joy of bringing joy to others, and the pleasure of enjoying a few of my cookies and the reward of knowing that I did it all in moderation!!


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TIMELADY1 8/26/2012 5:32PM

    Great plan emoticon

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DARLY55 8/26/2012 11:27AM

    Very smart plan.

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ASHLYNMOM 8/26/2012 11:19AM

    Great job having a plan. It's so much easier to resist temptations when you haven a plan and know what coming towards you. Congratulations. emoticon emoticon

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AJB121299 8/26/2012 11:09AM


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A WooHoo for me!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another little food victory for me: emoticon

I have some "snack size" mini Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies - very high up on my list of favorite junk foods!! It has been a very good week for me - emotionally, physically, etc. and so I thought that I could indulge myself with a couple of the mini cookies - not the whole bag!

I went to the cupboard to open a bag armed with a clip to close it and keep the cookies left in the bag fresh. I opened up the bag, took out two mini cookies, and then promptly closed the bag and put it away.

Next, I brought my two little cookies to the table and sat down (no eating while standing is one of my new eating rules) and enjoyed them one at a time, even pausing between them for good measure.

I don't think that I have ever enjoyed a whole bag of these as much as I did the two individual cookies!! It is such a good feeling to have a taste of a treat and not feel guilty because I overdid it and inhaled the whole bag!!

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BRAVELUTE 8/26/2012 7:09PM

    I'm going to post the fruit march soon on my blog. In the meantime, I truy live for summer and all the fruit that is available, starting with blackberries, blueberries, then the watermelon and black cherries and peaches. And this year has been very good for cantaloupe. It was horrible last summer.

The rest of the year, I rely on apples. I guess I do like oranges and grapefruit, but I've had allergies to them most of my life so I limit them.

So, are you telling me you don't like these fruits? Have you had your taster tested? I think I could survive on watermelon and nothing else, unless someone held a chocolate cupcake under my nose.

The only vegetable I carry on about is corn on the cob, which I like to eat raw, and now edamame. Though I'd go out of my way for asparagus.

Watch for the Fruit March. Coming soon.

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BRAVELUTE 8/25/2012 8:35PM

    I am proud of your self control. I had to flush the chocolate cupcakes earlier this week. Something about the aromas, I think. I don't even think about them when they aren't in the house. How DO they manufacture those sights, smells, and tastes that set us (me) into a tailspin?

I just start singing the fruit march and head for the fruit basket.

Perhaps I'll get to be like you when I grow up, or get more experience at SP dealing with these issues.

In the meantime, you are a spark in a dark chocolate world.

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SRBSRB26 8/25/2012 6:45PM


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SILLYLILME 8/25/2012 6:14PM

  Awesome job. You have much more will power than me. I avoid those temptations like the plague. Big applause for you!

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ARYNSMAMA 8/25/2012 6:12PM

    emoticon Congrats on your cookie challenge!

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ZACEVETOB 8/25/2012 6:11PM

    Awesome of your Cookie challenge :) Keep it up , You must felt so awesome after having that accomplished. I would too . Great !

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