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Self perception - who is right??

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Is it possible that I am walking through life thinking that I am someone I am not?

An acquaintance of mine made a comment in passing about "people our size" and it has thrown me for a loop. Never in the entire history of our acquaintance have I thought of us as similar in size. And actually it isn't just size but she seems to think that we two are similar in countless ways that I just can't see.

The way I perceive her is larger in every way. We have a similar shape, and maybe a similar BMI but she is at least 6 inches taller than me and proportionate larger everywhere else. She is a loud person and in conversation she has no respect for the personal space that I desire. She thinks she knows everything, and she is always right. I guess, in short, I am somewhat overwhelmed by her presence, and in essence I really do not like her.

I think that she is wrong, but is she right??

I know that I am fat, but am I really bigger than I think? I think that I am rather quiet, polite and reserved am I really load and offensive?

How can we know if our self-perceptions are right? If self is involved I am likely to be biased in one way or another.

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MPLANE37 8/18/2012 10:45PM

    Good questions. Self perception is often more important though. It is formed by observing our own behaviour, and in turn, feeds our own behaviour. Take a look at this article:


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Worthy of the effort and the pain . . .

Friday, August 17, 2012

Not to be deterred by lack of success yesterday, I tried another cardio workout video today. Still I feel like an uncoordinated fool trying to get my body to do what it is supposed to be doing when it is supposed to do it! Of course being obese with a life-long history of being challenged in the areas of both rhythm and hand-eye coordination does not help matters!

I finally did manage to get through the 11 minute chair cardio workout -- and at least there was no one there to see me (not even myself as I positioned myself away from the mirror this time!)

If I stick at this, though, it can only get better. Right?

After the last two days I am not feeling very hopeful of progress, but I am trying to tell myself that it is worth the effort, and the pain, and the embarrassment to get to the point where feel healthy and capable of reaching my goals. Even more importantly I am worthy of all of the effort, pain, embarrassment of this journey to a healthier me!!!

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AQUANESS212 8/17/2012 10:18PM

    Congrats on pushing through it! Best of luck to with your goals emoticon

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Three left feet?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yesterday was a long, exhausting day. I have a desk job, but yesterday I rarely sat down aside from my lunch break - and the office had a special catered lunch, so YUMMY, but I ate WAY too much!! (Did enjoy some fruit - but they were very decadent chocolate covered strawberries!) emoticon It was such a busy day that I never had time for a coffee break in the morning or the afternoon - the plus side on that is that I didn't snack between meals (and there were lots of tempting goodies available yesterday) but unfortunately that also meant that this caffeine addict did not get her full daily fix, so by the time I got home at the end of the day I felt miserable. It was also hot, and I was constantly moving, so 8 cups of water were probably not enough for the day, so I may have been dehydrated as well. Headache! Stomach ache! Foot aches(?)! I skipped my evening exercises and fell into bed, but felt so miserable that it took quite some time for me to actually fall asleep.

Woke up today tired and crabby with an upset stomach and a headache (at least my feet felt better!) and resolved again to cut back on coffee. I usually drink 4+ cups everyday. Today I had two and won't let myself have another no matter how much I think I want it, I KNOW that I don't NEED it!

Tried to go for a walk during my lunch break as a pick-me-up, but it is hot and miserable, so that didn't go as planned. I walked for about 5 minutes before I decided that a heat stroke was not the answer to my moodiness!

Attempt at improving my mood take 2: I tried using one of the no-equipment cardio workout videos. . . I think I have three left feet! I was so lost trying to keep my feet doing what the instructor was doing!! Can't say that I achieved anything close to a good cardio workout, but it improved my mood. I had a great big laugh at myself when I saw what I looked like in the mirror!


Retraining my taste buds!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My relationship with fruit is very ambivalent! I wish that I could say that I was a fruit lover, but alas I am not. There are times when I thoroughly enjoy a piece of fruit but I am not sure that I have every had a craving for fruit of any sort. (Tomatoes are the exception, but we generally call them veggies!)

Today I ate some tasty honeydew melon as my dessert with my lunch. While eating it, I was very conscious of the fact that it tasted "good" - it was ripened to perfection, sweet and juicy - but I did not enjoy it in the least! In fact, while eating it, I was thinking about indulging in a nice sweet, baked good for my afternoon snack - cookies or cake (especially anything chocolate!) as a recompense to my senses for persevering through the entire serving of melon when I would have much rather raided the pantry!

At this moment I am resolved to eat some "healthy" food that I enjoy rather than indulging in sweets, so it will probably be some cheese and crackers or raw veggies. We'll see whether or not my resolve holds up!

Is it possible to train myself to like fruit? I love veggies - well most veggies with the exception of Brussels sprouts and turnip greens! But my taste for vegetables developed as an adult when I discovered that fresh and frozen veggies were much better than the canned ones I grew up eating and hating.

Is it necessary that I like what I eat? There is a value in doing what I know I ought to do even when it isn't what I wish to do. That is very easy for me to see (and to choose) when it comes to being kind and generous with others, maybe I just need to focus on being kind to my body by feeding it the way it deserves to be fed!

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GOLDDUSTMOMMY 8/14/2012 3:05PM

    I am guessing you did not have a variety of fresh fruit and veg shoved down your throat as a child? The people I know who grew up on boxed food and easy to prepare stuff do not have the taste for fresh food as those whose parents wouldn't let them leave the table until they ate some (or all) of their vegetables. Needless to say, I am grateful my mother was such a health food freak!

I, personally, HATE honeydew and cantaloupe, as well as papaya (because it tastes like cantaloupe lol). I too can taste how perfectly delicious and sweet piece can be, but still gag at the overall flavor. My suggestion would be to try EVERYTHING. Walk through the produce department and buy a new fruit every week. Even the funny ones like kumkwats (I love em! just roll them in your hands until soft and pop em in your mouth peel and all!), star fruit, pomegranates, blood oranges, etc. Make sure you ask the produce guy, or people in the produce department, for freshness/ripeness advice. There is nothing worse than getting a piece of fruit that isnt ripe. It will skew your whole judgement on the fruit itself. Kiwis are a great example of this. They are very tart if they aren't just ripe, but they are amazingly beautiful when they are ripe.

Eventually, your body will start to depend on the nutrients it gets from the fruit- this in turn will make you start craving it. Your body knows what it needs and where it gets those needs from. An example of this is milk. I don't like milk on it's own. But I drink it by the tons with brownies or Oreos. So when I crave those things, I tell myself I am just craving milk, and if it helps me get the milk down, I will precede it with a couple chocolate chips. Far less fattening than a bag of oreos lol

hope this helps. and stick to it! It will work itself out :)

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1STICKBLUES 8/14/2012 2:58PM

    You should absolutely focus on being kind to your body! I don't know if you can train yourself to like fruit, and it would be far easier to stick to a well rounded diet if you actually liked fruit. Can you try making the fruit into something more decadent than just fruit (while keeping the not good for you stuff to a minimum)? I'm sure there's a way to keep all that balanced (pureed frozen bananas topped with chocolate syrup and sliced almonds is a great treat for me).

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CORKY982 8/14/2012 2:57PM

  It's hard to retrain them, but totally possible. My big thing was Oreos. Oh my God I loved Oreos! Haha. I would eat.. a sleeve or two in a sitting. Gross right? So I had to get over that, and had to stop craving them.

To start, I stopped buying them. if they aren't there, I can't eat them. Now the unfortunate part is that I literally live across the street from a convenience store that sells them. Sigh. So once in a while, in a weak moment, I'd buy them and cave and eat a bunch. I had to tell the guy who owned it to refuse to sell them to me! Every time I wanted an Oreo, I would instead grab a healthy snack I know I like - celery with peanut butter, followed by one square of dark chocolate. I didn't like the dark chocolate, but it made it feel a bit more like a naughty snack, you know? So I went with that, and after a few weeks, I started to look forward to celery and peanut butter, and now I really like dark chocolate! It takes about 3 weeks (as far as mine go anyway) but you definitely can. Just stick with it :)

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FEMISLIM 8/14/2012 2:54PM

    Good job, I believe you can train yourself to like fruits, especially when you know the good they do to your body.

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DLDROST 8/14/2012 2:51PM


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Inspired by my Peanuts calendar for today:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Snoopy is sitting on his dog house. The first frame shows a butterfly approaching, in the second frame the butterfly lands next to him, in the third frame the butterfly flutters off again. In the last frame with a smile Snoopy says, "My home is a haven for all sorts of weary travelers!"

For us weary travelers on the road of life, it is nice to have a place to stop and rejuvenate along the way! Sometimes it is rest that brings me back to life. I have great hope that someday exercise may have that effect on my day, but I am definitely not there yet. Today I am taking a little break from work with plans for good walk and a chat with a dear friend. A perfect way for me to refuel at the end of a long week!

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BEAUTIFUL_REINA 8/10/2012 2:34PM

    Thanks for sharing it!

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