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My Dirty Little Secret, Carbs and New Goals

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shhhh, confession time: I am TIRED. Actually I've been exhausted for a couple of weeks now. As I'm sure you can already guess, tiredness does NOT mix well when you have goals!!! emoticon

It may sound silly/ridiculous/nonsensical, but fatigue is one of a few select things about myself that I equivalate to defeat or weakness. (Isn't that just so sad?!?!) I am proud that I finally reached a point where I can accept taking time off to injuries, although I am quick to learn from it and create a prevention plan. I can also say that I really enjoy my two complete rest days of the week; to me it’s a lot, but I love it and so does my body! My latest achievement is being able to cancel certain workouts here and there when I am fatigued, but canceling a string of workouts on my heavy load day because I’m TIRED?! This is a first, and it hurts! emoticon

I knew there was something wrong that *had* to be addressed while driving to the gym for my afternoon workout. There was a general, overwhelming feeling of tiredness, even though I already had an hour nap under my belt. Something felt … off… but I needed to verify it with someone who was more clearheaded than I was. Quickly, I dialed HB (I used the phone while driving-horrible, I know! emoticon), described to him what I was feeling and asked him if I really was tired or sounded like I wanted to get out of my workout. I was a bit surprised when he agreed that something was off and suggested that I go home, and so (siiiigh) here I am.

Possibilities for the fatigue:
emoticon Overtraining? This was my first thought. The symptoms – fatigue, crankiness, impatience – seem to point towards overtraining, except for that these days I’m working out *less* and voluntarily resting a lot more than I ever have.
emoticon Baby? Omigosh PLEASE no! I am not ready!
emoticon Water? Good guess, but I drink a ton and do not drink any caffeinated drinks (except for green tea). If it were only this easy.
emoticon Nutrition? A possible bingo!

According to the book “Vegetarian Sports Nutrition” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, low carbohydrate intake on a particular day can result in “feeling tired, fatigued, or dead-legged… poor running, lightheadedness, or excessive moodiness during a training session.” ALL ME! emoticon

Accounting for my lean body mass and level of activity, the book recommends that my carb intake be in the ranges of 302g-358; however, silly me was still eating according to SP’s recommendation that was much, MUCH lower… Furthermore, I never adjusted my fitness goals in SP to reflect my current activity level! (oops) emoticon

In addition, I can now recall that I started feeling tired when I started tracking my food. During my SP break, I was eating whatever I wanted, including dessert almost every night. (Actually it was dessert EVERY night… But who’s counting?) Back then, I was working out even more than I do right now, yet I felt completely energized; every workout was met with renewed vigor. Unfortunately, even working out at that level couldn’t burn all that bread pudding I ate, so when I grew out of my “skinny” jeans, I came back to SP and started tracking my food. I lost weight immediately, but in the process I also cut out vital calories and carbs that I needed to get me to the gym. Doh! emoticon

SIDENOTE: I am a self-professed carboholic, so this is a mixed blessing. It's like telling an alcoholic that he/she *needs* two glasses of wine a day survive! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So starting tomorrow, these will be my new nutritional goals that I will work towards. Hopefully the results will be immediate. ((crossing fingers))

emoticon I am very petite, but I know I can’t live on 1200 calories a day. (I, um, "kinda" tried) Maybe more like 1500 should be the bare minimum, or even 1800? I might try to increase it 100 calories at a time and see how I feel. I'm sad it will take longer to reach my weight goal, but slow and steady wins the race, right? (Fake it til you make it, ha!) emoticon

emoticon UP THE CARBS! This is a tricky process. Too much = weight gain, not enough = misery. With my current fitness load, SP recommends carb levels 197g-284g, which is lower than the book. I’ll start by including 2-3 fruits a day to boost my current levels up and go from there. emoticon

emoticon EAT WHEN I’M HUNGRY! Or rather, eat snacks so that I won’t get hungry. So elementary, but I still don’t get it. Grrr. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Okay, that’s it for now on the home front. Will update on this!


HB Update: No, he HB has not started his workout yet. (If SP had a rolleyes emoticon, it would be right HERE) Before I get frustrated, I have to remind myself that exercise is like calling up a therapist: the hardest part is picking up the phone, or starting it. This morning he told me that he can feel/see a difference since he cut back on the breakfast potatoes. I can’t say I’m not suspicious that it might be a gag to get out of exercise… Hmm!

On the other hand, we’re having serious talks about expanding our family! I think we might be ready to “try” for a dog. AHHH!!!!!!! I am so freaking excited! I’m hoping, wishing, and begging for a rescued greyhound. I love being a cat mom, but I can’t wait to try my hand at being a dog mom too! (What can I say… Some women crave babies, I crave a dog.) emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

►5 Things I'm Grateful For Today
1 Peanut butter on apples, yum!
2 HB, for talking me into resting today
3 My Tues a.m. ST instructor, who chose to teach even when feeling ill
4 I have a great neighbor!
5 My pretty little flowers blooming in the yard

►What have you done today to better yourself/your life?
I shoved my pride to the backseat and rested. I am also choosing to fight my temptations to select unhealthy choices to lose weight.

►What more could you have done today to better yourself/your life?
I feel like I could have tried harder in this morning’s class. At the same time, I was feeling so fatigued that I wonder if I could have worked that much harder.

►What will you do tomorrow to better yourself/your life?
I will EAT.

P.S. emoticon {------- Is that really a mullet emoticon?!?!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LILHLFPINT 4/15/2009 11:03PM

    (lol at the mullet icon!

good luck finding that balance. i struggle to keep my carbs low but now feel like i'm dying.)

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MUIN64 4/15/2009 11:10AM

    Would it help if you focused on adding more unrefined grains to your diet? If you're like me, they taste yummy, but don't feed into the carb addiction quite as much as regular bread, pasta, etc. Back in my vegan days, I used to eat a lot of different things--barley, winter wheat, millet... Mmm. I might need to make a run to the bulk bin tonight.

I'm rather fond of mullet man--I personally think that he looks a bit like my DH, one of those balding on top guys who keeps growing it in back to make up for it. emoticon Of course, to totally look like my DH, he'd need an untrimmed mountain man beard halfway down his chest, too.

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JESSICA0431 4/15/2009 10:57AM

    ditto!!!ditto!!!! and....ditto!!!!
The Walmart produce lady said it was the equinox. The planets are goin' crazy up there!
Whatever it is I wish they would knock it off!!! I am soooo tired too!!
I went through the same, "am I just trying to get out of my workout today?" but I was genuinely tired because (just like you) I actually like working out. I am crabby and unmanagable (much like my children w/o enough sleep) when I don't. But I am worse when I DON'T get enough sleep (much like my children!!!) I slept in till 8 am one day!!! I am usually up by 4:30!!! It felt so good once I just stopped beating myself up silly for not working out.
I posted this question on the boards and I got a plethera of good, doable info!! Gotta love this place!! More iron, more sleep and (yup, you guessed it) more of that yummy "whole" stuff!!! I do remember someone else giving me that same advice...HMMMMM??? That was a long time ago!!!
Congrats on your new running partner!!! What fun!!!
(the mullet guy. I use him every once in awhile just cuz I feel sorry for him... emoticon)...(what about this rockstar... emoticon...poor guys probably don't get to grace many pages :s)
Sleep tight my little sleeping beauty! You'll rock it out tomorrow.

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DRAGONFLY180 4/15/2009 9:53AM

    hahahaa, i am so a dog mom. and yes, they gave a mullet emoticon but no rollin' eyes emoticon, not even a bug-eyed emoticon, which i'd use a lot. the closest they have to it is emoticon which really just looks scared. i hope your nutritional tweaking helps you feel better. i'm trying to figure out the nutrition, too. i've been thinking i'm still getting too many carbs ("my name is cyrena and i'm a carboholic...hi, cyrena!) so i thought that today i'd cut out my daily banana for breakfast, but it seems wrong to cut out fruits, which are good for you. i *suppose* i should be cutting out the bread from my sub for lunch, but uh uh, ain't gonna happen. maybe we'll figure this all out! i wish i knew how many carbs i'm supposed to be eating each day.

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JMCAMJ1 4/15/2009 9:12AM

    well i know it is a teeter-tauter, but i believe you can do it!!!

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Gluttonous Easter, followed by 9 miler on the beach :P

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday everyone!!! I hope you all had a fun, healthy and active Easter weekend.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I on the other hand, did not have a healthy and active Easter weekend, but it definitely was fun. emoticon

We started off the day on Saturday by sleeping in til 9-ish. I don't like getting up any later than 8, but I've been needing it lately, and I will not argue with this body! Anyway, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am useless if I sleep less than 7.5 hours or more than 8.5 hours, and that night I slept beyond 9, which means no walk with HB. lol I can't believe HB was able to drag me out of bed and out to breakfast! That man's got skills. The rest of the day was just utter gluttony: lots of tv dvds and laying around with our cats. I know it sounds terrible, but it's sooo good, and I think everyone should have one of those days every once in awhile.

Sunday was slightly more eventful; we had brunch at the Four Seasons... And Kevin Smith walked by us! Such a cool sighting, as HB is a huge Kevin Smith fan. One word about buffets: WEAR A FITTED DRESS/SHIRT! I wore a slinky-ish white dress with markings resembling a wedding cake or easter egg and I swear, the saving grace from me completely pigging out was that dress; it **held** me in, somewhat limiting the capacity of this tummy. It didn't stop me from clearing more food than HB (a common occurrence, I admit to my embarrassment), but at least I didn't walk out of the place with stomach stretching pains.

Cool thing happened as we waited for our car outside... Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy walked by me! Jennifer looked AMAZING and so very beautiful with her flowered dress and her long hair curled down her back. It's amazing that she's a gorgeous girl on tv, but in person she is that much more stunning. As for her figure, she didn't look stick skinny... She looked really really good and probably no bigger than me.

After we got home it was MORE laying around! The only time I think I got up it was to eat some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. emoticon

Ok, enough of the weekend updates... Onto workouts, my favorite!


Workout Updates:

9:30 am - ?: Run, 9.3 miles emoticon
This is the FARTHEST I have ever run in my life! I find out so much about myself with every run (esp the long runs), but what I found out today was far more poignant than I've ever discovered before.

First off, I noticed lately that after long runs, my body feels great (no knee pain!) and my emotions are euphoric, but I am also cranky, impatient, and indecisive and spend more time than usual focused on negativity. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, but it's discerning because I find myself snapping at strangers and spacing out when on the phone with HB.

They say long runs are mostly mental and they are right. I was wiped after last week's 8 miler, and today I am even more so with the 9. I hope this is one of those cases where one day an 8-9 mile run will one day (soon) look and feel like nothing, because if I'm feeling this way now, the marathon is 3 times this distance. It seems to easy to train the body, but how does one train the mind?

There is a BIG difference between 8 and 9 miles. It seems like there shouldn't be... After all, 9 is one more mile than 8 and takes only a few minutes to pass. That is the logical argument, but my experience today does not agree with that. Again, the "pain" involved wasn't physical, it was mental. Running into unchartered distances is usually so exciting to me, but today, it felt like pulling teeth!

So I'm feeling a little discouraged at this moment. Right now, a half marathon seems more than doable, but the marathon scares the bejeebies out of me. I'm hoping this will soon pass, maybe when I start doing 14 milers? emoticon

On the upside, my speed somehow upped itself. I was all about the negative split today, emoticon I used to run in the 10MMs during long runs, but whereas I warmed up in the high 9MMs, according to my Garmin, my speed increased to the low 9MMs as the miles passed by, at one point even holding 8MMs... I had no idea! The last couple of miles of my run were all hills, which I climbed in the mid 9MMs. Amazing! emoticon

Other than that, it was a beautiful day at the beach... Last time I ran on the beach, there were LOTS of creepy and questionable characters (who hangs out at the beach on a cold, rainy day, anyway?!), but today it was full of spring breakers and volleyball players. I am so grateful that it's so readily available to me from my house! emoticon


One year ago today: I was freaking out at the scale! emoticon I was 13 pounds heavier and not yet had a clue on nutrition. Exercise was also the LAST thing I wanted to do...

►5 Things I'm Grateful For Today
1 I made it through 9 miles!
2 I don't have that many errands to do today
3 Today is Dodgers Opening Game! emoticon
4 Orlando Hudson, he rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Gorgeous day at the beach!

►What have you done today to better yourself/your life?
I was mentally taxed at mile 8, but I pushed on.

►What more could you have done today to better yourself/your life?
I could have stayed in the cold bath longer, but I just wasn't feeling like it and my wants had a stronger pull than my needs today.

►What will you do tomorrow to better yourself/your life?
I will go to the gym!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JESSICA0431 4/14/2009 9:14AM

    How is your DH's workouts coming along?
( look beautiful!!)

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 4/13/2009 10:46PM

    Annie, doesn't running on sand double the miles you actually ran...I mean I've walked on sand and that is an aerobic workout in itself so running has to be double...don't give up on the marathon, with training on sand, I know you will be able to finish a marathon.


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DRAGONFLY180 4/13/2009 9:45PM

    fun! i love hearing about celeb sightings. congrats on the LR! you made great times i can't wait to get that fast on a LR! way to go!!!

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MANDORA3 4/13/2009 7:46PM

    What a great post and AWESOME job on the 8.3 miles!! I can only imagine getting that far, but I will!!

Now I can not wait for my 5 mile run tomorrow!!

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APRWEN19 4/13/2009 7:33PM

    I am green with envy that you get to run on the beach!!
I get to run around my neighborhood. Its one large circle that is exactly 1.3 miles around. Sometimes I change direction for a change of pace.

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SLENDERELLA2010 4/13/2009 6:10PM


what an enjoyable post !!!! I like your zest for life.


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Announcement, announcement, ANNOUNCEMENT!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My DH, whom I lovingly refer to as HB, announced that he is READY TO START WORKING OUT.

...What!!!... emoticon

He admits that he's gained a lot of weight and wants to lose some, first by going on the bike in the mornings before work, and second by cutting out the hashed browns he gets with his breakfast every morning.

In truth, I noticed his weight gain, but just like love knows no color, for me love knows no size. He is still handsome to me as ever and whereas I would LOVE it if he prioritized on his health a little more, I'm just happy that he wants to take better care of himself. This is like icing on the cake to me! emoticon

Oh oh oh and one more INCREDIBLE HB said to me: "Maybe sometime you can show me some yoga moves?"

I just about dropped dead from 60-million-dollar-lottery-winner-type shock and true happiness. Manly man doing yoga - SEXY-FIED!!! emoticon

Over time he's told me many times about how proud he is of me on how I was able to embark and stick to this new healthy, active life I've been on in the past 9 months. He's actually bragged about my little victories to other people! But nothing means more to me than inspiring my own man to squeeze in time in his 14 hour work day to do a little something for himself. Every time he makes a smart healthy decision, he adds time to his lifeline and I want him around for a very very VERY long time. emoticon

So Monday starts his new workout program. I'll be logging his minutes on the bike in the SP family tracker, which means I get to earn an extra point for every day he works out! emoticon I'm not going to worry about the fruit/veggie servings though... He is as anti-veggie as they come, and the last thing I want to do is shove an asparagus spear down his throat. Actually, I'm not going to do a thing to modify his diet unless he himself wants to make the change. You know men and weight loss... So DIFFERENT than any woman's experience. They can say "I want to lose weight," and by the time they finish that sentence, they've lost 6 pounds. Ugh. emoticon

Wish us luck!!!!! emoticon


In other (less interesting) news, I am SO TIRED!!! and therefore skipping yoga. Last night was date night which means we get home way past our bedtime. I love date nights with HB, but they seriously kill me in the sleep department. I'm one of those strange people who must must MUST sleep between 7.5-8.5 hours a night or I can not function like a R2D2 with a fried motherboard. Any more than 8.5 hours and I am very lazy and sleepy. Less than 7.5 hours means I get sick to my stomach, I start walking into walls and I can't comprehend things the first time. It's rather pathetic. emoticon

I'd love our date night to be on the weekend instead of during the week, but going out on a Friday/Saturday is crazy! The weeknight scene is so much more fun here in Los Angeles. Plus, call us weird, but we love going to bed at 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday and waking up early on a weekend morning. Strange, right??!! emoticon

Anyway, even though I was fighting my eyelids this morning, I went out for a run anyway. A short run is always the perfect test to see how tired you really are: if when you come home you find that you're STILL tired, then you are most definitely tired. So after I type this out, I will crash for a good nap with my cuddly little kitties so that I can stay awake through dinner later. Ahhh. emoticon


Workout Updates:


8:30 am - 9:30 am: Strength Training Class emoticon
VERY hard, but the most amazing workout - the (very buff) instructor never fails in the kick-your-booty department. While grabbing a towel in the middle of the class, I noticed that I was soaked head to toe in sweat - I couldn't get more wet, even if I jumped into a pool! (Thank goodness for my cute outfit!) I am also getting a lot better on the Bosu ball. I no longer fall off it when I do jumping stuff on it!

9:30 am - 10:00 am: Yoga Flexibility emoticon
This is really no more than a stretching class after the ST class that precedes it. I didn't feel like staying for this, but I'm glad I did. This is probably the reason why I am not very sore today.

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm: Bike, Treadclimber emoticon
I got to watch the Dodgers... lose. BOOOO!!!! I knew I should have stuck to Oprah!

4:30 pm - 5:45 pm: Yoga Flexibility emoticon
Being that it was the holiday, there was barely anyone in the class at all - I loved all the extra room! The instructor used to be my least favorite, but I'm starting to like her now. I can't believe how easily I can reach my feet and floors during bends!!!


9:30 am - 10:15 am: Run emoticon
I was feeling a teensy bit mischievous today. I fight the temptation quite a bit to engage in some speed work (for now), but I couldn't help it - you can run slow for only so long! I warmed up first mile in the 9MMs, then cruised at 8 MM for second mile, and then splurged for some 6:50-7MM fun for the third. After running 9-10MMs for long and short runs, it was a confidence booster that I'm still able to run fast(er). Fun times!!!!


►5 Things I'm Grateful For Today
1 A really fun date night
2 No rain during my run!
3 Chocolate milk - mmm
4 SparkPeople :)
5 Cloudy days make good snuggling days

►What have you done today to better yourself/your life?
I went running even though I was tired from my night out!

►What more could you have done today to better yourself/your life?
I probably should have refrained from the (very fun) speed session...

►What will you do tomorrow to better yourself/your life?
I just might try my best to coerce HB for a walk tomorrow... Wish me luck!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ANGELICA-AMIE 4/11/2009 7:19PM

  You two are adorable -- I love working out with my Boy too. It's really encouraging to turn to each other and say "you look great" after a week of working out and eating right. And doing yoga with him is romantic in a funny way:) Good luck with getting his routine off the ground!

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DRAGONFLY180 4/10/2009 11:54PM

    very cute pic of the two of you! i can definitely tell that you're in shape, even with regular clothes on! you look like a movie star, girl! also, super-super-congrats on influencing your man to start making healthier choices!!! i haven't gotten mine past the few little tweaks he's made to his diet (which he ignores half the time), but i'll take what i can get. also, kudos on doing a short run even though you didn't feel like working out. three miles is a workout for me, and at those speeds... emoticon i know i would've crashed afterward!

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LILHLFPINT 4/10/2009 10:18PM

    (girl, first of all, you look so hot in that picture! ::whistles::

that is SO exciting that you've inspired your husband to start making some changes in his life! whoo hoo!

that's so cute that you guys have a date night. but i'm sorry you get so tired. i get frustrated that i need like 5-6 hours of sleep a night - i can't imagine needing as much as you! you poor thing!)

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KARBIE18 4/10/2009 10:14PM

    I don't care how you see my name as long as you keep in touch (though I'm as far from Barbie as they come)! How cool that DH wants to take care of himself. Sounds like you had the same reaction as I'd have if mine made that announcement. When pigs fly! But I have made this discovery, after about twenty years together that he'll eat pretty much anything I make for dinner. So I do manage to get him to eat some veggies every now and then.

Stay positive and keep on moving!

Report Inappropriate Comment

    Great job on inspiring HB and congratulations to HB for making the commitment to himself!!! I finally got DH to eat fruit daily...he has been eating it for about 4 weeks now!!! He even asks for it now if I don't have it waiting for him in the morning!!! It's cool to inspire others who are already on the path but to see someone how wasn't thinking about their health start thinking about it and making that is truly a Godsend!!! Jackie!!!

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APRWEN19 4/10/2009 3:55PM

    Cute picture. You guys are a very cute couple.
good luck on your endeavors to help him work out. Sharing something so important to you can only bring you closer.
Is that a typical day at the gym for you? Holy crap, no wonder you're so small!!

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APRWEN19 4/10/2009 3:55PM

    Cute picture. You guys are a very cute couple.
good luck on your endeavors to help him work out. Sharing something so important to you can only bring you closer.
Is that a typical day at the gym for you? Holy crap, no wonder you're so small!!

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Creepy fellow yogi!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Something weird happened to me in yoga today.

After the class, one of the students in the class (a senior citizen) came over and started telling me about all the things I did wrong. I know she's experienced in yoga and I can appreciate extra pointers, but I didn't exactly know how to react when she said that in every class she sees me, she likes to watch everything I do. (That IS a little creepy, right???)

Next, she advised that I attend an instructional class on Sunday.

"Ohh Sunday," I said. "I take the weekends off so I can spend it with my DH, so I wouldn't be able to make it."

She made some kind of sushing noise and some remark that started with "When you're my age..." and ended with something negative about how I like to spend my weekends.

Obviously she doesn't understand my situation, I think, so I tried to explain that DH is away 14+ hours a day and really, the only time I can spend with him is on the weekends. Therefore, I work hard during the week so I can free that time.

I don't remember what the woman said, but it was more negative stuff about how I wanted to spend time with my DH.

Stunned, I wished her a good day and walked away, thankful to add some distance between us. I hate that I keep thinking about the woman even hours later, but I keep reminding myself that it means nothing... She means nothing. Based on her conversations with others that I happen to overhear, she's a bit of a coot, so I can't take any offense.

I love my spot, but I think I'll just start staking out another spot. FAR FAR FAR away from the woman.

In other non-eebie-jeebie news, I had the most DELIGHTFUL run in the most PERFECT temperature today! I made sure I went sloooow (I swear snail or two passed me) but the experience was compensated with a new route that had fresh smelling flowers lining the streets and very many cute dogs.


►5 Things I'm Grateful For Today
1 My older neighbor with his chocolate lab - running into them on every run always make me smile
2 Amazing weather! Mr. Rain decided to postpone his visit until tomorrow night. Yeah!
3 When it came to me vs the scale, I won that battle!
4 I made most of my nutritional goals today!
5 A pain-free run!

►What have you done today to better yourself/your life?
I came through on yesterday's promise that I'd run slow today. I also didn't let that weird yogi get to me too bad.

►What more could you have done today to better yourself/your life?
Today was a test in letting things go. I scored about 70% on that test. I also lazed out on doing errands today. Ehhh. Procrastinating at its best.

►What will you do tomorrow to better yourself/your life?
I need to work on staying in the moment! I walk into walls a lot and I think all those unexplained bruises are from my head being in another place.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JESSICA0431 4/10/2009 9:46AM handled her with such grace. I am sure she is just trying to be helpful, but some people just don't have the tacked that it takes to give others advice.

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ELFITZPA 4/9/2009 2:30PM

    That IS weird! I'd like to think as I get older that I'll cherish time with loved ones EVER MORE. Don't they say when you'll look back on your life, you'll never wish you spent more time at work or at the gym? I'm glad you stayed polite but firm, and I'd stay far away too!!

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DRAGONFLY180 4/9/2009 10:33AM

    wow, that is a strange woman. if she comes over to you again, you could ask her if she's hitting on you. either she is and she'll smile and you can run quickly away, proclaiming your monogamy to your husband, or she'll be so freaked out that you think that of her that she won't come near you again. *lol* you might also remind her that your yoga class has an instructor that you get pointers from if she comes back with her critiques of your poses again.
congrats on having a great run.
get a dog. they are such a joy! i love my sweet, genius mutt doggie. he's the best!

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KARBIE18 4/9/2009 7:36AM

    That IS weird! I don't blame you for wanting to find a new spot. Sounds like you handled it well, though.

Great to hear things are going well for you. A pain-free run, and winning the battle with the scale are wonderful things.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, with many more pain-free runs to come!


P.S. I LOVE my dog!

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Tues Apr 7 - 234 minutes of delicious sweat!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Today was a good day. :):):)

It started when I woke up at 4:30 in the darn morning. I don't think DH's been sleeping well, and because of that, I find myself waking anywhere between 2:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. every weekday. Like, totally and deeply unpleasant! (This affects my cats too, who grumble when we toss and turn on the bed LOL) This could explain why I walk into walls in the morning... Or feel like my face is about to plop into my bowl of oatmeal... Or that I consider it a complete miracle if I am able to survive dinner. I wish I could do something about this, but that very thing would be to somehow relieve DH's stress... Umm NOT going to happen! Which means I need to find a way to keep me up during the day.


10:00 am - 11:00 am: Super Sculpt class
I LOVE THIS CLASS! Unfortunately the instructor's thick accent means I can't understand a word she says, but thankfully I can understand hand motions. I am also getting stronger: I'm graduated from 7 lb to 8 lb weights for the arms! It seems crazy that when I first started, 5 lbs would make me break a sweat. Victory!

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm: 27 min Bike, 27 min Treadclimber
Another victory: I graduated from level 7 to level 8, and I have the quads to prove it! I actually don't like the bike, but it helps me with running so much and I actually LOVE cycling away to Oprah. For example, today's episode, they featured the longevity secrets of centurions in Sardinia, Italy: 2 glasses of dark wine a day, pecorino cheese on whole grain bread and goat milk... MY KIND OF DIET!!! I bounced on the Treadclimber to the beginning of a rerun of Ellen. Not as eventful, but it's always fun to see an Asian girl eat fire, a Canadian do flips on a pogo stick and a normal-looking woman tear through phone books.

4:45 pm - 5:30 pm: Core Training class
I take this class because I adore the instructor - she's the only one who can make my abs sore for days! Therefore, I can't deny the disappointment I felt when a sub came in. Since she's a Pilates instructor, we ended up doing exactly that. Not to say that Pilates wasn't taxing, but she didn't keep our heart rates up, so my body felt a little stiff. The class felt too easy... Oh well. There's always next week, right?

5:45 pm - 7:00 pm: Yoga Flexibility
My Tuesday/Thursday instructor is normally emotionalless/personalityless/smileless/ro
botic, so I was shocked when she cracked jokes today. WHO REPLACED THE YOGA ROBOT WITH A HUMAN??? Anyway, the great news is that I'm seeing MASSIVE improvements on my 7th week of yoga! I see a difference every week, but lately my flexibility's been improving drastically. Today was one of the better times I've had in Yoga Flexibility. Woohoo!!!

►5 Things I'm Grateful For Today
1 My progressions in yoga
2 The happiness that fills my heart
3 My passion in living an active life
4 Financial stability
5 The amazing relationship I have with DH

►What have you done today to better yourself/your life?
When I saw that it rained earlier, the first thing I wanted was a BIG dinner, one with lots of carbs! This was especially the case since DH has a work dinner tonight, so it seems that a part of me wanted to fill the emptiness in the house this evening with food, however, I screeched that thinking to a half real fast. I had to eat dinner, so I got something small, and after eating it - what do you know? I was full! If I get hungry again, I'll eat a cup of pineapple, but other than that, I won't fill the void with food. It's tough confronting the emotional eating demons, but I'm winning the fight!

►What more could you have done today to better yourself/your life?
I made a big lunch and forced myself to eat it all. I should have stopped when I felt full.

►What will you do tomorrow to better yourself/your life?
I need to remember that tomorrow's run is an EASY run. In other words, I need to run SLOW.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DRAGONFLY180 4/9/2009 10:49AM

    wow, you did some major working out at the gym! awesome! i wish i had that much time to devote to exercising, 'cause i would definitely do it. i do well if i can get an hour of cardio in with my ST at the gym. it would be so much better if i actually had a gym in my town! oh well. congrats on a great day!

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ANGELICA-AMIE 4/9/2009 12:48AM

  wow, I'm printing this post out for when I have a
"don't want to work out" day:)

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MUIN64 4/8/2009 6:56AM

    Annie--I'm in awe! How often do you get a whole day at the gym like this? Wow.

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