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Weigh-In and Progress Notes, New Camera, and My Pathetic Attempts at De-Stressing

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello there!

So I was supposed to post yesterday but… sleep happened. emoticon

I always feel exhausted these days, but the times that I actually feel like I could fall asleep is so far and few in between that when it started coming on last night, I said “heck with my blog!” and dove for the covers. And slept. For hours.


Here’s what I’ve been up to:

emoticon Weigh-In emoticon

Good news: I definitely lost weight

Kinda bad news: I have no idea how much

You see all those numbers? They were all taken in a span of around ten minutes. It would seem that every time I pick up my scale and weigh myself in a different part of the house – whether it may be my bathroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer – a different number pops up. Hmm.

At the end, though, it really doesn’t matter how much, just that I did, right? Right! Sooo I’m going nail this down as a 1/2 lb loss for now. Yippee!


emoticon Progress Notes emoticon

What’s been working:

* Trusting my body over my mind. My mind can be so deceiving! While under a lot of stress, my mind continuously told me that I wasn’t hungry and that food makes me nauseous. However, when I noticed my hands shaking, my focus wavering, and my irritable levels rising, I ate despite my mind’s arguments and I actually felt so much better. Same goes with when I want to eat more after I’m done with my meal; I make myself wait ten minutes, and you know what? I can feel that I’m full.

* Forcing myself to be “less” Type A. I could have worked out anyway when I had 1000 things on my to do list, but I opted to skip the workout to accomplish my tasks. I did okay with it here and there, but there is always more to be improved in this area.

I need to work on:

* My caffeine intake. It’s been so hard to get quality sleep around here that I’ve been using coffee and Diet Coke as a crutch to get through my day. About once a year, I tend to switch from coffee to green tea for about half a year before I start to crave coffee again. I may have to make that switch, but until then, I really need to make sure I don’t drink more than one Diet Coke a week.

* Managing stress. Ugh, I am so irritable these days! I wish I could just take off to some island somewhere. I may make it a mission this weekend to do absolutely nothing but hike and spend quality time with my man and my doggy.

emoticon Wednesday Morning Mentions emoticon

I tried to “sleep in” until about six, but some morning madness concerning my man and our coffeemaker caused me to get up earlier. It’s okay though, because getting up earlier means that much more added time to my day. (Ha, how’s that for thinking positive!)

Vanilla nut coffee with soy creamer. Just what the doctor ordered. Spot the cat and dog! emoticon emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On today’s fitness agenda:

A new week, woo!

Though doable, the five minute runs felt like five hours. Bruno did okay (he did exceptionally well sprinting uphill with me chasing him from behind – ack!), but I was dyin! I was so happy when we were done finally.

It’s so weird: I’ve done the C25k program so many times, yet each time I repeat the program and come upon a new week, it still feels as mentally difficult as it did the first time. Anyone else get this way too?

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Those beautiful bananas I bought last week at Costco are turning brown quickly, so you’ll see me repeat the Two Ingredient Pancake a few more times. I can’t believe I went from not being into this breakfast to having it almost every day. Love the protein punch!

In the pancake mix: four egg whites (taken directly from eggs), one small banana, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla

In the Greek yogurt mix: 4 oz Greek yogurt, 1 tsp sweetener, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla

Topped with a banana slices from another small banana.

Result: YUM.

emoticon New Camera emoticon

Sometime after breakfast, I decided to take a break and do something fun: play with my new camera!

We actually bought this Tuesday evening, but I was so tired and stressed that I didn’t even want to think about touching it until my to do list for the day was done. Although did have a ton of things to do today, I was feeling almost at the top of my “can’t take this anymore” and opted for a break.

Some practice pics I took with my new toy (still figuring out the flash – I hate flash!)

So weird on how comfortable I feel not wearing make up or doing my hair in just about every picture I post on here daily…

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Today quickly became a busy day when we received word that a prospective buyer wanted to see our house Thursday afternoon. Getting the house ready for pictures was one thing (you can always hide dust!), but having people come over and scrutinize your home? Gahhhh!

Thanks to stress, I didn’t feel hungry, but my body told me in its own ways that I needed food. I decided to whip up something with a ton of protein:

I made an impromptu veggie egg white omelette with 1 cup egg substitute + a boxed salad, and topped it with salsa and Cholula. Fantastic!

Hey, you want to see a blooper? Here it is:

Where there’s food, Bruno will always be nearby.

Post-lunch was a little weird. I think between exhaustion, stress, and finally feeding my hunger my body became overwhelmed and shut itself down. I remember feeling like I had to lay down, and before I knew it, I somehow awoke on a pillow that I’d drooled all over? (eh, sorry for the TMI) It was not a nap by my choice, but it managed to supply me with a slight zap of energy to help me continue down my long To Do list.

emoticon Dinner emoticon

Later in the afternoon, we did a bit of house hunting. The houses we saw were so depressing that I almost asked my fiance to stop by a gas station for me to buy two bags of Gardetto’s. What saved us was the brisket cooking itself pretty in the slower cooker at home – saved by the brisket!

That would be tender, moist brisket with a stewed carrots, steamed green beans and bucketload of cauliflower rice (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper). Best.Dinner.Everrrrrrrr.

My brisket dinner was promptly followed by frozen grapes and then some good, hard zzzz’s. *happy*

emoticon Thursday Morning Mentions emoticon

I woke up extra bright and early this a.m. in anticipation for the first showing of our house! I was so anxious about all the things I had to do that I was actually the first one up, i think. Now that never happens around here, at least not in the last couple of years.

(By the way, the term “bright and early” is so deceiving, as the sun was nowhere near up! It was more “dark and early.” Just a thought.)

Coffeeeeeeee, get into meeeeeeee. Spot the cat! emoticon

Some happenings around the house this a.m.:

Where there’s fur, there’s action around here. emoticon

emoticon Thursday Breakfast emoticon

There was no fitness today because I was too busy! Plus, my entire morning was spent wiping, mopping, dusting, lifting, stashing, and pushing, so who’s to say that isn’t a workout in itself? emoticon

Two Ingredient Pancake … again. Yup. Let’s just say I’m making good progress on those bananas. emoticon

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Lunch didn’t get eaten until very late – like 3 pm late! – because of the noon showing of our house plus some work I had to do. I probably would have went through the day without eating lunch, but I forced myself to eat. I sure am glad I did because it turns out I was pretty hungry!

One of my boxed salads tossed with balsamic vinegar then topped with shredded chicken thigh and ground black pepper. Delish!

And guess who was waiting patiently nearby while I took my food pics?

If it’s not Bruno, it’s ways Zack. Always one or the other with these two.

Some afternoon shenanigans:

That would be about how I look when i’m tired, stressed and anxious. emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

So here I was – 4 pm and alone in the house at last! – with big plans to veg on the couch, eat some dinner, blog and then maybe pass out when I got this text about how someone else wanted to see the house in two hours.


Just when I put my house back together, I flew off the couch to put my house back into showcase condition, wiped down things that I touched, re-swept the floor (three pets shed a TON of fur in just minutes, especially against a dark wood floor), and re-stashed my entire life back into cabinets. I nuked my dinner and flew out the door just in time with the dog. (Kitties stay at home)

That would be my lovely leftover brisket dinner that I would have loved to eat on a plate but instead ate out of a plastic container in the car a block away from my house.

Such a glamorous life.

By the time I finally made it back to my house, fed the dog, and put the house back together, I was BUSHED! And a bit peeved that I’d been going non-stop since 5 am until I sat down at almost 8 pm. I tell ya, when we end up selling this house, I am going to hold my own private dance party with my animals and then pass out for 14 hours. Big fancy plans there, you just wait!

And yes, frozen grapes did follow dinner. emoticon

Well, those are my two days! I hope you are had a happy, healthy day. See ya tomorrow!


P.S. Posting pics of my house tomorrow emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HAPPYJUNEBUG 9/3/2013 8:57PM


My scale does the same! If I weigh myself in front of our apt. by the windows, I've gained 2 pounds, if I weigh myself closer to the door of our apt. It says I lost 2 pounds. I'd like to say I lost the two pounds. Hehehe.

Wow, I felt like I had a work out just reading all those activities. LOL.

Nice house!

Good luck with the house-selling. Good job with the weight loss!

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EDLEAR 8/31/2013 3:03AM

    I will try those pancakes myself this morning. I might sub in some pumpkin puree for the bananas, and add some nutmeg gratings, 'cause I missed the banana sale. emoticon
Thanks for all of your sharing pics, I hope you get a lot of joy from the new camera!

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LUVS2BIKE101 8/30/2013 8:39PM

    You have me re-thinking my plans for this upcoming, rain-predicted weekend. Early morning start-ups, pancake breakfast, slow cooker meals, and produce shopping for great salads! Thanks for the much-needed motivation!

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KANOE10 8/30/2013 7:30AM

    I love your pictures..Your animals are sweet. Your meals look yummy and healthy. You look great. What a great two days!

I hope your stress goes down. Your exercise will definitely help. Good news on the half pound down.


Comment edited on: 8/30/2013 7:31:45 AM

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Cleaned OUT

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hi! How are you doing?

I am doing SO much better! I finally got some sleep - the kind where you're all lights out before you head hit the pillow. It was AWESOME. I am probably at 80% of my regular self now, so I probably need just one more good night's sleep to make myself whole again. It's a great place to be.

By the way, I learned something today: keeping a house at showcase level is a full-time job in itself. I can't wait to sell this house finally so that I can leave my socks on the floor sometime! Actually, not really. I have a dog that LOVES to chew on stuff, so that teaches me to never leave anything out, much less on the floor. So I'll have to settle for something more titillating, like leaving a dirty dish in the sink the entire day and not worry about it. Oh the exciting life I lead. emoticon

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

Although I am not yet 100%, I woke up like I was. As it turns out, this whole packing-cleaning-staging the house thing stressed our entire farmily out because my fiance picked sleeping in over working out this morning - something he rarely does. Furthermore, both cats and the dog were simply not interested in lifting even an eyelid as I roamed about. Our house is exhausted.

The house finally stirred about when opened a can of cat food. Like Pavlov, it's works every time. emoticon

Butterscotch Toffee coffee with soy creamer. Spot the cats! emoticon emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On today's fitness agenda: active rest day with a 40 minute walk.

The walk felt so good after two straight full days of moving. It loosened up the muscles, got the blood flowing and cleared my mind.

Bruno got to sniff some new areas today, so he had a blast too!

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

I was really hungry this morning, so as soon as my ten minutes of stretching was done, I was off to the kitchen to make some brekkie. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew that I wanted something a little more substantial than my usual eats:

1 cup of egg sub, 1 tbsp of ketchup, and 1 Ezekiel cinnamon raisin English muffin. Thrown together, but really satisfying!

By the way, those Ezekiel English muffins totally rock. I love how dense and chewy they are. Best.muffins.ever.

emoticon Lunch emoticon

After a morning of work, cleaning and re-arranging (aggghhh! - I am so over cleaning!), I finally sat down for a late lunch. Once again, the salads and roasted chicken I prepped ahead of time is kicking in nicely.

Not pictured, but I smothered the heck out of my chicken breast with Cholula. Made a nice contrast to the balsamic vinegar I splashed on the greens. emoticon

P.S. A pic of my little peeking duck while I was doing the laundry today:


emoticon Snack emoticon

Okay, so I never snack in the afternoons because I am usually too busy to eat or just don't feel the need to.

Today? I started obsessing on cakes and pies. It was weird: not matter what I was trying to do, I would start thinking and obsessing on cakey, bready things. I was heading into danger zone! I was even THIS CLOSE to snatching one of these Snickers minis I had laying around - but I didn't. Clooooose calls, baby.

While rummaging through my pantry, I came across enough cans of pumpkin to bake about 17,000 pies. That's when I got an idea: what if I added pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and some sweetener to some pumpkin puree?

I tried it ... and it hit the spot! I can't believe I'd say this, but I would totally nibble on this again if I got hit by the snack monster again.

emoticon Dinner emoticon

After doing a bunch of errands, I got home late and had only a minute to feed my starving self.

Shredded rotisserie chicken thigh, Spanish cauliflower "rice, and steamed green beans (nuked in the microwave). Can you believe my entire dinner was only 340 calories? Huge! And delicious. And filling. And satisfying.

Before I knew it, it was already eight o'clock... That's frozen grapes time for me! emoticon

By the way, did you know that Monday is Labor Day? Wha??? I didn't know this until this morning, when my fiance mentioned it to me. Where did the time go? Before you know it, Christmas will be next week. Just don't blink or it will happen.

I hope you had a great day! I'll see ya tomorrow... For Weigh-In Wednesday! emoticon


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHERWHOAH 8/29/2013 1:10AM

    that pumpkin pie filling is genius!!!! I wonder if you can bake it in ramekins to make like a crustless pie. that's sooo awesome that you had such a big plate of food for such little calories.

I was trying to sell my mom on the cauliflower rice but it was a no go. I am a true believer of it! if you ever read about the crazy lady in Sacramento that wears a sandwich board trying to convince people to eat Cauliflower rice, you will know it's me :P

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CASEYSAUER 8/28/2013 7:00AM

    What a beautiful blog! Uh, of course, now I am hungry!

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TORTISE110 8/28/2013 6:23AM

    I'll be right over for my next meal! Very appetizing blog.

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EDLEAR 8/28/2013 4:05AM

    Looking at your food pictures always makes me hungry, even if I've just eaten. Like right now.

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BLUEHANDS 8/28/2013 4:01AM

  whoopsss, sorry

Comment edited on: 8/28/2013 4:02:45 AM

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BLUEHANDS 8/28/2013 1:43AM

  Your blog always makes me smile. Thank you. emoticon
And get some sleep!

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A Week of Not Sleeping

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I haven’t slept – like really slept – in about a week.

As a result, I’ve been ultra irritable, incapable of focusing on any task, and, obviously, exhausted.

What is going on you ask?

We are currently selling our house – and by dog – it is one of the most stressful things I have ever dealt with in my life. And here I thought buying was stressful – selling is 10x so! (At least with buying a house, you are fueled by excitement. Selling, you are filled with fright and nerves.)

After spending days packing and hours staging my house today, I am mostly done with Part I of the stressful stuff. The realtor came by today and took some fabulous pictures – of which I’ll post when our house closes! – which means I can now at least live in my house with the things I need, instead of stashing things away to make counters look larger, the living room look more spacious, and the patio area picturesque for a potential buyer to fantasize entertaining a group of close friends for an evening.

Although my stress level is the lowest it’s been in about a week, the craziness is just beginning. There is still the matter of making a quick scram outta the house when we get the call for a showing, figuring out what new area to move to, looking for a new house to live in, decide what to do with the animals when we are moving, budget and plan for the move (ew! I hate moving.), and then changing my address with 10,000 different companies. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in my new house already. Siiiigh.

Any advice for me about moving two senior cats and a bat crazy dog?


emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

COFFEE! Oh how I needed it this morning. You always know how tired you are based on how long it takes to feel the wonderful effects of caffeine. It took me probably a good hour for these eyelids to finally open more than its halfway point. Spot the dog! emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

With the fantastic effects of caffeine flowing smoothly through my veins, it was time for Bruno and I to workout.

On today’s fitness agenda:

Just last Friday I was mentioning about how I may need another week of this program, but you know what? I think I may be ready for Week 4! Isn’t it incredible how quickly the body adapts?

There was no Strength Training today because I was too crazy busy! However, I was incredibly active from the time I woke up until the minute right before I started typing this blog. With all the lifting I had to do, it might as well be considered ST, right? emoticon

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Today’s delicious brekkie was a repeat from Friday:

Kashi waffles topped with sweetened Greek yogurt mix and topped with baked peaches. YUM!

Into the Greek yogurt mix: 4 oz plain Greek yogurt, sweetener, cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and the juices from the peaches after it was microwaved (for 1 min).

In irrelevant news, as I was photographing my breakfast, I noticed these on-goings:

This is a BIG deal, folks, because Bruno and Zacky are usually harassing each other, but here they are NAPPING together! And they are *this* close to spooning. Finally, my two furbabies are getting along! Squeeee!

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Starting right after breakfast, I was heinously busy packing, cleaning and re-arranging. All that moving around made me HUNGRY!

Today’s lunch was awesomely fast yet tasty because of all the salads I prepped on Friday. I drizzled some balsamic vinegar on the salad, then topped it with a chicken thigh last night from the rotisserie chicken I bought last Thursday. (I froze them last week and defrost them in the fridge the night before the day I plan on eating the chicken).

emoticon Dinner emoticon

Have you staged a house before? It’s time-consuming and a bit harrowing if it’s your own house, but actually a lot of fun. One of my favorite things I did with my house was dress up my patio as if I was expecting company for dinner and some wine. In another part of my patio, I set up two chairs and small table, then added a tray containing two cups and saucer and a newspaper. While it looked pretty amazing, I immediately felt regretful that we never used our lovey patio more than a few times in the six year we’ve lived in this house. Hmm, we may have to plan a dinner outside this week sometime!

Dinner tonight: carnitas, cauliflower Spanish “rice,” and steamed green beans. Easy, quick and delicious!

For the Spanish rice, I just mixed the cauliflower with some chunky salsa. I purposely omitted the garlic and onion powders, and I think I like it better this way.

Thankfully, I used only one of the two pouches of carnitas that it came with (Costco), so you won’t be seeing me repeat carnitas meals for days on end as I did in the past.

Post supper, my customary frozen grapes. emoticon

Well, that was my day! I hope you had a day that as wonderful and a whoooole lot less stressful as mine. I’ll be catching up on some blogs tonight then hitting the hay. I have a feeling i’ll be able to sleep tonight!

See ya tomorrow!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MEL635 8/28/2013 12:51PM

    I love reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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CHERWHOAH 8/28/2013 12:12AM

    Good luck on selling the house! My coworker told me that he was looking at a house once and the family stayed there as he was looking! He said their son was playing on a computer and picking his nose! Yuck!

How long is the cauliflower rice good for after you shred it? I'm totally hooked on it now! You were right, sautéing it is much better than nuking it. I just use garlic powder, pepper and a little sea salt.

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LADYTARLTON 8/27/2013 12:12PM

    I've never sold a house before, but I can imagine how stressful it must be. If I had to move an excited puppy and 2 adult kitties I would move the dog in first ... let him explore a bit and get used to his new environment then have the kitties come in a day or two later. If that's possible. They'll be a little more calm and stealthy about their explorations. If the pups too excited it might cause them stress.

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NEECOLE09 8/27/2013 9:51AM

    Moving is definitely stressful! Take care of yourself! Good luck in finding a new place and I hope everything is smooth-sailing from here on out. :)

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    Best of luck

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EDLEAR 8/27/2013 4:11AM

    I hope you can start sleeping better now that you've gotten to this point in the selling process emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
ZRIE014 8/27/2013 12:40AM

  wish you the best

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Friday Food Prep + Weekend Indulgence + Packing!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Sunday! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

Here's what I've been up to:

emoticon Friday Morning Mentions emoticon

Since I had a huge day ahead of me, I woke up bright and early:

Nothing like a hot cup of Butterscotch Toffee coffee to start a busy day. Spot the dog and cat!

It was a good thing we have a little bit of a run scheduled for today, because Bruno woke up full of energy - the cats' dismay... Ha.

emoticon Friday Morning Fitness emoticon

On today's fitness agenda:

Few thing about today's run:

1) Maybe it was that today's temperatures were slightly warmer, but Bruno seemed more subdued. What I mean by subdued, by the way, is that he was actually running next to me versus me chasing him uphill. So this is what it's like to run *with* my dog!
2) My usual route this morning was populated by students that had just moved in to the local university. Of course when those young ladies with fabulous-looking six-packs, I had to run a little faster with my shoulders held up a little straighter. When they passed, it was such a relief to let my belleh hang out, shoulders sag a bit and stumble into the walk break. Ha!
3) Bruno may have mastered this run, but I think I need another week. Just when I think my heart just about recovered when the walking bit is over, my heart gets a jumpstart when I start the run again. I really should rename this workout to "A Defibrillator Run"!

Post-workout, Bruno had a good time taking down his ice cubes:

Haha, silly dog.

emoticon Friday Breakfast emoticon

Today's healthy breakfast tasted decadent:

Vans waffle topped with sweetened Greek Yogurt and topped with baked peaches. WOW!

It easy to put together: toast the waffle, stir plain Greek yogurt with sweetener of your choice + cinnamon + vanilla extract, slice peaces and cook in the microwave for one minute. Smear the yogurt on the waffle and then top with the cooked peaches.

emoticon Friday Fitness II emoticon

Two reasons why I worked out again:

1) I skipped out on ST on Wednesday because I was so tired and sore, and
2) Because I had a cheat meal in my plans, it seemed like a great idea. emoticon

On today's ST agenda: Nike app, Sweat + Shape

Done-zo! I can't believe how quickly I'm adapting to the program. I am definitely taking down those burpees and push ups!

Halfway through, Bruno decided to take a nap on the far end of my yoga mat:

It was so cute that he decided to visit me that I couldn't turn him away. I found ways to workaround him. That's what you do when your dog has you wrapped around his paw, ha!

emoticon Friday Food Prep - Part II emoticon

Since I ran out of time on Thursday, I had to finish prepping the rest of my haul today.

First thing to prep: boxed salads!

I did things a little differently this time. First, I reversed the order of my salad: raisins on the very bottom, followed by tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, and then leafy greens (spinach for me) on top. I think this may help the leafy greens from getting too wilted too soon. To ensure this process, I topped it off with a paper towel before closing the lid to help take in the moisture. I'll let you know how this goes!

Since I've been eating a lot frozen grapes lately, I had to replenish my supply and prepped those too:

Two 4-lb packages of grapes from Costco became 19 separate containers of grapes ready to be frozen for consumption later.

End result: check out my fridge now stocked to its brim with healthy noms!

emoticon Friday Lunch emoticon

After the workout and food prep, I was ready to EAT.

One of my boxed salads I put together today drizzled with balsamic vinegar, then topped with rotisserie chicken and a small serving of grapes. Healthy and delish.

emoticon Friday Dinner emoticon

Ohh this is where the cheat meals came in.

With some family in from out of town going to the Dodger game with us, of course we had to take the to an LA tradition: Phillipe's Original.

I had an entire Beef French dipped sandwich:

(Recycled photo)

I also had a side of pickled beets - fantastic!

Later at the game, my fiance and I shared an order of nachos (I didn't eat it all myself - yes!!!) and ate half a bag of peanuts:

The hilarious part is that the game was over so fast - a quick 2 hours - that I had time to only eat half the bag. I can't believe how well it worked out, ha!

All in all, it wasn't too bad of an indulgent night. It felt great to let loose yet I didn't get so out of control that I felt sick afterwards. I think I am improving in this department. emoticon

emoticon Saturday Fitness emoticon

Apparently Bruno didn't get the memo about us not doing a hike today, because he woke up really hyper!

Which of course means there was no way I could skip out on a workout without the dog running bat crazy around the house. So...

On the fitness agenda today: 40 minute walk

First of all, I don't know how people can roll out of bed and workout right when they get up, because walking with Bruno this a.m. WITHOUT caffeine was like walking the continent underwater. Ugh. I think if next weekend I need to walk Bruno, I will make a small cup of joe before I go. 43 minutes felt like 10,000 years.

On the bright side, Bruno met and played with another dog today named Coleslaw! She was an adorable Jack white Russel-Beagle mix. So many people in my neighborhood are afraid of letting their dogs intermingle with others in the neighborhood, it was refreshing to meet finally meet someone who lets their dog socialize. Bruno may look kinda mean, but when you meet him, you will quickly discover that he's friendly and a terrific flirt!

emoticon Saturday Breakfast emoticon

When we got home from our walk, there was a steaming cup of flavored drip from our favorite coffee shop waiting for me:

It's a recycled photo because I forgot to take a pic. Oops.

After chugging my go-juice, my fiance and I left the dog at home and went to our favorite local diner, Pepy's Galley.

Egg white omelette with spinach, bell peppers, and mushrooms with a side of sliced tomatoes. I ended up taking my wheat toast home (Bruno LOVES toast!) and munched on the crusts of my fiance's buttered toast.

emoticon Saturday Dinner emoticon

No, I didn't forget lunch. I didn't eat it because I was entirely too stressed out and worried to eat! Sometimes when I become overwhelmed with anxiety, my appetite is severely repressed. But I knew I had to eat, so I made sure I ate dinner at the very least.

My fiance and I've been craving shabu shabu soooo badly lately, so we jetted for a local place in the late afternoon:

In case you've never heard of shabu shabu before, it's a Japanese style of eating where you are served raw vegetables and very thin slices of meat, and you cook it yourself in boiling water or broth. After the food is cooked, you pick it out with your chopsticks and dip it in one of the two available dips: Ponzu sauce or peanut sauce. Not only is it super healthy because it's cooked in water, but incredibly filling because cooking it yourself forces you to eat it slower. And at some restaurants such as this one, you can actually drink the soup afterwards - especially delicious!

We shared: two large orders of thinly sliced ribeye, and one large order of thinly sliced pork. I also had mine and my fiance's servings of vegetables, about 1/2 cup of brown rice, pickled cucumbers and one egg. Mmm, totally hit the spot,

Post shabu, our evening was busy with what felt like hours upon hours of errands. When we finally got home, I plopped on the couch with a serving of grapes to end the night.

Or so I thought ...

Because I was totally wired from worries and couldn't sleep. I started working on my blog, but I had to shut it down when the Mister kindly mentioned that the tap-tap-tap of my keyboard was keeping him up. Whooops!

With that, I went to bed. What a day!

emoticon Sunday Morning Mentions emoticon

I started my morning with some kind of flavored drip from our local coffee shop:

Spot the cats AND dog! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Er ... We were supposed to hike at Runyon Canyon this morning with the dog, but 1) I was exhausted! and 2) my ankles were complaining.

After hemming and hawing, we decided to skip the workout. Besides, we had too much to do today!

Poor Bruno. He is so fit now that he wakes up hyper no matter what kind of workout he had the day before, so me skipping out on a workout with him meant he couldn't help but be a pest all day. I hate depriving him of a hike, but at least he is never really alone and besides, he can humiliate me during our run tomorrow! Ha.

emoticon Sunday Breakfast emoticon

We decided to stay close for breakfast today, so we dropped in at another favorite local joint: S&W Diner.

Egg white scramble with zucchini, bell pepper, and mushrooms with a side of sliced tomatoes. Again, I took my wheat toast home for my doggy and munched on the crusts of my fiance's buttered white toast. I know I get this breakfast like EVERY weekend, but I swear some places make it taste different than others. Like this place for example! Their egg whites taste different from other places... and I have no idea why?

emoticon Sunday Packing emoticon

I've never mentioned this before, but here it is: we are selling our house. This is the very reason why I can't sleep at night, I get pretty darn irritable and sometimes can't eat. It's such a stressful experience!

On the bright side, even though I skipped a workout today, I was super duper active today doing this:

Packing! And moving. And cleaning... From around 11 am until 6 pm. Talk about strength training!

So now I sit in my empty-ish living room, a little misty about how much less personality the room now holds, but should help us be more successful in selling when our realtor comes over tomorrow to take pictures.

P.S. Bruno "helped." If you have a dog, then you now what I mean, ha!

emoticon Sunday Lunch/Dinner emoticon

When 3 o'clock it, I was starving! We headed out to a local restaurant for a sammich: Roll n Rye.

I started with a small green salad with some rye croutons and balsamic vinegar, the followed it up with a cheese-less turkey pastrami Reuben (minus Russian dressing) - YUM! I was soooo hungry that I ate the entire sandwich plus mine and my fiance's coleslaw. I probably would have gone for dessert, but I reminded me only 10,000 time exactly what would happen if I indulged in some sugary dish. Win!

A few hours later, I followed it up with TWO servings of frozen grapes. Divine.

So that is my weekend! I am soooo tired from my day and bed is calling me. I hope you had a great weekend! See ya tomorrow.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TALULAX- 8/26/2013 4:07PM

    emoticon emoticon Such a busy girl you are! I absolutely love pre-boxing healthy noms! It makes life so much easier to grab and go and I find I always eat well when I do it! emoticon

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HAPPYJUNEBUG 8/26/2013 12:07PM

    I agree. I enjoyed the stories as well! :D

Love that dog! :D

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MAGGIE101857 8/26/2013 8:28AM

    What a crazy, busy weekend. Loved that you posted your meal planning; this is exactly what I need. You are doing a great job!!! emoticon The pets are adorable!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Moving is a pain, and showing your home is hard work!!! Stay positive - you are doing great!!!!!!

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    OMG! You had an action packed weekend. Thanks for showing us a little bit of your world.

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Cheat Meal Strategies + Food Prep Part I

Friday, August 23, 2013

Whew, I am so grateful that Friday is practically here. I am sooo done with this week.

Today was a particularly difficult day for me:

1) First, I woke up to my fiance asking about the coffee machine because apparently I forgot to put water in it last night for this morning's program. Whoops!

2) Almost immediately after, the sprinklers for our front lawn came on mysteriously as he was leaving, which turned out to be because of that nutty screw we need to replace in the sprinkler system. I spent a few minutes cursing at my failed attempts to turn the screw with a flathead screwdriver in the dark, since the sun hasn't come up yet. These problems are AWESOME at dawn!

3) My laptop decided that it wanted to go to computer heaven. AHHH! I just love computer problems. I spent the rest of the day fretting about spending who-knows-how-much on a new computer and trying in vain to save it all while trying to figure out how to complete work in between.

4) Because I was so darn busy, I didn't make it Costco until the afternoon. LATE afternoon. As in when all the samples are out and the casual shoppers are moseying about (versus right when Costco opens, which are when the pros shop; they are no nonsense and all business - love them!). I was so stressed out that I broke down and took down two or three samples and was *this* close to swiping a sample of some chocolate or other. Bleh.

Despite all the challenges I faced today, I admit that the day did end well. Looking back, I was pretty darn productive today! I got a ton of work done, prepped a bunch of food, and ... RESUSCITATED MY COMPUTER. Hallelujah, says my wallet! Whew.


emoticon Cheat Meal Strategies emoticon

After last Saturday's 3000 calorie day (plus all the extra sugar I consumed in the days after), it's become evident that I need a strategy when eating my cheat meals. Whatever the plan may be, it has to be sustainable over my lifetime, because I don't plan on pigging out on a daily basis when I achieve my goal weight - after all, isn't the weight loss process practice for the maintenance phase? emoticon

1) Drink an entire glass of water first. Actually, I should be doing this before each meal, anyway.

2) Eat a salad FIRST. Fill up some of that tummy space BEFORE I eat the cheat meal.

3) If it's particularly high-caloric, split the serving in half. I will help this along by bringing a tupperware with me (hidden in my GINORMOUS purse!) so I can do this immediately. I may eat the other half later in the day or night, but the important thing for me is that I don't eat it in one sitting.

4) CHEW! Namely, enjoy each luscious bite. Not only will chewing slowly take up more of the 20 minutes it takes to fill up, but I should really be savoring and appreciating each taste I take.

5) NO DESSERT, that is, unless it's fruit or something sugar-free. I don't mind eating dessert, it's the sugar that creates that crazy binging cycle.every.time. No, no, NO!

6) Try my best to fit in a workout that morning. They say it helps you make better nutrition decisions throughout the day, and for me, it works probably 85% of the time.

Do you have any suggestions on cheat meals? I'd love to hear them!

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

I managed to beat the sun this morning. Is it me or is the sun rising later now?

After I got the coffeemaker going, I enjoyed myself a mug:

Sot the dog! emoticon

Some furry action from this a.m.:

The dog looks huge next to the cats!

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On today's fitness agenda: active rest day - 40 minute walk

After a super stressful morning, I absolutely needed this walk. There's nothing like a (Well, a glass of wine always helps but ... walks with the dog are good too heh) of wine always helps but ... walks with the dog are good too heh)

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Today's breakfast was easy and fast thanks to last night's prep work:

Overnight oats with peaches. MMMM. Into the mix: 1/3 cup oatmeal, 4 oz plain unsweetened Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp sweetener, a drop of vanilla extract, cinnamon, 1/2 tbsp chia seeds, and microwaved peaches (with juice that oozed after cooking - yum!).

I've never been a lover of peaches, but my peach tree bore me fruit this year (hooray!!), lending myself an opportunity to make better friends with the fruit. I've found that they are especially yummy when microwaved for one minute; they come out tasting just like the peaches that come in cans and jars, but without added sugary and syrup. Look out for more peachy breakfasts coming up!

emoticon Lunch emoticon

I used the last of the taco meat on top of my salad today, along with a few shakes of hot sauce. Easy, fast,delicious, and filling.

emoticon Food Prep emoticon

After lunch, I went to Costco for another food haul and started prepping food when I got back. Since I started so late, I was only able to do half, with the rest to do tomorrow. Here's what I did today:

Rotisserie chicken is always sooo good, but at $4.99 per entire chicken at Costo? It tastes even more delicious! Haha.

I peeled the skin off the entire chicken and broke it into several pieces for easy grabs later. I have one breast in the fridge for tomorrow's lunch and the rest in the freezer for next week's meals.

Cauliflower rice, heya! Costco actually sold cauliflower by the bags today, so I had to snag two - so much easier than cutting the heads myself. By the way, if you use a food processor, I recommend that you use the shredding disc/blade. The texture of the shredding disc will actually make the "rice" texture resemble uncannily close to real rice. I think standard blades are better for making cauliflower mashed potatoes. I actually read this tip somewhere and tested it today, so thought I'd pass that tip on. emoticon

Trimmed green bean, perfect for a two minute steam in the microwave or a quick saute. (FYI, Bruno got some for dinner night and he approves!) emoticon

I still have some more food to prep, but I ran out of time today - more tomorrow. emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

I had the house to myself tonight, so I had the pleasure of a night off from cooking - yippee!

Dinner came from today's bounty: rotisserie chicken breast, steamed green beans and cauliflower "rice (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper).

I closed up the evening with a serving of frozen grapes. emoticon

emoticon Positive Wrap-Up emoticon

When I've had a difficult day, I like to end it by listing a few positive things before I got to bed. It's something I like to do sometimes so I can actually wrap up the day in a good note so that I can wake up tomorrow like it truly is a new day.

Since I listed four challenges I faced in the beginning of this post, I will match it by listing four positive things that happened today:

1) The cashier at Costco gave me all my discounts even though I forgot to show her my coupon book.

2) My dog was extremely good today and went bat-crazy only a handful of times.

3) Our dog's daycare/kennel told my fiance that Bruno was their favorite dog!

4) I fixed my laptop! I know I mentioned this already, but since our entire business relies on my laptop, it is such a relief that I won't be sidelined at all for the sake of buying a new computer then spending all that time installing my programs and such. WHEW.

By the way, I'll be attending a baseball game tomorrow night, so there's a slight chance that I won't post tomorrow. Wish me luck on making good food decisions - because I'm gonna need it!

I hope your day was better than mine. If not, then hold on - it's almost Friday. emoticon

See ya tomorrow!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHERWHOAH 8/25/2013 1:03AM

    wow that's so awesome that Costco sells cauliflower sucks that I don't work by a Costco anymore :( I get a lot at Sam's club because I can work there from work. Thanks for the tip about the shredding disc! I will try that next time. :)

Gah, it sounded like you had such a terrible morning. It was good that you reflected a bit about the good points of the day. :)

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JESSG711 8/23/2013 3:40PM

    I love how you end things on a positive note! I also need to make a Costco run (but am dreading it due to the crazy shoppers emoticon ) I hope mine has the cauliflower in bags too because I want to make the cauliflower pizza crust that was featured in yesterday's recipe of the day! Love your posts about your days! Keep up the great work! emoticon

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LADYTARLTON 8/23/2013 11:01AM

    You had a very productive day ... it's important to stay ahead of the chaos and be prepared as you are (I'm working on it). Hope you have a great weekend.

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EDLEAR 8/23/2013 7:55AM

    Gosh, and I thought that I was the only one who prefers shopping first thing in the morning, before all the "amateur" shoppers come out. emoticon
I love your prep work. I'm also intrigued by your listing of four positives to offset the four negatives. I'm going to try this myself, thanks!

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NANNABLACK 8/23/2013 7:13AM

    emoticon emoticon

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