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Wednesday Weigh-In and Progress Notes

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aaaaaand it's Hump Day! Which means...

It's Weigh-In Wednesday!

emoticon Weigh In emoticon

Starting Weight: 119.4

- 7/31 Weigh In: 117.9 (-1.5 lbs)
- 8/7 Weigh In: 115.7 (-2.2 lbs)
- 8/15 Weigh In: 114.5 (-1.2)

Today's Weigh In:

Er ... That would be the same EXACT weight as last week, down to the 10th of a pound. Jeez.

First things that came to mind:

1) DOMS. After all, my calves still feel shot from Monday's ST session.
2) Didn't I add salt to the taco meat last night? I only sometimes eat things with salt now (like once a week?) that just the smallest bit bloats me.

But oh man - WHO AM I KIDDING? Of course I didn't lose any weight this week. When your BMR is only around 1100, you aim to burn 1200 calories a week and then for a day you eat around 3000 calories (not an exaggeration), my weight makes absolute sense. I should just be happy that I didn't gain weight!


What I really need to do now is buckle down and stop sampling my fiance's food.all.the.time because it probably costs me anywhere from 100-200 calories a day. I also need a much better cheat strategy - although I think I would have been fine without that cheesecake because that lead to hurricane of sweets that I could not stop over multiple days. (Btw - I'm on Day 2 of being sugar free. And look: I start sweets again and the weight loss stops. Coincidence? I think not.) And lastly, I need to be more honest with myself!

I'm annoyed but I'm not going to hang on to it. The minute I publish this post, I will be turning a new page and focusing on NOW. It's all I can do, as dwelling in the past is completely useless, IMO.

What's Working:

- Creating new-to-me recipes from ingredients on-hand i.e. Veggie Frittata and Two Ingredient Pancakes
- Making time for SparkPeople - I feel so much less lonely in my endeavor
- Going to bed earlier - sleep is like a magical pill
- Waking up earlier - Some people can wake up and workout right away, but I am not one of those people. It helps me so much to be up for two hours working and doing chores before working out with the dog.
- Blogging! I love having an online "diary." I look back quite often and it helps me in the motivation department to actually see how far I've come.

I Need to Work on:

- NO MORE SUGAR, DARN IT! I need to accept that I just can't handle the stuff.
- My cheat meal strategies... Just in time for another baseball game this Friday :-o
- Drinking agua first thing in the morning (before coffee), as I keep waking up feeling very dehydrated.
- Keeping my emotional stress in check.
- Creating my 25th hour
- Figuring out an ST plan that I am actually excited about

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

I woke up super bright and early after going to bed at another decent hour. I am still exhausted - possibly from the emotional stress I'm currently carrying - but it's doable with the sleep I am finally getting.

I started my morning with a cup of Butterscotch Toffee coffee but ... I forgot to take a pic! Prime example of how tired I've been.

(Recycled photo)

Some pics of my furry entourage this a.m.:


emoticon Fitness emoticon

Despite his sleepyhead self, Bruno was excited to workout today:

That's my beast when he heard me grabbing my running shoes. Isn't it amazing how dogs can train themselves? emoticon

On the fitness agenda today:

Um, how about the fact that my dog kicked my boot-ay?!

After all the complaining I used to do about how I thought my dog hated running, I think he's starting to not just like it, but love it. Unfortunately for me, he in particular loves to run uphill. Ha, for me. I typically do not run until my Garmin finishes beeping to do so, but I noticed today that upon the first sound, Bruno is off and running. And if we happen be right before a hill? He doesn't run, he sprints up it. By the time we were done with this workout, I could barely breathe! Upon uploading my stats up into my computer, I found out why: we were running in the 8 minute mile range in the most hilly areas. HOLY DOG! No wonder I felt like I was about to die. *cries a little*

Moral of the story: be careful of what you wish for. I've always wanted a dog to run with, but now that I think I have one, it's more like me chasing him uphill. Talk about spontaneous speed work!

I WAS planning on ST today, but after a busy morning, my body was shot. My calves were still a bit sore in a non-good way and I think my run with Bruno took more out of me than I thought, so I'll postpone it to Friday for now. I think once I get more fit, I will be able to take on a more MW schedule.

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Today's breakfast was new-to-me: Breakfast Banana Split! I had one very ripe banana that I split in a medium bowl. In a small bowl, I sliced a peach into wedges and microwaved it for one minute. While the peaches were cooking, I mixed together in another small bowl 4 oz of plain Greek yogurt, 1 tsp sweetener, cinnamon and vanilla extract, and then topped the banana with it. When the peaches stopped cooking, I put the peaches on the Greek yogurt - along with the yummy peach juice! I garnished it with almonds and ate the delicious thing. It was so good, I didn't even mind that I forgot to add 1 tbsp of jelly. Yummy brekkie on a summer morning. emoticon

If I could afford the calories, I would top it off with granola instead of almonds for texture. Soon, perhaps.

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Post breakfast was super busy around here, so I didn't have time to get a lunch together exactly. It's a good thing for those boxed salads I have in the fridge!

For protein, I used leftover taco meat from last night's dinner and then added salsa. Wish I remembered the Cholula though... It was good regardless. emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

Chili dogs and fries were on the menu this evening, but none for me thanks!

Instead, I sliced two hot dogs length-wise, then pan fried them until the ends curled. When they were cooked, I diced them and added them into my salad. A splash of balsamic vinegar and my delicious dinner was ready to be inhaled. emoticon I have to say, the raisins in my salad made a nice contrast to the hot dogs.

I also snuck in many, many spoonfuls of the chili. It was good, but very, very salty. (Not made by me) How did I used to eat this stuff and not feel dehydrated after?

For dessert, I took down my usual serving of frozen grapes. emoticon

emoticon Furry Tuesday Night emoticon

After I posted my blog last night of yesterday's events, I caught a couple furry events:

That would be Bruno and Mya laying and hanging out together. Squeee! All I need is for them to spoon and my life will be complete.

The pictures are grainy because I took them while the living room was very dark. That would be my Mya snoozing next to her step-dad. These cats have the life. *sigh*

Well that concludes my day today. I am looking forward to an early night followed by the hardest honksoos I can muster. emoticon

I hope you had a great day, I'll see ya tomorrow!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

2ULADYD 8/26/2013 11:39PM

  i'm new and already you are my inspiration...

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CHERWHOAH 8/22/2013 11:21PM

    That must be hard if your fiancť doesn't eat the same way you do. I do eat slightly healthier than my husband. Staying the same weight is better than gaining :)

Your breakfast looked super good. I need to experiment as well.

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TAFODIL24 8/22/2013 9:45PM

    emoticon emoticon

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TRAINER_T 8/22/2013 11:36AM

    emoticon Your doing amazing and I love the pics!!!

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NEECOLE09 8/22/2013 12:34AM

    You are doing a wonderful job! An 8 minute mile pace uphill??? Dang, girl!

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LADYTARLTON 8/22/2013 12:08AM

    You're doing great. Don't be discouraged.

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LORHURT92 8/21/2013 11:49PM

    You are emoticon Keep it up! All in due time! :) Don't focus on how much you have left to go, but how far you have come. :)

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KDB_0503 8/21/2013 11:43PM

    you will rock it this week

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PAMLICO-DAZE 8/21/2013 11:15PM


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Repeat Tuesday

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Howdy and Happy Tuesday!

emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

I'm in so much of a better mood today because I actually got some good sleep last night. You know, the kind where you were so dead to the world that you slept through an entire night? That was me. emoticon

It was still hard to get up this morning, but once I got going it was all good. Sleep is a miracle drug!

Even though I was feeling great and awake, it did not keep me from keeping from my morning tradition:

Butterscotch Toffee flavored coffee. Dee-lee-cious. Spot the dog! emoticon

After completing some work and chores around the house, I found that Mr. Bruno went back to bed:

He was passed out cold. I haven't a clue why, but he was very groggy this morning. I wonder what he was up to all night? Hmm...

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On today's fitness agenda: casual 40 minute walk.

Oh boy was I looking forward to today's active rest. I was really sore from yesterday's ST! Admittedly it wasn't as bad as it was after completing's last week's ST, but I could feel my calves pulsating as I climbed up and down stairs. Hopefully with some rest today I'll be set to do some running tomorrow... And maybe some more ST. emoticon

During my post-workout stretches, my muscles felt stiff as boards. I've never been a naturally flexible person, but for a couple of months now, touching my toes is as easy as a slice of chocolate pie. Not today though! It took a few seconds of relaxing into the stretch before my fingertips could touch the floor. And the down dog? Oomph. Trying to sink my heels down felt like stretching a tight rubber band. It was a challenging stretching session, but boy did it feel good afterwards. emoticon

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Because I'm running out of time to use my lovely browning bananas, I repeated my breakfast from yesterday: Two Ingredient Pancakes, topped with sweetened Greek Yogurt and sliced bananas. Into the pancake mix: banana, 1/2 cup egg substitute, cinnamon, vanilla extract. Topping: 4 oz Greek yogurt, cinnamon, 1 tsp sweetener, vanilla extract. Yum!

(Since I'll finally be down to my last banana tomorrow, I'll be making something different for breakfast. Kind of a relief, really.)

emoticon Lunch emoticon

Another repeat meal: Veggie Egg White Frittata. Once again, dumped one of my salad boxes into a pan, cooked it a bit, added some seasonings, then added 1 cup of egg substitute. I topped it off with 1/2 cup of salsa and shook a ton of Cholula on it. Sooooo filling and a major protein win!

emoticon Dinner emoticon

I actually made tacos for dinner tonight, but with me being in the weight loss stage and such, I just dumped a bunch of the taco meat on a salad and - viola! A delicious taco salad. Topped with salsa and Cholula? Perfection.

(If I could afford more calories, I would have cracked a taco shell and sprinkled it over my salad for extra texture. Soon!)

As usual, I followed my dinner up with frozen grapes. My desires for cheesecake, cheap chocolate, and sweet sugary pastries are still going strong, but 24 hours in, I'm staying strong. If I could just last six more days, I will be home free on these sugar cravings. But for now, one day at a time, right? emoticon

Well, tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday and I'm hoping the scale will show a favorable number. After my cheat day on Saturday plus the crazy sweets cycle I went on, we shall see. If I remain the same weight, I will count that as a win. emoticon

Have a great night, see ya tomorrow!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHERWHOAH 8/22/2013 11:25PM

    u know I got some of those tortilla salad toppers and it was only 30 cals per serving. It was very satisfying :)

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DAWNO64 8/21/2013 12:46PM

    Oh, boy, Annie!! I want to come live at your place. You make the best healthy meals.

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2BLEAN_N_FIT_AZ 8/21/2013 1:26AM

Can you come and fix me those meals...they look so good! I fall into a rut and rely on the same old foods...I know I shouldn't but it is easy.
You are doing great...even with the binge you got back to where you need to be! I hope you see good a nice low number!
Keep going...each day you get stronger...physically and mentally!
emoticon emoticon

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Monday Moves

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm trying to be peppy for Monday, but it's hard when you're exhausted.

Good news though? I'm a couch potato at the moment, recouping energy.

A few more days of this, plus less stress and decent bedtime hours and I should be good in no time.

Here's hoping!


emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon

How did I ever in my 20s go to bed after midnight and yet still wake up at 6 am for work?! At 33, I am finding that going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 6 am is pure torture. Ideally, I need to be making honkshoos at 9:30 pm to wake up at that witching hour. Aren't we supposed to be sleeping less as we age? At this rate, I will be the only 75 year old who needs 8-9 hours of sleep a night! : emoticon

I wasn't alone in this, however. Guess who stayed in bed as I unhappily unwrapped myself out of my warm and comfy cocoon?

Yep. THAT sleepyhead. He always makes me look really good in the lazy wake-up department.

With a slow, stumbling start like I had this a.m., I needed this badly:

The last of my delicious Vanilla Biscotti flavored coffee. Spot the cat! emoticon

I slowly moseyed about the house, starting on my work and an hour later, this guy was still in bed:

The only way I could convince that dog to get out of bed was to start his breakfast. Ha, he's motivated like his mama, isn't he! emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

Rounding the dog up for our workout took some effort this morning, but we managed to get it together:

On today's fitness agenda:

I have to say, for a sleepy dog, he did well! (Er ... even better than me at times emoticon) I even think we made it home faster than the other times we've done this program:

Post workout stretch was AMAZING. I am not a naturally flexible person at all - it was a major feat for me to even touch my toes! Stretching for flexibility now is not only something I enjoy as a challenge to what I never could do, but it's also become a wonderful ten minutes of meditation. I always finish feeling wildly refreshed and ready to tackle my day.

Oh! And before I forget, I was so excited to actually capture this today:

Cat napping parties happen every morning, but today they actually allowed the dog to join them. Miracle!

It's too bad though that this lasted for a total of 3.4 minutes. After this, Bruno went TEARING through the house like a mad dog.

Good news? Bruno is now so much more fit that these workouts no longer tire him out.

Bad news? Bruno is now so much more fit that these workouts no longer tire him out.


emoticon Breakfast emoticon

I had about five spotting bananas that I had to get rid of ASAP so I made Two Ingredients Pancake again. You know, I wasn't entirely sure about this recipe when I first tried it, but I think it's growing on me! Into the mix: 1 small banana + 2 egg whites + 1/4 cup egg substitute + vanilla extract + cinnamon. Topping: 4 oz Greek Yogurt, 1 tsp sweetener, cinnamon, sliced bananas. YUM.

emoticon Fitness II emoticon

After completing some more work, it was time to do some ST!

Last week, the Sweat + Shape program on my Nike Training app kicked my butt so much that I was already dying during the warm-up and ended up completing only 20 of the 30 minutes.

The thing is, I hate failing. Specifically, I hate failing things that I once succeeded, so of course I had to try this again.

And guess what? I finished it this time!

It was a super sweaty workout and I was plenty tired afterwards, but feeling very accomplished. Wooohoooo! Muscles here we come. emoticon

emoticon Lunch emoticon

While I was completing my round of ST, Bruno was still running around, harassing cats and grabbing things. It wasn't until lunchtime that he finally settled down for a nap! That dog is the like the Energizer bunny these days. emoticon

I made something different today for lunch. It started with the fact that I didn't have much protein in my fridge for my salads, so I had to think quick about what to put together and came up with this:

Veggie Egg White Frittata

Basically I took the following:

* Pam cooking spray
* boxed salad
* Onion powder
* Garlic powder
* Salt and Pepper
* 2 tbsp Salad olives with pimentos
* 1 cup egg substitute
* 1/2 cup salsa

And did this:

1. Spray a pan with Pam, then heat on medium flame.
2. Toss the contents of a boxed salad
3. Add: onion powder, garlic powder, salt and peppers. When the vegetables are cooked a bit, add two tbsp of salad olives with minced pimentos. Pour one cup of egg substitute, cover until cooked through.
4. Use a pancake spatula to separate the frittata from the pan and place on a plate. Serve with salsa.

It looked good, but ... it needed some work:

Salsa!!! But... I still needed a little somethin' somethin'...

YES!!! Everything tastes better with Cholula. emoticon

It was a fantastic change from my usual lunch salad, and at 282 calories, it packs a huge protein punch at 30 grams. Woo!

If you're interested in trying this but can afford more calories, I would recommend adding 1/4 cup of shredded swiss (100 calories) right before you serve it or even adding a few cubes of ham. I think a nice slice of bread with a small bit of jam would be perfect as well. Ah, here I am wishing I wasn't so short so that I could eat more! emoticon

emoticon Dinner emoticon

After a busy day, I was too bushed to make dinner, so we ordered in:

Grilled chicken over salad. Actually, what I really ordered was something like honey grilled chicken or something, but the meat was plain jane to my disappointment. After a few drizzles of balsamic vinegar, it was tasting okay.

But, um, remember that cheesecake I had on Saturday night? That sugar has been messing with my head! I broke down after dinner and snuck in half a slice of full sugar banana bread and a Snickers mini. I was about to continue my tear, but somehow I was able to shut it down before it got bad. Anyway, all I need is just one sugar-free week to reset my sugar addiction again. I can do it, I will do it!

And with that, I started my sugar-free "here on out" with a serving of frozen grapes.

And while I was munching on grapes, this was happening:

That would be Bruno silently begging for a bite of my fiance's cheesecake. And when it became clear that he wasn't getting any, he came over to me:

Um, no grapes for you, dude!

I hope you had a great start to the week. See ya tomorrow!

P.S. I was just looking at my pictures and wow are they are crummy and blurry. I think I need a new camera. emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

OAKASHANDTHORN 8/21/2013 12:09AM

    No cheese cake for Bruno ????? !!!!!! That guy is so mean!!!

Love your photos! Love your blogs!

Keep 'em comin'!

ps. I think you photos are great! not blurry in the least.

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ELISA322 8/20/2013 12:30PM

    I was dragging yesterday too. You're using the Nike app too, I really need to look into this!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LADYTARLTON 8/20/2013 11:50AM

    Veggie Egg White Frittata looks so good ... I'll have to try that. Looks like you had a great day.

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CTUPTON 8/20/2013 1:26AM

    What a great, enthusiastic blog! chris emoticon

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Saturday Cheats and Sunday Snippets

Sunday, August 18, 2013


I hope you had a great weekend thus far. Mineís been super busy and fun, but boy am I *exhausted*. Actually, I canít remember when the last time I didnít feel so tired. I think I need a vacation.

emoticon Saturday Morning emoticon

This was the day I was hosting the most people at my house ever for dinner: myself, my fiance, my sister, her husband, and her three kids. I was particularly excited because I hadnít seen them in five years and they decided that this was the year the entire family would visit LA from my hometown Boston!

All week Iíve prepped for the night: deep housecleaning, furniture re-arranging, decluttering, meal planning, shopping and food prepping. My Type-A personality,perfectionist tendencies and people lover personality at reared its head in full-force, (No wonder Iím exhausted, right?)

Prior to Saturday, it was my intention to work out the dog in the early morning, but after examining my to-do list, I just couldnít fit it in. And with Bruno, I can usually get away with not exercising him one day after a hard workout but Ö

Bruno had other plans. emoticon

This dog knew something was up as soon as he woke up! He started running crazy throughout the house and pestering the cats:

Uh-oh! On Friday night, I bought an impromptu bag of frozen bones. I had a feeling I was going to need it today!

While Bruno conducted his shenanigans, I fueled my tired body and mind with some coffee from our favorite local coffee shop (which my awesome fiance fetched as I fed the dog and such Ė love him!):

emoticon Saturday Breakfast emoticon

We popped into our new favorite local diner for breakfast:

Egg white scramble with spinach, bell peppers and mushrooms with tomato slices on the side. Plus my fianceís buttered crusts from his toast. Yum!

emoticon Saturday Lunch/Dinner/Dessert emoticon

So here is the deal: the menu I planned did not contain even one ounce of any ingredient that was sugar-free or fat-reduced. What was important to me was the taste of the meal and I was not going to compromise on it for guests I hadnít seen in five years!

I started the afternoon munching on a whole lotta tortilla chips dipped in either salsa con queso, bean dip, or salsa.

Then for dinner, I started with a salad, but then I had a large plate full of enchiladas that I topped off with a healthy spoonful of full-fat sour cream, Spanish rice, and refried beans. It was super fattening and high caloric, but OhhhhEmmmGeeee Ė it was delicious. And satisfying, as I felt no need to go back for seconds!

It was dessert where things went wrong though.

You know how I think Iím addicted to sugar? I know this, itís just hard to take to heart when my belief is to eat ďeverything in moderation.Ē But I Ö inadvertantly? decided to test myself by indulging in the full-fat full-sugar cheesecake I baked.

And so I ate it. A BIG slice (not kidding here) generously topped with cherries in glaze and cool whip. The sugar-y graham crust was unbelievable. The cheesecake itself creamy yet fluffy in texture. I think I died of sweet happiness in that moment.

But then the addiction kicked in: the cheesecake created a cycle that I could not jump out of. I tore into these mini-Snickers we had in a drawer, then took out a spoon out of a drawer to attack the rest of the cherries and whipped cream. I was just about to attack some other sweets I had in the house, if it were not for the fact that my stomach started hurting from too much food!

What I learned:

1) I am not addicted to high caloric foods; I can eat it and be done.
2) I am absolutely addicted to sugar; once I eat it, I cannot be done.

Post-meal, I did not feel one ounce of guilt. The last time I indulged was a few Fridays ago, and so I was overdue anyway! What I did feel about an hour after eating though, was nauseous, I think, from the rich food my body was not used to. After all, Iíve been eating so cleanly that Iím sure my body was choking all the crap that I suddenly started shoving into it!

It was a good night, but it put things into perspective how far Iíve come. I fell asleep in that night with full intentions on getting back on the healthy wagon Ė not because of any weight reason, but because itís what makes my body run at its prime and how I feel best. Itís a great place to be.

emoticon Sunday Morning emoticon

I woke up feeling really bloated from last nightís dinner! And terribly dehydrated from not drinking enough (too much fun socializing!). In addition, the redness in my face flared up a little, I think, from the sugar.

It was also incredibly hard to wake up. When I finally did, it was like Iíd slept for 10,000 hours and I wanted to sleep just one more, but Bruno was not about to be gypped on a workout again!

I finally got up and started my morning with the wonderful coffee my fiance fetched for me.

Spot the cat! emoticon

Despite the coffee, I was still not feeling the workout. Along with my mind, my body was soooo tired.

That would be my ďfake excitement for a hikeĒ face. emoticon

emoticon Fitness emoticon

On todayís agenda: hike at Runyon Canyon with the dog!

Some pics of our day:

In the following pic, I was trying to get a pic of the Hollywood sign behind me, but my camera didn't take emoticon :

I think Bruno had a good time. What do you think? emoticon emoticon

And as always, it may have been so hard for me to get going on the workout, but Iím so glad I went. After all:

emoticon Breakfast emoticon

Post-workout, we were starving! We decided to hit up another one of our favorite breakfast places: Du-Pars.

Me waiting for my fiance to grab our take out.

Veggie egg-omelette with sliced tomatoes on the side plus my fianceís generously buttered crusts off his white toast. I also had a cup of decaf over ice, because this sunny day called for it! :D

emoticon Lunch/Dinner emoticon

After breakfast and a shower, I was wiped! I plopped on the couch, passed out for an hour, then woke up feeling like a hundred bucks and ready for my next meal:

I had the strangest craving for a cheap, diner-style New York steak! I paired the steak up with some steamed carrots, green beans and a dinner roll. Yuuuuummyyyy.

I followed the meal up with frozen grapes, a seemingly important tradition around here to solidify my detachment from sugar.

Well, Iím off to catch up on some blogs before itís light out for me. See ya tomorrow!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ELISA322 8/20/2013 12:28PM

    My sugar addiction is very bad. Once I start, I can't stop. Last week I had dessert at a wedding reception and it wasn't enough, I actually stopped at Mcd's to get a vanilla cone. How sad is that!

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PROT358 8/19/2013 9:21PM

    I know what you mean about the desserts. One bad choice (or sometimes in my case, often a salty choice) can prompt a whole domino effect of other bad choices and cravings. This moderation business is tricky!! ;)

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NEECOLE09 8/19/2013 10:06AM

    I almost feel like we went through an "overly-indulgent" weekend together after reading your post... I fell off the wagon a little bit too. But we are back on it now, right? :)

Lovin' all your pictures! That's what a good blog looks like. :) I really look forward to reading your posts!

Have a great day!


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FIFIFRIZZLE 8/19/2013 3:43AM

    I feel like I have had a fabulous meal, cheesecake is maybe better vicariously!

You are working so hard, you are bound to succeed.


Report Inappropriate Comment
OAKASHANDTHORN 8/19/2013 12:51AM

    LOVED you blog! And your photos.

And I think I am falling in love . . . . with Bruno! He is such a handsome fellow!

Your walk in the canyon looks astoundingly healthy, scenic and beautiful.

Keep blogging. I am subscribed!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHERWHOAH 8/19/2013 12:41AM

    Oh man! you really are addicted to sugar! The way you sounded about that first bite of cheesecake was like my first cup of coffee in errr ummm 4 years? It was like a hug inside my body. I'm trying to cut down to one cup a day now :P.

You totally inspire me to eat better and plan ahead. I bought a bunch of Tupperware because of you :P Thanks for being so inspirational! emoticon

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TGIF, yes!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

TGIF, friends!

emoticon emoticon Morning Mentions emoticon emoticon

I woke up before 5 am today ready to roll. Holy mama did I gain some extra time! I wish I could voluntarily wake up this early every morning; I was done with the bulk of my work by 7:45 a.m. Awesome.

And of course, it was helped very much by this:

Spot the cat! emoticon

emoticon emoticon Fitness emoticon emoticon

On today's fitness agenda: modified version of Couch to 5k Week 3

Once again, we finished the program so quick that we were still about a mile away from home. I'm not sure how we can run a minute or two more than last week but have the program cover less ground? On the way home, I decided to use a different route and Bruno was ecstatic. He sniffed up a storm!

Anyway, it was a good workout followed by some reeeeally good stretches. Speaking of stretches, upon a small push, my left heel can actually touch the floor during down dog! Right heel? Not so much. I'm hoping to get the both down by the end of this year. I wonder if I can do it?

emoticon emoticon Breakfast emoticon emoticon

This morning, I tried the Two Ingredient Pancake again, this time topped with sweetened Greek yogurt and sliced bananas. As much as I love peanut butter, it was definitely better with Greek yogurt! (And maybe whipped cream? Mmmm.)

emoticon emoticon Lunch emoticon emoticon

Shredded chicken thigh over salad and topped with salsa ... again. And for the last time for awhile, as this was the last of it.

emoticon emoticon Dinner emoticon emoticon

After a full day of cleaning and prepping food for company tomorrow, the last thing I wanted to do was cook dinner. I was craving some sort of fish and luckily there was a restaurant around the corner that offered it and was willing to deliver:

Cajun grilled salmon and a side salad. It came with garlic bread (which I handed off to my man) and I supplied the steamed green beans and cauliflower rice (spiced with onion powder, paprika and soy sauce). Not only did I satisfy my craving for fish, but I got to finish out my prepped veggies too. Win!

Just as an fyi, I probably won't be posting tomorrow because I will be too darn busy cleaning, cooking, socializing, laughing, giggling, hugging, eating, and then cleaning some more before I collapse into bed.

I hope you had a GREAT Friday (Because how can Friday's be not great? Unless you work on Saturday. Then I can understand how Fridays are just 'meh') and I wish you an awesome Caturday.

See ya on Sunday!


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LUVS2BIKE101 8/18/2013 10:47PM

    Another great blog! You are an inspiration!

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ELISA322 8/18/2013 6:29AM

    That fish does look awesome. I hope you're having a great weekend.

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PROT358 8/17/2013 11:30PM

    That Cajun fish looks delicious! And I will have to try that breakfast.


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HAPPYJUNEBUG 8/17/2013 9:00PM

    Wow, awesome pix!!!
That garlic bread looks delicious. :D

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