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February 1st

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hard to believe it's February already.
My Goals for this month are to eat 2/3's of my calories from veggies and fruits and 1/3 from lean protein.
I think it's time to shake it up a bit and see how I can do. I'm sort of trying that Zone diet plan, and see how it goes.
I'm also going to do some new Strength Training, it's time to redo my days too. I'll be doing it Mon. Wed. and Friday's for this month. I'm also going to so 2 new DVD each week.
I just know if I shake it a bit I'll have better luck.

It's good to do new things, it does seem to help my body respond better to weight loss.
hoping to loose 5 pounds in February.

Have a healthy month

Kitt... emoticon

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INNERPUPPIE 2/2/2009 8:28PM

    You, my dear, are an inspiration to everyone who comes to see and to read your pages. I, for one, am keeping thoughts of you close to my heart in order to encourage me to keep going and to never, ever give up!

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KAT_56 2/2/2009 7:11AM

    WOW Kitt, I like what you are doing. I need to 'shake it up' me that is ! They say variety is the spice of life. I think our bodies like and need a change every now and then. Sounds like you have a very busy month ahead - You can do it and remember it is a short month!
Be Happy & Healthy - Hugs, Kat

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XSUNSHINEEE 2/1/2009 10:22PM

    Awesome! It's always good to shake things up a bit! What DVD's do you plan on doing?

I am also going to start doing more strength training. Have you tried doing any of SparkPeople's pilates workout videos? I've done the 12-minute pilates abs one and I love it! I do it twice, though, since it's so short.

Have a great evening, and happy February!

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MOV4WARD 2/1/2009 10:13PM

    sounds gr8!

i like to shake things up too! helps me mentally for sure :)

Have a gr8 week Kitt :)

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it's been a week

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The time sure did go by fast, it's been nearly a week since I added a blog.
Not to bad of a week. A few down moments.
Does anyone else feel afraid of the weight loss?
Do you feel pressure to do good because so many people are watching?
Does anyone feel that you let people done when you don't loose weight?
Does any one fear that getting to your goal is not going to be easy? or once you get there will you be able to maintain it.
Where can we co to get help for these and so many other fears.

I guess I had a few scary days? Not much has changed but feeling less scared....

Have a healthy week end>


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TRECECOOKS 2/3/2009 8:25PM

    You are such a blessing, Kitt, to be willing to put yourself out there so transparently. I guess the only place we can go is to the One Who holds our future. God bless you richly, Kitt.

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HIKERSAN 2/1/2009 7:50AM

    Dear Kitt,

You are so very open and honest. I love that about you.

. . . afraid of weight loss? I cannot say as I have felt that, I have other fears though.

. . . . pressure to do good . . . . yes, I do feel that, especially being a team leader. I have thought of stepping down several times. I don't feel like a leader. I just did the set up and organization of the team, I do not feel that I lead, especially at this point in time. BUT YOU . . . . YOU LEAD! You are so dedicated, you do stay in your calorie range, you do more than your share of exercise, you do make healthy choices, you do support others in their struggles, you do lead!

. . . . let people down . . . . I think the person we let down, is ourselves. Everyone else on this site, has the same struggles, and know what it is all about. Most are not in a position to be judgmental, and most don't judge. We cannot let other people down, as this is their personal journey. No one can do it for us!

. . . . . getting to your goal is not going to be easy . . . . . I am in full agreement there! I was at my goal once! That was about 28 years ago. I am not sure as to what point in time my weight became seriously unhealthy, but it has been for way too long. even if it were 15-20 years ago, I have lived almost 1/3 of my life being unhealthy.

. . . . . maintain . . . . . . I only take one step at a time (usually) . . . I need to GET there first!

. . . . . .where can we go to get help . . . . . . I think the resources right here are great, and the support of other people. One could also try 'googling' some of those fears and see what is out there.

I have a new book, Shrink Yourself. I have not seriously read it yet, but have skimmed through, and know that I need to read it. I have stopped buying any self help and diet books since I joined SparkPeople. This is such a complete program, and I know that SparkGuy has plans to keep building on the success, in all facets of our lives.

I love you Kitt, thank you for being my friend.


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KAT_56 1/31/2009 6:35PM

    Kitt you are such a beautiful person! and such inspiration to all. I do not have the answers for you as I am still struggling. I am so tired of saying I am starting again.......seams like that is all I do, start over and over and then I fall off and gain it all back. If I had lost a pound for every tear I have shed I would be a skinny person. But I do believe that someday it will click and I will be able to do this. It is what it is. You are where you need to be, here at SP helping all of us. Keep smiling and remember where you have been and where you are now !! Hugs to you, Kat

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MOV4WARD 1/31/2009 4:32PM

    :::nods::: to all of it :)

i especially struggled with some of those feelings when i was co-leading a couple of teams... and would have to remind myself that in this case we are all members sharing similar journeys and struggles.... we lead by going through the struggle.

it inspires me to see other people here walking the walk, despite their fears, despite setbacks, despite a bad day/week/month or 2, and daring to share that, because we are vulnerable in our weaknesses.

but i think that's the gr8 thing about the teams & SP... we have people who say... come walk with me & let's do it together! It's different from going to counseling groups where a leader prompts others to do things a specific way. that's not what we get here...

i find comfort in seeing you succeed and when you share your struggles, and hope that i can return the support and encouragement you always give me :)

the rest of it... i think it's important to pay attention to our emotions and fears. to examine them. ask if these are real? and what we can do to resolve the things we are scared about....

in the past, i went back to eating. somehow this time, i hope to deal with them!

well, one healthy way or another. i think as we work through them, they change from fear to maybe uncomfortable and as we keep going, we become more comfortable as we get used to our new you & healthy things we do :)

well, 'nuff4now. hang in Kitt! luv ya Girl! jules

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today is Sunday and I'm just relaxing and reading other peoples stories.
I need a fresh does of motivation today....Feeling a bit down .... maybe to much sodium from eating out 2 days in a row.
Today is all fresh and healthy foods.

Have a healthy day


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MOV4WARD 1/26/2009 1:45PM

    hope you're feeling brighter today! funny how our mood can slip now & then. hopefully, you'll be feeling the enthusiasm & smiles well back up from inside you! sooner than later! (hugs)

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MRSUSSRUSSELL 1/26/2009 12:33PM

    congrats on all youve accomplished....and for getting in first place on Maine Leader board, its nice to see a different name there for a change. How did you "power by" Kelly?

Comment edited on: 1/26/2009 12:33:59 PM

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Kellogg's bar

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The New fiber plus bars by Kellogg's are not to bad have lots of fiber in them, they are of course processed so that part is not great, but if you really need a treat they might help you not get in to the real junk stuff like chips and dips or candy bars...we all have a choice.

Have a Healthy week end.




Friday, January 23, 2009

I thought I would share this with SparkPeople.
3 years ago I could not go up and down steps with out problems. my knees hurt and I was out of breathe ....
Yesterday I had to go to the court house, I found a spot right in front, WOW I was so happy and there was a women standing there and I remarked how lucky I was...She chuckled and said not so lucky as you have all those steps to get to the door...well you all know how court house have those hundred steps or so....I said lets see what I can do and off I went, I sort of jogged up to the top open the door, stopped ...thought holy cow, no pain and and I'm still breathing normally....I had done it... I was feeling so good when I was done I ran down the steps with 2 young boys , who looked at me like maybe I was after them...I ran past them to my car....feeling pretty darn good about my self....
so see no matter what your age or your shape you can do something about takes one step at a time....
I never thought I would be where I am....look out world I'm


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THEGRACE2B 1/24/2009 9:51PM


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SUN_CLAY 1/24/2009 12:50AM

    wooohooo! It's such a great feeling isn't it?

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LOGDIVA 1/23/2009 7:56PM


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