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Maintenance Blahs

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have been in maintenance mode for quite awhile. It used to be so exciting to see the scale go down lower when I would finally lose some pounds or even a pound, but now I'm not focusing on that. I used to get so excited picking out new smaller clothes, but now I have a full closet with no room for extra stuff, so that's not anything to look forward to either.

Before JC Penney's changed their format of sales and coupons, I bought lots of jewelry (always marked down and used a coupon) so I have a lot of that, as well as lots of make-up (bought very cheap) and perfume at other stores.

I have more than enough purses, belts, shoes, had my hair done numerous times (highlighted), went ziplining and horseback riding in the mountains, etc.

So what do I do now? I've organized and reorganized my house (although that will never be done or complete, LOL), I've decluttered (again will never be 100% done), I've been cooking more, I've budgeted to the point we were able to pay off our mortgage 15 years earlier, couponed/stockpiled, etc.

There's no way that I am twiddling my thumbs as I have plenty to do as a busy stay at home mom who homeschools and co-runs a homeschool group, but I keep wondering what else can I do to reward myself or put that "excitement" back in my life?

I hope to travel more, which is something we hope to do when we finally purchase a bigger car (we only have one car and it's paid for). I would love to purchase a good deal on a pop-up camper one day after we purchase a bigger car (to be able to pull it) for cheap vacations.

I have challenges now as I am having to do without one major grocery store that I used to save TONS of money at, but I'm making do. We won't have as many great deals anymore, but I'm still finding deals out there with my diligent searches.

The price of everything is going up it seems and that makes it harder to find the great deals I once got. HT is having super doubles starting today and it kills me to not have a nearby store to get the awesome deals. The positive side is that maybe I can use up some of the excess stock of items I have as a result.

As I see prices go up and our income not, I tend to panic a little bit and feel that I need to be smart and purchase great deals while I can. I never know if my husband will lose his job (it's always a worry as his company is laying off people all the time) and I don't want food and toiletries to be something we have to pay for if that happens.

There is always that fine line of not buying too much of one item that expires before your family will use it, but I'm figuring that out as I go along. I need to keep several goals to work on in my mind because I get bored otherwise.


Finally Exercised!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I FINALLY got the time to do a little exercise today. My right leg has been bothering me and I can't help but think that part of it is my lack of exercise. I'm sure age is the 2nd reason, LOL!

I did a 65 minute walk on the Wii "Walk It Out" as it is far too hot to do anything outside. I really hope I can find the time to keep it up at least 3 days a week. I've been so good with my food all this time and honestly, that is what helped me to lose the almost 50 pounds that I did. Despite exercise not really playing a part in my weight loss journey, I know I need to do it anyway. It's good for my heart, my health, my bones, etc.

It is very important and I have so many things taking up my time: homeschooling two children including a special needs child, housework, co-running a homeschool group, shopping for bargains, clipping/sorting coupons, running errands, organizing the house, trying to sell unwanted items, etc.

I know we're all busy and we all can find plenty of excuses, but now that the summer is here, I need to make time for it.

I'm on a mission to clean out my freezer some and so will make something today out of it. I think the kids will like it and I will like eventually getting the space in there back to a manageable level.

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KISSFAN1 6/20/2012 10:03AM

    JLitt - I guess that's a good thing or I'd have been in a lot of trouble if I had depended upon exercise to help me lose weight, LOL. Despite that, I really need to do more than I do for my health and especially as I age.

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KISSFAN1 6/20/2012 9:58AM

    EOWYN2424 - No chance of that happening, I'm not a huge ice cream eater. My vice seems to be popcorn, definitely not a freezer food, LOL.

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EOWYN2424 6/20/2012 7:26AM

    Don't eat too much ice-cream now (when your freezer has space) Lol!

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JLITT62 6/20/2012 6:21AM

    I'm always so amazed at people who can lose weight with very little exercise!

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KISSFAN1 6/19/2012 6:18PM

    Thanks, happy summer to you as well!

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SUNSHINE99999 6/19/2012 4:21PM

  Good luck on your goal ideas. Happy summer to you and your family.

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Working Harder to Save Money on Groceries

Monday, June 18, 2012

The family loved the chicken (Chick Fil A copycat) I made yesterday as well as the honey potatoes. In fact, they are both almost gone!

I love trying new recipes, but it seems I don't have as much time to do that, but it was good to get in there again and do some from scratch cooking. We had some bananas going way too ripe so I made my tried and true banana bread which is also almost gone!

I really want to whittle down my freezer as it's so hard to put much in there (side by side on my fridge) and stock up. I have to avoid buying some great frozen deals at times when I see them, which is disappointing. Right now I have tons of ground turkey so need to do something with that. No one is interested in "hot" stuff like chili or spaghetti right now (and my daughter won't eat things with tomato or tomato sauce except for pizza) but will eat tacos so maybe that's what I will do.

Not exactly "from scratch" but you have to make things that your family will eat and you don't end up wasting money by throwing away the leftovers.

Caution: Here's another whine about Harris Teeter - I read online that they are having super doubles this week, wah, wah, wah (doing my best Lucy crying impersonation).

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have to look at this and approach it with a "I'm not going to give in to defeat" type of attitude and it makes me more determined to find other outlets for saving money. I'm already doing a little more cooking from scratch and I have a big stockpile so I'm not panicking about running out of stuff (thanks to many past shopping expeditions at Harris Teeter).

I'm searching the sales papers at other stores on Sunday (in the Sunday paper) to see what I can get for a good deal there and I suppose the good news is that I'm not going to be stockpiling as much as I used to (good and bad) but will be able to afford buying just for my family. I won't be able to stock up and help others like I used to anymore, but my family won't go into huge debt if I keep up the good attitude and work even harder than I was before.

I have found myself shopping at Wal-Mart a whole lot more since they will price match sales, but I usually don't do that if it is something that I have a 75 cents or less coupon for (since I can still have those doubled at Bi-Lo and Lowe's Foods).

My strategy for saving money is changing for sure and everything is in an uproar and not predictable anymore, but at least I don't have to drive to Harris Teeter every day for super doubles or triples so that's the half-way "positive" thing about not having a store close by now. I'm still deeply saddened and in major mourning about it, but there's nothing I can do. I can give up and just pay full price at other stores (never!!!) or I can pull myself up by the bootstraps and search far and wide at more stores than I used to have to.

It is going to take even more of my time and effort, but it will be done one way or the other. I may have to end up buying more newspapers on Sunday to help, which is something I didn't have to worry about in the past. I almost always bought 2 Sunday papers unless the coupons were fabulous, but it seems more will have to be purchased to help me save more money.

I print a lot more internet coupons than I used to as well, particularly those with 75 cents or less values. The $1 coupons used to be doubled quite often at Harris Teeter, but now I don't have that option so I have to focus more on the smaller values.

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SALGUOD2 6/18/2012 4:50PM

    You'll do fine

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NETSUE64 6/18/2012 12:34PM

    That's good news about the super double coupons this week. Thanks for the tip. I ended up not going shopping this past weekend, just picked up some eggs, so I can really load up.

While you're shopping don't forget Walgreen's. They have some really good sales and take coupons as well.

I'm sure I'm not as good at couponing as you, I only average about 50% off.

Good luck getting your deals!

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Happy Father's Day & Using Up What I Have

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there! Hope it's a great one for you!

Today is going to be nothing but clean-up, cooking, and organizing the house some. I have been on so many errands and events planning ventures this week that I feel a little behind.

I promised my daughter that I would make her (and the family) chicken that is supposed to taste like Chick Fil A chicken. I've never made this recipe before and found it on Pinterest, so we'll see how that goes. I'm also going to make honey potatoes. That's also another recipe I've never made, but it had rave reviews and I have potatoes that are going to go bad soon if I don't do something soon with them.

Part of it is also for my husband for Father's Day of course. I had to run to Wal-Mart to get chicken for the recipe today as my husband grilled what I bought the other day. I found out that I didn't get a great deal on my chicken thighs at Lowe's Foods (not my favorite store and I'm a little bitter they are taking over my beloved Harris Teeter, LOL).

If I would have bought the chicken breasts (which were the same price as thighs and legs) at Lowe's I would have received a great deal, but the family is not super fond of it and I didn't want to waste money on something they wouldn't eat enough of.

The chicken ended up being cheaper (regular price) at Wal-Mart (which is closer to my house) than the sale price at Lowe's (not so low if you ask me, pun intended).

I ran to Good Will and was looking at some cookbooks but an employee came up while I was looking and started dropping cookbooks (from the top shelf) on to the bottom shelf in disgust because they were apparently not where she wanted them to be. Not very professional if you ask me since I was standing there before she walked over and started doing that. I just gave her an incredulous look and walked out the store.

emoticon Seriously, how unprofessional can you be? This wasn't a young person either and apparently she was taking her frustration out on her job and dropping books near my feet and saying things like "Wrong shelf", "This doesn't belong here!". Crazy!!!!!

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KISSFAN1 6/18/2012 9:30AM

    The family liked the chicken a lot so I guess I'll be making it again in the future, LOL.

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SUGARSMOM2 6/17/2012 11:06AM

  Employees are sometimes a pain where the sun does not shine . Hey the receipe for the chicken from pin is very good . my family does not like breast they seem to be dry and nothing i do can help them . more flavor in the dark parts of the chicken . I know it has more fat but they like it better . my favorite part the wing .

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New Opportunities for Growth For My Kids & A Fun, Busy Friday

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My husband is on call this week so not sure what I will be able to get accomplished today, but I hope to run to a few stores and run some errands.

Our Friday was super busy and the kids had a lot of fun. They played (yeah, I have two teenagers who still like to do things that they younger ones do, LOL) in a public park that has a water spray area with the other home school group members and later a picnic. It was for a group meeting because we're trying to start a new co-op this upcoming year and wanted to see how much group interest we had.

We ran home after all that and the kids got a quick shower before heading off to our local library for the first teen summer reading program. They had fun at that as well and in the end I was exhausted and happy that they had fun with so many different people.

I asked my daughter to mention to our librarian about them volunteering there (our library is only open 3 days a week now and was in jeopardy of closing) and they were very receptive so I hope that will also keep them busy while allowing them to do something good for the community.

Thank goodness we had leftovers (my husband grilled the other day) so no need for cook dinner after all that running around and laundry to deal with.

My son is always reluctant to go to events and thinks they will be lame or boring, but it's funny how he's always the one who ends up having the most fun. emoticon You would think he would trust me by now and just go along, but he never does. Oh well, the joys of teenagers I suppose.

I'm really excited that our home school group is growing in size (gradually, which is the way I like it) and we are able to do and offer more as a result of that. That means more opportunities for my kids and I'm stoked about those things.

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SALGUOD2 6/16/2012 4:59PM

    Sounds like it was a busy day.

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