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Saving Money & Computer Issues

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We've been having computer issues due to a virus (which is now thankfully gone) and my husband to wipe clean and then reload everything back on the computer. It's still not the way it was before the virus and so I wasn't able to even finish my Sparking yesterday as a result.

I took the kids to our last book club (with our homeschool group) and we were invited after that to a friend's house unexpectedly for the kids to swim. Thankfully I live near where we meet for book club and so I was able to take the kids home for a quick change and to grab some sunscreen, snacks/drinks, and goggles, etc.

I had taken some overstock of items I had in my kitchen (cereal, canned milk, mayonnaise, etc.) to book club to give to anyone who wanted them as I knew that my family wouldn't use them up in time.

They had a blast swimming and hanging out with their friends at my friend's home and we were at their house until late last night. I didn't even finish dinner until after 10:00 pm, which is weird for me.

My husband has to work today (extra overtime for that new car, LOL) but I hope to run a few errands when he gets back home from work today. Harris Teeter always has specials on Saturday only and they looked pretty good so I will probably make that one of my stops.

Because we won't have any coupons in the paper Sunday (due to it being Memorial Day on Monday) most probably, I've been trying to print out online coupons instead which has taken forever due to the computer issues. I used a lot of my coupons too at the triple coupon events at Harris Teeter last week and the week before and also at Bi-Lo last week so it's nice to get some new ones.

I'm happy to report that the new Sam's Club refurbished ink cartridges I bought (that were $10 cheaper than the HP version there) are working great as I had to change it recently to print coupons. If all continues well, that will be my go-to selection for our printer.

Every little bit of money adds up eventually, so I'm glad to find even more money savers somewhere and anywhere that I can that are a quality equivalent.

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EOWYN2424 5/27/2012 4:48AM

    smart thinking!

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Not Satisfied Even When I'm Full

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do you ever have days that you just want to eat and eat and yet you never get satisfied? I'm having one of those days although I'm controlling what I eat. I know if I overeat I'll only feel worse than I do. I've had a lot of female issues this year and last and I know that is the reason for the not being satisfied today.

It's always predictable that I will feel that way around my period (which still hasn't started, but the PMS is driving me nuts). It is late (no, not pregnant) and I know it's due to me being in perimenopause. These days/weeks are so difficult for me and although I am still eating healthy and not eating junk food and things like that (other than popcorn), it feels like I could eat my weight in fat.

I'm keeping a watch on the food categories I eat and the quantity/percentage of them, but no matter what I'm miserable right now. I can predict that I will most probably have to end up getting a hysterectomy if this craziness continues. emoticon

I've put it off and gone with a less invasive form of surgery hoping that would help, but it's not really helping a whole lot. emoticon

I'm due for another trip to my gynecologist in June/July and I'm sure they will probably suggest the hysterectomy to me, but I'm such a chicken, LOL.

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KISSFAN1 5/25/2012 8:23AM

    My problem isn't that I'm NOT full because I am, it's that I'm not satisfied AFTER I'm full. It's like a crazy craving that won't go away (the best way I can explain it).

I'm eating very well, it's just that no matter what I eat (peanut butter, etc.) I still am not satisfied this time of the month. I hate it because I'm normally fine, it's just this time of the month which is unfortunately getting longer the older I get.

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FRECKS96 5/25/2012 7:22AM

    You might think about cutting back on grains a little and focusing on high protein/healthy fats on days when you feel like that. Nuts/seeds, avocados, eggs and meat all help fill you up and keep you fuller than grains. Also, lots of fruits and veggies.

Good Luck!

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JLITT62 5/25/2012 6:57AM

    I definitely have days like that before TOM . . . not always, thankfully, but I hate those days!

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KISSFAN1 5/24/2012 6:28PM

    Hate that you guys are experiencing or have experienced the same thing, but glad that I'm not the only one so that I don't feel weird, LOL.

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CAROLJ35 5/24/2012 6:17PM

    I sure can relate to that feeling!!!

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MILLIE5522 5/24/2012 4:37PM

    I have had days like that too. In fact it was only last week when I ate a total of 3700 calories in one day and didn't feel full at all! This was a real shock to me as I had always thought that my body would tell me once I had gone past the 2400 calorie mark. So now I am extra vigilant when I get days like that.

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NANAW12001 5/24/2012 3:50PM

  Yes, I have many days like that. Jusst keep trying as I do.

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Family Drama Again!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I didn't go to the last day of triple couponing at Harris Teeter yesterday due to there not being enough coupons to justify going, but when my husband got home from work he told me that I needed to take him to pick up his company car (we had to take his rental car there to the dealership) so I was out anyway.

I didn't even bother taking my coupons so didn't stop by any store that had accepted coupons (I would feel totally naked walking into a store without my coupon box, LOL) and went to Aldi's to pick up some fruit instead. While I was there I noticed that their spiral hams which are normally $1.69 a pound were marked down. They knocked off $8 for any ham you bought so I got a $13 and some change ham for $5 and some change! emoticon emoticon

When we got back home we got a phone call from my niece (my sister's daughter) which was unexpected since I knew that my sister probably told her years ago to never call here again after I called my parents (who raised her, not my sister) once because she was calling here constantly and hanging up on us when my husband or I answered the phone.

We have caller i.d. so knew it was her and I just nicely called my parents to let them know that she was calling us around 20 times or more a day and hanging up on us when my daughter didn't answer. Well apparently that was unacceptable for me to do (again, I nicely let them know what was going on and had a very pleasant voice and said it in a very nice way) because my mother uninvited me to Thanksgiving, wouldn't tell me all the details about my uncle's funeral so I couldn't go (it was 3 hours away from me), and my sister called me up cursing and yelling at me.

I come from a very abusive family background and finally realized when this happened that I was done with having anything to do with my sister/mother and so I don't visit anymore. They are in another state and try their best to hurt me at every single turn.

I do have a relationship with my father (who has colon cancer) and call him regularly. No one lets me know that he's in the hospital or lets me know anything. Anyway, back to my niece, I was very pleasant with her and tried to encourage her as I know she has a terrible life with my sister/mother. She (my niece) is being raised by the same methods I was, which is to say that she feels unwanted and unloved and is abused emotionally.

I have seen my sister in the past emotionally abuse her and it infuriates me. I have said things to my parents (who again, raised her pretty much) but I am not allowed to do say anything. I've seen my sister and her late husband fight over changing her diaper when she was a baby (they acted like the babies). My niece is now 15 years old and wants to leave home.

Again, my sister is just like my mother and so I know how my niece feels, but I'm not allowed to stand up for her. Anyway my niece was talking with my daughter on the phone and my niece got another call. She took it but didn't realize that my daughter could hear her phone conversation and it turned out to be my mother. My mother asked my niece who she was talking to and when she told her, my mother told her that she had better ask her mother about talking to my daughter and to get off the phone with her.

Seriously???? emoticon I knew that my sister had probably forbid my niece to ever call us again but this confirmed it for me. Really, all because I nicely told them that she was hanging up on us constantly all day long for 2 days in the row? This same niece called everyone on my mother's cell phone and prank called them. My aunt (one of my mother's sisters) called and asked my mother if she had called her because my niece was calling her and making all kinds of prank calls.

Did my mother go off the deep end with my aunt? Nope, and my aunt wasn't as nice as I was about the situation, but I'm not allowed to stand up for myself or say anything about a situation since I am not considered family.

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WINTERHARTT 5/23/2012 11:51AM

    I suggest you read the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book is really packed with some great wisdom and it really is an easy read. I live by those agreements now and it really has helped with all the drama. can accept the poison from these people, or you can dump it out. It always remains your decision.


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SUGARSMOM2 5/23/2012 11:40AM

  I know you want to stay in touch but sometimes its bettter to stay clear.

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KISSFAN1 5/23/2012 10:37AM

    Good advice, that's exactly what I do and I stay clear of my family completely except my calling my father.

I stay away and still they manage somehow to reach me with their toxic drama.

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PGHKATHIE 5/23/2012 7:18AM

  I'm so sorry. toxic families can suck, and it is hard to find support for the distance you need to maintain in order to keep your family healthy.

Create your own holiday traditions, and stay well clear of these sources of poison in your life. Focus your energies on people who deserve it.

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Skipped Triple Couponing But Still Saved Money

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I didn't bother going to Harris Teeter yesterday for their next to the last day of triple coupons. I simply didn't have enough coupons left (good ones anyway) to make it worthwhile even though I wasn't too far from the store when taking my daughter to her piano lessons.

We did stop at Wal-Mart though to pick up my favorite popcorn and also a few other things. I hadn't been there in a very long time although there is one not far from my home, and I ended up using around 11 coupons while there including coupons for panty liners that I got for 24 cents each after my $1 coupons were used. Not too bad considering coupons aren't doubled or tripled at Wal-Mart. I also had $1 off two Taco Bell products (you couldn't use it on the seasoning mix) and I bought 2 boxes of taco shells that were $1.24 or so each and I ended up paying less for them than Aldi's sells their brand.

That's one thing that my kids will eat (and hubby too) without moans and groans so I try to make sure I have cheap taco shells on hand for those nights I simply don't feel like cooking. Speaking of cooking, I did manage to get some done yesterday before we left for piano lessons so that I didn't have anything to cook when I got back for dinner except for some squash casserole.

I got squash (zucchini to be exact) super cheap at Aldi's the last time I was there since it was one of their specials and had tons of cheap cheddar cheese on hand (bought at super doubles events in the past) so it was a very frugal dish. My son and husband (well me too, but I didn't eat any) love squash casserole so it was also another no groaner dish, LOL.


Almost Finished With Organizing My Son's Bedroom

Monday, May 21, 2012

I went shopping yesterday for triple couponing at Harris Teeter (finally got most of the items that I wanted all week, but that were always out of stock) and that's probably my last day of doing so unless I get more coupons. I'm a bigger fan of super doubles vs. triples, but I'm not going to complain as I know I'm lucky that my area has such a thing.

I went by IKEA (yeay!!) and took back a handful of items and purchased a handful including another wall shelf unit for my son's room, an artificial plant (I kill the real stuff, LOL) and that's about it. I think I am pretty much getting to the point that I have bought enough organizational items for my home which is good.

I can focus now on actually getting the house organized better as it has taken a lot of work to get the things to organize with at a reasonable cost and figure out what works for the layout of my home, the limited room I have, and our lifestyle.

I'm hopeful that this summer will be one of my most productive ones ever and that my family and I can have more time to have fun vs. me having to sell items, organize, declutter, etc.

Other than a larger and taller bookcase, I don't think we can improve the usability of space in my son's room any more at this point (his bedroom is the smallest in our home) once the new shelf is put up, as we have used the wall space as efficiently as I can.

The only rooms left really for me to work on in that manner are the bathrooms (we have two small ones) and one has to have the wallpaper torn down and the other needs to be remodeled. Due to that, I'm holding off on putting up any shelves or compact wall cabinets that I have seen at IKEA in them.

My husband is working on putting up new railing on the front porch to save money as we will need it if we purchase a new car this summer.

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KISSFAN1 5/21/2012 12:30PM

    Thanks, I'm trying hard to do that !

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SUGARSMOM2 5/21/2012 10:36AM

  MY you sure have been busy . sounds like you are doing a great job .

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