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My Money Saving Shopping Trips Yesterday

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yesterday I did indeed do my frugal shopping and errand running as I mentioned I would do Friday. Luckily most of all the shopping I had to get done was located in the same vicinity of town so no crazy running all over the world, hence, saving gas money and time. I also packed a lunch to take with me so I didn't have to buy it (I hate paying for food that I don't get at the grocery store, LOL).

If you keep up with seasonal sales items and when they go on sale, you know that January is typically a time for winter items to start to go on sale. As expected, most of the items I bought my husband and son for Christmas (robes, pajama pants) at JC Penney's were marked down even more now. I bought my son two pairs of flannel pajama pants for $6 each at JC Penney's yesterday (I originally paid $9.99 but had coupons when I bought them before Christmas).

The robes I bought for $20 (on sale for $30 and I had a $10 coupon so paid $20) each before Christmas are now marked down to $15. Did I lose a little money by not waiting until after Christmas and after the new year? Of course, but those were things that my men wanted and they have been enjoying using them all this extra time.

I did get my son the pajama pants cheaper since I only bought them for my husband when they were on sale for $9.99 (again, I also had coupons so they were cheaper than that for me before Christmas).

I bought myself two nice pairs of cargo pants yesterday while there as well that were marked down to $12 each and I had a $10 rewards coupon so paid $14 or so for two pairs of nice pants that are normally around $44 each.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some much needed cardstock paper/sticker storage for my daughter's craft supplies that were 50% off (I waited until they went on sale and luckily I caught them on the last day of the sale).

I went to Ross Dress for Less and bought a Martha Stewart punch (for scrapbooking/card making, etc.) that was only $4.99. I've seen the same punch for $15 at Michael's Craft Store and Hobby Lobby! emoticon It was the only one there, but since she only has one punch (Fiskars brand that we bought for only $1 at Mighty Dollar) due to their high cost,I bought it as soon as I saw it to put in my stash of things to give her for her birthday in March. Woo Hoo!!

I went by Harris Teeter (grocery store that doubles coupons every day but occasionally has Super Double and Triple coupons from time to time) and got some awesome deals on much needed items. I matched up sales, coupons (doubled) and electronic coupons that I saved before I went shopping and saved some major money there.

Today is coupon day in the newspaper, so I'll be cutting and sorting and filing my coupons as well as hopefully making a run to my favorite Mighty Dollar to see what new $1 items they have for sale today!

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KISSFAN1 1/16/2012 7:13AM

    nflated - I wish I could give you ideas/advice on how to help with your situation, but it's not any of my business how you and your husband run your household, pay for things, etc.

We are an one-income family with 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) so things are different for us in that my husband leaves all the shopping up to me (well the majority of it) and trusts that I will do a good job of stretching the money that he makes (as well as the little bit of money I bring in from selling things around the house).

The only suggestion I can give (without overstepping my boundaries, and I'm probably already doing that, LOL) is that maybe you guys can discuss with each other that you are better at the grocery shopping due to you looking for deals to save you all more money of your husband's paycheck for other bills and that you'd like to give it a try and help your husband out so he doesn't have to do that job?

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KISSFAN1 1/16/2012 7:08AM

    Stormtmb - Thanks, I really HATE paying full price for anything and I try hard to make sure that when I do purchase something that I am getting a good deal on it. Prices on food are changing so fast nowadays (is that a word?) that I don't even keep price books anymore. I just try to remember what a good deal is on that particular item in my mind and not pay more than a price I would see for instance at a Dollar Tree store or somewhere else local.

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INFLATED 1/16/2012 3:32AM

    My husband and son that lives with us, both work. It takes all of my husband's check to pay bills. He will shop for things he wants and leave the grocery list at home. He doesn't tell me when he is going and we didn't go grocery shopping this past week. He gets paid twice a month and then I don't know when we will go or when there enough money to buy anything. Sometimes he will lay a bill aside to pay it and if I spend what I think is extra in the checking account, we would have a service charge when the bill is paid and probably insufficient funds. It is a nightmare.

There was a good ad last week at a local grocery store and I circled things with a pen in the store flyer, but did not add them to my grocery list because I wasn't sure we would go shopping. This week's ad was not near as good. When we don't shop and get sale prices, we pay more for the things we need.

I wish it would be like it used to be, where they would give you cash back for coupons instead of taking them off the total bill. I used to stash that money away.

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STORMTMB 1/15/2012 10:22AM

    You do such a great job of knowing the prices and effectively using sales and coupons to get really great prices! Good for you!!

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Miscellaneous Financial & Shopping Talk

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today is going to be another errand running day since my husband is not on call at work this week (of course he had to go to work all week, but he's not on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week this week, LOL).

I've got a free $10 JC Penney's rewards coupon to use, which I will be using frugally and buying items that are on sale and reduced, not full price. emoticon

I bought a lot of my daughter's Christmas items (she picked them out) at JC Penney's (jewelry and a sweater and boots) so of course I racked up points for the $10 rewards coupon last month to use this month. All the items we bought were marked down in November/December and of course I used JC Penney's coupons to discount them further.

Harris Teeter has a new sales flyer out (Wednesday is the new day for a new sales flyer) and since I haven't gone yet, I looked online at their flyer and have my list all ready (with coupons and electronic coupons) set to get the deals I need such as yogurt, etc. My kids inhale yogurt so it never sits around our house and if I can get it on sale, use a coupon that doubles, and then get an electronic coupon taken off my total bill as well, it's a win-win situation for me for sure!

We started our new homeschool P.E. program at the YMCA yesterday. My daughter, who didn't do the weight training/cardio room and instead did the other p.e. class with the younger kids the last time we had the class, is finally old enough to work out with my son, so she did a little work on those machines yesterday. They had an instructor the first day to show them how to correctly use the equipment and to answer any questions they had.

The great thing is it is very close to my home (not much gas spent), it's economical because we're homeschoolers and they are giving us a great price, and it's great physical and social activities for the kids and parents.

I'm getting more and more addicted to Pinterest and I'm only sad that I don't have enough time to check out everything on there as much as I would. I have been waiting for something like this, but never knew it existed. I have so many "favorites" saved on my desktop computer, but it's hard to find everything when I need it quickly. Since I am very visual by nature (how I learn better) Pinterest is perfect for me.


This site is showing me new possibilities for things I have around the house to use for storage (different ways of using things than they were made for), crafts that even I, the most craft-challenged mom in the universe, could do. I can save recipes to try or ones that I've tried before and were a huge hit, check out hairstyles I want to try and save those, etc.

I think about how lucky my kids are (and me too) to be alive during the age of internet access and having information so readily and easily at your fingertips. Of course there are terrible things on the internet as well and you have to deal with hackers, spam, viruses, etc. but to have all this wealth of information that you normally wouldn't have access to unless you knew someone who could teach you, or you had an awesome library, etc. is so wonderful.

My children were struggling with learning positive and negative numbers, you know adding/subtracting/multiplying, in their pre-algebra class recently and I was able to find a video online at You Tube (my son is very visual like me and needs to see something to understand it better since his learning disability involves a deficient in the auditory processing area). If I had access to things like this as a child when I was having problems, I would have been in "hog heaven". My kids are so lucky to live in this age where it is normal to have a computer and internet access.

Of course my husband and I know how to teach these concepts to them as I remember how to do them from my years of schooling in public school (I remember this concept was difficult for me back then too), but sometimes it helps to have a different approach that someone else has come up with that might make your brain "click" and understand it better. I think my daughter gets it now, but my son (who has a learning disability) will need a little bit more time to grasp the concept of negative numbers.

The wealth of educational and instructional information online is amazing!

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KISSFAN1 1/15/2012 7:29AM

    Inflated - That's a tough situation if you're not able to spend any of the household money coming in. Are you in charge of buying groceries for the family? If so, you could save tons of money with coupons/electronic coupons and sales. Any extra money you save that you had that you saved by using those methods could be used for other things you need/want such as "new" (doesn't have to be new, I've found great things at thrift stores) clothing, a visit to a discount hair place (some places even have teaching schools where students are supervised by an instructor but you don't pay as much for getting your hair done because it's not a professional doing it), etc.

I don't know the situation at your household, so can't really give suggestions since everyone's situation is different. My husband considers the money he makes at his job "our money". He makes it and I save it and stretch it, LOL.

I do the majority of the purchases of things for our household because he knows I will look and research for the lowest price I can find at that particular time. He knows I will go above and beyond finding ways to save even more money (not because I have to do it, but because I want to do it) and he's just not good at that sort of thing. He's the type who just goes in and buys what he needs and he's done. Umm, not me, I want a deal! LOL

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KISSFAN1 1/15/2012 7:23AM

    Sarah - It is wonderful having everything you like or want to do "pinned" in one place for reference. I have so many things that I find interesting online but my favorites is overloaded. Since I'm visual I'm loving seeing the visual picture of what I was interested in bookmarked on my boards and there waiting for me to easily find if I decide to take a project on.

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INFLATED 1/15/2012 3:25AM

    I am an internet "junkie." I was on last night looking for the best way to clean smoke off of walls and ceilings since we use a wood stove to heat our house. I watched one woman that is a professional house cleaner do video after video for chores I have that need to be done.

I like to look at crafts and I would like to learn to do something I could sell. I have no income and no spending money unless my husband gives me some which doesn't happen very often. My clothing is old, my hair is not styled, well, you get the picture. I am not complaining, but if I had a job or could sell something, then I could do other things.

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SARAHTAIT 1/14/2012 10:28AM

    I'm with you...I'm a interest addict. I love having all my favorite photos in one place!
Have fun shopping!

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STORMTMB 1/14/2012 9:58AM

    I too am amazed at how many great "how to" videos are on YouTube. I used to teach an intro to computers class that was typically filled with adults older than me. I had to teach basics, such as terminology but did my best to incorporate fun and interesting projects that they may use in "real life" later. It was always fun watching their reaction.

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Found Some Awesome Deals at a Thrift Store & Dollar Store Going Out of Business

Friday, January 13, 2012

My son had an orthodontist appointment yesterday, so as usual I decided that I needed to take advantage of running a few errands around where the orthodontist's office is located afterwards. It not only saved me gas, but it also helped me avoid the crazy crowds that usually come on the weekend.

We stopped by the Mighty Dollar that was going out of business and as I was checking out I noticed that they had some display items on sale. I went and looked was able to get a very nice wood jewelry display/hanger that turned for $6. It was white which is the same color as my daughter's bedroom furniture, so perfect! I also got some wire racks that were $1 each to display things which thrilled me to no end. I hope to go back in a few weeks and hope I can get lucky and purchase the clothing rack they have clothes hanging on, but doubt I get that lucky.

It would be so helpful to hang our seasonal clothing on as well as the clothing that doesn't sell at church consignment sales. That way I could keep them on the hangers and not have to rewash them over and over due to wrinkles, etc. I'm crossing my fingers anyway!

We also stopped at a nearby thrift store and I got a small, cool metal rack (sort of like a spice rack) that didn't have a price on it. The lady at the check-out told me $1.50 and I got that and a cool craft book for my daughter for 50 cents (it had an original price of $23 on it). I also got 3 fashion magazines free that I'm excited about as I love magazines but hate paying for them.

I plan to spray paint the metal rack and use it to hold some craft items for my daughter (or perhaps use it in the shed for my husband's smaller tool stuff).

I finally took the time to look at all 4 of the church consignment sales that I normally sign up for to sell our unwanted children's items at and unfortunately two of them are the same weekend and two others are the same weekend! emoticon

That means I only get to attend two of them this season and so I have to pick the ones that I usually do better at and that are closer to home and offer the better percentage of money I make vs. the church.

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KISSFAN1 1/14/2012 7:06AM

    Yeah thrift stores can be hit and miss for sure. I'm trying to look beyond the exterior of items at this point as if most people looked at things at the thrift stores around me they would think "junk". I looked at this rack I bought for $1.50 and it was made of a heavy metal material, had nice lines, and was sturdy. I can't buy a cheap plastic container for $1.50 so it was definitely going home with me, LOL.

I do love getting a bargain though and since yard sales are not something I do much of anymore (due to gas and also the stuff I would find was usually really junk), it's thrift stores and discount stores for me.

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STORMTMB 1/13/2012 10:10PM

    Sounds like a good shopping day for you. You certainly find bargains in the area where ever you go. Gas costs too much to waste!

I know what you mean about shopping during the week as opposed to on the weekends - what a difference! Hope you have a good weekend.

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INFLATED 1/13/2012 8:50PM

    You may want to leave your name and address for the clothing rack for your clothes. If they have one to sell, they might call you, otherwise, I believe it will be transferred to another store.

It sounds like you did very well.

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IMJUSTFLUFFY 1/13/2012 11:50AM

    Hi. I love the fact that you got such cool bargains.
I volunteer at a thrift on Saturdays. It is nice to work out of the house for a day & not worry about my book sales for most of that day!

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January Is Supposed to Be Less Busy/Stressful!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A tornado (although not confirmed by officials yet, but obviously what it was) came through areas of North Carolina not too terribly far from me last night. A tornado in January, how crazy is that? We've had the weirdest weather lately. It has been a very mild winter compared to last year. Last year around this time we had ice storms, super cold weather, etc. Luckily it didn't hit my area at all, but I feel for those who were hit.

I've got to start organizing all the church consignment sales that I usually sign up for soon. The reason for that is that they almost always run together when they offer the sales, so I have to pick and choose which ones are better sales for me to sell at. There is one that gives me 90% off my profits, so I try to make sure I put that one above all others as my main one to participate in. As usual, two of them so far are the same weekend, so I have to choose which one is closer/better percentage for me/more successful at selling my items at, etc.

Of course that means we have to start trying on clothes (oh how my children love that activity, NOT!!!), going through their books, games, etc. that they might not want anymore. Lots of fun as well for me (hint the sarcasm in my last sentence please, LOL).

My husband had a conference call with all the employees in this area yesterday (along with their boss) and it still sounds like things aren't too great regarding the company car issue. I still have to do some car buying research soon as my husband is sort of panicking, and he's the type that if something is due in May, he wants it done in February! emoticon emoticon

I'm starting to feel a little stressed due to that, the homeschool group that a friend and I created issues (nothing major, but stressful because we're the owners), making sure the schooling is done with the kids including my son with learning disabilities, etc. January is supposed to be easier and less stressful because the holidays are over, what happened!??? emoticon

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KISSFAN1 1/12/2012 3:52PM

    That's not crazy at all and is an excellent idea! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the ideas!

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STORMTMB 1/12/2012 1:15PM

    Remember to just do your best and take each day one at a time. You know what you need to do... maybe you could break down the work into pieces and mark on a calendar what you plan to do each day. Hopefully it will feel more manageable. You've got a lot on your plate, but I know you'll get through it all just fine.

This might be a really crazy thought, but is it possible to incorporate the car-researching project into your children's schooling? Maybe part of math for money comparisons, financing, mpg's, etc. or economics/business if either of them are old enough for that? Or even an aspect of computer/internet usage? Just a thought (I don't know how old your kids are).

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Learned A Little More About My Son's CAPD Last Night

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I went to the free conference last night that was about children with CAPD (central auditory processing disorder), which my son was diagnosed with. A friend went with me since it was so far away and also because she is a super nice person. When we got in line, she (my friend) saw another lady she knew who she didn't realize had a child with CAPD too, so I got to chat with her which was wonderful.

I've chatted with people online, but it was nice to be in a setting where I could actually talk one on one with someone whose child had the same thing. It was nice that I could relate to what we go through each day not only as a mother, but also as a homeschooler too.

I really didn't learn much of anything new as I have done lots of research on this learning disability, but I did learn about a technique called "cued speech" that I will try to investigate more online and hopefully I'll be capable of duplicating to help my son.

There is so much pressure as it is being a homeschooler because you realize that YOU the teacher are responsible for your child's education and you don't want to mess it up. When you have a learning disability mixed in that affects your child's memory (hence they don't do as well in their academic ability due to the issues with phonics, memory, etc.) it really stresses you out and makes you feel you aren't doing enough.

I know that he has improved with age, but will never be as good at certain things as his sister (who has no learning disabilities) so that part of it keeps me sane (knowing that she is learning and I'm not totally messing up this homeschooling thing, ROFL). I have to keep from blaming myself if he struggles with certain things and blame it on the CAPD, NOT me.

My daughter is doing wonderful so thankfully I have that as proof that I'm doing okay with their education.


It was nice (not the way it sounds, I don't wish anyone else this journey, LOL) to hear from others the same issues that they deal with (the insecure feelings that you're doing enough, etc.) and that they also struggle with the same problems with their children's learning ability.

It's like a huge weight has been lifted temporarily from my back and I am thankful that I went.

Today I plan to work on organizing some more and doing some more research on the "cued speech" that I learned about last night. I'm done with grocery shopping for awhile as I feel we are pretty stocked up.

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KISSFAN1 1/12/2012 6:47AM

    Thanks, it was very nice having a friend there since it was late at night and far away from home. She had been there before, but I never got to go, so she drove as well. Woo Hoo! It was wonderful to get feedback from other moms of kids with CAPD even if I didn't learn that much new about the learning disability since I already have done lots of research on it.

I'm really glad I got to go and that I did go.

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STORMTMB 1/11/2012 10:26AM

    Good luck in your research on cued speech. I'm glad that you met other Mom's that you could share with. I'm sure that the support and sharing are invaluable to you. I'm so glad that your friend went with you last night too.

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